Assessment Scoring Guide _P4_ for by Levone


									Assessment Scoring Guide (P4) for: PowerPoint (The Power of Music or The Power of Games or The Power of Stories)
                     Standard/Benchmark(s) Assessed:
                     1. a, b, e Knows the characteristics and uses of computer hardware and operating systems
                     2. b, c, d, e Knows the characteristics and uses of computer software programs
                     3. f, g Understands the relationship among science, technology, society, and the individual
                     4. a, b, c Understands the nature of technological design

    Criteria/Traits                        Advanced                            Proficient                           Basic                             Limited
Song Inserted                 Sound is inserted to run automatically   Sound is inserted to run        Sound is inserted to run           Sound file itself is not inserted
Timing/Automation (Music      throughout the show. Sound file is a     automatically throughout the    automatically throughout the       into PowerPoint.
                              high quality wave sound (by              show. Medium/low quality        show; sound is from inserted       Timing is not automated;
PowerPoint)                   converting an mp3 file converted to a    wave sound (example:            CD track.                          slides have to be run manually
                              wav file using WinAmp, for               recorded on microphone) or      Timing is incomplete; some         by clicking.
                              example).                                mp3 file used.                  evidence of timing.
                              Text (and/or images) are timed with      Text (and/or images) are
                              the music, from item to item on a        only++++++ timed on the
                              slide and from slide to slide.           slides or only timed with
                                                                       the items on an individual
Hyperlinks/Action Settings    Overall game board and individual        Overall game board linked to    Links were made but don‟t          Items in game aren‟t linked
(Game Show PowerPoint)        questions are linked together (either    individual questions but not    work.                              together.
                              through hyper links or action            back to “home” game board
                              buttons/action settings) in both         (or vice versa); some links
                              directions.                              don‟t work.
Use of Effects and            Effects and transistions are used        Only effects or only            Random effects/transitions         Effects/transitions not used.
Transitions                   purposefully and add to the              transitions used; or limited    used; use of transitions/effects
                              presentation.                            use of transitions/effects      isn‟t purposeful.
                                                                       when they could have
                                                                       enhanced the presentation.
Use of Images and Text        Pictures not distorted; text is          Some pictures are distorted;    Some pictures are distorted;       Pictures are distorted; text is
                              readable; images/text are attractively   some text is hard to;           some text is hard to read;         hard to read; pictures aren‟t
                              and appropriately presented. Pictures    pictures are from only one      pictures are from only one         authentic; pictures are from
                              are authentic and come from books        type of source.                 type of source.                    only one source; pictures are
                              and web.
Strength of Theme             Theme is strong, meaningful and          Theme educates the audience     Theme isn‟t unified and            Theme isn‟t discernable from
                              educates the audience on a topic;        on some level; use of images    breaks down in areas; images       PowerPoint presentation;
                              theme is clear and consistent through    in PowerPoint not always        and direction of PowerPoint        theme unacceptable and not
                              presentation; theme has "real"           clear to audience; theme is     are unclear; theme not             approved.
                              pictures rather than a heavy reliance    present but is too general or
                                                                                                       discussed with or approved
                              on clip art and other non-descript       bland (lacks depth or is not
                              images; theme discussed with and         fully developed).               by instructor prior to creating
                              approved by instructor prior to                                          PowerPoint.
                              creating PowerPoint.
General Knowledge of              High level of skills used in creating    Good, proficient level of     Moderate level of skill;             Low level of skill in
PowerPoint/Evidence of            and presenting PowerPoint is high        skill but limits of           limited use of tools in the          PowerPoint; tools in the
                                  (customizing work); each item/effect     PowerPoint aren‟t tested;     program; inaccurately                program aren‟t used; unable to
Translating Skills from           is purposeful with intent of user in
other Programs into                                                        completes skills (but lacks   completes some skills; lacks         do skills being assessed; lacks
                                  mind, rather than program
PowerPoint                                                                 thoroughness); good detail    thoroughness; work is                completion; shows little or no
                                  restrictions; completes skills fully,
                                  thoroughly, and accurately; goes         (although not at a highest    incomplete in parts; gives           attention to detail; includes
                                  beyond minimal requirements to           level); shows a general       minimal attention to detail;         copied work.
                                  develop skills; gives attention to       understanding of the skill    shows incomplete (but some)
                                  detail; can perform the skill with       and can repeat it.            understanding of the skill and
                                  fluency and understands the skill to                                   how to perform it but may be
                                  the level of explaining how to do the                                  unable to repeat the skill
                                  skill to another; made connections to                                  unless prompted.
                                  previous knowledge.
References                        A complete bibliography of where         Bibliography on slide(s)      Bibliographic information on         No bibliography is given in
                                  information/images were obtained is      contains partial citation     slide(s) is incomplete and/or        the slide show.
                                  provided on „hidden‟ slides in the       information and/or            slide(s) aren‟t hidden.
                                  PowerPoint (these slides are hidden      slide(s) aren‟t hidden.
                                  so they don‟t play in the PowerPoint
                                  show itself but contain all the
                                  necessary citation info).
Organization (for CD              All of your PowerPoint information       Part of the information for   Several parts of the information     Only the PowerPoint file is
Portfolio)                        (slide show, images, music, lyrics) is   the PowerPoint is missing     for the PowerPoint is missing        saved; information isn‟t in a
                                  saved in a PowerPoint folder in your     (perhaps the images, lyrics   (perhaps the images, lyrics doc,     PowerPoint folder.
                                  computer class folder and then           doc, or audio file).          or audio file).; information isn‟t
                                  recorded to your Portfolio CD.                                         contained in PowerPoint folder.
Balance/Creativity                Displays high level of creativity;       Displays good creativity      Shows minimum amount of              Lacks creativity; shows little
 Attention given to overall      personalizes work; design is             with original ideas; page     creativity; lacks originality or     or no evidence of original
  look of page to achieve         appealing; demonstrates careful          is balanced (shows            is based on another person‟s         thought; lacks balance.
  balance                         planning and gives attention to          evidence of planning and      idea; uses only a portion of
 Creativity and                  overall look of page for achieving       awareness of filling the      the page.
                                  balance and using space                  space adequately).
  personalization in work         effectively.
Participation:                    Excellent participation skills;          Good participation skills;    Minimal participation skills;        Lacking participation skills;
 active participation in class   exhibits the majority of the skills      exhibits skills at various    exhibits skills on occasion          rarely exhibits skills.
  activities                      most of the time.                        times.                        (when prompted).
 preparation for class
 effort
 initiative, self motivation
 independence in work
 cooperativeness, helpfulness
 general competence
Optional (Bonus!):                Timesheet accurately                                                   Timesheet reflects time               Time sheet is fabricated or
Timesheet                         reflects time spent doing                                              spent doing PowerPoint but            grossly incomplete.
                                  PowerPoint (i.e., completed                                            lacks formulas for
                                  each class period).                                                    calculating totals.
Timesheet contains
formulas for totally up
minutes then converting this
to hours.

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