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									                                                                CBT Math Mini-Lesson
                                                                  Activity Template
General/Contact Information:
Name:                      Lydia Kebodeaux Hebert                          Email:       

School:                    F. K. White Middle School                       Grade Level:           7
Subject: Math              Probability                                     Specific Skill:        An Introduction to probability
(Algebra, Geometry,
Trig, Calc, etc)
Activity Title:            Classroom Probabilities-                                                         Lesson         2-3 class
                           What are the Possibilities?                                                      Duration:      sessions
Addressed:                 38.   Compare theoretical and experimental probability in real-life situations (D-5-M)

Mini-Lesson Procedure:
Objectives:                Objectives: Experimental and Theoretical Probability
(list all that apply)      1. Identify experimental and theoretical probability.
                           2. Compare experimental and theoretical probability in real-life situations.
                           3. Create the sample space to show all of the possible outcomes of an event.
                           4. Calculate the experimental probability of specific events.
                           5. Create a PowerPoint slide show to present to the class defining experimental and theoretical
                           probabilities and providing examples of each.( slide show checklist )


Essential Questions:
   1. What is a probability?
   2. How is probability determined?
   3. What conclusions have you made about experimental and theoretical probabilities?
   4. How can our understanding of experimental and theoretical probabilities affect our understanding of the world
       around us?

Pre-Assessment for Linear Equations Activity
    1. Pre-Assessment: The teacher will pre-assess students’ knowledge of probability.
       (It would be most useful to pre-assess student knowledge prior to the lesson introduction, this would give teachers
       knowledge of how advanced in skills students are or which skills need to be further addressed.)
            a. The teacher will complete a standard teacher created pre-assessment (based on availability of

      2. PowerPoint as a teacher tool: The teacher will present the iLEAP warm-ups, an introduction/teaching video
         from Unitedstreaming, Glencoe links, other lesson samples as needed, reproducible materials and close with a 3-
         2-1 summarization.

      3. Students will watch the Unitedstreaming video clip- real-world example of probability.

                     Real-world example A: Scenario- What are the Possibilities?
            In the classroom, there are 18 students. Six are boys and twelve are girls. Experimental and theoretical
            probabilities are explained and demonstrated using the students in the classroom.

                        -Teacher will pause the video and have students reflect by creating a journal entry about the video clip.

      4. After students share reflections the teacher will provide more examples (these examples can be taken from
         Glencoe transparencies already on the PPT or other.)
 Group Activity             Groups           Small group will complete a                 Groups        Small group will complete a PowerPoint
      Tasks:                1&5              PowerPoint slide show defining and          2&6           slide show defining and giving examples of
                                             giving examples of general                                experimental probabilities.
 (identify what each                         probabilities.
group will do-at least 2
 groups are required)
                            Groups           Small group will complete a                 Groups        Small group will complete a PowerPoint
                            3&7              PowerPoint slide show defining and          4&8           slide show comparing and contrasting
                                             giving examples of theoretical                            experimental and theoretical probabilities.

     5. Collaborative Groups- Original Scenario for students’ technology product-Student groups will complete and
        present a PowerPoint slide show which includes: an original scenario with graphics to illustrate experimental and
        theoretical probabilities and the group’s explanation of their findings. Students will be allowed to use any
        necessary means to complete the slide show. Students will present their finding to the class.

        Teacher’s Technology Tools                                                   Student’s Technology Tools
              for Instruction:                                                          for Task Completion:
This includes software that teachers will use to present                This includes software that students will use to
information to students in an effort to build a knowledge base.         create a final technology-based product.

Select all that applies to the teacher's use as an instructional tool   Select all that applies to the student's choice as a technology
      by typing the letter a to create a checkmark.                          product by typing the letter a to create a checkmark.

             Microsoft Word (pre-assessment)                                      Microsoft Word
             Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT as teacher tool)                          Microsoft PowerPoint (original scenario PPT)
              Microsoft Excel                                                     Microsoft Excel (used as graph for original scenario PPT)
              Microsoft Access                                                     Microsoft Access
              Microsoft Publisher                                                 Microsoft Publisher
              Windows Movie Maker                                                  Windows Movie Maker
              Photo Story for Windows                                              Photo Story for Windows
              Inspiration/Kidspiration                                             Inspiration/Kidspiration
             Unitedstreaming videos (PPT as teacher tool)                         United Streaming videos
              Handhelds                                                            Handhelds
              Sketchpad                                                            Sketchpad
              Graph Calc                                                          Graph Calc (used as graph for original scenario PPT)
              Promethean ActivBoard (pre-assessment)                               Promethean ActivBoard
              Other:                                                              Other: digital camera can be used to photograph hand drawn
                                                                                     map, then place in original scenario PPT

Create a list of teacher's technology resources                                      Create a list of student's technology resources
(websites) below:                                                                    (websites) below:

1.               1. 
               Unitedstreaming                                                       sv=0a300513&ip=d0b45a64&id=293DBB65CD4940AA1A9
                                                                                     Student practice
2.                                     2.
               McGraw Hill Glencoe

3.                3.
                Louisiana Department of Education Curriculum

4.                              4.
                Rubric website

5.                                                                      5.

6.                                                                      6.
Identify Type of Assessment Strategy Used in this Lesson:
Formal Assessment with Rubric:                               Informal Assessment Types:
Select all that applies by typing the letter a to create a   Select all that applies by typing the letter a to create a checkmark.
           Constructed Response Items                                KWL Chart (pre and/or post assessment)
           PowerPoint                                                Journal Writing
            Concept Mapping                                          Q& A Session
            Graphs (line, pie, circle, etc.)                         Checklists
            Movie                                           
            Commercial
            Flyer
            Advertisement
            Other: (list below)                                        Other: (list below)
                                                                            
Attach Reproducible Materials: Handouts, Rubrics, Checklists
1.           Pre-Assessment                                  5.         PowerPoint rubric
2.           Probability Teaching PPT                        6.         Constructed Response rubric
3.           Exit Card (3 questions)                         7.
4.           Checklist                                       8.

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