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					          WASHINGTON COUNTY,, MD
          WASHINGTON COUNTY MD                                                                                                                            BOARD OF EDUCATION
             (Terms for elected positions expire in 2010)              Human Resources                                                                                                                          Labor Licensing (MD Job Service)                301-393-8200
                                                                       George W. Sonnik, III, Director                  240-313-2350    Dr. Elizabeth Morgan, Superintendent                     301-766-2815
County Commissioners - voice mail 240-313-2200 & extension                                                                              Wayne D. Ridenour, President (2012)                      301-223-7334   Liquor License Board                            301-797-4591
John Barr (R) President                                  x2207         Information Technology                                           Ruth Anne Callaham, Vice President (2010)                301-393-4466
                                                                       Ron Whitt, Director                              240-313-2260    Paul W. Bailey, (2010)                                   301-739-2347   MD Cooperative Extension - Washington Cty.       301-791-1404
Kristin Aleshire (D)                                     x2209
Terry Baker (R)                                          x2205                                                                          Donna L. Brightman (2012)                                301-834-3293
                                                                       Office on Disability Issues/Public Information                   W. Edward Forrest (2012)                                 301-714-0956   MD Department of the Environment -               301-665-2810
Jim Kercheval (R)                                        x2206
                                                                       Norman Bassett                                   240-313-2077    Justin M. Hartings (2012)                                301-695-0022            24-Hour Emergency Number                866-633-4686
William Wivell (R)                                       x2208
                                                                                                                                        William H. Staley (2010)                                 301-797-6188   Motor Vehicle Administration                     800-950-1682
                                                                       Permits & Inspections                                            Board Secretary                                          301-766-2994
County Administrator
                                                                       Daniel Divito, Director                          240-313-2460    The Board of Education meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 7:00 PM.       Office of Consumer Protection                    301-791-4780
Gregory Murray                                       240-313-2200
Clerk to the County Commissioners
                                                                       Planning Commission                                                       MAYORS OF INCORPORATED TOWNS                                   Safe Haven Counseling Center                     301-766-7214
Vicki Lumm                                           240-313-2204
                                                                       Michael Thompson, Director                       240-313-2430                                                            Terms Expire
The County Commissioners meet at the Washington County Admin.
Building on Tuesdays at 8:30 AM & last Tuesday of month at 7:00 PM                                                                      Boonsboro (4 yr term)                                      May 2012     Social Security                                  800-772-1213
                                                                       Public Works                                                     Charles Kauffman, Jr. - 301-432-5141
location to be announced.
                                                                       Joseph Kroboth, Director                         240-313-2257                                                                            Social Services                                  240-420-2100
Assessment Office                                                                                                                       Clear Spring (2 yr term)                                    Nov 2009
                                                                       Purchasing Department                                            Paul D. Hose, Jr. - 301-842-2252                                        University System of Maryland at Hagerstown      240-527-2060
Jerry Elmore, Supervisor                                301-791-3050
                                                                       Karen Luther, Purchasing Agent                   240-313-2330
Budget & Finance                                                                                                                        Funkstown (4 yr term)                                      May 2010     Veterans Administration            by appt. only - 800-446-4926
                                                                       Recreation Department
Debra Murray, Director                                  240-313-2300                                                                    Robert L. Kline - 301-791-0948
                                                                       Jaime Dick, Director                             240-313-2805                                                                            Washington Cty. Free Library                    301-739-3250
Building, Ground & Parks                                                                                                                Hancock (2 yr term)                                          Jan 2011
                                                                       Sheriff                                                                                                                                  Western MD Consortium & Training Place          301-791-3076
Jim Sterling, Director                                  240-313-2700                                                                    Daniel Murphy - 301-678-5622
                                                                       Douglas W. Mullendore, Sheriff (D)               240-313-2105
Building Maintenance                                                                                                                    Keedysville (4 yr term)                                    May 2012     YMCA – Young Men Christian Assoc.               301 739-3990
                                                                       Solid Waste Department
Robert Farmer                                           240-313-2290                                                                    Matt Hull - 301-432-5795
                                                                       Cliff Engle, Director                            240-313-2790
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  CITY OF HAGERSTOWN
Communications Maintenance                                                                                                              Sharpsburg (4 yr term)                                      Nov 2012              (Terms for Mayor & City Council expire in 2012)
                                                                       Transportation Department - County Commuter
Pete Loewenheim                                         240-313-2070                                                                    Hal Spielman - 301-432-4428
                                                                       Kevin Cerrone, Director                          240-313-2750
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Mayor –
Community Partnership for Children & Families                                                                                           Smithsburg (4 yr term)                                     May 2010     Robert Bruchey (R)                              301-739-8577
                                                                       Environmental Management – Water Quality
Stephanie Stone, Director                               240-313-2090                                                                    Mildred L. Myers - 301-824-7234
                                                                       Julie Pippel, Director                           240-313-2600
                                                                                                                                                                                                                City Council –
Convention & Visitors Bureau                                                                                                            Williamsport (4 yr term)                                    Mar 2013    William M. Breichner (D)                        301-739-8577
Thomas Riford, Executive Director                       301-791-3246                          JUDICIAL OFFICES                          James G. McCleaf, II - 301-223-7711                                     Martin E. Brubaker (D)                          301-739-8577
                                                                       Fourth Judicial Circuit Court – 15 years                                                                                                 Forrest Easton (R)                              301-739-8577
County Attorney                                         240-313-2230   Judge Donald Beachley (2014)                     240-313-2555                                                                            Ashley C. Haywood (Una)                         301-739-8577
                                                                       Judge W. Kennedy Boone, III (2014)               240-313-2560                     AGENCIES AND SERVICES
John M. Martirano, Attorney                                                                                                             Boys and Girls Clubs                                   301-733-5422     Lewis C. Metzner (D)                            301-739-7400
Kirk C. Downey, Assist. Attorney                                       Judge M. Kenneth Long (2022)                     240-313-2573
Andrew F. Wilkinson, Assist. Attorney                                  Judge John H. McDowell (2010)                    240-313-2565                                                                            The City Council has work sessions on Tuesdays at 4:00 PM and
                                                                       Judge Daniel P. Dwyer (2010)                     240-313-2550    CASA, Inc.                             24 hour Hotline – 301-739-8975
                                                                                                                                                                                                                a Legislative Session on the 4th Tuesday at 7:00 PM.
County Treasurer                                                                                                                        Chamber of Commerce                                     301-739-2015
Todd L. Hershey (D)                                     240-313-2110   Clerk of the Circuit Court                                                                                                               City Administrative Staff – 301-790-3200
                                                                       Dennis J. Weaver (D)                             301-733-8660
                                                                                                                                        Commission on Aging                                     301-790-0275
Economic Development Commission                                                                                                                                                                                 City Administrator -                       Bruce Zimmerman
Tim Troxell, Executive Director                         240-313-2280   Eleventh District Court                                                                                                                  City Clerk -                                  Donna Spickler
                                                                                                                                        Community Action Council                                301-797-4161
                                                                       Judge Dana Moylan Wright                         240-420-4600                                                                            City Engineer -                               Rodney Tissue
Fire & Rescue Communications                                           Judge Mark D. Thomas                             240-420-4600                                                                            City Housing - 301-733-6911                      Ted Shankle
                                                                                                                                        Food Resources                                          301-733-4002
Kevin Lewis, Director                                   240-313-2900                                                                                                                                            City Planner -                                Kathleen Maher
                                                                       Orphan's Court (Hours 9am -1pm, Tuesday & Friday)                                                                                        City Treasurer/Tax Collector -                Elaine Stookey
                                                                                                                                        Hagerstown Business College (800-422-2670)              301-739-2670
Gaming Office                                                          Gloria A. Bastian (R)                             301-791-3298                                                                           Community Development -                          Larry Bayer
Jim Hovis, Director                                     240-313-2040   Joseph W. Eichelberger (R)                                                                                                               Finance Director -                             Alfred Martin
                                                                                                                                        Hagerstown Community College                            301-790-2800
                                                                       John M. Shriver (R)                                                                                                                      Human Resources -                              Donna Frazier
Hagerstown Regional Airport                                                                                                             Health Department                                       240-313-3200    Police Department -                             Arthur Smith
Carolyn Motz, Airport Director                          240-313-2777   Register of Wills                                                                                                                        Director of Community Affairs -                  Karen Giffin
                                                                       John R. Bloyer (D)                               301-739-3612                                                                            Public Works -                                    Eric Deike
                                                                                                                                        Housing Authority of Washington County                  301-791-3168
Highway Department                                                                                                                                                                                              Director of Utilities -                       Michael Spiker
Edwin L. Plank, Director                                240-313-2720   State's Attorney                                                                                                                         Fire Chief -                                  Gary Hawbaker
                                                                                                                                        Internal Revenue Service                                800-829-1040
                                                                       Charles P. Strong, Jr. (R)                       240-313-2000
                         UNITED STATES                            District 2A                                                                  (Revised 06/2009)
U.S. Senators                                    Terms Expire     Del. Andrew Serafini (R)
                              www.                2010            2 N. Conococheague St., Ste. 206          6 Bladen Street, Rm. 321
Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski (D)    Williamsport, MD 21795                       Annapolis, MD 21401
32 W. Washington St. Ste. 203      503 Hart Senate Office Bldg    301-223-8030                                  800-492-7122 x3447
Hagerstown, MD 21740                   Washington, DC 20510
301-797-2826                                     202-224-4654     District 2B
                                                                  Del. Christopher Shank (R)
                                                2012              21 N. Main St., PO Box 817                    6 Bladen Street, Rm. 212
Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin (D)    Boonsboro, MD 21713                              Annapolis, MD 21401
13 Canal Street Rm. 305           509 Hart Senate Office Bldg     301-432-6200                                     800-492-7122 x3636
Cumberland, MD 21502                  Washington, DC 20510
301-777-2957                                   202-224-4524       District 2C
                                                                  Del. John Donoghue (D)
Representative - 6th Congressional District             
                                             2010                 32 W. Washington St. Ste. 202                  6 Bladen Street, Rm. 307
Rep. Roscoe G. Bartlett, Jr., (R)       Hagerstown, MD 21740                              Annapolis, MD 21401
11377 Robinwood Dr., Ste. F 2412 Rayburn House Office Bldg        301-790-3780                                      800-492-7122 x3125
Hagerstown, MD 21742                Washington, DC 20515
                                                                  District 3B
301-797-6043                                202-225-2721
                                                                  Del. Richard B. Weldon, Jr. (Una)                                 CITIZENS’ GUIDE
                                                                  13 W. Potomac St.                          6 Bladen Street, Rm. 324
                    STATE OF MARYLAND
                State Capital –               Brunswick, MD 21716                           Annapolis, MD 21401                                         TO
                                                                  240-367-6146                                   800-492-7122 x3240
                                           Terms expire – 2010
                                                                                                                                                                   WASHINGTON COUNTY
                                                                                    FACTS FOR VOTERS
Martin O’Malley (D)                             800-811-8336
                                                                  You can vote if you:
Lieutenant Governor
Anthony Brown (D)                              800-811-8336
                                                                       are a citizen of the U.S.
                                                                       are a resident of the county and registered before the books close
                                                                       21 days before the election
Attorney General                               410-576-6300            will be 18 years old by the next general election                                              For more information contact:
Douglas F. Gansler (D)                         888-743-0023            have not been convicted of buying or selling votes; have not been
                                                                       convicted of a felony, or if I have, I have completed serving a court                           WASHINGTON COUNTY
Comptroller                                    410-260-7801            ordered sentence of imprisonment, including any term of parole or                               BOARD OF ELECTIONS
Peter Franchot (D)                             800-638-2937            probation for the conviction.
                                                                       are not under guardianship for mental disability
State Senators                                                    How to Register:                                                                                         Phone: 240-313-2050
District 1                                                             By mail or in person at the Board of Elections located at
Sen. George C. Edwards (R)           35 W. Washington St., Rm. 101, Hagerstown, MD 21740, any
                                                                                                                                                                           TDD : 240-313-2050
113 Baltimore St. Ste. 201           11 Bladen Street, Rm.322          weekday from 8:00am to 4:30pm, or call for an application to be                                     FAX : 240-313-2051
Cumberland, MD 21502                    Annapolis, MD 21401            mailed 240-313-2050.
301-722-4780, toll free 866-430-9553    800-492-7122 x3565             Pick up an application at any post office, school or State agency, or
                                                                       Motor Vehicle Administration – when you apply for a drivers                                              Websites:
District 2                                                             license, picture ID, change your address, or change your name on                  
Sen. Donald Munson (R)           your drivers license.
28 W. Church St.                    11 Bladen Street, Rm. 401                                                                                                 
                                                                       First time voters in Maryland now have to provide their current
Hagerstown, MD 21740                    Annapolis, MD 21401            Maryland drivers license number; if they do not have a drivers                                        www.fvap,gov
301-791-4511 or 800-816-4511             800-492-7122 x3609            license, then and only then the last four digits of their Social
                                                                       Security number, for verification of identity.                                                35 W. Washington St., Room 101
District 3                                                             An application may be downloaded from the State website at –
Senator Alex X. Mooney (R), completed and mailed to the Election                                 Hagerstown, MD 21740-4833
PO Box 669                            11 Bladen Street, Rm. 402        Office. (address shown above)
Frederick, MD 21705                      Annapolis, MD 21401
301-620-0200                             800-492-7122 x3575
                                                                  NEW - WATCH FOR INFORMATION ON
                                                                  EARLY VOTING IN WASHINGTON COUNTY
State Delegates                                                   2010.
District 1C                                                       Once you register and vote, let your representatives know how you
Del. LeRoy E. Myers, Jr. (R)    feel about the issues or legislation. Contact your representative by
14627 National Pike                    6 Bladen Street, Rm. 321   letter, e-mail or telephone.
Clear Spring, MD 21722                    Annapolis, MD 21401     Anyone needing this report in an alternate form please contact
240-527-2500                              800-492-7122 x3321      the Office on Disability Issues at Voice/TDD 240-313-2077.