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					Traditional Jujitsu • Aikijujitsu • Self Defense
                             Program Offerings
The Self Defense Program
Self Defense, it’s so important to us, it’s our middle name. At the Popkin-Brogna Self Defense Center, our self
defense program offers no-nonsense, high energy classes that teach practical self defense for everyone. No
matter the age, our self defense program will:
          •   Teach respect for yourself and others
          •   Increase focus, confidence, and self discipline
          •   Develop coordination, balance, and strength
          •   Promote endurance, self awareness, team spirit
          •   Sharpen memory and listening skills
Whatever your personal goals are, the Popkin-Brogna Self Defense Program is an excellent place to start
your journey.

The Traditional Program
Many modern schools teach excellent systems of martial arts, but don’t know or neglect to pass on their true
essence. Perseverance, bravery, honor, respect, courage, and kindness were the cornerstone of the old ways.
These wonderful traits are the core of the Traditional Program at the Popkin-Brogna Self Defense Center. We
teach these values to our staff, adult students, and our children.
In addition to all that our Self Defense Program offers, members of our Traditional Program receive:
          • Instruction in traditional Japanese Jujitsu
          • Introduction to weapons of Jujitsu, specifically Bojitsu (long staff, 3-foot staff, short stick)
          • Introduction to Daitoryu Aikijujitsu Roppokai
Members of our exclusive Traditional Program also receive discounts to our fantastic extra-curricular
programs, such as seminars, guest instructors, and many other upcoming events.

The Leadership Program
So you want to be a Sensei? Being an instructor is much more than getting your black belt. Countless hours of
perfecting your techniques are great, but can you pass that information onto others? Are you a role model for
people to look up to? Our Leadership program will show you the way.
The Leadership program takes over where the Traditional Program leaves off. Students in the Leadership
Program gain a deeper understanding of the mindset of a martial artist. For some, this is mere physical
activity, but for the select few in the Leadership Program, this is a way of life.
In addition to instructor training and assistant instructor status (upon receiving brown belt), members of the
Leadership Program receive:
          •   Semi-private classes
          •   Tournament training (if desired)
          •   Training in other weapons
          •   Admission to Daitoryu Aikijujitsu Roppokai
          •   Advanced teaching skills
          •   Additional discounts on seminars and special events
          •   Access to unlimited classes in the Self Defense and Traditional Program
Children’s Program Offerings                                                              (ages 4–9)

Shogun            (4–6 year olds)
The Shogun was the ruler of ancient Japan that earned the admiration of his country by unifying the people.
The Shogun believed that respect, honor, loyalty, and dedication were the most important character traits a
person could possess. These positive character traits are the backbone of the Shogun Program.
The curriculum for our Shogun Program was designed by a New York State certified elementary school teacher.
It is developmentally appropriate for young children and helps them gain confidence, focus, and self respect.
The Shogun Program may just be the best thing you can do for your child, but they’ll just think they are
having fun!

                           Up to 3 – 30 minute classes per week

                   Positive reinforcement & reward system built in

                                            No hidden fees

                         All classes taught by Master Instructors

                                   Age appropriate instuction

Samurai             (7–9 year olds)
At the Popkin-Brogna Self Defense Center, the Samurai Program takes over where the Shogun Program
leaves off. Our Samurai continue to develop their positive attributes while learning that the best way to win a
confrontation is to avoid it!
The Samurai Program is full of age appropriate educational games, drills, and lessons that ready the older
children for our exciting Youth Programs.

                               3 – 45 minute classes per week

           Gear necessary after orange belt (additional costs apply)
              Young Adults and Adults
                                    3 month TRIAL PROGRAM
                                         $150 per month
 Self Defense                          1 YEAR PROGRAM
                                         $1600 per year
 3 days per week                     Registration fee* of $400,
                                     $100 billed electronically
                                            per month

                                    3 month TRIAL PROGRAM
                                                                    Access to Self Defense Program
                                         $175 per month
   Traditional                         1 YEAR PROGRAM                     2 days per week of
                                         $2000 per year                   Traditional classes.
 Additional 2 days
per week available                   Registration fee* of $500,         Discounted seminar fees
                                     $125 billed electronically
                                                                         Introduction to weapons
                                            per month

                                                                      Access to unlimited classes in
                                                                            other programs
                                       1 YEAR PROGRAM                   Discounted seminar fees
                                          $2750 per year
   Leadership                                                               Weapons training
                                     Registration fee* of $950,             Instructor training
Unlimited classes                    $150 billed electronically
                                            per month                      Leadership Training
                                                                        Assistant instructor status
                                                                           Tournament training

                                   Optional Text... and ranks, high-quality uniforms, and patches.
 *Registration fee includes all testing for stripes OR delete box.
            Daitoryu Aikijujitsu Roppokai
             History/Lineage of Daitoryu Roppokai

Takeda Sogaku (1859–1943)
Takeda Sogaku was responsible for bringing Daitoryu Aikijujitsu into the 20th Century.
In addition to being the Master of Daito ryu Aikijujitsu, he also studied Ono Ha Itto Ryu,
and Jiki Shinkage Ryu. His skills as a martial artist were also bolstered by his ability
with other classical Japanese weapons. Takeda Sensei posessed the Bugei Ju
Happan, which signified mastery in eighteen weapons. Takeda also studied Hozoin
Sojutsu, a classical form of spear fighting. Takeda taught Daitoryu from the beginning
of the twentieth century until his death in 1943. Although his son Tokimune Takeda
became the Headmaster of Daitoryu Aikijujitsu when Sogaku died, is understood that
Sogaku's top students were Kodo Horikawa, Yukiyoshi Sagawa, and Takuma Hisa.

Horikawa Kodo (1894–1980)
Horikawa Kodo originally studied with his father, but later was taught by Takeda
Sogaku. While in Hokkaido, one of Japan's northern islands, Sogaku lived with
Horikawa's family. Learning in small lessons four or five times daily, Horikawa
Kodo mastered Daitoryu and achieved a supreme level of Aiki techniques,
which are the very heart and soul of Daitoryu Aikijujitsu.
Horikawa Sensei received the entire system of Daitoryu from Takeda Sogaku
and was awarded every rank and honor, including the Menkyo Kaiden.
Upon the death of his teacher, in accordance with Japanese martial tradition,
Horikawa began the Daitoryu Aikijujitsu Kodokai. In 1974, Horikawa Sensei
received the Eisei Mejin (Martial Genius), the highest award given by
Japanese Government. His Honor Ishida Kazusoto, who was at that time the
President of the Japanese Supreme Court, oversaw this process.

Okamoto Seigo (1925–)
Okamoto Seigo entered the dojo of Horikawa Sensei at the age of 38. Training
5 nights per week for many years, Okamoto Slowly became the most senior of
the students in the dojo as was teaching many classes per week under the
guidance of Horikawa Sensei.
Okamoto Seigo was the first of Kodo's students to receive 7th Dan. Okamoto
Soshi received the Shihan, or Masters License in 1978. Adhering to Japanese
martial tradition, Okamoto founded Daito-ryu Aikijujitsu Roppokai in 1980, the
year Kodo sensei died.
In 1985, Okamoto founded the first foreign branch of the Roppokai in
Denmark. In 1997, Howard Popkin traveled to Tokyo, Japan to train with
Okamoto Sensei and was given permission to form the New York Roppokai.
       Discount and Referral Programs
                                       Discount Plans

                                          Family Plan
                2ND Child 10% OFF                                 1ST Parent 20% OFF

          3RD Child or more 20% OFF                               2ND Parent 40% OFF

                     Community Service Discounts
             10% Discount for all Law Enforcement, Fire, Postal, etc.

                      10% Discount for Teachers and School Staff

                          10% Discount for Civil Service workers

                                Senior Discount Plan
               25% Discount for all Seniors (60 years old and above)

                                    Referral Program
At the Popkin-Brogna Self Defense Center, we feel that YOU are our best advertising. You already understand
all the positive benefits that you and your family are gaining by studying Jujitsu here, but do your friends? Our
referral program allows you to gain valuable rewards from our Dojo, while promoting the positive aspects of
Jujitsu. Sensei will be happy to explain all the details to the information listed below. It’s our way of saying
THANK YOU, to all our loyal students.

                          1ST referral                           T-shirt PLUS $50

                          2ND referral                        Sweatshirt PLUS $50

                                                              A semi-private lesson
                          3RD referral
                                                                   PLUS $50

                          4TH referral                             Birthday Party

                                                          ONE YEAR FREE LESSONS
                          5TH referral
                                                            See Sensei for details

              Referral program is for 1 year membership referrals. 3 month referrals, see Sensei.
Joseph Brogna, Sensei
    Godan – 5th Degree Black Belt — Goshin Budo Jujitsu, awarded by Robert E. Hansen, Shihan
    Sandan – 3rd Degree Black Belt — Daitoryu Aikijujitsu Roppokai, awarded by Okamoto Seigo Soshi

Also studied the following Japanese Jujitsu systems of the Genbukan:
    Asayama Ichiden-Ryu
    Hontai Takagi Yoshin Ryu
    Kukishinden Ryu Bo-jitsu

Professional Credentials:
    American Red Cross CPR and First Aid Instructor
    Certified Professional Rescuer
    American Red Cross and American Heart Assoc. certified A.E.D.
    Nassau County Fire Academy Confined Space Rescue Certified

Joseph Brogna has over ten years experience teaching martial arts. Brogna Sensei has taught and overseen the
promotion of 50 young adults to their Black Belt. Brogna Sensei is the proud father of three young children, who
are just beginning their journey into the martial arts.

Howard Popkin, Sensei
    Okugi Sandan – Inner 3rd Degree Black Belt — Daitoryu Aikijujitsu Roppokai, awarded by
                                                 Okamoto Seigo Soshi
    Yondan – 4th Degree Black Belt — Vobindinh HTM World Martial Arts Jujitsu
    Shodan – 1st Degree Black Belt — Goshin Budo Jujitsu, awarded by Jeffrey Lovering, Sensei

Also studied these martial arts under the following renowned instructors:
    World Wind Combined Forces Ninjitsu – under Kerry Lampkin, Sensei
    Shudokan Karate – under James K. Roberts Jr., Grandmaster
    Daitoryu Aikijujitsu Kodokai – under Roy Goldberg, Sensei

Howard Popkin, M.S., is an elementary school teacher in West Hempstead. In addition to over 20 years
experience teaching martial arts, Popkin Sensei was also an avid tournament competitor from 1988–1994,
winning many local and national tournaments, including the Empire State Nationals(Self Defense/Weapons),
and the Greater Metropolitan Nationals (Self Defense division). Popkin Sensei was the first person to
introduce the art of Daitoryu Aikijujitsu to the country of Mauritius. While in Mauritius in 2004, Popkin Sensei
taught Daitoryu the American Ambassador, the Head of Prisons, the Chief of Police, and the Head of the
Mauritius Broadcasting Company.

                                                            Franklin Square, New York


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