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RAMCO Software Training Class Schedule
The Premier NW Training Company!

Our Mission: To Make People More Productive Through Training April – September

   Live Online Learning – The                                 Who Am I? Guess Correctly & Win!
      Students’ Perspective                                  I make adding data to an Excel database easy, and if
                                                             you know which feature to use, can even help you
“I really liked the idea of having hands-on portions of
                                                             find a particular record. I’m hiding; can you find
the class and enjoyed the variety that the actual practice
                                                             me? Who am I?
with the spreadsheet and the questionnaires provided.”
This accolade came from one of the students who              To enter, email The
attended our Excel Basics online training class.             first person with the correct answer receives a $50
                                                             gift certificate toward any RAMCO training class.
RAMCO Live Online training offers a unique platform
for class delivery. The virtual classroom interface is
very user friendly and allows interaction with the            Mystery Software Character Winner
instructor and other students similar to the experience of   Congratulations to Elaine Goddard of King County
classroom training. You can even see the instructor in       for winning last issue’s Who Am I? contest. See the
real time through the instructor’s webcam!                   Help Key for the last issue’s answer.
Those familiar with computers will find the virtual
classroom a welcome learning environment that enables
you to get just the training you need without the travel     Excel PivotTables – Discover
and a full day away from work. Those new to
computers need not fear isolation from the instructor.
                                                             the Meaning behind the Data
With the easy-to-use, one click features in the virtual      Despite the down economy, Excel classes continue
classroom, you can raise your hand, ask a question that      to fill up! The hottest course is Excel PivotTables.
only the instructor or another classmate can see, or ask a   With PivotTables you can create new views of
question that everyone can see. All this, without even       worksheet data in seconds and see trends and
using the voice option! Yes, you can even talk to the        patterns at a glance. Hundreds or thousands of
instructor and other students in the class!                  pieces of information swing into place, revealing the
                                                             meanings behind the data. In our half day course,
Whether you are a seasoned computer user or someone          you'll learn how PivotTable reports can benefit you,
just starting to spread your wings in the “cloud”            and you'll actually create and modify your own. If
RAMCO Live Online training offers something for              you don’t like to view columns and rows of data, a
everyone. Open enrollment class dates are now listed         PivotChart may be just your style!
on our web site and private group training can be
scheduled for groups. Training coordinators can take         Take advantage of our new, live, interactive, online
advantage of this new training option for workers in far-    training option and learn about Excel 2007
flung locations or those who may have difficulty getting     PivotTables from the comfort of your own desk!
away from the office for training. For more                  Register today for our upcoming class on April 21
information, contact our sales team today!                   from 9am-12pm PST.
                                            LIVE ONLINE TRAINING
Convenient for those who can’t leave the office or for those whose office is out of range! Eliminate travel time and expense by training
business professionals in multiple locations in a convenient live, online computer training session at your office or at their home.
Private sessions are also available for small and large groups. Meet just-in-time training requirements by scheduling live, online training
on specific, meaningful topics for a department or project team.

                                                              $129                                                                  $129
Advance your skills with formulas including creating more              Effectively manage your calendar using single and recurring events
complex formulas and functions, such as IF, V-Lookup and               and appointments. Learn how to efficiently plan and reschedule
Rounding. Learn the essential tools for calculating between            meetings by letting Outlook do the work for you!
worksheets and workbooks with Linking.                                 Jun       09 9am-12pm PST
July 15 9am-12pm PST
                                                                       POWERPOINT 2007 ADDING AUTOMATION &
                                                              $129     Engage your audience with motivating presentations that employ
Present your financial information in eye-catching charts and          graphics, slide transitions, and animations! Text positioning and
graphs to engage your audience. This online course gives you the       formatting for optimal display helps your audience understand and
tools you need to make facts and figures come to life. Let us show     retain your message. Bells and whistles keep them interested!
you how to capture everyone’s attention!                               Aug       10 9am-12pm PST
Sep       16 9am-12pm PST

                                                                               “I really liked the idea of having hands-on
                                                              $129          portions of the class and enjoyed the variety that
Master the most widely used analysis tool in Excel today by                  the actual practice with the spreadsheet and the
creating data lists, PivotTables, and PivotCharts!
                                                                                         questionnaires provided.”
Apr       21 9am-12pm PST
Aug       18 9am-12pm PST

 OFFICE 2007 NEW FEATURES                                                      PUBLISHING/GRAPHICS
OFFICE 2007 NEW FEATURES                                               VISIO 2007                         VISIO 2007 (cont.)
An introduction to the new Microsoft Office user interface, this        LEVEL 1 (2007)           $199       LEVEL 2 (2007)            $229
course covers features common to core Office programs, as well
                                                                        Solve real business problems        Enhance your Visio skills and
as the new components in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & Outlook.
                                                                        by creating flowcharts,             create more complex drawings.
HANDS ON CLASS           $159                                           organization charts, and            Create a custom drawing
Apr    14   day          Sea                                            diagrams. Also use templates!       template, use styles, and web-
                                                                        Apr        21     day     Rtn       enabling.
May    20   day           Tac
                                                                        Jun        14     day     Tac       Jun        25      day     Tac
Jun    28   day          Sea
                                                                        Aug        11     day Sea           Aug        26      day Sea
Jul    19   day           Tac
Aug    06   day          Sea
                                                                        PUBLISHER 2007
Sep    02   day           Tac
                                                                        LEVEL 1                   $159
                                                                        Desktop design is simple and fun with Microsoft Publisher! Use
                                                                        templates for easy creation of brochures, newsletters, and flyers.
               "I feel like I actually have a good                      Enhance publications with WordArt, Shapes, Frames, & more!
             starting knowledge of the program.”                        Apr        15     day Sea
                                                                        Aug        04     day      Tac

      PROJECT MANAGEMENT                                                        MICROSOFT OUTLOOK
PROJECT MANAGEMENT FUNDAMENTALS                                         OUTLOOK 2003                       OUTLOOK 2007
(NO COMPUTERS) $169                                                     LEVEL 1                   $159      LEVEL 1 (2007)            $159
Learn how to lead a successful project with training on the             Manage your time, tasks, email,     The new Office 2007 interface
fundamental concepts of project management and all its                  contacts, and more with this        applies to your email messages,
terminology. In this class, you learn to effectively manage any         great, personal information         tasks, and contacts to become
project with any software.                                              management tool!                    command central for all your
Jul        23     day Sea                                               May        11      day Sea          information management!
                                                                        Jul        05      day     Tac      Take this class online! See the
                                                                                                            Live Online Training box!
PROJECT 2003                       PROJECT 2007                       Sep        27      day Sea
                                                                                                            Apr         19     day     Tac
LEVEL 1 (2003)             $319     LEVEL 1 (2007)             $319                                         Jun         24     day Sea
                                                                        LEVEL 2                  $159
Keep projects on schedule by        Keep projects on schedule by                                            Aug         09     day     Tac
learning how to create and          learning how to create and          Automate & customize Outlook
revise tasks, sequence tasks,       revise tasks, sequence tasks,       to make it work for you!
revise a schedule using a           revise a schedule using a           Advanced topics include Email,      LEVEL 2 (2007)           $159
critical path, track progress,      critical path, track progress,      Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks.      Customize and automate
report variances, and               report variances, and               Apr        22     day     Rtn       Outlook to maximize its
manipulate data.                    manipulate data.                    Jul        16     day Sea           capabilities! Advanced topics
May       13-14 day         Tac     May 19-20           day Sea                                             include Email, Calendar,
                                                                                                            Contacts, and Tasks.
Jul       07-08 day Sea             Jun      03-04      day     Tac
                                                                                                            Jun         11   day      Tac
Sep       20-21 day         Tac     Jul      19-20      day Sea
                                                                                                            Aug         25   day Sea
                                    Aug 05-06           day     Tac
LEVEL 2 (2003)            $169      Sep 23-24           day Sea
Take control of your project
resources! Learn to manage          LEVEL 2 (2007)            $169            ADOBE CREATIVE SUITE
resources, perform cost
                                    Take control of your project
calculations, and direct multiple                                       PHOTOSHOP                          INDESIGN
                                    resources! Learn to manage
                                    resources, perform cost             LEVEL 1                    $419     LEVEL 1                    $419
Jul        30      day     Tac      calculations, and direct multiple   Achieve the quality results for     Save money when outsourcing
Sep        30      day     Tac      projects.                           all of your graphic editing         your printing by handling the
                                    Jun        07      day Sea          needs using Photoshop like an       design and digital setup
                                    Aug        24      day     Tac      expert! Learn image editing,        yourself! In this class, learn to
                                                                        painting, layers, selections,       produce professional-quality,
                                                                        color models, and more.             full-color documents to output
                                                                        May       03-04 day Sea             to a wide range of devices and
                                                                        Jul       01-02 day         Tac
                                                                                                            Jun       09-10 day Sea
                                                                        Sep       08-09 day Sea
                                                                                                            Aug       17-18 day         Tac

  ONLINE TRAINING OPTIONS                                               ACROBAT
                                                                        LEVEL 1                    $419
RAMCO offers a complete menu of online training options,
ranging from a recorded demo on a short training topic for              Acrobat PDF provides a solution for your file sharing challenges.
deployment to a group or an entire organization to a live training      In this class, create and convert files to PDF; re-purpose the
course, delivered online, for custom topics from any of our             content of PDF files for use in other applications; and use tools for
courses. Based on the modular format of our course material, we         creating forms and managing color. Includes Signatures, security,
can uniquely create a class from a combination of topics, or a          and the design of documents for online viewing.
single topic, depending on your unique, training requirements.          Apr       22-23 day         Tac
Contact our office today for more information!                          Jun       23-24 day         Tac
                                                                        Aug       09-10 day Sea

      MICROSOFT EXCEL 2003                                                 MICROSOFT EXCEL 2007
EXCEL 2003                        EXCEL 2003 (cont.)               EXCEL 2007                        EXCEL 2007 (cont.)
LEVEL 1 (2003)              $159   LEVEL 2 (2003)            $159    LEVEL 1 (2007)             $159    CHARTS (2007)               $99
Why do more people choose          Your efficiency will skyrocket    Why do more people choose          Use the new Ribbon to create
Excel training over all other      after this class! Become more     Excel training over all others?    and format a stylish chart that
classes? Excel makes math fun      productive by employing cell      Excel makes math fun as you        graphically represents your
as you easily create, edit,        references, functions, and        create, edit, format, and print    financial data. Nobody needs
format, and print worksheets, as   names, as well as by              worksheets, as well as calculate   to know you created it in a few
well as efficiently calculate      implementing workbook             data efficiently using formulas.   clicks using tricks from class!
data using formulas.               management features such as       Take this class online! See the    Apr        26       pm     Tac
May         10      day Sea        linking, grouping, & freezing.    Live Online Training box!          May        14       pm     Sea
Jun         10      day      Tac   Apr          14    day     Tac    Apr         28     day Sea         Jul        27       am     Tac
Jul         05      day Sea        Apr          30    day Sea        May         06     day Sea
Aug         03      day      Tac   May          24    day Sea        May         21     day      Tac
Sep         10      day Sea        Jun          15    day     Tac    Jun         14     day Sea         PIVOTTABLES (2007) $99
                                   Jul          06    day Sea        Jul         09     day      Tac    Use Excel PivotTables to
                                   Jul          28    day     Tac                                       automatically analyze and run
                                                                     Jul         29     day Sea
CHARTS (2003)               $99                                                                         calculations on spreadsheet and
                                   Aug          04    day Sea        Aug         10     day      Tac    database data.
Impress everyone with a chart      Aug          19    day     Tac    Aug         20     day Sea         Apr        26      am     Tac
that graphically demonstrates
                                   Sep          13    day Sea        Sep         03     day      Tac
your company’s financial data.                                                                          May        14      am    Sea
Nobody needs to know that you      Sep          24    day     Tac    Sep         14     day Sea         Jul        27      pm     Tac
created it in a few clicks using
the tricks from class.             LEVEL 3 (2003)            $159
Jul         15      pm      Sea    Take Excel to the power-user      LEVEL 2 (2007)           $159      LEVEL 3 (2007)            $159
                                   level. Wow your colleagues
PIVOTTABLES (2003) $99                                               Employ cell references,            Import, export, & analyze data
                                   when you use PivotTables to
                                                                     functions, and names, as well as   in a database, use templates,
In this half day class, put your   analyze list data. Be ready to
                                                                     implement workbook                 collaborate on worksheets, and
analytical skills to use using     show-off your cool, shortcut
                                                                     management features such as        use macros to make your work
PivotTables to analyze and run     keys, menu commands, and
                                                                     linking, grouping, & freezing.     as easy as 2 + 2 = 4!
calculations on spreadsheet and    toolbar buttons that you create
                                                                     Your efficiency will skyrocket
database data.                     for your new macros.                                                 Apr       16       day Sea
                                                                     after this class!
(Also part of version 2003 L3.)    Apr         20     day Sea                                           May       17       day     Tac
                                                                     Apr          29   day     Tac
Jul         15      am      Sea    May         27     day     Tac                                       May       21       day Sea
                                                                     May          13   day Sea
                                   Jun         22     day Sea                                           Jun       25       day Sea
                                                                     Jun          07   day     Tac
                                   Jul         14     day     Tac                                       Jul       16       day     Tac
                                                                     Jun          29   day Sea
                                   Aug         23     day Sea                                           Aug       27       day Sea
                                                                     Jul          23   day     Tac
                                   Sep         27     day     Tac                                       Sep       22       day     Tac
                                                                     Aug          13   day     Tac
                                                                     Aug          24   day Sea
   EXCEL 2007 ONLINE DATES                                           Sep          09   day     Tac
See Live Online Training box for more details.                       Sep          17   day Sea

July  15 9am-12pm PST
                                                                                     "Course objectives were all covered
EXCEL 2007: CREATING CHARTS                                                   clearly. Textbook is a tremendous comfort and
Sep   16 9am-12pm PST                                                               reference compared to competitors.”

Apr   21 9am-12pm PST
Aug   18 9am-12pm PST

    MICROSOFT ACCESS 2003                                                 MICROSOFT ACCESS 2007
(NO COMPUTERS) $159                                                  (NO COMPUTERS) $159
The majority of database problems are the result of bad design.      The majority of database problems are the result of bad design.
Learn proper design techniques to ensure that your database is an    Learn proper design techniques to ensure that your database is an
instant success!                                                     instant success!
Jul        06     day     Tac                                        Jul        06     day     Tac
Sep        03     day Sea                                            Sep        03     day Sea

ACCESS 2003                       ACCESS 2003 (cont.)              ACCESS 2007                         ACCESS 2007 (cont.)
LEVEL 1 (2003)             $159    LEVEL 2 (2003)           $159     LEVEL 1 (2007)            $159       LEVEL 2 (2007)           $159
A database is the foundation of    Work more efficiently by          A database is the foundation of      Important to both users and
a company’s business records       creating expressions (formulas)   a company’s business records         developers, the Level 2 class
and practices. Guarantee that      and parameters within queries.    and practices. Guarantee that        helps you work more efficiently
your databases are solid with      Covers indexing, primary keys,    the databases you build are solid    by creating expressions
our quality training. In this      & importing & exporting data.     with our quality training. In this   (formulas) and parameters
class, you build a database,       May        06     day     Tac     class, you build a database,         within queries. Also covered
create and sort queries, and                                         create and sort queries, and         are indexing, primary keys, and
                                   Jun        15     day Sea
format and print a datasheet.                                        format and print a datasheet.        importing and exporting data.
                                   Jul        26     day     Tac
May        03      day      Tac                                      May        07      day Sea           May        25     day Sea
                                   Aug        19     day Sea
Jun        08      day Sea                                           May        19      day     Tac       Jul        22     day     Tac
                                   Sep        10     day     Tac
Jul        29      day      Tac                                      Jul        09      day Sea           Sep        02     day Sea
Aug        05      day Sea         REPORTS/FORMS             $319    Aug        11      day     Tac
                                                                                                          REPORTS/FORMS             $319
Sep        07      day      Tac    Learn to build user input forms
                                                                     LEVEL 3 (2007)             $159      Learn to build user input forms
                                   and custom reports with
LEVEL 3 (2003)             $159                                      Learn advanced concepts such         and custom reports with headers
                                   headers and footers, page
                                                                     as defining relationships,           and footers, page breaks, totals,
Learn advanced concepts such       breaks, totals, and other
                                                                     increasing query function            and other advanced features.
as defining relationships,         advanced features.
increasing query function                                            through totaling, crosstabs, and     Jun      16-17 day         Tac
                                   Jun       28-29 day        Tac
through totaling, crosstabs, and                                     other advanced queries.              Sep      15-16 day Sea
                                   Sep       29-30 day Sea
other advanced queries.                                              Jun        09      day      Tac
May        28      day      Tac                                      Aug        30      day Sea
Jul        02      day Sea
Sep        23      day      Tac
                                                                     WINDOWS SHAREPOINT SERVICES 3.0:
   MS OFFICE PROGRAMMING                                             CREATING & MANAGING TEAM WEB SITES
APPLICATIONS                      $625                               Get the skills to design and manage a SharePoint site that will
                                                                     eliminate the confusion of sharing documents for your team. As a
Automate Excel, Access, and Word using VBA to create                 site administrator, you build a WSS team site, create lists, add
applications from within the Office programs. Accomplish tasks       libraries, grant permissions, and gain other skills needed to make
for which there are no built-in menu commands or buttons and         your site a big success!
automate tasks for more efficient use of Office.
                                                                     May         04      day    Tac
May      24-26 day        Tac
                                                                     Jun         18      day Sea
Jul      12-14 day Sea
                                                                     Jul         12      day    Tac
Sep      13-15 day        Tac
                                                                     Aug         02      day Sea
                                                                     Sep         16      day    Tac

      MICROSOFT WORD 2003                                                  MICROSOFT WORD 2007
WORD 2003                         WORD 2003 (cont.)                WORD 2007                          WORD 2007 (cont.)
LEVEL 1 (2003)              $159   LEVEL 2 (2003)           $159     LEVEL 1 (2007)              $159    FORMS (2007)                $99
You’ll be amazed at how much       Take the next step and learn      You’ll be amazed at how much        Effectively use Word forms as
more efficient you are with        higher-level functions such as    more efficient you are with         a tool to collect data from users.
Word after this class! Learn to    advanced formatting, templates,   Word after this class! Learn to     Plan and save a form template,
create, edit, format, print, and   sections and columns,             create, edit, format, print, and    work with content controls and
save documents, as well as         AutoText, & styles.               save documents, as well as          form fields, layout a form in a
organize text in tables.           Jul        13      day    Tac     organize text in tables.            table, modify the table, and
Jun         30     day       Tac                                     Jun         08     day       Tac    protect the form.
                                   Sep        07      day Sea
Aug         18     day Sea                                           Jul         21     day Sea          Class scheduled on demand
                                                                     Sep         01     day       Tac
                                                                                                         MAIL MERGE (2007) $99
LEVEL 3 (2003)            $159                                       LEVEL 2 (2007)            $159
                                                                                                         No more manually typing in
There is so much more Word can do to make your job easier!           Take the next step and learn        data; add information
Perform mail merge, create macro procedures, use Word’s              higher-level functions such as      automatically with mail merge!
workgroup editing features to compare and track changes, use         advanced formatting, templates,     Learn to set up a main
sophisticated table techniques and Word web tools.                   sections and columns, building      document, create a data source,
Jun        02      day     Tac                                       blocks, styles, and preparing a     and perform a mail merge to
                                                                     document for publishing.            hardcopy and to email.
Sep        28      day Sea
                                                                     May        18      day Sea          Class scheduled on demand
                                                                     Jul        08      day     Tac
    MICROSOFT POWERPOINT                                             Aug        17      day Sea
POWERPOINT 2003                   POWERPOINT 2007
LEVEL 1 (2003)            $159     LEVEL 1 (2007)            $159
Easily present your ideas          The most dramatic change of       LEVEL 3 (2007)            $159
visually in a slide show with      all Office 2007. Present your     This class is packed with power-user features! Create long
text, graphics, & animation!       ideas visually the fun and easy   documents with a table of contents and index; review and edit
May         10      day    Tac     way in a slide show with text,    documents with a group, insert and modify graphics, use tables to
                                   graphics, and animation!          layout text, and create and work with macros.
Jun         11      day Sea
                                   Take this class online! See the   May         26     day Sea
Jul         07      day    Tac
                                   Live Online Training box!
Aug         03      day Sea                                          Jul         21     day     Tac
                                   May         18     day     Tac
Sep         08      day    Tac                                       Aug         31     day Sea
                                   Jun         02     day Sea
                                   Jul         22     day Sea
LEVEL 2 (2003)           $159
Keep your audience’s attention
                                   Aug         16     day     Tac                       WEB DESIGN
                                   Sep         21     day Sea
with sounds, video, and
animation! Includes templates;                                       SHAREPOINT DESIGNER/ EXPRESSION WEB
linked and embedded objects;       LEVEL 2 (2007)            $159    Level 1 course intended for users of SharePoint Designer or
collaborative editing & add-ins.   Get all your Slide Master         Expression Web.
May        28      day Sea         questions answered in this
                                                                     LEVEL 1                    $169     LEVEL 2                   $169
Jul        20      day    Tac      class! Create more
                                   sophisticated presentations       Create web sites with               Add sophistication to your site
Sep        22      day Sea                                           templates, style sheets, IDs, and   with dynamic components,
                                   using built-in themes, special
                                   effects such a sound and          classes. Control layout and         multimedia, interactive content,
                                   movies, SmartArt, and tables.     spacing, insert, modify, and        layers, tables, and forms. Learn
                                                                     arrange images, create links &      to build data-driven web sites
                                   Jun        22      day     Tac    navigation bars, and insert &       them and how to fix typical
                                   Jul        26      day Sea        format tables.                      problems.
                                   Sep        17      day     Tac    Jul        15      day      Tac     Aug         02      day    Tac


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