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					                               Signs, Symbols and Seductive Entertainment
    Today we find a lot of occultic symbols in jewlery. Many Christian children are wearing them as part of their outfits
    with realizing the orgins or the meaning of the symbols. Today we will look at a few of the most common occultic
    symbols and see what the Bible has to say about them. Inclusion Activity : Design your own symbol.
Symbol         Origin          Meaning                                                                                 Ref.

              Satanism        The Anarchy symbol stands for the abolition of law and the rejection of authority.
                               It is commonly used by those into punk music and has moved into the heavy metal         Dan 7:14
                               music circles as well.                                                                  John 5:27
                                                                                                                       Rom 13:1-2
Anarchy                        The Bible places forth the ultimate authority, God the Creator, and for us today,       Acts 7:24-26
(may also
be inverted)                  Jesus Christ his only Son. It also tells us to submit ourselves to authority in the
                               form of governments and family structures.
                                                                                                                       Eph 6:1

              Egyptian        The Ankh is an ancient Egyptian symbol of life often associated with fertility. The
               Occult          top portion represents female and the lower portion male.

                               The worship of the reproductive aspects of the human body and accompanying

                               sexual immorality is condemned as idolatry by Gods word. God hated the symbols          Ezek 20:8-9
  Ankh                         of idolatry in Egypt and in Ezekiel decides to take out his wrath on them.

              Roman           Originally called the “Cross of Nero” this symbol signifies the defeat of
                               Christianity. In it the Cross of Christ is turned upside down and is “broken”. It
                               became the symbol of “Peace” in the 1960’s. The symbol is common among heavy
                               metal rock music groups today and is perhaps the most common symbols we know.
Broken                         Its origins are subtly satanic.
  or                           The Bible tells us that Christ was not defeated on the cross. Quite the contrary.
Peace                          Through his death on the cross man can be victorious over death and hell. Christ        Rev 1:18
Symbol                        also rose again and is now alive. He defeated death and Hell for us on the cross. It
                               is ironic that it symbolizes peace to many today for the very struggle it claimed       Matt 10:34-36
                              victory over is still going on today and is the most important struggle in the

               Unknown         This hand symbol is currently a sign of recognition between members of the
                               Satanic cults. It is also used among heavy metal rock groups to emphasize the
                               impact of negativism the music is making.

                              The Bible encourages us not to copy or emulate evil groups. We are to have
                                                                                                                       Lev 19:27-28
                                                                                                                       Eph 5:11
                               “nothing” in common with them.                                                          3 John 1:11

      Roman                   The double bladed ax was a Roman symbol for justice. The inverted version is the
                               satanic symbol for “Anti-Justice”.

                               The Bible tells us that God will judge the whole earth and all that have lived on it.   Acts 17:31

Inverted                       Jesus not Satan will meter out justice for all.                                         Rev 19:11-16

              Roman           This symbol originates in ancient Rome and adds an inverted question mark to the
                               cross “questioning” the existence and/or validity of Christianity.                      John 3:14-16
                                                                                                                       John 5:24
                               The New Testament of the Bible makes perfectly clear that it is what we believe         John 6:40
Cross of
Confusion                     about Jesus Christ and what he did on the cross that entitles us to eternal life. The
                               question this symbol raises intending to cast doubt is actually the most important
                               one a man can ever ask.
                                                                                                                       Rom 6:23
                                                                                                                       1 Tim 1:16
           Occult &   The Pentagram is associated with black magic. It is often found inverted and
            Satanism   represents the “goats head” a symbol specific to Satanism. The Hexagram is also
                       referred to as the Seal of Solomon. It is considered the most powerful symbol of
Pentagram              the occult. These symbols are often used on Satanic alters.                             Lev 19:31
                                                                                                               2 Kings 21:6
                       The Bible tells us to stay away from all forms of magic including mediums, fortune      2 Chr 33:6

                       tellers, snake charmers, witchcraft, etc.                                               Jer 27:9

     Satanism          These are 3 different forms of the Mark of The Beast. While the 3 sixes is
                       commonly understood, the F’s are less obvious as F is the 6th letter of the alphabet.
                       Other groupings of 3 sixes oriented differently are also found today.

                      The Bible tells us that during the period known as the Tribulation, this mark will be   Rev 13:16-18

Mark of                required by the world government in order to buy or sell and will be imprinted on       Rev 14:9-11
                       the hand or forehead. Scripture also clearly warns believers not to take the mark.
the Beast

 Witchcraft
                       The Symbol represents the moon goddess Diana and the “morning star” Lucifer.
                       The symbol is associated with various kinds of witchcraft.
                       The Bible tells us witchcraft is detestable and we should stay away from all forms

Diana &
                       of it

                                                                                                               Deut 18:10
                                                                                                               Gal 5:20

           Satanism   These Symbols are used to identify involvement in black masses or masses where
                       Satan is worshipped.

                       The Bible tells us that Satan has always wanted to be worshipped. It was his desire     Isa 14:13

Black                  to exalt himself above God and be worshipped. Worshipping Satan is not new, he          Rev 12:3-4
Mass                   even convinced 1/3 of the angels to worship and follow him.

 Hinduism            The Yin Yan symbol stands for balance. Specifically for a balance between the
                       “white” and the “black” magic or between good and evil. While its origin is from        Rom 6:1-5,12
                       the Eastern Hindu religion it has found its way into the west via the New Age and       2 Tim 2:22
Yin Yan                is being used as an emblem on a number of products.                                     Rev 9:21
                                                                                                               Rev 21:8
                        The Bible says there should be no balance between good and evil in us. While we
                       are to be aware of our basic sinfulness we are not to accept it and are encouraged
                       to put it to death. We are also told to flee evil and have nothing to do with magic,
                       white or black.
            New Age    Crystals and Pyramids are symbols of power in New Age religions. I once met a
                       man who wore a cylindrical crystal entwined by a snake. Can you guess the
                       meaning? Well lets see, the snake is a biblical symbol of sin and Satan, the crystal,
                       the New Age symbol of spiritual power. Interesting to note that the necklace was
Crystals               given him by his wife - she was a self proclaimed witch.
Pyramids               In the Bible we also find a snake entwined on a pole - In the book of Numbers we        Num 21:6-9
                       see that the snake on the wooden pole was dead and anyone who looked upon it
                       was saved from the plague God had sent to punish the Israelites. The meaning was
                       a prophecy - Sin and its punishment death would die on a pole (the cross of Christ)
                       and anyone who believed it would be saved.

   Seductive Entertainment:
There are two other extremely subtle tools Satan is using today to seduce today’s children away from the light and
into the darkness. Both are considered harmless entertainment by many Christian families. They are television,
movies and video games.


   Today’s cartoons have a seen a tremendous increase in plots and characters involving sorcery, spells, magic,
   magicians, mutants with special powers, incantations, power beams, spiritism, telepathy, crystal power,
   witchcraft, evil and occult. Subtle plots often contain object lessons that often end with the characters accepting
   something of evil as part of the good. Today’s horror shows are horribly occultic and focused on displaying the
   power of evil. When a group of 4-6th graders at a Christian school were asked why they liked the Movie
   Nightmare on Elm Street. They responded ..

           ...... I like how peoples head get chopped off .... I like the way people look when their dead ... and It’s the
           weapons they use to kill people I like the best ...

   Have we forgotten the Bible says .. Phil 4:8

Video Games:

   Video games have become unbelievably occultic in the last 3 years. The best seller Mortal Kombat combines
   violence and supernatural powers to allow kids to kill without a second thought all played out against a backdrop
   of Satanic and occultic symbols. Nintendo games like Solstice, Final Fantasy and Dream Master all promote the
   occult and have New Age themes. Dungeons and Dragons rewards murder and the finding of evil powers.