Aim by Levone


									                                      Year 10 – Witchcraft hour 2
Aim of Lesson             To continue exploring witchcraft using drama techniques writing in
                          role, soliloquy, hot seating, recreating a piece of text.
Learning Outcomes         To be able to respond to witchcraft using writing in role, soliloquy, hot
                          seating and to begin to create their interpretation of a piece of text.
Differentiation           By outcome, by groupings, teacher help and guidance
Resources                 Board pen, Paper, T.V, Crucible video, Crucible cassette tape, Crucible
Lesson Breakdown                                                                                Time
Aim/Homework written on board
Arrive to lesson                                                                              3 mins
Take register/collect homework/set homework give out folders – write up today’s               6 mins
lesson/write letter up into neat.

Recap                                                                                       3 mins
What did we begin to explore in last lesson?
Can anyone tell me one of the drama techniques we used and how?
Ask pupils about how their characters felt about the witch hunt.

Task 1 – same groups as yesterday (lights on while performing)                              20 mins
       a) listen to Crucible audio tape to give example of language of the time –
           apply to their pieces
       b) Continue to rehearse scenes from yesterday – challenge pupils to put in
           drama techniques/explorative strategies.
       c) Teacher stops class – watch clip from Crucible – question why have I
           shown you this clip?
       d) Continue rehearsing – take what you have just seen apply to your
Perform (use lights to create atmosphere) /evaluate after each one – GCSE
comments/how could it be improved.

Task 1 (bring back to circle) – solo work                                                   12 mins
Explanation of task to group.
   a) write a letter in role to complain about the witches in your town.
   b) Perform the letter as a soliloquy
Perform/evaluate at the end – GCSE comments/how could they be improved?

Task 2 – one pupil                                                                          8 mins
Teacher asks the question – do we want to find out more about these characters?
What technique could we use to do this?
Teacher chooses one student and the rest of the class hot seat them.

Extension (continue next lesson) – in groups of 3’s                                         5 mins
Teacher gives each pupil a copy of text (Crucible)
   a) Teacher chooses two pupils to read out the section.
   b) Discuss as a whole group how the scene could be recreated – think about
       lights to create atmosphere – were they serious was it done in a comic way? –
       think about feelings surrounding witchcraft at this time?
   c) Rehearse scene in their groups one person as a director always looking how
       the scene can be improved be made to look believable

Evaluation                                                                                  4 mins
Name an explorative strategy you have used in the lesson today.
One thing you could improve on for next lesson?

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