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									Sample Proposal Argumentative Essay
Ethan Zaharia
Enc 1101- Fall 08

Education is perhaps the most important endeavor a person can attempt in

their life. Studies show those who have a post high school degree of some

kind will earn considerably more during their working years than those who

don’t. Though many classes may seem inapplicable to the work force or a

future career, the skills developed such as group work, critical thinking, and

exposure to disciplines that one would not otherwise study offers the

potential for personal growth not found in everyday life and experience. In

the last ten years, and with the advent and success of the Internet, online

classes, and shorter eight-week classes have gained popularity among

students and universities alike. I intend to argue that these shortcuts to

education are a bastardization of a pure (and better) academic system, and is

more detrimental to students than helpful. Though most administrators will

be quick to promote these shorter classes by saying the same amount of

material is covered as in a 16 week class, it is obvious this is simply good

public relations to achieve student retention. Further, online classes will also

be analyzed and deconstructed. This portion of the paper will focus mainly

on face-to-face interaction as well as the dialectic method of teaching. The

premise of this essay will be that students are being pushed through an ever
more basic (simplified, dumbed down) education system that breeds only

mediocrity; and the use of eight-week classes and online classes seek only to

perpetuate this mediocrity with the students’ education and our nations brain

trust suffering. For research: professors of varying ages will be asked via a

simple questionnaire their feelings about the alternative classroom methods,

an online education source and at least three books (articles) on

pedagological studies.

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