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Modern Fantasy

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									Modern Fantasy
ELE 300
Children’s Literature
Modern Fantasy

…refers to the body of literature in which
 the events, the settings, or the
 characters are outside the realm of
 possibility. A fantasy is a story that
 cannot happen in the real world.
Six Basic Fantasy Motifs

  Other worlds
  Good versus evil
  Fantastic objects
  Special character
Categories of Modern Fantasy
  Literary Folk and Fairy Tales

  Fantasy Novels

  Science Fiction
Animal Fantasy
  Animals behave as
  Many animal
  characteristics retained
  Author interprets the
  The Tale of Peter Rabbit
  Runaway Ralph
Personified Toys and Objects
 Toys and objects
 brought to life
 Objects become real to
 human protagonist
 Responsibilities of
 parenthood often
 assumed by child
 The Adventures of
Worlds of Little People
  Miniature people who developed culture
  own own in this or another world

  The Borrowers

  Gulliver’s Travels
Peculiar Characters and
Strange Situations
  Ridiculous or exaggerated situations

  Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

  James and the Giant Peach

  Tuck Everlasting
Supernatural Tales
  Ghost stories


Historical Fantasy
  Time Warp - the protagonist goes back
  in time to a different era

  Contrast between two time periods is
  shown through the eyes of the

  The Devil’s Arithmetic by Jane Yolen
High Fantasy
  Adventure stories     The Hobbit by J.R.R.
  with a search motif   Tolkien

  Pursuit for a lofty   The Lion, the Witch,
  purpose               and the Wardrobe
                        by C. S. Lewis
  High fantasy
Variants, Lampoons, and Sequels
                  Varies by point of
                  view or story line

                  May offer a different
                  perspective to the
                  traditional tale

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