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									                JAMES NESBITT STARS IN

James Nesbitt stars in a compelling conspiracy thriller for ITV1: Midnight

The three part drama, produced by Carnival Films, tells the timely story of a
terrifying conspiracy, reaching the highest echelons of power.

Nesbitt (Murphy‟s Law, Jekyll, Bloody Sunday) plays Max Raban, a former
journalist with a fear of daylight who is reduced to raking through bins for
tacky celebrity stories to sell to the tabloids. But everything changes when his
nocturnal rummaging uncovers a frightening world of deceit and distrust with
fatal consequences.

Raban‟s life begins to fall apart when his estranged wife is murdered and he‟s
framed for the crime, forcing him to become a fugitive. But Raban discovers a
death squad is at work and he‟s determined to expose the truth about the
brutal killers.

The series also stars Catherine McCormack (28 Weeks Later, Elizabeth
David: A Life in Recipes, Gunpowder, Treason and Plot ) as Raban‟s unlikely
ally, Zara Turner (The Brief, Forgotten, McCallum) as his estranged wife,
Rupert Graves (The Waiting Room, The Dinner Party, The Forsyte Saga) as
an influential political lobbyist, Ian Puleston Davies (Silent Witness, Vincent,
Dirty Filthy Love) as a newspaper editor and Reece Dinsdale (The Chase,
Ahead of the Class, Thief Takers) as an anti terrorist officer.

Midnight Man is written by David Kane (Sea of Souls, Rebus), produced by
Alan J. Wands (Rebus, Gunpowder, Treason and Plot, The Magdalene
Sisters), directed by David Drury (Fallen Angel, Love Lies Bleeding) and the
executive producer is Gareth Neame.

Laura Mackie, Director of Drama at ITV says: “David Kane‟s Midnight Man is
a fast-paced, slick thriller full of intrigue and conspiracy that has attracted a
fantastic cast led by James Nesbitt, who we are delighted to have back on

MIDNIGHT MAN                                                                   1
Gareth Neame, Managing Director of Carnival Films, says: “David Kane has
created a magnificent unlikely hero in Max and I‟m excited to see James
Nesbitt play him. Midnight Man is a smart and sophisticated thriller which will
take audiences on a journey of suspense, intrigue and suspicion.

“It provides a modern twist on the traditional conspiracy thriller, with a strong
character element.”

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MIDNIGHT MAN                                                                   2
                James Nesbitt plays Max Raban

James Nesbitt says he once considered a career in journalism before he was
driven by his passion for acting.

“I did think about being a sports journalist. But it was never really a burning
vocation. I have met several leading sports journalists through my support for
Manchester United and I am envious of their jobs,” says James who plays
journalist Max Raban in Midnight Man.

“I have done a bit of journalism in recent years, writing in my ambassadorial
role for Unicef. Recently I wrote a magazine feature about my time in Sudan,
and I have written for a nationally daily about my time in Zambia.

“I have also written guest columns for a national paper. It is something I enjoy,
but it takes me so long. I don‟t have the speed for it. Journalism is a noble
profession, and one I admire.

“I think there is a very important role for investigative journalists to play in
uncovering the truth, by getting through lies, particularly in a world where so
much is controlled, and we don‟t know whether what is being told to us by
politicians is true. We are much more mistrusting of politicians now.

“I am a firm believer in newspapers. I worry about the notion of newspapers
disappearing and news going to the web and all that. I love print, I grew up
with it and I will always buy papers.”

James‟ character in Midnight Man, Max Raban, is a failed hack who has had
to resort to rummaging through bins to uncover tacky tales to sell to the

Max‟s dreams of an illustrious career as an investigative journalist were
shattered when he betrayed a source who was a close friend, which led to her
tragic death. He lost his job, and the guilt over his friend‟s death wrecked his
marriage, and left him separated from his beloved daughter. His stress
manifested itself in a condition called phengophobia - a fear of daylight.

A chance find among the rubbish one night could revive Max‟s ailing career
and get him back on track professionally and personally. The information he
has uncovered about an international conspiracy could make a lucrative front
page splash, but it could also put in jeopardy his own life, and his family‟s.

“Max Raban is a previously well respected journalist. He is intelligent, driven,
and fascinated by the world of journalism. He did well quite early on and was
covering big stories early in his career. But he fell into this problem when he
was investigating bribery involving the deputy prime minister, and in his
naivety and fear he revealed his source.

MIDNIGHT MAN                                                                   3
“He lost all credibility, and the worst thing was Helen, the source, died.
Carrying the guilt of Helen‟s death plunged him into this nightmare existence.
He is a man whose family is suffering, he is separated from his wife because
of the impact that the death of Helen had on him. He is now in this weird world
where he is scared to go out in the daylight.

“He is reduced to going through bins and feeding this tat to tabloid
newspapers, which must be soul destroying for him because that is not what
he is interested in. He is so desperate to get back in the game. But he is not
really looking at his own story, which is not dealing with the past and the
terrible trauma in his life, and not being able to move forward because of that.

“I was attracted to the role because I thought the character was different to
anything I had played recently. He is not a hard character. He is not anything
like Murphy in Murphy‟s Law. He is not as fantastical as Jekyll. I was attracted
to the isolated nature of him and also that kind of quirky thing about him.

“I think it is important that dramas like Midnight Man should be made. Dramas
face huge challenges. Budgets are tighter, and schedules are shorter. We live
in a ratings obsessed world. Reality TV is on the increase so drama has to
fight to get things made. As important as it is to have entertaining drama,
drama can also educate and uncover things about the world we live in.

“I think it is through drama perhaps, rather than through news, which you can
begin to mistrust, that you can find about the world in which we live in.”

James made his name in the popular comedy drama Cold Feet which won
him an award for Most Popular Comedy Actor. He won critical acclaim, and
the British Independent Film Award for Best Actor for his role in the powerful
drama Bloody Sunday. He starred in Wall of Silence, Quite Ugly One Morning
and The Canterbury Tales.

James recent television credits include Murphy‟s Law, Jekyll, Fairy Tales –

He stars as Pontius Pilate in the feature film The Passion.

MIDNIGHT MAN                                                                  4
               Catherine McCormack plays Alice Ross

Catherine McCormack says she hopes Midnight Man will provoke thought and
debate about the potential for government deception.

“I think it is important that drama addresses contemporary issues, “says

“In every artistic endeavour you try to make points, but what is important is
that people are either moved by them, feel incensed by them, or gain a new
understanding in some small way of the world around them. It is important not
just to be an entertainer.

“I hope this drama will be thought provoking. The script was terribly relevant
so it was exciting to read because you felt you were going to be a part of a
drama that wasn‟t just to entertain; that there was a point and a message

“I don‟t have a lot of faith left in the political establishment. I think since going
to war in Iraq that was where your faith in the political process began to be
completely torn apart.

“I think in these times of disillusionment I don‟t know where to turn for a real
outspoken voice of integrity because everything is polled in advance. Right is
no longer right, left is no longer left there‟s just centre ground and you lose
those inspirational voices if you pander constantly to polls checking how
people are going to react to a piece of policy

“We need someone who can see a new world order and give us back a belief
in the democratic system, so we have a voice and that voice is being
represented in parliament.

“I worked with Corin Redgrave a few years ago and really admired him
because he was constantly fighting a political cause, and he would never think
his voice wasn‟t being heard because he would make sure in a room of 20 or
100 people he was still speaking and trying to change the way things were on
a small scale.”

Catherine plays Alice Ross, a policy advisor for Defence Concern, which is an
independent think tank, aimed at putting defence at the top of the political

“Alice Ross believes in the military covenant and believes it is being eroded
away. She has a brother in Afghanistan which is one of her main motivations
for being so interested in the area she is involved in.

“But then she begins to discover certain practices going on within Defence
Concern that don‟t make any sense of what their organisation stands for. So

MIDNIGHT MAN                                                                       5
she becomes embroiled slowly through the meeting with Max Raban in
investigating an undercover conspiracy plot.

“She discovers the company she is working for is just a front. It is not what
she thought it was.”

Alice has been having an affair with the head of Defence Concern, Daniel
Cosgrave. She knows he is married, but she has fallen in love with him. But
as she begins to become involved with Max Raban she discovers Daniel has
been lying to her too.

“Alice completely believed in what she was doing working for this think tank.
She felt it was important work and she really wanted to change government
policy in reference to defence and military spending.

“She‟s a woman of honour and belief. She is quite deeply shaken to the core
when she finds out what she has been working for is not what she thought it

“Her relationship with Daniel is also a lie because of the lies he has told her.
She feels terribly let down by Daniel. Her world is turned upside down
because everything that she knew to be true, everything she was working for
and the people she was working with all end up revealing themselves to be
other than what she thought.

“She is left very lost and has to really decide to go on this journey with Max to
find out the truth even though everything would be easier for her if she just put
her head down and carried on doing what she believed in.”

Catherine shot to fame in Hollywood blockbusters Braveheart, starring
opposite Mel Gibson, and Spy Game opposite Brad Pitt. She has starred in
two films written by David Kane, who penned Midnight Man; Born Romantic
and This Year‟s Love.

Catherine‟s recent screen credits include 28 Weeks Later, Elizabeth David: A
Life in Recipes and Gunpowder, Treason and Plot. She is currently working
on a new feature film, followed by a film to be shot in Lithuania, before
returning to the London stage to star in Sir Peter Hall‟s productions of The
Doll‟s House and Portrait of a Lady.

MIDNIGHT MAN                                                                   6
             Rupert Graves plays Daniel Cosgrave

Rupert Graves relished the chance to play a zealot with a driving ambition to
change the political agenda in Midnight Man.

He plays Daniel Cosgrave, a ruthless businessman who is the head of
Defence Concern, a lobbying group aimed at protesting over Government
cuts in the defence budget.

“Daniel Cosgrave is a modern political animal. He knows how to use the
media; he knows how to use spin. He‟s urbane and charming. He is not your
typical war monger in the old fashioned sense.

“He is a zealot. He is an idealist. He concocts a plan he really believes in,
which is almost doubly frightening. He is sincere, but misguided.

“I am not like him at all. I am always in awe of people who can determine a
plan, and put their plan into action. To have the ability to do that I find
fascinating. I have a romantic soft spot for idealists.

Defence Concern is lobbying for more money to be spent on defence, and the
company is courting public opinion in their campaign for support for their

“Daniel Cosgrave is not just a war monger but he also works on behalf of the
soldiers too. He is concerned for the welfare of soldiers and about the lack of
equipment and the quality of equipment they are asked to use.

“He is very duplicitous. He is a modern political animal. He is unprincipled, he
is married, he has kids and he is having an affair with his colleague Alice
Ross. He has got a whole separate agenda at work which he keeps away
from his lover. Alice is a brilliant girl who he is fond of. He is able to de-
compartmentalise things for practicality‟s sake. He is a pretty ruthless man.

“I liked the idea of playing a modern political beast, I love paranoid political
thrillers as a genre and I thought it was very well written.”

Rupert says any government deception makes him angry, but unlike his
character he has never been driven to protest.

“I am not a political animal. I‟ll float in the waters rather than stir them up.

“What is maddening is having a government that lies to you and deliberately
deceives you. That is maddening. I find any kind of governmental deception
very difficult to swallow.

“But I‟ve never been tempted to make my protest heard. I really should.

MIDNIGHT MAN                                                                       7
“It is ridiculous when we do have the privilege of a democracy but we don‟t
take advantage of it... it is really stupid not to. I berate myself that I should be
doing something when I have the opportunity. I just sound off and don‟t do
any thing.”

Rupert made his television debut in the cult series The Return of the Saint,
and made his name with leading roles in the Merchant Ivory classic A Room
with a View and the controversial film Maurice.

His television credits include the role of Jolyon in The Forsyte Saga, Take a
Girl Like You, Spooks, Waking The Dead, Ashes to Ashes.

Rupert has just finished filming God on a Trial a new BBC drama and is
currently filming a new Marple adaptation for ITV1.

MIDNIGHT MAN                                                                      8
         Ian Puleston-Davies plays Jimmy Kerrigan

Ian Puleston-Davies plays a tough talking tabloid newspaper editor who tips
off journalist Max Raban about a story which has potentially lethal implications
in Midnight Man.

“As an editor of a tabloid newspaper Jimmy employs Max to root through bins
of rubbish for any scandal or any hot story that might be found through the

“Jimmy and Max were mates at university. They both moved into journalism,
but Jimmy worked his way up to become the editor, and is now in a position
where he‟s giving Max work. There was a certain amount of rivalry between
the two, but Jimmy came out on top, and Max has been left among the bins.

“Jimmy is one of the few editors that still employs Max. Some of the work he
gives is very much a hand out for old time‟s sake. Max is in such a state
because he can‟t work during the day due to his illness, there is a certain
conscience that Jimmy feels he should keep Max employed.

“However, unbeknown to Max, Jimmy has never forgiven Max for his betrayal
of a mutual friend, Helen, by naming her as a source for a story he wrote,
which led to her tragic death.

“On the surface they have an amicable relationship. Max is reluctantly grateful
for the work that Jimmy doles out to him. Jimmy is very much aware that Max
is very useful, and very good at raking the bins.

“But there is that underlying resentment that Jimmy has towards Max. There
was competition between Max and Jimmy.”

Jimmy tips Max off about a story involving a government minister and an
erotic dancer. This leads him to uncover a much bigger scoop about a
terrifying conspiracy reaching the highest echelons of power.

Ian says the drama shows how powerful the press can be in exposing the
terrifying truth of what is really happening in the world‟s leading institutions.

“I am of a generation, probably the last generation that did believe that the
Government never told lies. The generation below me are completely
understandably and rightly sceptical and untrusting of the government.
Everyone has a right to whistle blow. I think the press has a right to whistle

“If this script had come along as recently as five years ago we would probably
have thought it was fairy tale stuff; make believe. But we are now prepared to
believe a story like this, which not so long ago would have been taken as pure
fantasy and a good thriller.

MIDNIGHT MAN                                                                   9
“Not so long ago conspiracy theorists were just labelled as being fantasists.
But in a very short amount of time we can now believe because conspiracy
theories have come true.

“I think we are becoming a lot more aware, because of the advent of the
internet. The amount of knowledge we gain at the press of a button we are
able to uncover information at a quicker pace and we are all a lot more alert to

Ian has his own experiences of aspects of his personal life being revealed in
the press when he made the drama Dirty Filthy Love for ITV. The drama was
based on his battle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Tourette‟s

“I put myself on the line when I came out as a sufferer of OCD and Tourette's.

“It was the first time I had ever talked about me. I wasn‟t hiding behind a
character and that was a bit nerve wracking to think I had no costume or
programme to hide behind.

 “It was unnerving that it was me talking about a person who suffers from a
mental illness. That was a double whammy for me. I felt incredibly vulnerable
because I thought I am talking to the press for the first time not about the role,
but about me and about me with a mental illness.

“I didn‟t want people to think I was using my illness to get publicity. I thought I
should not be selfish, and that I should think this film might actually help
people who are fellow sufferers.

“It was a cathartic experience, coming out like that, and I felt for the first time
that I wasn‟t ashamed of it any more. It is known as the secretive disorder
because people keep it a secret, partly because they don‟t know what they
are suffering from and partly because they are ashamed of it.

“People‟s perception of me didn‟t change as a result. You do think if you have
a mental illness that people are going to run away. But people are bigger
than that and more caring. No-one said they didn‟t want to hang out with me
any more.”

Dirty Filthy Love was critically acclaimed and encouraged Ian to devote more
time to writing, while continuing to act.

“I had put the idea of a writing career to bed in the 1970s. I failed
academically and I believe that tainted my personal belief in my ability to
write. I left school with one „O‟ level. I felt inferior and felt I wasn‟t capable of
writing. Thank god I overcame that in later years.

“The writing is as busy as the acting. I couldn‟t do one without the other now.
It is a good balance they look after each other really.

MIDNIGHT MAN                                                                      10
Ian is currently writing a new comedy drama series, and a single drama. He is
also awaiting news of the development of his first film screenplay.

His recent television and film credits include Waking the Dead, The Colour of
Magic and Awaydays.

MIDNIGHT MAN                                                              11
                Zara Turner plays Carolyn Raban

Zara Turner plays Max Raban‟s estranged wife Carolyn, who is struggling to
bring up their daughter on her own…and is angry at her husband‟s inability to
sort out his problems.

“I play Max Raban‟s estranged wife. They have split up for numerous reasons,
but one of them is his condition whereby he can‟t deal with daylight so only
operates after dark. His character and my character should be together but
these circumstances have split them up. It‟s about her frustration with him for
not getting his condition sorted out, because if he could sort it out, he could
come home.

“Together they have a little girl and for them, that is what they have done right,
they have got Martha. But Carolyn is effectively a single mum now and she is
working very hard to keep life for their daughter Martha as straightforward and
normal as possible.”

Zara believes that although her character Carolyn is frustrated with Max, she
is desperate to get her family back on track, particularly for their daughter‟s

“Carolyn is a coper but you can see she is deeply frustrated with him. He
keeps waking her up in the middle of the night wanting to see their little girl
and for her it‟s all madness. She wants their life back and she feels he could
get it back for them if only he made the decision to get it together. She doesn‟t
want him back if it‟s just going to be a disaster.

“Max can‟t deal with family life and she doesn‟t think he‟s good for their
daughter when he‟s in that place in his head. She is strong enough to say „go
away until you get it sorted out‟. I think she is strong but it hurts her.”

Zara explains that Carolyn is unaware of the trouble Max gets himself into and
that as a mother herself she can relate to how Carolyn would feel if she knew.

“Max is quite an obsessive character and he has a very dark job investigating
dangerous stuff. She never does know what Max is getting involved in and
how dangerous it is.

“Carolyn would want to know the truth as to what was going on behind the
scenes, but she wouldn‟t want him getting so deeply into such dangerous

“As the plot goes on Martha is caught up in it all as well but she certainly
wouldn‟t want her dragged into it if she knew. Who would as a parent? You
don‟t want your own children dragged into anything dangerous. That is
something she would obviously be very alarmed about.

MIDNIGHT MAN                                                                   12
“I‟ve got a son and a daughter and of course you‟d do anything to keep them
safe and to keep them away from the horrors of life. I think everybody who
had children wants to do that.

“I think it‟s important that they stay kids for as long as they can, but of course
you have to be realistic about what the world is like and what other kids do
because they have got their own world at school, but it is nice for them to stay
young as long as they can and not get too sophisticated too early. I think kids
can grow up too quickly and I think parents now try to keep them young for as
long as they can.”

Zara‟s son is three years old, and her daughter had just turned seven. Zara
says being a mum helped her to prepare for her role in Midnight Man.

“When you have kids you become aware of what deep anxiety is and your
emotions are very accessible on that level because as soon as you have your
own, you know exactly how you‟d feel in certain circumstances.”

Zara Turner‟s credits include The Brief, Forgotten, McCallum, Holy Cross, The
Waiting Time, and the feature film Sliding Doors. Zara lives with her husband,
actor Reece Dinsdale, and their children in Yorkshire.

MIDNIGHT MAN                                                                   13
                    Reece Dinsdale plays Blake

Reece Dinsdale plays Blake, a cold calculating killer and the leader of the
death squad uncovered by Max Raban. For Reece, playing the shark in
Midnight Man was a far cry from his last role as an affable vet.

Reece explains: “I‟ve just spent two years playing a rather mild mannered vet
in The Chase so it was rather nice to bury that in one fell swoop and be cast
as a baddie. I find that I tend to either get cast as the very nice guy or the
very, very bad guy but I prefer the bad guys, they are more fun to play.

“Blake is part of a death squad. He is ex-anti-terror, even though he pretends
to still be involved there. He is the ugly side of this outfit which is headed up
by Rupert Graves and Catherine McCormack‟s characters - he is their hit man
and the leader of the death squad.

“Blake is the shark of the story. David Drury, the director of Midnight Man,
explained Blake to me as like Jaws; you don‟t see the shark very often, but
when you do it is very frightening. Blake is Max Raban‟s nemesis and he
keeps popping his head out of the water now and again to take a bite.”

Reece believes Blake‟s motive for killing is to clean up Britain‟s streets.

“Blake has a very right-wing outlook. I think he has had enough and he wants
to make the world what he feels is a better place and his way of doing this is
taking out anybody who threatens the peace. He wants to clean up the

“Essentially he thinks he is doing the right thing. He has just gone too far and
once he has crossed the line of killing people, it doesn‟t affect him any more.
He snuffs out life with no regard to whoever it is. He is someone who is very
cool and calm and thinks nothing of just blowing someone away. He doesn‟t
do it with a snarl or with aggression, but does it very coolly.

“Hopefully the people who watch Midnight Man will think my character is a
nightmare and be shocked by what he does. Despite being fun to play, there
is a serious side in that what Blake does is horrific.”

Playing an assassin in Midnight Man meant that Reece never put down a gun
whilst he was on set.

Reece explains: “Blake always had a gun and I felt naked on set without it.
We worked with an armourer every time the gun came out and they were
constantly by my side showing me what to do; how to hold it, fire blanks from
it and keep it safe.

“As an actor I am only pretending, but when you let off a couple of rounds
from a Glock pistol you realise how lethal and horrible guns are. It is a

MIDNIGHT MAN                                                                  14
frightening thought that people do actually go around using them on the

In Midnight Man Reece stars alongside his wife, actress Zara Turner, who
plays Max Raban‟s wife Carolyn.

“It is only the second time Zara and I have worked together, and the first time
in 16 years. Previously we played brother and sister in The Revenger‟s
Tragedy in the theatre. This time it was pure coincidence and although we
didn‟t end up doing any scenes together it was great to be doing the same
project. I found out I had the part just 24 hours before Zara and I don‟t even
think they knew we were married.

“Not doing any scenes together meant at least there was always someone
around to look after our two children because they were at school in Yorkshire
during filming.

Reece‟s recent screen credits include The Chase, Ahead of the Class, Thief
Takers, Life on Mars, Dalziel and Pascoe and Spooks.

MIDNIGHT MAN                                                                15
                  Alan Dale plays Donald Hagan

Alan Dale says he has finally shaken off the genial paternal image which
brought him fame in the hit soap Neighbours, to tackle roles as ruthless,
power-hungry executives.

Alan explains: “When I finished doing Neighbours 15 years ago I felt that
being the nicest man in Australia wasn‟t a particularly sexy role, and I wanted
to do things that were a bit more fun, and to play the bad guy for a change.

“But after I left Neighbours there were several years where I didn‟t do very
much at all. There was a long period here where people thought of me as Jim
Robinson and I couldn‟t even catch a cold, never mind a good part.

“In 1999 I went to America and decided I liked it there so went back to
Australia and packed my bags. The opportunity there is quite enormous and if
you are ambitious, that is the place to be. It can be scary and the thought of
being rejected is horrifying but I have been through all of that and come out
the other side.”

Alan found success in America and has consistently been cast as the ruthless
businessman or powerful executive in hit shows such as The West Wing, 24,
The O.C and Ugly Betty.

“I like playing the powerful guy. If you look in the mirror, and you look like I do,
you see that as an actor you will either be cast as the guy who rules the world,
or the guy who kills the guy who rules the world. I tended to go after these
roles and they are the roles I seem to get.”

In Midnight Man Alan plays Donald Hagan, the Ex-American Defence
Secretary and chairman of the Validus Group.

“Donald Hagan is a George W Bush alumnus. He is an American, the ex-
Secretary of Defence, and he is supporting the clandestine operations that are
going on, similar to such power brokers that have appeared these days under
George Bush. He comes to the UK to support an organisation of that type
over here. Hagan is a despicable man so I play him that way.

“I was attracted to the role because Jimmy Nesbitt is a particular favourite of
mine as an actor, and knowing that he was in the show and getting to work
with him interested me. It also meant I could spend time with my son Simon
who lives in London.”

Alan‟s career has taken him to the far corners of the world from his home in
New Zealand to Australia, Canada, the USA and now England. The filming of
Midnight Man in London meant having to face the bitter English winter but not
for long.

MIDNIGHT MAN                                                                     16
“We shot part of my scenes in the basement of an old derelict building. It was
freezing cold and I was lying in the dust on the floor. Just four days later I was
sitting on a boat in the middle of the ocean just off the coast of Australia doing
more filming for Sea Patrol, an Australian television drama.

“That period for me was so crazy because I had to film Midnight Man, Sea
Patrol and Ugly Betty. When Christmas came I was relieved to sit down and

Despite the cold weather Alan says he loves being in England.

“I really love working here but I find the opportunities aren‟t as big over here
as they are in America. I don‟t want to be away from Hollywood for too long
but I love living over in England and would like to do more here.”

Alan has recently been promoted from playing a tough talking businessman to
playing a king. He is currently starring as King Arthur in the West End
spectacle Spamalot.

“I love Monty Python. I‟ve never met anyone who isn‟t a fan. When they asked
me if I‟d do it I thought, „That will be fun‟. I‟ll be here until the end of June and
then there is a possibility that it may stretch longer.”

Alan has relocated to London for his stage role, and has brought his family
with him, his wife Tracy and their two young boys Nick and Dan.

“I have a beautiful wife and two little kids who are gorgeous. They are here
with me and I‟m having a ball right now.”

Alan‟s recent credits include The West Wing, 24, The O.C, Lost, Ugly Betty
and Torchwood. You can also see him in the new Indiana Jones movie
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull which premiers in May
2008 and in the second series of Sea Patrol.

MIDNIGHT MAN                                                                      17

By David Kane

Midnight Man is a fast moving thriller with a highly contemporary feel which
reveals a terrifying conspiracy reaching to the highest echelons of power.
Imagine if a group of the world‟s most influential people cast the law aside and
started secretly assassinating anyone who might stop them prolonging a very
profitable war across the globe. It would take a brave, passionate (and
possibly slightly unhinged) man to stand up to them. Let‟s meet Max Raban.

Max (James Nesbitt) is a phengophobic former journalist, reduced to raking
through bins for cheap celebrity stories which he sells to the tabloids to earn a
living. But things are about to change. Two Iranian cousins are murdered –
one active in human rights, the other completely apolitical. Max uncovers
some evidence which suggests a cover up and suspects he‟s on to a proper
story at last. But with his track record as an occasionally unreliable conspiracy
theorist, will any one believe him? He needs hard evidence.

Max links the killings to a small policy group – Defence Concern - whose sole
aim is to place defence and national security at the top of the political agenda.
He also comes to the horrifying realisation that there‟s a death squad at work
in the UK, which appears to be targeting pro-Islamists. And worse, these
murders appear to have been committed with the blessing of the
Government‟s Defence Secretary. Max believes that the gang of vigilantes
mistakenly killed the wrong cousin and are trying to hide their crime. Because
of this knowledge, Max‟s wife is murdered and he‟s framed for the crime,
forced to become a fugitive. He finds an unlikely ally in right-wing Alice Ross
(Catherine McCormack) – a policy adviser with Defence Concern. Despite
her personal politics, Alice fears the group crossed a serious ethical line.
Although Max finds her control freakery exasperating, and she is far from
enamoured by his own eccentricities, the two strike up an uneasy friendship
as they struggle to expose the truth.

Max now links Defence Concern with the hugely successful US private equity
corporation, The Validus Group. The Validus Group‟s conglomerate of
investors reads like a who‟s who of high ranking influential figures on the
international stage. It is one of the world‟s biggest investors in the arms
industry. It is therefore in the group‟s interests to see that profitable global
warfare continues. Currently it is being chaired by an American elder
statesman Donald Hagan (Alan Dale). Alice fears that her boss Daniel
Cosgrave (Rupert Graves) is being knowingly manipulated by Hagan and that
together, they may be planning a dreadful event– possibly even a new 9/11 –
to create a greater appetite for defence spending and neatly lining their
pockets at the same time. Max and Alice are led to a small cabal of powerful
UK businessmen, ex-national security and politicians. It is they who have
been dispatching off anyone they perceive to be a threat to „our way of life‟.

MIDNIGHT MAN                                                                  18
They are responsible for the murders of the Iranian cousins, as well as many
others. However they are protected by their links with The Validus Group –
who condone the murder of anyone who gets in the way of arms sales. Max
manages to steal some hard evidence in the form of a tape of a trophy killing
by the vigilantes. However this puts him in yet more danger. The Validus
Group want him silenced for good as another atrocity just like 9/11 would
certainly boost sales for them and they have no desire to be stopped by what
they perceive to be a paranoid failed hack. One more lost life is nothing to
them. But Max‟s desire for the truth and his inner morality is a force to be
reckoned with in this ethically bankrupt world.

MIDNIGHT MAN                                                              19
                  Cast and Production Credits

Max Raban                            James Nesbitt
Alice Ross                           Catherine McCormack
Daniel Cosgrave                      Rupert Graves
Blake                                Reece Dinsdale
Brian Makepeace                      Richard Graham
Jimmy Kerrigan                       Ian Puleston-Davies
Carolyn Raban                        Zara Turner
Trevor                               Peter Capaldi
Donald Hagan                         Alan Dale
Elliott                              Danny Nussbaum
Lucy Elliott                         Joanna Horton
Dark Jacket                          Gary Cargill
Kirsta                               Maria Popistasu
Majid‟s Father                       Nasser Memarzia
Reza Danush                          Sargon Yelda
Naneen Danush                        Jodie Taibi
Majid Danush                         Christopher Jefferies
Mercy/Louise                         Ejay Anyasi
Diane                                Daniele Lydon
Di Cook                              John White
Martha Raban                         Romy Irving
Police Sergeant                      Kemal Sylvester
Drug Dealer                          Andrew Beck
Security Man                         Dodger Phillips
Defence Secretary                    Douglas McFerran
Armed Police Officer                 Paul Bridle
Secret Service Agent                 Bruce Johnson
Hotel Receptionist                   Susan McGann
Defence Concern Receptionist         Michelle Asante
Iraq Office Manager                  Tom Kanji
Newsreader                           Dermot Murnaghan
American Correspondent               Alysha Westlake

MIDNIGHT MAN                                                 20
Writer                                        David Kane
Director                                      David Drury
Producer                                      Alan J Wands
Executive Producer                            Gareth Neame
Casting Director                              Jill Trevellick
Director of Photography                       Simon Richards
Production Designer                           Jim Grant
Costume Designer                              Rosalind Ebbutt
Hair & Make-up Designer                       Sandy Staples
Sound Mixer                                   Steven Phillips
Editor                                        Chris Ridsdale
Composer                                      Ben Bartlett

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