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DJ Federico Epis


Artist of:

Global Underground                                Bellarine Records (Australia)
AudioTherapy                                      Fiberline Audio (USA)
GrooveCollections                                 Atlant Records (France)
Mashtronic Records                                Resurgent Records (Australia)
Swift Records (Greece)                            Progrezo Records (Colombia)
Pure Substance (Malaysia)                         Mestiza Records (Argentina)
Acute Recordings (USA)                            Mushroom Records (Argentina)
Dubcoast Records (USA)                            MuzikXpress (Uruguay)
Red Circle Records (USA)                          Reticent Records (Canada)

When support and feedback about someone comes from no others than: Sasha, Tiesto,
Hernan Cattaneo, Dave Seaman, Nick Warren, Anthony Pappa, G-Pal, Pole Folder, Gabriel
& Dresden, Flash Brothers, among others, is not necessary to say anything else..

Thist is what happened last years about Federico Epis, great feedback, big support and big
reactions about his work as producer from some of the biggest names in the electronic music

His most recent notable achievement has been the inclusion of one of his latest tracks called
"Brasilia" which was featured on one of the most prestigious radio shows in the world
(The Essential Selection on Radio 1, UK) in a special live set performed by the man himself DJ
Sasha at Club Amnesia, Ibiza on August 11th 2007.

Another huge step in his career has been the sign of some of his tracks on the world’s most
legendary, well known and biggest labels in the world like Global Underground (UK) and
Audio Therapy (UK)

With his releases consistently being played by the worlds top dj’s, this latest achievement
has continued to propel Federico to the next level.

Besides that, in only 4 years as producer he has signed more than 30 releases with an
outstanding list of big labels like:

Global Underground (UK)                           Red Circle Recordings (USA)
AudioTherapy (UK)                                 Bellarine Recordings (Australia)
GrooveCollections (Netherland)                    Sirion Records (Switzerland)
Mashtronic Records (Germany)                      Progrezo Records (Colombia)
Swift Records (Greece)                            Mestiza Records (Argentina)
Pure Substance Records (Malaysia)                 MuzikXpress Records (Uruguay)
Acute Recordings (USA)                            Lake Effect Recordings (USA)
Dubcoast Records (USA)                            Reticent Records (Canada)
Fiberline Audio (USA)                             Groovecolletion Records (Netherlands)
Atlant Recordings (France)
Soundtribe Records (USA)
And most important of all, being required by several clubs around the world is something
that is usual on this days, being played yet in several countries around the world.


Digital Witchcraft "Fingerpaint" (Federico Epis Mix)
Matt Rowan "Foresight" (Federico Epis Mix) Fiberline Audio
Curb Crawler "Rumour" (Federico Epis Mix) Fiberline Audio
Tom Sawyer "Going Out" (Federico Epis Mix)
Boombatcha "Closer" (Federico Epis Mix) Atlant Records
Josel "Too Late" (Federico Epis Mix) Acute Recordings
Erphun "Undertone" (Federico Epis Mix)
Tarmo Vannas "Topaz" (Federico Epis Mix)
Thee-O - Waves Front (Federico Epis Mix)
Nicolas Van Orton - 8bit Drum Machine (Federico Epis Mix)
Comrade - Zvezditza (Federico Epis Mix)
V-Sag mets DPen "Some Thoughts" (Federico Epis Mix)
Derek Howell – Spare Times (Federico Epis Mix)
AMB – Seka (Federico Epis Mix)
Andrew Bennett – Broken Frame (Federico Epis Mix)

“Is Time” – Global Underground
“Brasilia” – AudioTherapy Records
“Silver Chordz EP” – Groove Collections
“Shine” - Mashtronic
"Miles Away" Swift Records (TBA)
"Blue" Pure Substance Digital (PSD 004)
Federico Epis feat. Helen K "Sunday" (Original/Dub/Breaks/Instr.) Dubcoast Records (TBA)
DJ Tim & Federico Epis "Flying Nights" Fiberline Audio
"The Squeezer" Atlant Records (TBA)
"Natalia" Acute Recordings (Original & DJ Tim and Vasilos Mix)
"Somewhere in Heaven" Resurgent Records
"Trust" - Sirion Records
"Thirtysix" - aLoud Recordings
"Cherry" - Pure Substance Records
"You Know My Mind" - Sirion Recordings
"Zeus" - Muzik XPress Records
"5 Years" - Reticent Records
"Take It" - Reticent Records

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