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									                                                                                                                                                                         USF ScholarShipS

USF: UNSTOPPABLE                                                           USF Scholarships Priorities:
The USF: Unstoppable Campaign is a comprehensive fundraising                 Undergraduate Student Scholarships .......................... $37,350,000
effort by the University of South Florida to celebrate the energy,           Graduate Student Scholarships...................................... $7,850,000
vision and future of one of the country’s most exciting and engaged          Doctoral Student Scholarships and Fellowships .......... $28,500,000
universities. Our people and programs, our ideas, our research               TOTAL ....................................................................... $73,700,000
and our solutions comprise an ambitious plan to enhance health
care, science, technology, education, business, the arts and global
partnerships. Through creative and meaningful investment from
our alumni and friends, we can translate the entrepreneurial spirit
of an entire university into tangible outcomes that improve lives
throughout the world.

                              OFFICE OF dEvElOpmEnt / SCHOlARSHIpS / 4202 EASt FOwlER AvEnUE, AlC100 / tAmpA, Fl 33620
                                                      t (813) 974-6766 w UnStOppABlE.USF.EdU
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        “I will always be grateful for the opportunity that the Latino Scholarship provided me; it opened doors that
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I never thought imaginable. As I continue to grow within my profession, I also strive to give back to the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         community that has given so much to me, and like the Scholarship program slogan says, ‘We must lift as
USF ScholarShipS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         we climb.’ ” —Norma Berrios, ValienteHernandez, P.A. Latino Scholarship Recipient; BA, Accounting ’04; MAcc, ’07

                                                                providing the next generation of students     and other special characteristics. Unlike           for Florida residents who show particular          university, increasing the USF brand and            will allow our students to take advantage        Doctoral Student Scholarships                    receive up to a $5,000 award and a final
                                                                with the intellectual resources they will     loans, scholarship awards do not have to            aptitude for scholarly leadership and              reach globally. Second, by recruiting top           of a diverse array of education abroad           and Fellowships                                  boost toward realizing a rare and remarkable
                                                                need to compete in a fast-paced, evolving     be repaid, and the additional financial             research abilities, respectively. Florida Leader   talent on an international scale, we are able to    opportunities, including semester exchanges,     Doctoral Excellence Presidential                 academic achievement.
                                                                global society.                               support provided through scholarships is            Scholarships will award up to $10,000 per          diversify the campus community. Ultimately,         dual degree programs, summer and short           Scholarships. These awards will enable              The University of South Florida’s
                                                                                                              a vital component of assistance packages            academic year, while Emerging Researcher           these scholarships help expose students to          term programs, international internships and     the University of South Florida to remain        commitment to academic excellence leads
                                                                The Important Role of                         administered by the university. These awards        Scholarships will designate up to $2,500           various cultures, thus equipping them with          service learning experiences.                    competitive for the best doctoral students.      us to search around the world and right here
                                                                Scholarships and Fellowships                  address the future by proactively investing         per year. The goal for both scholarships is        skills in cross-cultural communication and                                                           These students will teach and do research in     in Tampa Bay for the top undergraduate
                                                                The University of South Florida               in the University of South Florida’s most           to support our distinctive undergraduate           global understanding. Each recipient of a           Graduate Student Scholarships                    a wide variety of fields in which we offer the   and graduate students. Continuing support
                                                                places among its highest priorities           precious resource: our students.                    research mission through promoting and             Global Excellence Scholarship earns up to a         Similar to Global Excellence Scholarships,       doctoral degree. This $25,000 annual award       for scholarships and fellowships will
                                                                the establishment of privately funded                                                             rewarding the creation of new knowledge.           $10,000 annual award.                               Graduate Global Excellence Scholarships will     will be designated for students who are at       strengthen the university’s academic mission
                                                                scholarships. Our goal is to ensure that      Undergraduate Student Scholarships                     Global Excellence Scholarships. These              Passport Scholarships. While we believe          strengthen the university’s global village and   the top of their academic fields with a high     and build upon USF’s world-renowned
                                                                deserving students have the opportunity       USF Opportunity Scholarships. Recipients            scholarships further the undergraduate             that it is important to bring the world to          improve the educational experience for all.      capacity for generating knowledge.               scholarly reputation. Together, we can make
                                                                to attend USF regardless of their financial   are deserving undergraduate students who            education mission of the University of South       the University of South Florida, it is equally      With up to a $15,000 annual award, these            Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships.            a difference in the lives of our students.
                   Since its founding in 1956, the University   realities. We actively seek scholarship       are the first in their families to attend college   Florida in two very important ways. First,         important to expose USF students to the             international student scholarships will help     These funds are limited to graduate students     Together, we will be unstoppable.
                   of South Florida has been committed to       partners who are interested in the welfare    or have limited financial resources, making         they bring top international undergraduates        world. To facilitate this, we have created the      USF recruit and retain excellent graduate        who need only to complete dissertation
                   providing undergraduate and graduate         of higher education and in the education of   higher education impossible. These need-            from around the world to study at the              Passport Scholarship. These $2,500 awards           students from all over the world.                work to earn the doctoral degree. Recipients
                   educational opportunities to the best and    tomorrow’s leaders today.                     based awards provide up to $5,000 annually
                   brightest students in Florida, throughout       Scholarships are financial support         to each recipient to make attending the
                   the nation and from around the world.        that traditionally recognize excellence       University of South Florida a reality.
                   This commitment continues today, and the     or distinguished success in academics,           Florida Leader and Emerging Researcher
                   USF: Unstoppable Campaign is focused on      community service, athletics, leadership      Scholarships. These funds are designated

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