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									                              Elizabethtown Area
                                School District
                                    Grade 2 - Technology

        Course Number:                                     Length of Course:

        Grade Level: 2                                     Total Clock Hours: 27 hrs. / school yr.

        Length of Period: 45 min.                          Date Written: 4/14/2009

        Periods per Week/Cycle: 1                          Written By: Maggie Monico
                                                                       Crystal Hirst
                                                                       Amy Hess
                                                                       Sharon Vizzachero
        Credits (if app.):

Course Description:

The second grade curriculum extends the basic technology skills that were introduced and
developed in first grade. Students will continue working on basic keyboarding skills, including
key location and hand placement. In addition to an introduction to word processing, students in
second grade will learn expanded vocabulary terms, will learn shortcuts to navigate through
windows and files on their computer, will become familiar with how to save information to a
personal file, and will create basic multimedia presentations. Students will continue to learn and
use a variety of software programs that support other subjects. As in first grade there will be a
variety of opportunities to integrate content area instruction throughout every unit of technology
                              Elizabethtown Area
                                School District

I. Overall Course/Grade Level Standards
Students will KNOW and be able TO DO the following as a result of taking this course.

A. Identify uses of technology in the community.
B. Recognize the right to only change one’s own work.
C. Demonstrate age appropriate form and accuracy in keyboarding (use home row).
D. Identify key placement of letters, numbers, punctuation, and operational keys.
E. Use operational keys on the keyboard (shift, spacebar, return/enter, delete and function keys).
F. Correctly use essential technology terms when working in the lab.
G. Identify computer hardware using correct terminology.
H. Recognize the use of different programs to create different media.
I. Use a word processing program to create a document.
J. Correctly find, save to, and open a personal folder on a server.
K. Use keyboard shortcuts for various tasks.
L. Navigate through various windows and files.
M. Manipulate graphics using different tools in a drawing or multimedia program.
N. Create a multi-media presentation using age appropriate software.
O. Correctly open and use age-appropriate software for skill development.
P. Use a web browser to participate in activities that support content area learning.
Q. Recognize and protect personal information and usernames and passwords.
R. Participate in discussion with peers regarding choices made while creating a project.
S. Choose appropriate applications, tools and/or software for an intended task.
T. Identify a menu bar and navigation sidebars with links.
U. Digitally communicate ideas and learning.
                             Elizabethtown Area
                               School District
                                    II. Content
                                 Major Areas of Study

List all units of study below:
                         Unit                          Estimated Time   Materials
1. Technology Awareness (integrated throughout other

2. Basic Technology Skills                             7 weeks

3. Keyboarding & Word Processing                       17 weeks

4. Multimedia                                          12 weeks
                             Elizabethtown Area
                               School District
Name of Course: Grade 2 – Technology Name of Unit: Basic Technology Skills
Essential Question for the Unit: What are the important skills you need in order to
use a computer correctly?

                                                                 Aligned to Course Aligned to PA
                                                      Priority                     Standard
Unit Objectives/Key Questions                                    Standard
A. What are the different uses of computers in our                      A          3.8.4A
community?                                                                         3.8.4C
B. How are personal folders used?                                       B          3.7.4C
C. What are the important pieces of hardware we use                    F, G        3.7.4A
when we work at a computer?
D. What technology terms must you understand to use                     F          3.7.4C
a computer correctly?
E. How do you open and quit applications correctly?                     O          3.7.4D
F. How do you open, close, minimize and maximize                        L          3.7.4C
windows on the desktop?
G. How do you use a web browser to find a                               P          3.7.4E
bookmarked website?
H. How is different media created with various                          H          3.7.4D
I. How is a personal folder on the server used?                         J          3.7.4C

J. How do we use keyboard shortcuts to make our                         K          3.7.4C
work easier?                                                                       3.7.4D
K. How are pages in a website viewed?                                   T          3.7.4D
                             Elizabethtown Area
                               School District
Name of Course: Grade 2 – Technology Name of Unit: Keyboarding & Word
Essential Question for the Unit: How do you use a computer and software to
create a document?

                                                       Priority Aligned to Course Aligned to PA
Unit Objectives/Key Questions                                   Standard          Standard
A. What is the correct posture and hand placement                      C          3.7.4C
when you’re working at a computer?                                                3.7.4D
B. How do you type the numbers, letters, punctuation                 D, E         3.7.4C
marks, and special keys correctly?                                                3.7.4D
C. What is word processing software?                                  H           3.7.4C
D. What is the important vocab we need to know and                    F, I        3.7.4C
use when we are working in a word processor?                                      3.7.4D
E. How do you open a word processing application                       I          3.7.4C
and begin working in a new document?                                              3.7.4D
F. What are the basic skills you must use correctly                    I          3.7.4C
when you create a document?                                                       3.7.4D
G. How do you make appropriate font, size, and color                   I          3.7.4C
choices for the text in your document?                                            3.7.4D
                              Elizabethtown Area
                                School District
Name of Course: Grade 2 - Technology        Name of Unit: Multimedia
Essential Question for the Unit: How do you use a computer and software to
create a slideshow or presentation?

                                                                      Aligned to Course Aligned to PA
                                                           Priority                     Standard
Unit Objectives/Key Questions                                         Standard
A. How is multimedia software different from word                           N,S         3.7.4C
processing software?                                                                    3.7.4D
B. What are the important vocabulary terms we use                           F, N        3.7.4C
when working with multimedia software?                                                  3.7.4D
C. How do you create a slide for your slideshow?                             N          3.7.4C
D. How do you format text on a slide (font, size, color,                     N          3.7.4C
bold, italics, underline)?                                                              3.7.4D
E. How can a drawing toolbar be used to create and                           M          3.7.4D
change pictures?
F. How do you create transitions and sounds between                          N          3.7.4C
slides?                                                                                 3.7.4D
I. How do you retrieve a slide or presentation from                          J          3.7.4C
your own folder?                                                                        3.7.4D
                               Elizabethtown Area
                                 School District
                               III. Course Assessments

Check types of assessments to be used in the teaching of the course.
(Provide examples of each type.)

____ Objective Tests/Quizzes                        ____ Response Journals
____ Constructed Responses                          ____ Logs
____ Essays                                         ____ Computer Simulations
____ Reports                                        ____ Research Papers
_X_ Projects                                        ____ Class Participation
____ Portfolios                                     ____ Notetaking
____ Presentations                                  ____ Daily Assignments
_X_ Performance tasks                               ____ Writing Samples
____ ___________________                            ____ _________________

Provide copies of common assessments that will be utilized for all students taking this course.
Overall course/grade level standards will be measured by a common course assessment. Unit
objectives will be measured on an ongoing basis as needed by the classroom teacher to assess
learning and plan for instruction. List common assessements below and recommended date/time
frame for administration (at least quarterly).

                 Name of Common Assessment                                When given?






                            Elizabethtown Area
                              School District

IV. Expected levels of achievement

Current grading scale:
                                                                 PA Proficiency Levels

AL - students achieving above grade level expectations              Advanced
OL - students achieving grade level expectations
BL - students achieving grade level expectations with               Below Basic
extra support OR students achieving below grade level

Attach rubrics, checklists, or other documentation noting how levels of proficiency will be
determined for common assessments. The following scoring documents have been developed for
this course:

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