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									  GroupMinder & Client Base

 Interfaces with ClientBase via Live Connect.
 Client profiles are passed from CB into GM for
  purpose of making reservations.
 Reservation details can then be passed back to
  CB for invoicing by TBO.
 We’re not your ordinary Live Connect partner.
   What is GroupMinder?

A web-based group tour management
and reservation system with extensive
functionality designed to meet the
unique needs of group travel providers
          Why GroupMinder?

 Groups are one of the best profit
  opportunities remaining in the travel industry.
 With the GroupMinder tool, you can start
  doing groups, or expand your group
     GroupMinder’s three components
      allow access from anywhere…
 GMbasic - Functions as the core of the system, allowing
           your agents to input and manage customer,
           vendor and reservations data

 GMweb - Allows your customers to independently book
          travel packages from your web site

 Extranet - Allows third party (partner agency)
             access to selected areas of your system
Here’s what one of our clients
“Thank goodness I have my trips in GroupMinder.
Since I move around to different offices and am
constantly on the road, having the reservation
available from any internet computer is great. If
you have outside sales people – this is a great
benefit for you.”
--Wendy Knaub’s Travel & Cruise Shoppe, Lewisberry, PA
      Three things GroupMinder
           can do for you

 1 - Centralize Inventory Control
 2 - Maximize Operational Efficiency
 3 - Enhance Agency Image
  1 - Centralize Inventory Control
       How do you manage inventory?
 Do your trips include several different choices and
  optional items, all of which require separate
  inventory tracking and reporting?
 Does your company have multiple points of sale,
  including in-house agents, branch offices or
  home-based agents?
 Is your in-house inventory system a white board,
  three-ring binder, or excel document?
      GroupMinder Inventory Solution
 Simultaneously tracks inventory from all
  points of sale
 Maintains inventory control for all package
 Displays real-time product availability
  throughout the booking process
Package Inventory
Transport Inventory
Room Inventory
Misc. Items Inventory

 Summarizes
  inventory of all

 Displays
  bookings in
 2 - Maximize Operational Efficiency
            How efficient is your operation?
 Are you bogged down by your current process for taking
  and managing reservations?

 Do you sometimes lose track of customer payments and

 Would you like to increase group business without
  increasing staff?
Are you bogged down by your current process
     for taking & managing reservations?
   GroupMinder features:
    An easy-to-use booking system with prompts and
     drop-down menus that help to minimize input errors
    Tracking of multiple trip components and payments
    Immediate updating of all reports
    Online credit card processing
    A Web-booking option that allows customers to
     make their own reservations
Do you sometimes lose track of customer
        payments and changes?

    With GroupMinder:
   Entering customer payments and changes is fast and
   The reservation is automatically updated to reflect
    changes and additional payments.
   An updated confirmation reflecting all changes can be
    emailed instantly.
   The audit feature provides the ability to further document
Would you like to increase group business
        without increasing staff?

 Here’s what one of our clients said…
 “Using GroupMinder has allowed us to increase our group
 business. In the past, we turned down many groups
 because we weren’t confident that our staff could handle
 the increased workload and at the same time maintain
 good customer service. GroupMinder solved our problem!”
 - AAA Ohio Auto Club, 40 branch offices
         3 - Enhance Agency Image
     What Image do you currently portray?

 Do your customers perceive your office operation
  as organized and efficient ?

 …..and also your on-site operation?

 Are your customers able to make real time, on-
  line reservations for your group tours?
  Do your customers perceive your office
   operation as organized and efficient?
     For example….When a customer calls regarding an existing
    reservation, do you have their booking detail at your fingertips?

GroupMinder offers…
 Quick and easy reservation retrieval
 Access to detailed reservation information on a single screen
 Ability to make requested changes quickly and easily
 Ability to instantly generate and email updated confirmations
                 …all resulting in increased customer confidence
Do your customers & vendors perceive your
on-site operation as organized and efficient?
   For example…Are you confident that your vendors and on-site
   tour director have the accurate and up-to-date information
   needed for a smooth-running trip?

 With GroupMinder, you can be assured that all last-minute changes
  have been captured and everyone involved in managing your trip has
  accurate information.

 If you have access to the internet on-site, you can log into
  GroupMinder to view or update reservations and reports --- right on
  the spot.
 Are your customers able to make on-line
    reservations for your group tours?
 Industry surveys show that each year the number
  of people booking travel on-line increases.

 Today’s customers have come to expect the
  convenience of booking travel online

 Because of the cost, this technology has been
  mostly the domain of large companies
      But now….with GroupMinder….
    this technology is available to your
         company – large or small –
           at an affordable price
GroupMinder’s easy payment plans:
 Pay-As-You-Go (per person transactional)
 Monthly Plan
 Unlimited Usage Plan
            A few post scripts…..
Other GroupMinder features include:
 Customer Database
 Marketing System
 Reports
 Vendor Files
          Customer Database
 Detailed client information including multiple
  addresses and phone numbers
 Personal data such as birthdays & anniversaries
 Credit Card information
 Personal preferences
 Travel interests
 Trip History
             Marketing System
 Interfaces with the client database to do
  targeted electronic and print mailings
  based on:
     Travel interests
     Organization affiliations
     Destination interests
     Travel history
 More than forty reports included

 All have multiple selection and sort options

 All reports can be viewed online or printed

 Multiple report formats including excel, pdf and
  text file
             Vendor Files
 Detailed vendor and individual contact
 Interaction log to track communication with
 Product history for each vendor including
  type, date, quantity, cost and commission
         Vision for GroupMinder
 One suite of group travel management products
   Accessible by any web enabled device
 Integration: GDS, accounting and other applications
 Enhancements: flex-date and series departure events;
  cruise GUI’s
 Localization: language, currency, dates, addresses
 Meeting and incentive-specific product development
   You’ll spend less time on
Paperwork & More time on Sales
          Group Travel Technologies
            310 S. Burrowes Street
           State College, PA 16801
             Phone: 888-850-6833
    E-mail: info@grouptraveltech.com
    Web site: www.grouptraveltech.com

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