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					       Rest Assured with…
     Honeywell OmniAssure™

The smart reader for FIPS 201, TWIC, and FRAC
    What are the U.S. Government common cards?

    • FIPS 201/HSPD-12 PIV Card,
      low and medium assurance

    • TWIC (Transportation Worker
      Identification Credential)

    • FRAC (First Responder
      Authentication Cards)

    • DoD CAC (Department of
      Defense Common Access

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    What do these cards do?

              •       Provide a common means for all entities to:
                  -    Authenticate the identity of the cardholder
                  -    Validate the card via its digital certificate with the
                       issuing Certificate Authority (CA)

              •       Ensure trustworthy processes, which are used
                      to process the applicant and issue the card

              •       Standardize on ISO 14443 technologies

              •       In short, Physical Access Control Systems can:
                      1.   Match the cardholder to the card via PIN and biometrics.
                      2.   Check to determine if the card is valid and authentic.
                      3.   Use the card for identification and assign privileges to the
                           card within physical and logical access control systems.
                      4.   Rely on a common technology ISO 14443 card.

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     What are the technology considerations?

                        • Key features of ISO 14443
                           - Operating frequency: 13.56 MHz
                           - Read/write range: up to 10 cm per ISO
                          - Speed: 106 Kbps up to 848 Kbps
                          - Storage memory available: 64 bytes to
                            72 Kbytes
                          - Security: different technologies (e.g.
                            DES, 3DES, RSA)
                          - Vendors: Multiple
                          - Standards: both physical and technical

    Technology tradeoff: Shorter read range, faster data transfer
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     What are the key reader considerations?

        For use in a PACS (Physical Access Control System), the key reader
        considerations are:
     1. The reader must support reading of the specified data, perform
        any HMAC calculations required for medium assurance, and
        output the data to the panel.
     2. The reader must pass respective government
        testing/evaluation by the General Services Administration of
        the U.S. Government (GSA) or other standards.
     3. The reader must be easy and cost-effective to support during
        the entire life of the PACS. The government has made changes
        to the standard identification cards, necessitating reader
        firmware updates…

    You need to select a reader that is cost effective to update!
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        OmniAssure™ Readers

     Wiegand Output, clock and data,              Units without fingerprint sensor:
      and RS485                                         4.5 – 16 VDC, 2 W peak
     Terminal block, pull-apart                        Indoor/outdoor
     Tamper kit available                         Units with fingerprint sensor:
     U.S. and Mullion Mounting
                                                        8 – 24 VDC, 5 W peak
     Silver                                            Indoor only
                                                        Bioscrypt sensor
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    OmniAssure™ Supported ISO 14443 Credentials

                   • Mifare classic, 1k (byte)
                      - 16 sectors
                   • Mifare classic, 4k (byte)
                      - 32 sectors
                   • Mifare DESFire, 4k (byte)
                      - Flexible file system
                   • Mifare proX, dual interface cards
                      - 4k, 8k and 16k
                      - OS based card
                   • SmartMX, up to 72k (byte)
                      - OS based card
                   • Any Industry Standard ISO 14443-4
                      - Infinion, Sharp, Gemplus, Philips

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    What is DESFire?

               • Advanced Smart Card technology
                 developed by Philips, based on
                 Mifare Classic
               • DES =3DES Encryption
               • Fire = Fast Communication
                 (<848 Kbps)
               • DESFire vs. Mifare Classic
                  - Safer
                  - Faster
                  - Newer (Level 4 vs. Level 3)
                  - More Memory
                  - More Flexible in Memory Set-up

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      What is SmartMX?

    • Advanced high-security smart card family by Philips
    • Based on Philips' Handshake Solutions technology to
       - High execution speed
       - Ultra low power consumption
       - Conceptual security measures
    • Enables implementation of Operating Systems (e.g. Java
      Open Platform and MULTOS)
    • Supports several encryption methods: RSA, ECC, DES
      and AES
    • Supports several interfaces: ISO 14443, IS7816, USB 2.0
      and NFC
    • Mifare emulation (optional)
    • EMV compliant
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       OmniAssure™ Reader Advantages

     1. Easily updatable in the field to      • Other readers can be
        make it easy to respond to              flash updated:
        government standard changes             - Some require that the
                                                    reader be uninstalled
       - Configuration changes via                  and returned to the
           smart card                               factory for flash updates
       -   Firmware flash updates via smart     -   Some require local use
           card (U.S. patent-pending)               of PCs at each reader

     2. Available versions:                   • One common look and
       - With and without keypads               feel to address multiple
                                                factors of authentication
       - In multi-technology versions with
           HID and other proximity to make
           migration easy
       -   With fingerprint sensor
       -   With optional mounting kits for
           U.S. gangbox

           Total cost of reader ownership includes upfront cost
10                          plus upgrade costs!
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     OmniAssure™ Implementation Options

     • Site currently using     • Install multi-technology readers to read
       125kHz proximity           both newly issued PIV, TWIC, FRAC
       (HID prox or other)        cards plus legacy HID prox card
                                  population during transition.

     • New installation not     • Install single-technology smart reader
       ready to deploy PIV,       versions and use Mifare Classic
       TWIC, FRAC cards           credentials until you are ready to
                                  deploy the new ID cards.

                                • There is a notable cost per cardholder
     • Commercial site of         to obtain a PIV, TWIC, and/or FRAC
       contractor or facility     card. Manage costs by issuing Mifare
       frequented by PIV,         Classic or DESFire cards to personnel
       TWIC, FRAC card            not requiring government IDs. The
       holders                    OmniAssure readers can
                                  simultaneously handle both.

      To turn the reader on/off for reading different formats,
                 just present a configuration card.
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     About Integrated Engineering

     • Honeywell has partnered                 • Sites using this reader
       with Integrated Engineering               technology include:
       B.V. to offer the OmniAssure               • U.S. Government Printing
       product line.                                  Offices (GPO)
                                                  •   National Defense University
     • Integrated Engineering is:
       • One of the top ISO 14443                 •   Fort Hood
           companies in the world                 •   Sun Microsystems
       •   Preferred R&D Partner Philips          •   Proctor & Gamble
           Semiconductors NV                      •   Schlumberger
       •   License Partner of LEGIC and           •   Nissan
                                                  •   Minneapolis Airport
       •   Technology Partner of
                                                  •   IBM
           Bioscrypt, Cogent, LG, etc.
       •   Leader in Boarder                      •   Seattle Airport and Port
           Management E-Passport                  •   University of Arizona

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