Harry Potter Analysis by Levone


									                                Harry Potter Analysis
I.     Intro
       A.    Movie: Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone
       B.    Analysis: Joseph Campbell’s A Hero With A Thousand Faces
II.    Explanation
       A.    Separation or Departure
             1.      Call To Adventure
                          Owls deliver letters to Harry
             2.      Separation or Departure
                          Uncle Vernon burns the letters
                          Takes family far away from the house to a small island
             3.      Supernatural Aid
                          Hagrid
             4.      Crossing the Threshold
                          Hagrid gives Harry a letter and he finds out that he is a
                             wizard, and will attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and
                          Diagon Alley
                          Kings Cross – Platform 9 ¾
             5.      In the Belly of the Whale
                          Hogwarts
       B.    Trials and Victories
             1.      The Road of Trials
                          The Sorting Hat ritual- Slytherin or Gryffindor?
                          Quiditch match
                          Researching and finding sorcerers stone
             2.      Woman as the Temptress
                          Mirror of Erised
             3.      Atonement with the Father
                          Confrontation with Voldemort
             4.      Apotheosis
                          Using the mirror of Erised (gives you what you truly
             5.      The Ultimate Boon
                          Harry obtains the sorcerers stone
       C.    Return
                          Returns back to his Uncle and Aunt’s house on Privit Drive
III.   Conclusion

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