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Learning Benchmark Third Grade by Levone


• Apply the basic principles of balance, harmony, unity,
     and proportion to a work of art
• Generate works of art based on selected themes
                                                                          Mission Statement
• Explore the life and work of at least one artist
• Become familiar with the use of many art tools and                                                           Mount Arlington
     select appropriately
• Recognize the main subject or theme in a work of art
                                                               The Mission of the Mount Arlington School
                                                             District is to ensure that our children succeed
                                                                                                                Public Schools
• Develop a working art vocabulary
                                                                  personally, academically, socially, and
Media                                                          physically. Through our commitment and
• Locate materials using the card catalog and Dewey         passion to promote excellence, we will continue
     Decimal call number                                    to provide our students with a safe, challenging
• Recognize the need for accessing and using
                                                            and inspiring learning environment so that each
• Select specific media related to interest or curriculum
                                                              student may achieve his/her full potential. In
     needs                                                  partnership with the community, our students
• Use Media Center resources to complete a research         are provided with a sound foundation to support
     project                                                 a life long journey of opportunity and success.

                                                                                                                   Third Grade
                                                                     Mount Arlington Public School
                                                                         235 Howard Boulevard
                                                                    Mount Arlington, New Jersey 07856

In Third Grade, a student will...
      Language Arts
                                                                                                                                          •Examine    common and diverse traits of other cultures and
     • Recognize and appreciate various forms of literature
                                                                 • Demonstrate   proficiency with basic multiplication and division             compare to own culture
     • Read for enjoyment and information
                                                                      number facts, using a variety of strategies                          •Discuss the history of their community
     • Read longer texts and chapter books independently
                                                                 • Develop the meanings of the four basic arithmetic operations            •Describe how families long ago expressed their beliefs
     • Read aloud with proper phrasing and tone
                                                                      (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)                         and values through oral tradition, literature, songs, and
     • Monitor comprehension and accuracy while reading
                                                                 • Count and perform computations with money                                    celebrations
            (self-correct errors)
                                                                 • Understand and apply concepts involving lines, angles, and              •Develop understanding of key economic principles (goods/
     • Utilize various reading strategies (sequencing, cause
                                                                      circles                                                                   services, needs/wants, producers/consumers)
            and effect, drawing conclusions, make inferences,
                                                                 • Investigate the occurrence of geometry in nature and art                •Use physical and political maps to identify locations
            identify theme/main idea and supporting details)
                                                                 • Locate and name points on a coordinate grid                             •Locate major countries, continents, bodies of water, and
     • Compare and contrast story elements
                                                                 • Select and use appropriate units of measure and                              mountain ranges on a globe/map
     • Make personal connections in response to literature
                                                                      measurement tools
     • Maintain and expand personal vocabulary
                                                                 • Determine area, perimeter, and volume of simple shapes             Health and Physical Education
     • Use glossary/index to locate information in a text
                                                                 • Understand and apply the properties of operations and                  • Engage in physical activity that develops all components
     • Use a variety of strategies to identify and determine
                                                                      numbers                                                                  of fitness
            meaning of unknown words
                                                                 • Predict probabilities in a variety of situations                       • Demonstrate basic skills in a variety of team sports
     • Summarize major points from fiction and non-fiction
                                                                 • Select and apply a variety of appropriate problem-solving              • Practice cooperation, respect, and sportsmanship in a
                                                                      strategies                                                               group setting
     • Participate in creative responses to text (oral
                                                                                                                                          • Describe the basic functions of the skin, digestive, and
            presentations, Reader’s Theater)
                                                                 Science                                                                       immune human body systems
     • Engage in the writing process (brainstorming, drafting,
                                                                 • Investigate ideas by completing lab activities, both                   • Outline the steps for making an effective decision
            revising, editing, publishing)
                                                                      individually and in groups                                          • Discuss the effects of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs
     • Use graphic organizers to assist in planning writing
                                                                 • Read and write about scientists and inventors in historical                 on the human body
     • Incorporate reading and writing for a variety of
                                                                      contexts                                                            • Define conflict and define non-violent ways to resolve it
            purposes (descriptive, narrative, informational)
                                                                 • Recognize that living things include the plant and animal              • Analyze the impact of health choices and behaviors on
     • Demonstrate the use of a variety of sentence types
                                                                      kingdoms and are part of the food chain and web                          wellness
            (declarative, interrogative, exclamatory, and
                                                                 • Recognize how each living kingdom adapts to its environment
                                                                 • Identify niches within habitats                                        Technology
     • Use knowledge of English grammar and usage (parts
                                                                 • Understand all living things go through a life cycle based on          • Demonstrate      increased knowledge of all computer parts
            of speech, singular/plural, subject/verb
                                                                      different stages                                                           and components
                                                                 • Understand the role of producers and consumers in a food               • Utilize applications such as word processing, graphic, and
     • Analyze own writings, identifying strengths and areas
                                                                      chain                                                                      slide show software
            for improvement
                                                                 • Observe the makeup and properties of soil                              • Apply editing techniques (copy, cut, paste)
     • Use a checklist and rubric to improve writing
                                                                 • Recognize the processes that shape the Earth (weathering,              • Understand the impact of the internet on society and
     • Use appropriate strategies to rehearse and deliver an
                                                                      erosion, landslides, earthquakes)                                          discuss safety rules
            oral presentation
                                                                                                                                          • Utilize critical thinking skills through the use of grade level
     • Begin to demonstrate an awareness of different media
                                                                  Social Studies                                                                 appropriate software
     • Demonstrate use of cursive letters
                                                                 • Recognize   the various levels of government (community,
                                                                      county, state, federal)                                             Music
                                                                 • Understand the characteristics of a responsible citizen                • Maintain  a steady tempo while clapping, singing, or
     • Identify and write numbers through six digits
                                                                 • Know the history and significance of American symbols,                       playing an instrument with increased complexity
     • Understand the various uses of numbers (counting,
                                                                      values, and beliefs                                                 • Differentiate basic structures in music composition
           measuring, labeling)
                                                                 • Discuss how the United States interacts with other nations             • Recognize and vocalize pitches do-mi-sol-re-do
     • Explore the extension of the place value system to
                                                                 • Identify current issues that may have a global impact                  • Explore musical elements through verbal and written
           decimals through hundredths

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