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					               Conditions for Repetition of Course                                                        Instructor:   A. Nash Kunkle
This class may be repeated as needed                                                                   Course Title:    Open Source Software /
                                                                                          Total Instructional Hours:    9 hours


GENERAL STATEMENT OF PURPOSE / COURSE GOAL : Students completing this course will discover a plethora of software
applications available under the GNU General Public License. They will familiarize themselves with the concept and spirit of GPL licensing along with an
overview of the types of software available. Students will install the productivity suite either by downloading it from the Internet or by
installing it from the CD supplied during the class. Each student will produce documents, presentations and spreadsheets using and
submit them from home using a state of the art online classroom. Students will be able to save their products in a Microsoft Office®. compatible format
and understand the similarities and differences between and Microsoft Office®.

Each student who successfully completes this class will be awarded a certificate of completion.

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE:                                                            MEASURABLE PERFORMANCE:
Understanding GNU GPL Licensing
1. All students will download and review the GNU General Public License        1. Demonstrate the differences between commercial software and open
Agreement and be able to contrast this form of software licensing to a         source software licensing using online quiz and classroom discussion.
commercial End User License Agreement. Students will locate sources of         Students will identify at least three major sources of open source software.
Open Source software on the Internet, download and install     Students will share the results of their own software search with their
                                                                               classmates. Install either on their computer at home or in
                                                                               the computer lab.
                                                                               Transfer of Learning for UIP. The ability to find and install useful software
                                                                               applications that do not require licensing fees.

Primary Teaching Strategy:                                                     Evaluation Procedure:
       Lecture with PowerPoint presentation                                            Online quiz
       Review sample documentation in the online classroom.                            Classroom discussion
       WebQuest to find sources of useful open source software.                        Written assignments
       Students may complete lessons online from home.

Instructional Hours for this Unit: 3 hrs in class plus online assignments.     Safety Considerations: General Computer Lab considerations such as no
                                                                               eating or drinking, no unplugging of equipment or cables.

L\ SJSU \ EDAD 384B \ Handouts \ Blueprint Form
SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE:                                                              MEASURABLE PERFORMANCE:
Basic Application Training                                                       2. Prepare a properly formatted business letter using OpenOffice Writer.
2. Each student will draft a letter using proper block letter formatting and a   Prepare a simple household budget using Open Office Calc and a power
business letterhead. Each student will also prepare a simple household           point presentation using Open Office Impress.
budget with at least one formula using cell references. Students will prepare    __________________________________________________________________
a short (4 slide) slide show touting the advantages of "Open Source              Transfer of Learning for UIP.
Software".                                                                       Using open source 'Free" software to prepare professional quality
                                                                                 documents and presentations.

Primary Teaching Strategy:                                                       Evaluation Procedure:
Overhead presentation of the step by step process of completing each             One rubric for each of the three applications measuring the student's ability
assignment. Upload assignments for completing at home. Classroom                 to follow directions, professional appearance of the final product, use of a
discussion of design considerations.                                             variety of formatting tools.

Instructional Hours for this Unit: 3 hrs in class plus online assignments.       Safety Consideration: Care should be taken not to embarrass students
                                                                                 who's computer skills may be marginal.

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE:                                                              MEASURABLE PERFORMANCE:
Save-as and Comparison with MS Office ®                                          3. Transform files created with OpenOffice to other formats that can be
3. Students will use the “Save-As” function to save files in various formats     opened and read with different applications. Compare and contrast
that can be used by other applications. can be used to   with MS Office®.
create a Microsoft Office® compatible end product but there are differences      __________________________________________________________________
students will learn these differences and be able to compare and contrast        Transfer of Learning for UIP. Understand the process of converting files
the two productivity suites..                                                    from one format to another and be able to use this feature as needed.

Primary Teaching Strategy:                                                       Evaluation Procedure:
PowerPoint lecture                                                               Students will upload files to online classroom for testing.
Online documentation                                                             Online comparison quiz
Classroom discussion
Online lesson

Instructional Hours for this Unit: 3 hours                                       Safety Consideration: N/A

L\ SJSU \ EDAD 384B \ Handouts \ Blueprint Form