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					                                  Legal Recommendations Summary

   1. Change the Board of Trustees to Board of Education. (Edit included in revision).

   2. Focus purpose only on Title 1 and State Compensatory Education (SCE) (See amendments)

   3. Clarify which representatives are parents selected by parents of pupils participating in Title

       I/SCE programs. (See amendments)

   4. Assure that a majority of the membership consists of parent representatives. (See amendments)

   5. It is not necessary to make a distinction between voting representatives and nonvoting

       members. (See amendments)

   6. If there is such a distinction, it should be clearly stated in the bylaws. (Edit included in


   7. It is not necessary to allow for special meetings of the Board of Directors (Executive Board).

   8. Title Article IX: “Amendments” rather than “Amendments of Authority.” (Edit included in


   9. Majority vote is sufficient to amend the bylaws.

Respectfully submitted: Léo Bennett-Cauchon 6/2/2010
                           One possible approach to legal recommendations

Amendments to proposed revised bylaws:

                                        ARTICLE II – PURPOSE
                                     States why the organization exists.
The purpose of the DAC shall be to advise the SCUSD Board of Education, Administration and the
School Site Councils (SSC) on issues affecting the education of the students in SCUSD including, but
not limited to, all matters pertaining to parental involvement in the regarding the review, planning and
improvement of Title I and State Compensatory Education (SCE) programs.

                                     ARTICLE III – MEMBERS
       Explains who can be a member, how to join; and explains rights, duties and obligations of
1. Representatives: One SSC member parent may be elected by parents from each SCUSD
   public/nonpublic school site council participating in Title 1/SCE programs.
2. Member: Any person who is interested in DAC’s purpose.
1. Representatives and Members may serve as DAC officers and on all committees.
2. Representatives may vote on all business that comes before the DAC. Members may not vote.
3. Title I/SCE mandated responsibilities will be voted on by Representatives who are parents/guardians
of children who participate in the SCUSD’s public/nonpublic Title I/SCE programs.

Amendments to current certified bylaws:

                                             ARTICLE II
2.   Act as a liaison between the school sites and central administration by:
     a.   discussing school site concerns and bringing them to the attention of district level
          administrators and school board members through the DAC meetings.
     b. returning from DAC meetings to communicate to the school staff and the community
          program information from the district, state and federal governments.

                                            ARTICLE III
     2.    The balance of the District Advisory Committee shall be composed of the following:
           a.     Persons who may or may not be Title I/SCE parents, but who are members of their
                  School Site Council and have been elected by their council.
           b.     Representatives of the school district staff. School district staff representatives may
                  include administrators, teachers and other district personnel who may or may not be
                  parents of participating children.
           c.     Representatives of California State, County, and City organizations and agencies in
                  the community, such as community action agencies or groups, civic, business, labor,
                  parent-teacher and ethnic organizations.
           d.     Representatives of other California State, County, and City public agencies of health
                  or welfare that provide services to disadvantaged children or families.

Respectfully submitted: Léo Bennett-Cauchon 6/2/2010

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