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					                          Strength in Numbers

                                            ne of the American Theological Library Association’s
                                            greatest strengths is the high level of volunteer
                                            participation by our individual members. Volunteers’
                                            activities not only benefit the Association, but also have a
                                            major impact upon theological education and its future.

Help Assure the
                          Many ATLA members choose to commit financial resources to the Association
                          each year in addition to volunteering their time, talent and leadership. Some    Support the
                          members have also included ATLA as a charitable interest in their annual
                          charitable giving and long-range financial planning. We invite you to follow     Professional
                          their lead.

 of Theological                             r. Dennis A. Norlin, ATLA Executive
                                            Director, and members of either
 Librarianship                              the ATLA Endowment Committee
                                            or the Board of Directors would be                              of Theological
                            pleased to meet with you to discuss opportunities
                            to support either or both of the Funds.

                                                    our gift to the ATLA Scholarships
                                                    and Grants Annual Fund or the ATLA
                                                    Endowment Fund should be directed to:
                                                               ATLA Scholarships and Grants
                  Please email your questions and requests     Annual Fund
                  to:              OR
                  866.665.ATLA (2852) • US/Canada              ATLA Endowment Fund
                  312.454.5100 • outside North America         American Theological Library
                  For more information and testimonials        Association
                  about the Funds, visit the ATLA website:     300 South Wacker Drive
                                                               Suite 2100
                                        Chicago, IL 60606-6701

                                                               EIN: 74-1473899
                                   American Theological

                                   Library Assocation                                                         ATLA Scholarships
 Endowment                                                                                                       and Grants
    Fund                                                                                                        Annual Fund
ATLA Endowment Fund                                                            f ATLA has played a meaningful role in
                                                                               your career, please consider furthering
                                                                                                                         ATLA Scholarships and

                                                                               the profession of theological
                                                                               librarianship by including ATLA in
                                                                                                                         Grants Annual Fund
                 he ATLA Endowment Fund’s purpose

                 is to secure the future of ATLA as a                          your charitable giving.
                 membership association.                                                                                               he ATLA Scholarships and
                                                                   Contribute on your invoice when you renew
                                                                                                                                       Grants Annual Fund is designed
                                                                   your membership
                                                                                                                                       to raise money to support
        The ATLA Endowment                                         Give in response to the President’s appeal each       three activities that reflect the Association’s
        Committee manages the                                      November                                              organizational ends:
        ATLA Endowment Fund.
                                                                   Remember ATLA in your will with a bequest or                  travel grants that assist student
        The ATLA Endowment Fund                                    other accommodation                                           members and low-income
        is able to receive cash gifts,                                                                                           members to travel to the ATLA
        but also gifts of land, stock,                             Give online at                                   Annual Conference
        life insurance policies, and
                                                                                                                                 scholarships to assist

        other financial instruments.
                                                                                                                                 underrepresented minorities to
        All contributions are 100%                                                                                               explore careers in theological
        tax deductible.                                                                                                          librarianship

        Contributions are invested                                                                                               recruitment efforts that will
        in an investment portfolio                                                                                               promote theological librarianship as
        where the principal remains                                                                                              a career choice
        untouched and only a
        percentage of the interest                                                                                       All funds contributed to the ATLA Scholarships
        earned is spent on core                         “In gratitude for what ATLA has meant to me and                  and Grants Annual Fund are 100% tax-
        association priorities.                         countless others in the past, in appreciation for its            deductible. The ATLA Board of Directors
                                                        vibrant program and leadership today, and to help                determines the priorities and allocation of
                                                        support its mission in perpetuity, my wife Trudy and             the proceeds from the ATLA Scholarships
                                                        I have designated in our wills meaningful bequests               and Grants Annual Fund.
The ATLA Endowment Fund                                 to ATLA. We encourage others who feel as we do to
received its first major gift in 1993                   join us in this action.”                                         In 2005 ATLA awarded nine $500 travel grants
                                                                                                                         to support student members and members

when Mrs. Jean Kelly Morris gave
                                                                          -John Bollier (Lifetime Member)                without institutional support to attend the
stock shares valued at $11,600 in
memory of her late husband, Dr.                                                                                          Association’s 2005 Annual Conference. The
Raymond P. Morris. This lead gift,                                                                                       ATLA Scholarships and Grants Annual Fund
in conjunction with charitable                                                                                           also provided support for the Rev. Gillian
contributions of many individual                                                                                         Wilson, Librarian, United Theological School of
members and friends, matching gift                                                                                       the West Indies to receive an OCLC/IFLA Early
contributions by ATLA, and sound                                                                                         Career Fellowship

investment strategies, caused the
ATLA Endowment Fund to increase
in value to more than $100,000 by
the end of fiscal year 2005.

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