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					                       Weather and Seasons

                Developed by Katie Fitzgerald


This is a science lesson that will focus on weather and

This lesson is designed for early childhood use.

S1E1 - Students will observe, measure, and communicate
weather data to see patterns in weather and climate.

Materials Needed: newspapers, computers with Internet
access, crayons, markers, scissors, construction paper, poster
board, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and other various
art materials around the room
The teacher will begin by reading the book, Cloudy With a
Chance of Meatballs by Judi Barrett.

  Glen Burns is the Chief Meteorologist for Channel 2 Action News.
 He has been very busy lately. He needs some junior meteorologist
 to help him with his weather forecasts. Since your class has been
 studying weather and seasons, you and your friends have been
 chosen to be his junior meteorologists! Your team will create a
 news forecast telling the weather! This is a very important job! It is
 very important to let your community know how they need to get
 dressed for the day. For example, if we are going to have rain,
 people need to know to wear their rain coats and rain boots. Would
 you want to be caught in your bathing suit in the snow?

Today is Monday. What is the weather forecast for the rest
                     of the week?

    What should you wear if it is cold and raining outside?

        What should you wear if it is hot and sunny?

  What are characteristics of each season: spring, summer,
                     fall, and winter?

        What is the weather like during each season?

The junior meteorologist will be divided into teams of four
students. Each team will have their own table and computer to
work at.
By completing this web quest, you will be able to describe each
season as well as different types of weather and how to dress
depending on the weather. This job is necessary to help your
friends determine what type of clothing to wear to school to be
appropriately dressed.

As a team, you must watch the Weather and Seasons Slideshow!
Once the slideshow is over, your team needs to get together in
order to accomplish the task of creating a weather report. In
your report, you must include the weather for the next 5 days,
what to wear during those days, activities that may be taking
place in that weather, what season it is, and what items we
might need: suntan lotion, an umbrella, etc. You must also have
at least two visuals in your presentation.

Person 1- Task Manager: Your job is to make sure that your
team stays on task. You will help out with

          anyone that needs help!

Person 2 – Researcher: You will search the Internet to come up
with a weather report. You may visit

           www.weather.com or www.weatherbug.com to find out
the predicted weather for the week.

Person 3 – Recorder: Your role is to write down the information
given to you by the researcher. You will

          assign the speaking parts for everyone on your team.

Person 4 - Artist: Your job is to create a visual aid to use in
the Weather Report. Be creative!
Remember, this is teamwork! Your task is to work together as a
team of meteorologists to create a weather report. Each
meteorologist will have their own individual job. However, you
can always help your teammate out. Each team member will get
the same grade. Do your best work!!! Each meteorologist will
take a turn speaking in the presentation.

Before putting the final project together, you must have a team
meeting to present your part to your group. Once everything
has been shared and agreed upon, you will have time to work
together to practice your weather report. Your teacher will
give you plenty of time to make sure you do your best work!
You will then give the weather forecast to the class.

If you have any questions at any time, ask your team members
first and then you can ask your teacher. You must get along and
work out any problems within your team. If your teacher has to
get involved, you may loose points from your grade.

Your team may pick one of the following options to help your

  Graph- Your team may make a graph showing the temperatures for the
  Multimedia Presentations- Your team may make a PowerPoint
  presentation to present your news forecast
  Poster Presentation- Your team may create a visual using a poster
  board to help present your information

Your team may use these resources to complete

the task!
* PowerPoint software
* Internet
* Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs by: Judi Barrett
* Newspapers
* Your Science text book

There are two different rubrics to follow. Each meteorologist
will complete a team self-assessment. Your teacher will
complete a rubric for each team. Both grades will be added
together to create one grade.
Name___________________________                         Group Members-



                         Team Self- Assessment

               1 point             2 points
                                                     3 points

How well       I did not work      I could have      I did a great job
               very well at all.   done better!      on team work!
did I work
with my
Did I do my    Nope, I did not     I did some of     I did all my
               do my job.          my work.          work!
Did I do my    Not really.         I could have put I tried my best
                                   more effort into at creating my
best work?                         my project.        project and
                                                      believe that I
                                                      did my best!
How did        They did ok.        They did a         They did a
               They did not        pretty good job. fantastic job!
my             really do much      We still could
teammates      work or work        have done a
do?            well together.      little bit better.

                                                                         Total =

               Rubric for Team Presentation

               1 point           2 points
                                                    3 points

Quality of     The               The                The
               presentation      presentation       presentation
Presentation   was not on        was good;          was excellent!
               topic or          however, more      All necessary
               provided very     information        information
               little            could have         was included.
               information.      been provided.
Time length    The               The                The
               presentation      presentation       presentation
               lasted no         lasted 2           lasted at least 4
               longer than 2     minutes to 4 ½     ½ minutes
               minutes           minutes.
Visuals        The visuals did   1 quality visual   2 or more
               not look like     was created for    quality visuals
               much effort       the                were included.
               was devoted to    presentation.
Creativity     The               The                The
               presentation      presentation       presentation
               was not very      was somewhat       was very
               creative.         creative.          creative!!!

On a separate sheet of paper, write the answers to the
following questions.

How well do you think you worked with your team?
What was your favorite part of being a meteorologist?
What was the hardest part of being a meteorologist?
Were there any problems that occurred in your team? If so, what were
they? How were they handled?