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					Sample SATRI Grant Proposal
Posted July 3, 2004

Willy Wonka Factory Tour and Community Event Grant
Summary. This grant proposal seeks $483 to fund an educational tour of a local industry by the members of the Kappa Chapter of the Fraternity of Delta Psi, along with subsidiary activities for the Brown community hosted by the Chapter. Details: The proposed grant would fund a tour of the local Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory for members of the Kappa Chapter. The desired grant would pay for tour admission, transport to the factory, one Wonka Bar per member, and juicing, if needed (see below). The remainder of the requested amount would go to fund workshops at the Hall, wherein the members could disperse knowledge obtained on the tour to the Brown Community. We plan to present two community events: 1) a workshop on chocolate production, which would include a presentation on chocolate-making techniques of the past and present and an interactive chocolate making session, and 2) a chocolate themed fireside during which Brown students would read their favorite chocolate-based literature. Educational Justification: The recent opening of a Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory in downtown Providence presents an educational opportunity for the membership of the Kappa Chapter not available on the Brown campus. Factory tours present the opportunity to learn about world food cultures and the economics of chocolate production. We have also obtained special permission to engage in an anthropological study of rare Oompa Loompa mating interactions during our visit. This proposal also seeks funding for a Wonka Bar for each member, a minimal cost without which the members will not be able truly to comprehend the chocolate experience. The proposed grant would further provide educational benefits to the Brown community as a whole. The proposed chocolate workshop would be conducted by Bro. Wilder K’71, with the aid of an Oompa Loompa professional, based upon techniques learned during our tour of the factory (as per the attached tour advertising pamphlet) and will be supplemented by additional research performed via the John Hay Library’s extensive chocolate research collection. The fireside reading will focus more upon the cultural experience of chocolates, and the first half hour will be devoted to sharing with the community a rare interpretive chocolate dance, also learned on the tour. Who Will Be Involved: The tour attendees will include all available undergraduate members of the Chapter. Bro. Wilder K’71 will lead the chocolate workshop, Bro. Bucket K’71 will be in charge of the fireside event, Sis. Salt K’71 and Bro. Teevee K’71, both theater 1

arts majors, will perform the interpretive dance, and Bro. Gloop K’71 will coordinate all events, including ticket purchases and arranging transportation. Timeline: The current proposed date for the tour is April 14 with possible alternative dates of April 21 or April 28, to be determined at least four weeks in advance based on maximal availability of the membership. The chocolate workshop will occur the immediately following Tuesday with the chocolate fireside the Tuesday after that. Costs: Tour costs: 20 tickets at $10 apiece Transportation via glass elevator 20 Wonka Bars at $1 apiece Workshop and fireside costs: Tableships Chocolate molds Ingredients for chocolate Large mixing bowls Oompa Loompa rental Costumes for interpretive dance Possible additional costs: Juicing $60 (Explanation - Past experience with Wonka Factory Tours indicate that juicing of some tour participants may be necessary. Although we do not anticipate this as a likelihood, we would like to budget some amount for it should it become necessary. The Tour Pamphlet (see attached) indicates that this should be a safe amount to budget.) $40 $10 $40 $7 $32 $24 $200 $50 $20

Total Costs: $483

Respectfully submitted, Arthur Slugworth K’71 Box 1971 Brown University Providence, RI 02912