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					Real Time Location Services
       Applications, Services and Company Analysis

                                                     June 2009
With research beginning in 2008, this unique report addresses core technology and business aspects of
real-time location services (RTLS) and guides the reader through the most important aspects of enabling
technologies including RFID. It covers the critical factors and gives the user the views about the different
kinds of RFIDs. The report also addresses the advantages and the bottlenecks for deployment of RTLS
applications, evaluating available solutions and the methodologies. The report includes an exhaustive
study of leading RTLS companies.

Different types of RTLS are evaluated and the standards and protocols related to them. The report has a
great focus on the applications and the key areas that can be addressed by RTLS giving special attention
to Vehicle Tracking, Port/Yard Management, Inventory Management and Real Time Tracking solutions.
The report also provides an analysis of the most widely used RTLS applications today and provides a vi-
sion for anticipated future applications.

Furthermore, the report presents how WiMAX can fulfill the challenges left unaddressed by WiFi for
wireless enabled IP Multimedia services thus offering a huge
market to be tapped by WiMAX OEMs, WiMAX Service Providers
and WiMAX Systems Integrators.                                      Target Audience
                                                                          RTLS and RFID hardware, software, and solu-
Key Focus Areas                                                            tion vendors and related professional services
   RTLS using GPS, WiFi, RFID
                                                                          Managed RTLS service providers, outsourced
   Protocols and Standards of RTLS                                        RFID solutions and RTLS application providers,
   Types of RFID tags and their applications                              and RFID service bureau operators
   The Classifications and advantages of RTLS                            Personnel responsible for automating Supply
   Various mandates regarding RFID focusing on RTLS                       Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relation-
   Current applications and next generation RTLS applications             ship Management (CRM), Manufacturing Re-
                                                                           source Planning (MRP), Enterprise Resource
   RFID Industry grow and penetration of RTLS into our daily life         Planning (ERP), Inventory Tracking, Fleet Man-
   Importance of RTLS for large scale tracking and management             agement, Yard/Dock Management and other
   GPS based tracking w/o active RFID and implementation of the           business processes
    system                                                                Healthcare management personnel responsible
   Analysis of RTLS companies with focus on their applications,           for tracking patients, staff personnel, equip-
    solutions and products                                                 ment, inventory, and other critical resources
   RFID and RTLS business and spheres of influence including             Retailers and personnel responsible for mer-
    healthcare, yard/port management                                       chandise inventory and ordering processes,
                                                                           Customer Relationship Management (CRM),
                                                                           Merchandise tracking and fraud prevention
Companies Evaluated                                                       Companies interested in optimizing their RFID
                                                                           business process strategies for Tracking and
   AeroScout
                                                                           Telemetry with a special focus on large scale
   Identec                                                                tracking.
   Savi                                                                  Venture Capitalist and Startup companies
   Intelleflex
   Ekahau
   Tagsense
   WhereNet
   Pinc Solutions
   ContainerTrac
Table of Contents
Section I - Introduction to RFID
Understanding How RFID Works RTLS
                                 Precision Factors related to       Section IX - Recent Develop-
                                                                    ments in RTLS Technology
Types of Tags                     RTLS Evaluation Techniques        Recent Developments
Passive                           Section V - Applications of       New Business Process
Semi Passive                      RTLS                              RTLS - Intelligent Services
Active                            Applications of RTLS using Pas- Smart Vehicle Identification using
                                  sive RFID                         License Number Plate
Active Tags with Sensors and
GPS                               Applications of RTLS using Ac-    Automated Vehicle Registration
                                  tive RFID                         RTLS in Public Transport
Difference between Active and
Passive RFID                      Application of RTLS using WiFi    Section X - Concluding Re-
Fields of Application             RTLS applications using GPS & marks
                                  GPRS/CDMA/WiFi                    RTLS Scope and Status in some
Privacy issues
                                  Next Generation RTLS Applica-     Major Countries around the
Preventives                       tions using Sensor Networks       World
Section II - RFID in Practice     A short outlook into the RTLS     France
Manufacturing                     Software Applications             Protocols
Picking                           Section VI - RTLS Evaluation      National and Private Companies
Retails                           and Feasibility of RTLS in vari- working with RTLS
Applications of RFID              ous Industries
                                                                    Current Status of RTLS in France
Prevalent Application Types       Evaluation of the Key areas of
                                                                    Possible Future Developments in
Item Tracking                     Application for RTLS
                                                                    France with RTLS
Inventory Monitoring              Item Tracking and Tracing
Asset Monitoring                  Inventory Monitoring in Yards and
Section III - Introduction to     Docks
                                                                    National and Private Companies
Real Time Locating Systems        RTLS in Automotive Industry
                                                                    working with RTLS
(RTLS)                            RTLS in Healthcare
                                                                    Current Status of RTLS in Ger-
Introduction to Real Time Locat- RTLS in Public Safety              many
ing Systems (RTLS)                RTLS Applications of the Future Possible Future Developments in
The Need and Purpose of RTLS Section VII - Growth Analysis          Germany with RTLS
Discriminating the various types of RTLS and Bottlenecks            United Kingdom
of RTLS                           Growth Analysis of RTLS           Protocols
Classification of RTLS            Predictions of the most flourish- National and Private Companies
Passive RFID based RTLS           ing RTLS a                        working with RTLS
GPS based RTLS                    The Major drawbacks of RTLS       Current Status of RTLS in UK
Active RFID based RTLS            Antenna                           Possible Future Developments in
Active RFID based RTLS with       Collision Characteristics         UK with RTLS
customizations                    Privacy                           United States of America
Proprietary RTLS Solutions        Ways to overcome the bottle-      Protocols
Advantages of RTLS                necks                             National and Private Companies
Improved Productivity and Cost    Section VIII - Company and        working with RTLS
Avoidance                         Product Analysis of the RTLS      Current Status of RTLS in US
Decreased Cycle Time and Tak- Domain                                Possible Future Developments in
ing Costs Out                     Key Players in the RTLS Domain US with RTLS
Reduced Rework                    A Brief Company Analysis with     Section XI - Concluding Re-
Reduced Business Risk and Con- Products, offering, applications     marks
trol of Assets                    for
Improved Security and Service     AeroScout
Improved Utilization of Resources Identec
Increased Revenues                Savi
Exception Management              Intelleflex
Section IV - Standards and Pro- Ekahau
tocols                            Tagsense
RFID Standards and Protocols      WhereNet
Standards and Protocols of RTLS Pinc Solutions
RTLS Services and Contracts       ContainerTrac
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