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									         Box Office 784-9292
                                    Curtain Call
                                         Fax 784-9285         Costume Shop 782-5545             Scene Shop 784-9292

             Little Shop of Horrors
          One of the longest-running Off-
Broadway shows of all time, Little Shop of
Horrors is an affectionate spoof of 1950’s
sci-fi movies. Charming, tuneful, and
hilarious, it follows a down-and-out skid
row floral assistant who becomes an
overnight sensation when he discovers an
exotic plant with a mysterious craving.
          The talented cast includes:
Doo Wop Girls ........................ Emily Pearse
 ......................................... Sonny Tengblad*
 .......................................... Mallorie Weber*
Mushnik .......................... Paul McManaway
Audrey ................................ Dixie Roberts*                                                                        Ticket Price
Seymour ......................... Kevin Laumbach*                                                                                $17.00
Orin, Bernstein, Snip, Luce
   and everyone else ................... Ryan Stotts                                                                            Tickets are
Audrey II (Manipulation) .... Jonathan Lamb                                                                                   on sale now!
                                                                              Book and Lyrics by                             (See order form
Audrey II (Voice) ............. Derrick J. Harper
                                                                               Howard Ashman                                   on page 12.)
* LCCT debut
                                                                             Music by Alan Menken
          Morrie Enders will direct with Music                                  Based on the film by Roger Corman
Direction by Nancy Stoll, Choreography by                                         Screenplay by Charles Griffith           Box Office Hours:
Jonathan Lamb, Costume Design by Cheri                                                                                  11:00-5:00 Mon-Fri plus
Sailors, Scenic Design by Jim Nelson, and                                                                              1 hour prior to curtain time
Puppet Design by Martin P. Robinson.                                                                                            784-9292
                                                                           Sponsored by
          Performances are September 9-11, 15-
18, and 22-24 at 7:30 p.m. and September 25                                                                            All tickets must be paid for
at 1:00 p.m.                                                                                                             within 2 business days
          Tickets are $17.00 with a $10.00                                                                                  of ordering or they
student ticket available on Thursdays and                                                                               will be released for sale.
Sundays. See Box Office information at
right.                                                                                                                       Cash, Check,
                                                                                                                            Visa, Mastercard

           Little Shop of Horrors                                                                                              No refunds.
                   replaces                                               (Tenth Year Sponsor)
        Buddy! The Buddy Holly Story

                                                                      Season Media Sponsor
    La Crosse Community Theatre
          Annual Meeting

                  August 17, 2005
                    5:00 p.m.

                   At the Annex
                  508 Main Street

               La Crosse Community Theatre is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation.
Page 2
                             Curtain Call
Youth Acting Classes                                                       Auditions for the Season
       Our popular Saturday morning youth acting classes will be                  Auditions for the 2005-2006 season are scheduled as follows:
starting again soon. All classes will be taught by our Education                  The Affections of May: September 12 and 13. Roles are
Director, Lori Portner. All sessions are four weeks long.                  available for 3 men and 1 woman. Anne Drecktrah will direct.
       In Act I, students will explore the world of theatre and acting            Winter Wonderettes: October 31 and November 1. Roles are
through games, activities, and scene work. No experience is neces-         available for 4 women.
sary to register for Act I. The registration fee for Act I is $25.00 and          Urinetown: November 21 and 22. Roles are available for 10
must be paid at least two weeks prior to the start of the session.         men and 6 women.
       In Act II, students move on to advanced theatre and character              When We Were Alive: TBA. Roles are available for 2 men and
work culminating in a recital of monologues and scenes at the              2 women.
theatre. Act II students must have taken Act I or appeared in at least            Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse: TBA. Roles are available for
one play at La Crosse Community Theatre. The registration fee for          numerous boys and girls. Lori Portner will direct.
Act II is $30.00 and must be paid at least two weeks prior to the start           Birds of Peace - Hiroshima’s Legacy: TBA. Several local
of the session.                                                            children will have the opportunity to appear on stage with the
       Please call 784-9292 to register.                                   Japanese ensemble.
                                                                                  The Goodbye Girl: March 13 and 14. Roles are available for 3
                               Sessions                                    men, 7 women, 1 girl, and a chorus.
                                                                                  Disney’s 101 Dalmatians Kids: TBA. Roles are available for
         Class                    Ages                 Time                numerous boys and girls.
                                                                                  Perusal scripts for some shows are available in the box office
Session 1: September 24-October 15                                         to be checked out for one week with a $10 refundable deposit.

         Act I                     8-10             9:00-10:00
         Act II                   11-13             10:00-noon             Auditions for
Session 2: October 22-November 12                                          The Affections of May
         Act I                    11-13             9:00-10:00                    Our next production will be The Affections of May by Norm
         Act II                    8-10             10:00-noon             Foster.
                                                                                  After being deserted by her husband (he did have time for
Session 3: January 14-February 4                                           breakfast first!), May becomes the center of gossip and romantic
                                                                           intentions in a small resort town. This comedy offers offbeat
         Act I                     8-10             9:00-10:00             characters and quirky humor.
         Act II                   11-13             10:00-noon                    Auditions for The Affections of May will be held September
                                                                           12 and 13 at 7:00 p.m. at the theatre. Roles are available for 3 men
Session 4: February 11-March 4                                             and 1 woman. Although we may be able to work around some
                                                                           conflicts during the rehearsal period, all cast and crew members must
         Act I                    11-13             9:00-10:00             be present for all rehearsals and performances beginning October
         Act II                    8-10             10:00-noon             23rd.
                                                                                  Anne Drecktrah will direct with Costume Design by Cheri
Session 5: April 1-29 (off April 15)                                       Sailors, Scenic Design by Kate Kersten, and Tech Direction by Jim
         Act I                     8-10             9:00-10:00                    Performances of The Affections of May will be October 28-
         Act II                   11-13             10:00-noon             30, November 3-6, and 10-12 at 7:30 p.m. and November 13 at 1:00
                                                                           p.m. Tickets are $17.00 with a $10.00 student ticket available on
Session 6: May 6-27                                                        Thursdays and Sundays.
                                                                                  The Affections of May is being sponsored by Gundersen
         Act I                   8 and up           9:00-10:00             Lutheran.
         Act II                  8 and up           10:00-noon
                             Curtain Call                                                                                  Page 3

                                Thank You 2004-2005 Season Donors!
       The 2004-2005 season         David & Sacia Morris              Karl & Susan Christensen      Bruce & Carol Odeen
saw $103,915 in personal and        Karl & Julie Noll                 Bob & Kay Conzemius           Jim & Pat Peters
business support of La Crosse       Jess & Marilyn Ondell             Greg & Kathy Curti            Jim & Lois Pinger
Community Theatre’s mission of      Todd & Deb Ondell                 Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Durst       Tom & Mary Poellinger
changing lives through theatrical   James & Xenika B. Poehling        David & Teresa Faulkner       Lori Portner
production. This is an increase     Lindy Saline                      Richard Figgie                River City Dental
of 14% over the previous            Steve & Arlene Smith              Greg & Janis Filbeck          Cam & Carlene Roberts
season.                             Julie A. Yahnke                   Richard & Marilyn Foss        Kirk & Nancy Rodman
       Each gift is an investment                                     David & Barbara Foye          Roland & Betty Roskos
in La Crosse Community              Benefactors ($250-$499)           Albert & Mary Funk            Brian & Karen Rude
Theatre. Each gift is used to                                         Bill & Mary Graumann          Sam & Nichole Ruud
further the breadth and depth of    Dr. Frank & Jenny Aberger         Peggy Green                   Dennis & Sharon Ryan
your theatre’s programming.         Bill & Cindy Berg                 Sigurd & Jean Ann Gundersen   Dick & Mary Jean Sartz
Each gift allows La Crosse          Clem Bott & Karol Schlosser       John & Linda Hamilton         Richard & Lu Ann Schmidt
Community Theatre to make a         Mark & Pat Carpenter              Chuck & Cheryl Hanson         Paul & Joan Schoenfeld
profound impact on the commu-       Roger & Kenna Christians          Peter & Esther Harman         Jack & Marti Schwem
nity by providing a nurturing       Robert & Barbara Coe              Ted Harpstreith               Peg Sherer
place for the human soul. Each      Guy & Marilyn Fiocco              Roger & Miriam Hatlem         Rick & Sherry Sime
gift helps us change the lives of   Donald & Barbara Frank            Herb & Barbara Heili          Ron & Sharon Sissel
our theatre participants.           Jack & Ann Haase                  Eric & Mary Hennen            Scott & Theresa Smerud
       Thank you to the follow-     Linda Hirsh & Terry Rindfleisch   Donald & Kathy Hill           Donald & Nancy Smith
ing people and businesses who       Merl & Mary Johnson               Ron & Dawn Hill               Martin & Ruby Smith
have invested in La Crosse          Alma Kohnert                      Charles & Mary Hosler         Ed & Laurie Solberg
Community Theatre during the        Fred & Janet Kusch                Rollin & Connie Huebsch       Paul & Jane Steingraeber
2004-2005 season.                   Clive & Burness McBain            Judith Hutchens               Gary & Rose Mary Stelzig
                                    Ken & Janine Merkitch             Jerome & Mary Klos            Hank & Joyce Striegel
PATRON DONORS                       Mike & Julia Morse                Geoff & Myra Kloster          Brian & Diane Sullivan
                                    Scott & Mary Rathgaber            Kratt Lumber Company          Carol Swayne
Seraphim ($1,500-$2,499)            Rob & Diane Reinhart              Cliff & Cheryl Kremmer        Edward & Miriam Tanke
                                    Anita G. Smith                    Bob & Charlene Krocker        Howard & Rose Marie Thiel
John & Arla Clemons                 Peter & Kathy Solberg             Jim & Debbie Kroner           Lill Twining
Morrie Enders                       Richard & Pam Strauss             Robert Krueger                Kathryn Urban
J. Michael & Vicki Hartigan         Ruth Vanderploeg                  Tracey & Chris Krueger        Larry & Kathy Warzynski
John & Linda Lyche                  Kevin & Marla Withey              Gloria J. Kuesel              Mr. & Mrs. Ken Wastlund
                                    Brent & Kristi Wookey             Sandra Kujak                  A. Vincent & Janet Weber
Director’s Circle ($1,000-                                            Bob & Betty Lamb              Benjamin Wedro &
$1,499)                             Archangels ($100-$249)            Tom & Jenelle Lee               Kelly Shannon
                                                                      Tom & Jeanette Lenser         Ross & Lynn Marie West
Hiram Goodfellow                    Richard & Joan Arneson            Judith Loomis                 Ray & Joyce Wichelt
Michael & Carol Mader               Allen & Dianne Baker              Beverly Mach                  Dan & Teri Wildt
Jim Nelson & Diane Foust            Tom Ballinger                     Aurel & Sue Mailath           Paul & Linda Winans
Maddeline Schuldes                  Tom Bartig                        Dave & Jane Matelski          Ed & Sharon Winga
                                    Jim & Diane Batesky               Lorraine McIlraith            Cathy Witzke
Saints ($500-$999)                  Richard & Ruby Biering            Al & Dolly Mehlhoff           Gary & Debra Wold
                                    Leo & Carol Bina                  Les & Rita Messerschmidt      Warren & Diane Wolf
Bud & Mabel Lou Ahrens              Allen & Margaret Birchler         Gloria Molzahn                Leon & Kay Wolfe
Chris & Vicki Born                  Marlene Bittner                   Marla Natoli                  Daryl & Margaret Wood
Tom & Jan Brock                     Jean Broberg                      Ken & Geri Nedvidek           Ken & Jean Wortman
Bob & Mary Hubbard                  Tom Bruemmer & Judy Cobb          Doug Nelson & Cheri Olson     Linda Zoerb
Dr. Clay & Mary LaBrec              Bill & Lori Buchta                Nancy Nemec
Jerry & Kathy Lokken                Roy & Laurie Cambpell             Harry & Cyndy Nichols
Allen & Ingrid McCallson            John & Margaret Chapman           Rudy & Cherie Nigl
Page 4
                          Curtain Call
                              Thank You 2004-2005 Season Donors!
Angels ($50-$99)               Howard & Pat Fitzpatrick       Nancy Kreibich               Don & Deon Nontelle
                               John & Vivian Fleis            Carey Clason Kroner          Jon & Christi Nowland
Jane Aarstad                   Marlin & Margaret Foellmi      Glenn & Pat Kuhn             Paul & Tamara Nowland
Michael Ablan, Esquire         Agnes Fortney                  Ruth Kurinsky                Ron & Frieda Nowland
Marsha Alens                   Joseph & Joan Francois         Dennis & Michelle La Roche   Joseph & Claudia O’Keefe
Jon & Jean Amlaw               Marla French                   Mary J. Lanzel               Nancy O’Neal
Bill & Margaret Andersen       Terry & Susan Fruechte         Leland & Arleen Larsen       Paul & Judy Onsrud
Arnold & Donna Asp             George & Joyce Fulford         Henry & Beverly Lawrence     Ann Padesky
Jean Bassett                   Mitchell & Marcia Galles       James Leary                  Dr. Melvin & Marian Page
Kay Baumann                    Howard & Joyce Garves          Kevin Lee                    Elsie Patterson
Connie Becker                  Michael & Gretchen Geary       Marvin & Debra LeJeune       Steve & Sheryl Pearson
Mel & Joyce Beilke             Tom & Anne Gees                Ken & Nancy Lerum            Marcee Peplinski
Ken & Jill Bernstein           Phil & Judy Gilbert            Mark & Linda Levan           Bob & Pat Perlock
Ken & Donna Birnbaum           David & Nancy Goode            Mr. & Mrs. Claude Lindeman   Lawrence & Mary Peterson
Jerome & Bev Bjornstad         Mark & Nancy Goodman           Jim Liska                    Gordon & Edith Phetteplace
Jerome & Patt Boge             Peggy Green                    Lorraine Losinski            Carleen Poellinger
Addie Bott                     Larry & Becky Guinn            Jack & Kathy Lucey           Richard & Marjorie Poellinger
William & Elizabeth Brendel    Peter & Janice Gutierrez       Blaine & Patricia McDowell   Larry & Terry Pohja
Mark & Susan Brendle           Larry & Erma Hafner            Wes & Karen Mack             Agnes Potter
Bob & Lorry Brimer             Brian & Julie Hagan            William & Helen Mackey       Brad & Sue Price
Karen Broadhead                Jon & Kathy Hageseth           Eric Manke                   Eugene & Elaine Proksch
Patrick & Becky Brockman       Bruce & April Handtke          George & Mary Maravelas      Donna Proudfit
Shawn Brooks & Tami Groth      Al & Terri Hanson              Bob & Jean Marck             Trudy Ramsbottom
Gary & Mary Bubbers            Emil & Ginny Hanson            Robert & Diane Marcou        Carl & Ruth Rebhan
Paul & Gail Buchner            Rick & Brenda Hanson           Robert & Mary Marcou         Mike & Therese Regner
Nancy Buldhaupt                Natalie Hartigan               Dave & Dawn Martin           Allen & Betty Rhude
Dave & Jean Burgess            Jacqueline Hauser              W. Jerry & Muriel Martin     Paul & Brook Ricker
Bill & Bea Burnap              Paul & JoAnn Hayden            Lois Matthews                Bruce & Peggie Riley
Robert & Joyce Burzinski       Esther Hayes                   Michael & Margo Merola       Ken & Sharron Ring
Jim & Jo Anne Cappuccio        Helen Heiser                   Bill & Julie Meyers          Riutzel & Associates
Mariel Carlisle                Jim & Barbara Hemker           Sharon Michalski             Dan & Brenda Rooney
Willard & Ann Carlow           Mike & Cheri Herro             Lloyd & Evelyn Miller        Kenneth & Mary Rownd
Gerry & Peggy Carlson          Joy Hicks                      Mike & Sandy Miller          Steve & Connie Russell
Jerry & Vicky Carraher         Jim & Cindy Hobelsberger       Rich & Vicki Miller          Darren & Carol Rust
Gary & Susan Corbisier         Jerry & Diane Hoch             Vilas & Sally Miller         Curt & Bev Ruston
Mary Craig                     Lynne Hodge                    Jim & Margaret Moe           Christine Ruud
Marv & Edna Davis              Jim & Diane Hoffmeister        Richard & Lottie Moen        Charles & Patti Sans Crainte
Bernard & Joyce DeFlorian      Scott Horne                    Mary Monsoor                 Norman & Lois Sanwick
Walt & Barbara Decker          Florence Hyatt                 Nettie Mooney                James & Elaine Schauls
Phyllis Dickerson              Timothy & Lori Irish           Dave & Sandi Moser           John & Beverly Schilling
Leland & Alice Diehl           Mr. & Mrs. Emmanual Jacobson   Judy Mosley                  James & Sheri Schneider
Gene & Ginny Dockweiler        Dennis & Claire Jandt          Patricia Muller              Marian Schnell
Connie Doerre                  Jan & Lynn Jarvinen            Les & Helen Munson           Laura Schuh
Jill Doll                      Jo Johnston                    Curt & Marcia Murray         Glen & Lila Seager
Stanley & Sue Dwyer            Doug & Diane Jorstad           Sonja Nelson                 Sandy Sechrest
Eric & Ginger Eade             Audrey Kader                   Ed & Corine Neuman           Michael & Kathrine Sexauer
Bruce & Nancy Eklund           William & Alys Kerrigan        Kate Nevin                   Eric & Barbara Sorenson
Leland & Lynn Ekum             Jeff & Heidi Kerska            Mr. & Mrs. William Newburg   Dick & Pat Spencer
Eldon & Fran Ellefson          Bernice Kohlmeyer              Willie & Marilyn Nieckarz    Tim & Danielle Sprain
Bernard & Mary Endris          Robert & Christi Kouba         Ron & Claudia Niemeyer       Dennis & Paula Stanek
Daryl & Nancy Ertl             Dan & Val Krage                Rudy & Cherie Nigl           Gary & Sue Stanley
James & Margaret Ertz          Rob & Jo Ann Kranig            Tom & Lori Nigon             Lee & Ann Stansbury
                            Curtain Call                                                                                        Page 5

                               Thank You 2004-2005 Season Donors!
Jack & Mary Steiner               ($50-$99)                      Patrick & Joan Nee                 Hiram Goodfellow
Ramon & Betty Stelloh                                            Cyndy Nichols
Troy & Barbara Stellrecht       Shawn Brooks                     Nancy Noelke                       In memory of John “J.P.” Bigley
Wally & Betty Stoll             Hiram Goodfellow                 Karl & Julie Noll                  Hiram Goodfellow
Marlene Swiggum                 Jonathan Lamb                    Todd & Deb Ondell
Mike & Robyn Tanke              Bridget & Lisa Misch             Dr. M.L. & Marian Page             In memory of Charles Lyche
Stephanie Tauscher              Devin Nee                        Peter & Nicoletta Pappas           Judy Kirkpatrick
Bill & Janet Tenner                                              Andrew & Bryan Rindfleisch
Leif & Lori Tolokken            THE DAWN M. ENDERS               Cam & Carlene Roberts              In memory of Scott Grosch
Barbara Tripp                   NEW THEATRE                      Kirk & Roxanne Robinson            Diane Richards
Joe Van Aelstyn                 BUILDING FUND                    Brian & Karen Rude
William & Ann Van Atta                                           Elda Rust                          In celebration of the wedding of
David & Laura Wagner            Anonymous                        Todd & Jennifer Saner                Shawn Brooks and Tami Groth
Mark Walljasper                 Jane Aarstad                     Rich & Nancy Smith                 Morrie Enders
Jim & Cheryl Ward               Advantage Credit Union           Lorraine Sokolik                   Harry & Cyndy Nichols
Larry & Kathy Warzynski         Altra Federal Credit Union       Tim & Danielle Sprain
Fred & Sandi Weber              American Association of          Rhonda Staats                      In celebration of the birthday
Mark & Debra White                University Women               Greg & Joan Stellrecht               of Jean Clark
Richard & Judy Williams         Blessed Sacrament School         Troy & Barbara Stellrecht          Robert Gaumer
Gerald & Judith Wiltinger       David & Judy Bouffleur           Sharon Stoleson
James Wittenberg                Carrie Cavadini                  Bob Swenson                        In celebration of the birthday
Harvey & Pat Witzenburg         Gail Cleary                      Leif & Lori Tolokken                 of Lori Gaumer
Jim & Marilyn Wuttke            David & Paula Colton             Treehouse, Inc.                    Robert Gaumer
Bob & Judy Zietlow              Connie, Gloria, Nancy & Sue’s    Ruth Vanderploeg
Peggy Zink                        Swear Jar                      Janice Verkaaik                    In celebration of the birthday
                                Sally Cremer-Williams            Sharon Wingate                       of Liz Spangler
GREEN ROOM GROUP                Susan Des Rosiers                Gordon & Kathleen Woodard          Robert Gaumer
                                Connie Doerre                    James & Marilyn Wuttke
        ($500-$999)             David & Lavon Earp               Hans & Amy Zietlow                 In memory of Robert Schilling
                                Howard & Patricia Fitzpatrick    Linda Zoerb                        Julie Fogel
Jeff Copsey                     Julie Fogel
                                Richard & Marilyn Foss           In celebration of the wedding of   In celebration of
      ($250-$499)               Franciscan Skemp                   Heather Hauser and Jeff Wood       Darcy Maxwell’s birthday
                                Ramon Gonzales-Cuevas            Morrie Enders                      Dave Maxwell
Mike & Julia Morse              Hiram Goodfellow
                                Karolyn Grimes & Chris Brunell   In celebration of the wedding of   In memory of Kenneth Knapp
    ($100-$249)                 Jack & Ann Haase                   Karen Hinkle and Ray Mikus       Marla French
                                Brian & Julie Hagan              Morrie Enders
Tom & Jan Brock                 Jo Lynn Jensen                                                      In memory of Dawn Enders
Ken E. Brown & Sue La Crosse    Jo Johnston                      In celebration of the wedding of   Shirley Huhn
Carol Copsey                    Tim Kabat                          Nichole Peterson & Sam Ruud      Elaine Klund
Kathy DuBois                    William & Alys Kerrigan          Morrie Enders                      Bob & Betty Lamb
Curt & Lisa Grinde              Bob & Charlene Krocker                                              Jonathan Lamb
Kevan & Mary Kay Kavanaugh      Gloria Kuesel                    In celebration of the birth of     Sarah Marek
Kate Kersten                    Daniel & Vicky Kunz              Van Maxwell                        Devon Russell
Elaine & Michael Marcou         La Crosse & District Pipes       Morrie Enders                      Elda Rust
Lori Portner                      & Drums                                                           Marilyn & Alexa Trussoni
Daniel Schneider &              Aurel & Sue Mailath              In celebration of Jessie Kunz’s
 Mary Lansing                   Mainly Kids Fine Art               birthday                         In celebration of
Sandy Sechrest                    Photography                    Don and Lavonne Zietlow              Jim Merillat’s birthday
Rick & Sherry Sime              Mike & Julia Morse                                                  Morrie Enders
                                Les & Helen Munson               In memory of Marlon Brando
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                             Curtain Call
                                 Thank You 2004-2005 Season Donors!
In memory of Karen Pederson       In memory of                     In honor of Lisa Grinde for      Grounded Specialty Coffee
Bud & Mabel Lou Ahrens              Betty Ann MacPhetridge           introducing him to LCCT        Gundersen Lutheran
Morrie Enders                     Stephen & Andrea Robinson        Rudy Kammel                      La Crosse Kiwanis Club
Bill & Karen Newburg                                                                                La Crosse Radio Group
                                  In memory of Helen Ostlund       In memory of Doreen Addis          (CC106.3, Eagle 102.7,
In memory of Bettie Bock          Patrick & Becky Brockman         Anonymous                          Magic 105, ESPN 105.5,
Patrick & Becky Brockman                                           Herbert & Joyce Clements           Classic Rock 100.1, WLFN)
                                  In memory of                     DeBauche Truck & Diesel, Inc.    The Law Offices of
In appreciation of                  Katherine Jane Des Rosiers     Jerry & Barbara Larson             Phillip James Addis, LLC
  Carrie Cavadini, Kyle Delap,    Albert & Mary Funk               David Morrison                   Master Metals
  Jim Nelson, and Shawn Brooks    Mike & Gretchen Geary            William & Beverly Schilla        Pizza Doctors
  for their extra effort during                                                                     Three Rivers Lodge
  Damn Yankees                    In celebration of the birth of   ENDOWMENT FUND
Morrie Enders                       Elyse Noel Cain                                                 HOLIDAY WISH LIST
                                  Morrie Enders                    Joe & Kathy Bartel
In memory of Dick Erickson                                         Sarah Ann Cassidy                Anonymous
Bud & Mabel Lou Ahrens            In memory of Mabel Fiero         Shirley Davis                    Ken & Mary Abraham
Morrie Enders                     Daryl & Margaret Wood            Dave & Abbie Gerzema             Lois Adams
Kelley O’Dell & Matthew Payne                                      Virginia Gundersen               Bud & Mabel Lou Ahrens
                                  In appreciation of Jim Nelson    Gerald & Dorothy Heberlein       Allen’s Hallmark
In memory of Lyle Anderson          and Diane Foust                James & Sallie Munn              Elmer & Ruth Amborn
Norma Anderson                    Morrie Enders                    Edward & Eleanor Mylotte         Joanne Arnold
                                                                   James & Xenika B. Poehling       In honor of Rachel Auna
In celebration of the birth of    In celebration of the birth of   Janice Sobkowiak                 Mary Ann Baures
  Porter James Williams             Nessa Rose Brooks              Mary Colleen Walsh               Andrew Behling
Morrie Enders                     Morrie Enders                                                     Brian & Laura Behling
Bob & Betty Lamb                                                   In memory of Ashley Lee          Leo & Carol Bina
                                  In celebration of the wedding    Kathleen Pantzer                 Tom & Jan Brock
In memory of Eunice Zacharias       of Mike & Cory Jamieson                                         Nancy Buldhaupt
Stephen & Andrea Robinson         Julie Fogel                      In memory of Dick Erickson       Mary Cary
                                                                   Al & Julia Saterbak              CenturyTel
In memory and honor of            In memory of Patty Korn Silha                                     John & Arla Clemons
  Stuart McIlraith                Marlene Swiggum                  In memory and honor              Christel Cooper
Lorraine McIlraith                                                   of Stuart McIlraith            Judy Delaney
                                  In memory of                     Lorraine McIlraith               Phyllis Dickerson
In celebration of                   Iola Frances Gjerde                                             Gene & Ginny Dockweiler
  Morrie Enders’ birthday         Dale & Anahmarie Ebner           In memory of Juanita Forrestal   Connie Doerre
Bob & Betty Lamb                                                   Julie Fogel                      Randy & Sharon Dwyer
                                  In honor of their 57th                                            Morrie Enders
In memory of Beth Ryan              wedding anniversary            In honor of Lori Portner         Dave & Teri Faulkner
Scott & Theresa Smerud            Clive & Burness McBain           Mike, Sue, & Rudy Kammel         Felix & Marilyn Fernandes
                                                                                                    Howard & Pat Fitzpatrick
In memory of Chris Cooley         In honor of Phil & Julie Addis   In honor of Morrie Enders        George & Joyce Fulford
David & Mary Lynne Cooley           and Pete & Sally Stinson       Mike, Sue, & Rudy Kammel         Albert & Mary Funk
                                  Morrie Enders                                                     Mitch & Marcia Galles
In honor of Jonathan Lamb                                          SPONSORS                         Jeremiah & Kelly Galvan
Morrie Enders                     In celebration of the birth of                                    Charlie & Karen Gates
                                    Madeline Rose McGinty          Al’s Auto Body of La Crosse      Phil & Judy Gilbert
In memory of                      Jack & Ann Haase                 Associated Bank                  Shana Gramling
  Allene (Brudos) Eddy                                             Cargill Plumbing, Heating,       J. Michael & Vicki Hartigan
Frank Wooden                                                        and Air Conditioning Co.        Dr. John Hayden
                                                                   CenturyTel                       Michael & Teresa Hayes
                         Curtain Call                                                                                 Page 7

                             Thank You 2004-2005 Season Donors!
Jim & Dona Henry              Adam Rathgaber                 Mark & Linda Backer           Fred & Sandi Weber
Lance & Jackie Herold         Scott & Mary Rathgaber         Randy & Mary Ball             Cathy Witzke
Don & Kathy Hill              Dick Record                    Phyllis Blackstone            Brent & Kristi Wookey
Ronald & Dawn Hill            Robert & Diane Reinhart        Tom & Jan Brock
Lynne Hodge                   Dan & Brenda Rooney            Shawn Brooks & Tami Groth     MISCELLANEOUS
Dave & Pat Hofer              Ronald & Janalee Sackett       Judith Cobb
Heather Holley                Dick & Mary Jean Sartz         Lela Ruth Coombs              Anonymous
Shirley Holman                George & Wilma Scheffner       Cornerstone Travel            Breakfast Optimists Club
Chloe Ihle                    Robert & Theresa Schneyer      James & Therese Dobson        Tom Brock
Irene Ihle                    Paul & Joan Schoenfeld         Jim & Nancy Eaton             Mark Carpenter
Rick & Linnea Jackson         Harry & Signe Schroeder        Morrie Enders                 Vicki Hartigan
Carla Jellison                Laura Schuh                    Susan Euler                   Merl Johnson
James & Kathryn Johnson       Maddeline Schuldes             Jan Glick                     Alma Kohnert
Jerome & Joan Johnson         Judy Schumacher                Curt & Lisa Grinde            Nancy Korn-Smith
Rodney & Sharon Johnson       Lori Slungaard                 Jack & Ann Haase              Krin Krause
Jo Johnston                   Aidan Smerud                   J. Michael & Vicki Hartigan   Jim Kroner
Chris & Jane Kerbaugh         Rich & Nancy Smith             Michael & Theresa Hayes       John Lyche
Jeff & Heidi Kerska           James Sohre                    Dan & Shelly Heerts           Carol Mader
Thomas & Diane Knothe         Lorraine Sokolik               Henry Lester & Associates     Robyn Tanke
Peter & Alma Kohnert          Carl & Carol Speich            Chad & Tamera Hill            Target
Dan & Val Krage               Tim & Daniel Sprain            Bob & Judy Hoffman            Ruth Vanderploeg
Kratt Lumber Company          Dennis & Paula Stanek          Merl & Mary Johnson           Teri Wildt
Roberta Krismer               Paula Steffenhagen             Robert & Judith Johnson       Hans Zietlow
Dan & Vicky Kunz              Kevin & Laurie Strangman       Robert & Kim Johnson
Clay & Mary LaBrec            Mike & Robyn Tanke             Rodney & Sharon Johnson       IN-KIND DONATIONS
Jonathan Lamb                 Joyce Temp                     Johnsrud Enterprises
James Lawrence                Bill & Janet Tenner            Jay & Angela Jones            Phil Addis & Julie Fogel
Dort Litchfield               Bill & Pam Thrune              Kate Kersten                  Carol Copsey
Steve & Cheryl Loehr          Treehouse, Inc.                Paul Kieltyka                 Ellickson Studios
Lorraine Losinski             Sandra Troope                  Richard & Barbara Konrad      Cheryl Hanlon
Ruth MacDonald                Ruth Vanderploeg               Kwik Trip                     Kwik Trip
Aurel & Sue Mailath           Janice Verkaaik                Bob & Betty Lamb              Sue La Crosse
Dave & Dawn Martin            Jo Voight                      Chris Linton                  Sharon Markee
Mark & Wendy Mattison         Rita Voss                      Jerry & Kathy Lokken          Nestle
Mandy McAllister              Fred & Sandi Weber             Al & Ingrid McCallson         Cheri Sailors
Paula McCabe                  Mark & Deb White               Michael & Carol Mader         Bill & Bobbi Steinike
George & Jan McCune           David & Yvonne Whiteman        Dave & Darcy Maxwell          Treehouse, Inc.
Kenneth & Ruth Melby          Rebecca Wilhelm                Mary Moline
Kenneth & Janine Merkitch     Kevin & Marla Withey           Wallace & Glorine Morse       WINGS SOCIETY
Les & Rita Messerschmidt      Jim Wittenberg                 Patrick & Joan Nee
Jeffrey & Suzanne Miller      Gary & Deb Wold                Marcee Peplinski              Leo & Carol Bina
Nettie Mooney                 Daryl & Margaret Wood          John & Linda Proudfoot        Morrie Enders
Mike & Julia Morse                                           Diane Richards                J. Michael & Vicki Hartigan
Patrick & Teresa Mullaney     In memory of Robert A. Floyd   Brian & Karen Rude            Dan & Shelly Heerts
Les & Helen Munson            Sibyl Floyd                    Sam Ruud                      Kate Kersten
Edward & Eleanor Mylotte                                     Aaron & Cheri Sailors         Diane Richards
Karl & Julie Noll             KWIK TRIP KWIK                 Nikkola Schultz               Sandy Sechrest
Jon & Christi Nowland         REWARDS PROGRAM                Thomas & Patricia Sprain      Fred & Sandi Weber
Tim Padesky & Tara Johnson                                   Richard & Pam Strauss
Larry & Terry Pohja           Anonymous                      Mike Vanderploeg
Agnes Potter                  Bud & Mabel Lou Ahrens         Kathleen Volden
Brian & Susan Quinn           James & Dorothy Aumann         Barbara Walter
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                                                                       Curtain Call
                                                                                   Packer Fans from Outer Space
Production Photos - Ellickson Studios

                                        Pictured cast members include Ken E. Brown, Jeremiah Galvan, Scott Vehrenkamp, Brad Williams, and Emily Wroebel.

                                        David Hyde Pierce poses with Lisa Grinde at the stage door following his       Lori Portner got a hug from Jeff Goldblum following his performance in The
                                        performance in Monty Python’s Spamalot. Lisa saw the show as part of our       Pillowman on Broadway. Lori enjoyed her first trip to New York so much she
                                        July New York tour.                                                            signed up to go on our November tour, too!
                              Patron Call
                             CurtainPost                                                                                                      Page 9

                                                      It Takes a Family:
 Scott and Adam Rathgaber Talk About What La Crosse Community Theatre Means to Them
       Being onstage has always made me                                                                       I was hesitant to audition for a play.
happy. I love doing it because I get to                                                               My son, Adam, had done several shows
interact with interesting people, and I get to                                                        already and I felt like this was his “thing.”
change my personality with each new role.                                                             But, he always looked like he was having so
Everyone at the theatre is so nice to me, and                                                         much fun. While I wanted to be a part of
that makes me want to keep coming back.                                                               that, I was still wary. My only stage experi-
       I’ve also gotten my picture in the                                                             ence had been a chorus role in Hello, Dolly!
paper, talked to a real live reporter, and been                                                       in high school. I promised Adam if I did get
inside a radio studio! The best part was                                                              into a play I wouldn’t ruin it for him. To my
being on stage with my Dad. I knew he                                                                 surprise, he encouraged me. He talked me
could do it, and I thought he was really                                                              into doing it, and I told him I would have to
good.                                                                                                 rely on him to show me what to do. He was
       I got to play a great part in Charlie                                                          more my mentor, which was an interesting
and the Chocolate Factory, but the best                                                               reversal of roles. I’m older, and hopefully
thing was getting to share the stage with my                                                          wiser, and I’m the one who usually teaches
own Dad. How many kids can say that?                                                                  him things. But here, he taught me.
                             --Adam Rathgaber                                                                 To my utter amazement, we were both
                                                                                                      cast in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
                                                                                                      We would rehearse together at home. It was
                                                                                                      wonderful. Really, I don’t know when we
                                                                                                      spent time together like that. Talk about
                                                  Adam and Scott Rathgaber as Charlie Bucket and
                                                  Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
                                                                                                      quality time!
                                                                                                              The theatre has been hugely positive
                                                                                                      for Adam. Everyone - cast and crew - have
        According to The College Board, 2004 SAT scores show that students                            been supportive and wonderful. Adam gets a
   who had courses or experience in the arts achieved higher SAT scores,                              huge amount of confidence, and that means
   and those who participated in theatre achieved the highest verbal scores                           everything to me as his father. The energy
                                                                                                      that pours out of him when he comes home
   and math mean scores well above the national average.
                                                                                                      from the theatre is astounding. When I got
                                                                                                      involved, it was the same thing. It was tiring,
                                                                                                      but such a rush. I’ve played sports in the
                                                                                                      past, but nothing has come close to this.
Rudy Kammel                                                                                                   We couldn’t have done this without
                                                                                                      the support of our family, especially my wife
Honors Lisa Grinde                                                                                    Mary. There were many late or early dinners,
                                                                                                      and many times when she had to cart Adam
      It took him all year, but 11 year old
                                                                                                      to the theatre. It takes a whole family effort
Rudy Kammel finally reached his personal
                                                                                                      to be involved in a show.
goal. Rudy, who has appeared on our stage
                                                                                                              Performing on Father’s Day was our
in A Little House Christmas and Charlie
                                                                                                      special memory. That was when it really
and the Chocolate Factory, saved $50.00 to
                                                                                                      started to hit home and become more
make a contribution to The Dawn M. Enders
                                                                                                      emotionally involving, as opposed to just
New Theatre Building Fund. Rudy made his
                                                                                                      doing it for fun. You put the personal
donation to honor Lisa Grinde who intro-
                                                                                                      exhilaration of performing, and add the
duced him to the La Crosse Community
                                                                                                      positive energy of being able to act along
Theatre family. “The theatre is important to
                                                                                                      side your child, and it’s way more than the
me,” said Rudy. “It was exciting to do this.”
                                                                                                      sum of its parts. It multiplies and explodes
      Thank you, Rudy, for your commit-
                                                                                                      into exhilaration and pride. This was a once
ment to the theatre. With support like yours
                                                                                                      in a lifetime experience I will hold in my
our future is looking bright and promising!       Rudy Kammel presents Morrie Enders with his         heart forever.
                                                  $50.00 contribution to The Dawn M. Enders New
                                                  Theatre Building Fund.
                                                                                                                                    --Scott Rathgaber
Page 10
                               Patron Call
A Memo from the Development Coordinator, Ryan Stotts
       This is going to be an          new friends making a commit-        watching as the list of supporters    from people whose lives have
exciting season at La Crosse           ment to our journey of changing     grows and blossoms. We                been changed at your theatre!
Community Theatre! As your             lives through the arts. Keep        appreciate the time, talent, and      Tune in to a La Crosse Radio
new Development Coordinator, I         watching more friends join, and     support of every community            Group Station (Magic 105,
would like to take a moment to         please consider this within your    member!                               KQEG Eagle 102.7 FM, CC
ask you to keep your eyes on a         own family. Your name will                 I’m also interested in         106.3, Classic Rock 100.1,
couple of things in the season         inspire others to join!             talking to YOU about your             WLFN Original Hits AM 1490,
ahead.                                        The Green Room Group.        involvement and love for our          and La Crosse’s ESPN Radio
       The Wings Society.              This is a fantastic opportunity     theatre. I’m here to listen to your   105.5 FM) and hear their
Planned giving is an essential         for those who give, and receive,    thoughts. On that note, you’ll        heartfelt stories!
part of a healthy future for the       so much from our theatre to         have the opportunity to listen to
theatre, and we’re already seeing      show their support. Keep            some more amazing testimonials

Morrie’s Four Fateful Words by Jeff Copsey
        I got into the theatre         my shoulders slumped, my face       Fortunately, this was a great play    La Crosse Community Theatre
because I’m cheap.                     grew long and I turned to slink     to “cut my teeth on,” so to           ten years ago!
        How’s that, you say? Well,     back to my car. But, and this was speak. It had a grand total of                 Hey, if you’re out there
back in ‘98, my mother had been        a big deal to me, Morrie came       twelve light and sound cues (for      reading this and teetering on the
ushering at the theatre for a          out of the theatre (talk about      those who might not know, the         brink of trying out for a play, but
couple of years. One night she         kismet) and called after me.        stage manager is responsible for      you’re afraid because you might
came home and told me that if I               “Hey, Jeff!” he said. I’ll   “calling” the cues, so all you        not get a part, look at it this way:
ushered for a performance,             never forget that. All those        fine people aren’t sitting out        If you don’t try out, you have a
I might see the play for free. Free.   people auditioning, my first time there in absolute darkness for          0% chance of getting into a
FREE.                                  there, and he remembered my         the entire evening) and the show      show. Your odds are better if you
        I started ushering immedi-     name. Then, he continued with       had a great cast.                     go for it!
ately.                                 four fateful words: “Don’t stop            Best of all, now Morrie               Take it from me. Listen
        My only issue with             trying out.”                                    had given me the          (like I did) to Morrie’s advice
watching the plays, however,                  Morrie                                                             and, “Don’t stop trying out.” His
                                                              “The only regret I option of stage                 four fateful words have changed
was that I began to see myself in      remembered my                                   managing in addition
several of the roles. One day,         name and told me have is that I                 to acting. I’ve been a    the last four years of my life, and
after much thought, I went for         to come back.          didn’t get involved part of comedies,              La Crosse Community Theatre
auditions. I asked myself,             Wow! What an ego at La Crosse                   dramas, musicals,         has changed my life forever.
“What’s the worst that could           boost just when I                               and whatever else has
happen?” Right?                        needed one. His
                                                              Community                come along. In four
        Right.                         words echoed in        Theatre ten years years I’ve partici-
        I auditioned for The           my ears, “Don’t        ago!”                    pated in sixteen
Fantasticks. That’s right, the         stop trying out.”                               shows at the theatre.
musical that was going to Japan.              So, I didn’t stop. I went    I’m having the time of my life.
I thought I auditioned fairly well     back to audition for the next              Has La Crosse Commu-
for a “first-timer.” There were a      play, Harvey. This time I got a     nity Theatre helped me? Without
lot--and I mean a LOT--of              part and I haven’t stopped since.   a doubt. My self-confidence is at
people trying out for the show.        I tried out for the next show, and a lifetime high. I’ve met more
Still, I felt pretty confident. I      the next, and the one after that.   people I consider friends in
figured I had about a 35%              And, I kept getting roles.          these past few years than I have
chance of getting a part. Those               Then, it happened. I         in my entire life. I’m having
seemed like pretty good odds to        auditioned for The Odd Couple       more fun, and I’m doing more
me.                                    and didn’t get cast. Real           with my life than ever before.
        I didn’t get a part.           bummer. But, Morrie called me       Even my cholesterol is low.
Bummer. After realizing my             and asked me if I wanted to try            The only regret I have is
name was not on the cast list,         my hand at stage managing.          that I didn’t get involved at         Jeff Copsey in Lucky Stiff
                             Curtain Call                                                                                                    Page 11

Stained Glass Raffle                              Entrances & Exits
       La Crosse Community Theatre will be               Jenna Bakkum, former LCCT actor,
continuing our tradition of holding a raffle      was recently in The Sound of Music in
during the opening musical.                       Janesville. Jenna appeared in our produc-
       First prize in this season’s raffle will   tions of The Nutcracker and Bye Bye
be “Blue Iris,” a beautiful stained glass piece   Birdie.
donated by Visions of Light. “Blue Iris”                 Congratulations to LCCT volunteers
measures 48 inches tall and 12.5 inches wide      Diane Richards and Randy Breeser on
and is valued at $520.                            their engagement. Diane’s recent LCCT
       In honor of Little Shop of Horrors,        stage credits include Grace & Glorie, A
our opening musical, the second prize will        Christmas Story, and The Odd Couple. You
be an assortment of carnivorous plants            may see both Diane and Randy ushering and
donated by La Crosse Floral.                      selling concessions.
       Third prize will be the book “Broad-              Congratulations to Fred Weber on his
way Musicals: The 101 Greatest Shows of           retirement. Fred appeared in Harvey and
All Time.”                                        Forum and is an usher and set construction
       Tickets are $1 each or six for $5 and      crew member.
will be sold in the lobby during intermission            Congratulations to Dan and Shelly
and in the box office.                            Heerts on the birth of their son, Elijah
                                                  Philip Heerts, on June 17th. Elijah has four
                                                  older brothers: Seth, Caleb, Aaron, and
Contribution                                             Congratulations to the following         Above: Lori Portner (3rd from top) poses with the
                                                                                                  castle guards from Monty Python’s Spamalot, the
                                                  recent graduates: Jared Anderson, Jill
Acknowledgements                                  Darelius, Tony Darelius, Lindsay
                                                                                                  featured show on our July New York tour.

                                                  Handtke, and Lauren Koehne.
      Thank you to the following recent
donors to The Dawn M. Enders New Theatre                                                          Below: Trevin Thomson is one of LCCT’s Youth
Building Fund.                                                                                    Theatre actors who are serving as newsboys to

                                                  $10,000 Gift to                                 distribute copies of The La Crosse Tribune to guests
                                                                                                  on the Mississippi Queen.
Blessed Sacrament School                          Building Fund
Hiram Goodfellow
Linda Zoerb                                              The Dawn M. Enders New Theatre
                                                  Building Fund recently received an anony-
In honor of Dawn and Morrie’s Anniversary         mous donation of $10,000.00, bringing the
Jonathan Lamb                                     fund total to $113,966.10.
                                                         In this past fiscal year, the fund has
In honor of Lisa Grinde for introducing           received numerous donations including
  him to La Crosse Community Theatre              contributions in the amounts of $2,500.00
Rudy Kammel                                       and $5,000.00. Every donation to our shared
                                                  dreams counts, and we thank each and every
In memory of Doreen Addis                         contributor for their generous support. Your
Anonymous                                         decision to donate to The Dawn M. Enders
DeBauche Truck & Diesel, Inc.                     New Theatre Building Fund is an investment
David Morrison                                    in the future of your community theatre.
         Donations of $25 or more are
acknowledged in the newsletter and
                                                                                                                                                Non-Profit Org.

    Page 12
                                     Curtain Call                                                                                                U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                                                La Crosse, WI
                                                                                                                                                Permit No. 513

    La Crosse Community Theatre
    PO Box 1852
    118 Fifth Avenue N.
    La Crosse, WI 54602-1852

    Please notify the box office of any special needs, such as customers using wheelchairs or needing hearing assistance equipment. Ticket reservations are filled in the
    order received beginning August 22 for Patrons, August 29 for Season Ticket Holders, and September 6 for the general public. Please, do not mail requests earlier than
    one week before the above dates. Tickets will be mailed to you if ordered one week or more prior to the performance date. Mail orders are not confirmed by phone, but
    customers may call the box office to confirm. Payment must accompany all orders for non-season tickets. No refunds.

    Mail Order Form                                                                      Little Shop of Horrors
    Mail your order form to LCCT, PO Box 1852, La Crosse, WI 54602-1852.                 Sept. 9-11, 15-18, & 22-24 at 7:30 p.m., Sept. 25 at 1:00 p.m.

1   Name _________________________________________________                               ____ Season Tickets for me at $0.00 =                                  $0.00        3
    Daytime Phone __________________________________________                             ____ General Tickets at $17.00 =                                      _____

    Date Choice(s) __________________________________________                            ____ Student Tickets at $10.00 =                                      _____
                                                                                                (Student prices available Thursdays and Sundays only.)
    Seating Preference _______________________________________
                                                                                         ____ Complimentary Tickets at $0.00 =                                  $0.00
2   Use my second date choice (choose one)                                                      (Enclose Comp Card.)
    ____ only if my first choice is sold out.
    ____ if my seating preference is unavailable.                                        Total Amount Enclosed =                                               _____
    ____ if seats near my preference are unavailable.
                                                                                         The following season ticket holders are coming with me.                             4
5   ____ A check is enclosed for my additional tickets.                                  (Please fill in their names.)
    ____ Charge my additional tickets to my credit card.                                 Please send their tickets to ____me.
                                                                                         Please send their tickets to ____them.
    MC/Visa # __________________________________ Exp. _______
                                                                                         ____ Season Tickets for ____________________ =                         $0.00
    Signature ______________________________________________
                                                                                         ____ Season Tickets for ____________________ =                         $0.00
6   ____ I/We will usher. ____ I/We will sell concessions.
                                                                                         ____ Season Tickets for ____________________ =                         $0.00
    Volunteer’s Name(s) ______________________________________

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