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Local Programs - Wicca 201 Course Outline


									                                  NORTHEAST COUNCIL OF W.I.C.C.A.
                            (Wiccans Interested in Creating Community Awareness)

                                                WITCHCRAFT 201
                                                 (Course Outline)

Witchcraft 201 is designed to cover advanced topics in Witchcraft. This course requires serious study, completion of
homework assignments, and participation in class discussions.

Pre-requisite: Students should have already successfully completed a formal Wicca/Witchcraft course and provide
documentation (certificate of completion – please bring to first night of class). Graduates of the NEC Wicca 101 course
do not need to provide certificate. Please complete on-line application and e-mail or snail mail to Linda before
August 30, 2007 (see my address below).

Students make a commitment for 13 weeks. This class may not be “audited.”
Location of Classes: 598 Lake Rd. West Fork, Hamlin, NY 14464 Phone Number: (585) 964-2736
Teacher: Linda Hanley
Pre-registration required
Cost: $5.00 per class or $65
Graduates will be honored upon successful completion of course at the closest NEC Sabbat celebration. A Certiificate
of Achievement is awarded.

Books Used: Advanced Witchcraft by Edain McCoy; Spirit of the Witch by Raven Grimassi; Advanced Candle
Magick by Ray Buckland; Candle Magick Workbook by Pajeon; Dark Moon Mysteries by Timothy Roderick;
Mastering Witchcraft by Paul Huson; Witchcraft: The Old Religion by Dr. Leo Louis Martello; Sticks, Stones, Roots
and Bones, by Stephanie Rose Bird; Folk Magick by Patricia Telesco, et. al.


Week #1 What is Advanced Witchcraft? Witchcraft as a Religion, Your Spiritual Self, Living As A
            Witch, Questioning Your Spirituality.

Week #2     Meditation – Exploring Occult Meditation, Trancing, Lucid Dreaming
            Delving deeper into the spirituality of meditation, connecting with Divinity/Spirit and Spirit Guides and its
            importance in our life. We will discuss various techniques used to reach a meditative state and explore
            where we go when in a meditative state.

Week #3     Pathworking: Your Shadow Self
            Acknowledging, identifying, accepting and learning from our mistakes. Exploring our light side and our
            connection to Spirit/Deity through the light. Accepting our attributes and special gifts.

Week #4     Pathworking: Your Shadow Shelf
            Acknowledging, identifying and accepting our dark side and our connection to Spirit/Deity. Facing and
            naming our fears to move towards enlightenment, and maintaining balance spiritually and in the mundane.
            Tools to help you defeat negative thinking, your magickal attitude, magickal persona, and removing blocks.

Week #5     Pathworking: Your Shadow Self
            Perspectives and Truths, Pushing the Envelope. Pre-conceived ideas about reality and magick, speaking
            your truth, creating your reality through purposeful visualization, dancing with your shadow self.

Week #6     Connecting with the Elements
            Elemental Energies in Ritual and Magick, Developing a Deeper Connection. Understanding and
            connecting with elements and elementals physically and mentally.
Week #7    Ritual - The Art of Casting Circle, Web of Power, Portals, Evoking vs. Invoking

Week #8    Ritual - The Dance; Writing Creative Ritual; Blessings, Consecrations & De-consecrations

Week #9    Advanced Magick – Metaphysics; TheKyballion

Week #10 Advanced Magick - Magick is a Witch’s tool used to help bring about positive change in ourselves and in
         our environment using Universal energies. Kinds of magick, applications and operations.

Week #11 Advanced Magick - Explore various techniques and applications and how to determine when a magickal
         working is appropriate. Re-visit composition of spells.

Week #12 Advanced Magick - Tool s - Poppets, Talismans, Sigils, Philters, Constructs, Thoughtforms, etc.

Week #13 Psychic Development - Learn how to develop your psychic abilities using various techniques.

           Graduates honored at the nearest Sabbat closest to course completion.

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