; MON DECEMBER 2009 English
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MON DECEMBER 2009 English


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									                               DECEMBER 2009                                       English / Mr. Smith
         MON                            TUE                         WED                          THU                           FRI
7                              8                           9                            10                          11
Define integrating             Define analyzing            Define synthesizing          Begin with thesis           Create an outline of your
                                                                                        statement.                  4-5 page essay.
How to organize your           What do you make of all     Connecting information
essay.                         this information?           with insights                Begin to organize 4-5 page Based on your essay
                                                                                        essay.                     begin a rough draft in class
Do you have notes on the       What do you notice?         Can information you have                                and complete at home
play?                                                      gathered help you to prove   Using Reasoning Guides
                               What insights, new ideas,   your insights?               on p. S7                   Homework XXI
Focus on your character.       questions, opinions, do                                                             Complete rough draft and
Add to the character circle.   you have about the play?    Have your insights helped    Homework XX                bring it to school for peer
Find and share sources                                     you to look at the           Continue work              review
Gather together quotes,        Use Guiding Questions to    information in a new way?
ideas, and other               push your thinking.                                                                  Look over Review:
information to help you                                  What is your big new                                       Response to Literature
make sense of work.            Homework XVIII            idea? Define conclusion.                                   worksheet.
                               Continue the work at home
Model organizing                                         How would you begin                                        Be prepared to use the
strategies                                               your essay?                                                sheet to review the work
                                                                                                                    of others on Monday.
Share websites                                             What will be your thesis?
HUAC                                                       (Review thesis)                                          Note: If something on the
Arthur Miller                                                                                                       sheet is unclear, write
Hollywood Seven                                            What will you prove?                                     down your question and
Accused of witchcraft                                                                                               we will review on
                                                           Homework XIX                                             Monday.
Homework XVII                                              Continue your work at
Continue to organize work                                  home.
                               DECEMBER 2009                                        English / Mr. Smith
14                             15                             16                          17                          18
Response to Literature         Continue to work on final      Continue to work on final   Continue to work on final   Hand in all
worksheet                      draft                          draft                       draft.                      Completed Work
Go over the worksheet; go Individual conferences and Individual conferences and Make sure all assessed
over student questions    Peer editing               Peer editing.              work products are
about the document                                                              completed and handed in
                                                                                by end of period
Pair up and do a peer                                                           tomorrow.
review of each other’s

Homework XXII
Begin final draft. Be ready
to continue with final draft
in class tomorrow

21                             22                             23                          24                          25
Watch the Daniel Day           Continue to watch the
Lewis version of The           Daniel Day Lewis version       Christmas
Crucible                       of The Crucible
                                                              Celebration                 No School                   No School
How is the film different      How good a job did the
from your vision of the        director do casting the              Staff vs.                                        **Students and
play?                          actors to play the key parts
                                                                     Students                                         Staff Will Return
                                                                     Volleyball                                       to School
                                                                     Game                                             on January 4,
                                                                    Afternoon
                                                                     Games &
            DECEMBER 2009           English / Mr. Smith
28          29          30             31

No School   No School   No School      No School

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