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					                        Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies
Consult the Royal Roads University Academic Calendar for program information and admission

Applications to the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies require a detailed description of the
proposed program of study. The template below is intended to be a guide to required components of the
application; additional information may also be included.

a) Focus for proposed course of study

   One to three paragraphs on unifying theme for proposed course of study. Applicant must
   demonstrate that the program is pedagogically coherent, integrative, and suitable for graduate level
   studies and research.

b) Educational and career goals related to course of study

   Write one to two paragraphs that show how your educational career goals align with your experience.
   CV to be attached separately.

c) Proposed course schedule and timing (include residencies)

   Courses selected should clearly build towards the attainment of the degree objective.

   Course      Course name         Residency     School/program       Credits          Dates
   number                          or online
   e.g. LT     Sustainable         Online        Leadership           3                February 27-
   562         Communities                       Studies: MALT                         May 20, 2005
   INDIS 640   Major Project OR                  Interdisciplinary    8-12
   OR INDIS    Thesis                            Studies
   TOTAL                                                              36 (minimum)

   NOTE: Minimum 36 credits in program. Maximum of one half of total number of credit hours
   (excluding the thesis or major project) may be taken from a single program. Learners must meet
   individual course prerequisites and co-requisites where applicable.

   The schedule must include a research methods course as well as at least one residency. The
   residency should be selected to be taken at the beginning of the program and must be selected from
   the first year of a program schedule.

   The program administrator(s) can assist with providing course dates for online and residency
   courses. Residency-based courses must be taken a group. i.e. if a residency has three courses
   during a three-week period, a learner must enrol in all the courses.
d) Abstract of proposed research for thesis/major project

   One page, to include:
    Overview of research project
    proposed research question(s)
    proposed research methodologies

   May also include:
    Identification of (potential) sponsor.
    Major deliverables expected from research project

Program contact:
Cindy Brar
Administrative Manager
Faculty of Social and Applied Sciences

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