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									              Vehicle Tracking System
Need for mobile resource monitoring

Many organizations currently have no solution to control there the
mobile resources from the desktop. This is mainly due to

            Non-availability of precise real time location data of vehicles
            and their movement
            Location data and route violation data not available on digital
            Maps to identify movement and current location of vehicles
            Non availability of trip wise reports
            Unauthorized stoppage of vehicles
            Need to streamline a process to optimize vehicles for dispatch
            in various routes
            No distinct alerts for route violation or exceptions like over
            speeding, excess stoppage, driving at nighttime etc.
            Vehicle to driver performance data is unavailable which is
            directly related to schedule adherence and safety

Vehicle Monitoring Solution

Monitoring the mobile resources will benefits the company in the many
aspects Real time data availability and automated vehicle monitoring
system ,Enhanced fleet control, Online monitoring for better control &
decision-making ,Enhanced productivity and Reduced complaints
Online Tracking
Online Tracking would enable the user to track vehicle’s Current
Location. The vehicle’s position would be displayed on a detailed digital
map along with an ICON to indicate the status of the vehicle.

The Online Tracking feature would provide the location of the vehicles
on digital maps as well as data which shall have the date & time
stamp, location from the nearest land mark, direction & speed.
History Tracking
This is a facility to replay the historical data for any given period. This
would enable the user to re-run the tracking on the digital map, that
would help him to trace the route on which a vehicle has traversed and
show all the other data mentioned in real time tracking.

      This feature is as good as live tracking but will not be real-time.
      It helps users to track off-line and also useful for post-facto
      User can specify a proxy time for tracking within which he can
      re-run the entire tracking of a longer duration.
      This would display the route traversed by any vehicle for a given
      trip or given time duration with all the other data that is
      available in real-time tracking.
      History Tracking would display the timestamp on the map

Alerts or pop-ups
The system would pop-up messages for alerts or violations that have

      Emergency / Panic Alert
        o Driver can press a panic button provided in the vehicle and
           the alert is sent to the control center and necessary action
           could be taken.
      Speed violation
        o Client can get notifications whenever the vehicle crosses
           the specified speed limit. Users will be provided with
           options for setting the speed limit.


Following are the General Reports, which could be generated.
      Activity Report
         o Vehicle activity reports shall provide first hand information
             on the activity of the selected vehicle/s with a summary of
             duration selected, distance traveled, average speed etc.
      Stop Report
         o This shall display the locations at which the vehicle
             stopped beyond the time limit given for the same vehicle.
      Speed Report
         o This shall provide information on the speed information of
             the vehicle. In essence this will be an exception report for
             checking over speeding.
     Speed Graph
       o A graph shall be generated to indicate the pattern of
          vehicle’s speed for the given period of time.

     Inactive Unit Report
        o This report shall facilitate to view all the units which are
           not been active / did not send data for the given period of
                 The following are the information will be made in the
                 Unit ID / Registration number.
                 Last transmission received by the unit.
                 Elapsed time since the last received transmission.
      Exception report
        o Exceptions like over speeding and stoppage of the vehicle
           for more than the stipulated duration of time.
                 Optional: Alerts for the exceptions can also be
                 provided in the form of SMS/Email mentioning the
                 vehicle number, kind of exception and place at which
                 the exception occurred with time and date stamp.
     Summary Report
        o Trip wise summary reports for a selected duration with
           distance traversed and time taken for a specific trip should
           be provided.

     Total Distance Traveled
        o This shall facilitate the user to view total distance traveled
           by the each vehicle for the given period of time. The total
           distance report will be provided with the following

                 Registration Number
                 Unit Number
                 Start Date & Time
                 End Date & Time
                 Total Distance Traveled

Map Tools
Following are the different map tools available for basic map

     Zoom In
     Zoom Out
      Zoom All
      Layer Control
         o Vehicle
                  Vehicle Number
                  Unit Number
                  Road Name

      Distance Calculator
      Traversed Path ON/OFF
      Map Scale at status Bar
      Map Direction Indicating Image
      Locate Vehicle
         o This will be provided during Online, History Tracking and
            Status Request to locate the vehicle on the center of the

This module is available only at the data center application and the
feature shall be used by the User Administrator for assigning Privileges
to each user, create, edit and remove users and assign and revoke
privileges to users.

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