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                  TRAVEL VOUCHER

Block 1 (Payment):


    Amount indicated is paid directly to Bank of
    America account
       Any or all can be sent to BOA
       Must indicate “ALL” or specific dollar amount
                  TRAVEL VOUCHER

Block 2, 3, & 4: Self-explanatory
    (Blocks 2 - 4: Compare with orders, if orders are
    incorrect, you must correct & initial orders)
Block 5: TDY & Member
Block 6:
    Column a - d: Indicate PERSONAL mailing
    address; this is where correspondence will be
    sent in case there is a problem with your
       Column e: valid e-mail address
                 TRAVEL VOUCHER

Block 7: DAYTIME telephone #
Block 8: Travel Order #, see block 22 of Orders
Block 9:
    List ALL payments made for this TO# by any
    Finance Office for advances/accruals/previous
       Indicate Amount paid, Date paid, & DOV#
       Do NOT list ATM advances/withdrawals
Block 10: Leave blank
               TRAVEL VOUCHER

Block 11 (Organization & station): Unit of
Assignment (Permanent)
Block 12 & 13 & 14: Leave Blank; for PCS travel
            TRAVEL VOUCHER

Bock 15 (ITINERARY):
Column a (date):
       Header line is for year;
       In blank spaces use calendar date,
        e.g. 26MAY
       Do not use times
                 TRAVEL VOUCHER

Block 15 Column b (place):
       Show where TDY started (home or duty):
       Show all stops changing mode of travel
       Show overnight stops
       Show mission complete (final stop)
                   TRAVEL VOUCHER

Block 15 Column c (mode of travel):
       P = privately owned/operated
       C = commercial (own expense)
       G = government (HMMV/TMP)
       TR = transportation request (GTR)
       A = auto
       P = plane
       B = bus
       E.G. PA/private auto; CA/rental car; TR/GTR
                TRAVEL VOUCHER

Block 15 Column d (reason for stop):
       AT = awaiting transportation
       AD = authorized delay
       LV = leave
       TD = TDY
       MC = mission complete

Block 15 Column e (lodging):
       Total amount of lodging
       Do NOT include taxes if TDY to
        CONUS & possessions

Block 15 Column f (miles): Mileage for
POC travel for that leg of trip
                TRAVEL VOUCHER

Block 16: POC travel
    Mark Owner/operator if responsible for
    operation/maintenance expense & used POC at
    any point during trip, e.g. to/from airport etc.
    If owner/operator & passenger for different legs
    of trip - mark owner & clarify in remarks when
    you were passenger vs. owner

Block 17 (Duration of TDY travel):
       Mark appropriate block
            12 hours or less

            More than 12 but less than 24

            More than 24
                 TRAVEL VOUCHER

Block 18 (Reimbursable expenses):
       Column a: date expense occurred
       Column b: type expense, e.g. hotel taxes, tolls
       Column c: amount of expense

Block 19 (government/deductible meals):
       Circle government or deductible as applicable
       Column a: date
       Column b: # of meals that were govt/deductible
              TRAVEL VOUCHER

Block 20:
       Column a: Traveler’s signature
    Column b: Date (must be dated & date signed
    cannot be prior to last day travel)
    Column c: Supervisor’s signature (must be
    signed by “reviewer” - see reviewer’s checklist)
    Column d: Date signed (must be dated & date
    signed cannot be prior to last day travel)
                 TRAVEL VOUCHER

Block 21 Column a (Approving officer signature):
    Approving official “approves” entitlements not
    on original order
    MUST have DD577 on file with paying Finance
    Should indicate items approved or anything
    claimed will be considered approved
       Printed name & signature block w/ signature
Block 21 Column b : must be dated
                                            TRAVEL VOUCHER

                                                              PRIV ACY ACT STATEM ENT
 AUTHORITY: 5 U. S. C. Sect ion 5 7 01 , 3 7 U. S. C. Sect ions 4 04 - 4 27 , 5 U. S.C. Sect ion 30 1 , DoDFMR 70 0 0. 1 4-R, Vol. 9 ,        .
                                                                                                                                         and E O. 9 39 7 .

 PRINCIPAL PURP          OSE(S): This record is used f or review ing, approving, accounting, and disbursing money f or claims submit t ed by
 Depart ment of Def ense (DoD) t ravelers f or of ficial Government t ravel. The Social Securit y number (SSN) is used t o maintain a numerical
 ident if icat ion f iling syst em f or f iling and ret rieving individual claims.

 ROUTINE USE(S): Disclosures are permit ted under 5 U. S. C. 5 52 a(b), P       rivacy Act of 1 97 4 , as amended. In addit ion, inf ormat ion may be
 disclosed t o t he Int ernal Revenue Service f or t ravel allow ances, w hich are subject t o Federal income t axes, and f or any DoD "Blanket Rout ine
 Use" as published in t he Federal Regist er.

 DISCLOSURE: Volunt ary; how ever, f ailure t o f urnish the inf ormat ion request ed may result in tot al or part ial denial of t he amount claimed.

                                                                 PENALTY STATEM ENT

   There are severe criminal and civil p    enalties for kn     ly
                                                           owing submitting a false, fictitious, or fraudulent claim (U. S. Code, Title 1 8, Sections
   2 8 7 and 1 0 01 and Title 3 1 , Section 3 7 29 ).

   ITEM 1 - PAYMENT                                                                 ITEM 1 5 - ITINERARY - SYMBOLS

       M ember must be on elect ronic f unds (EFT) t o part icipate in split        1 5 c. M EANS/ M ODE OF TRAVEL (Use t wo lett ers)
   disbursement. Split disbursement is a payment met hod by w hich

                          Use to clarify anything out of the ordinary
   you may elect t o pay your of f icial t ravel card bill and forw ard t he
   remaining set t lement dollars t o your predesignat ed account . For
   example, $ 2 5 0 .0 0 in t he " Amount t o Government Travel Charge
                                                                                         Government Transport at ion
                                                                                         Commercial Transport at ion
                                                                                                                            - T
                                                                                                                            - G
                                                                                                                                         Aut omobile
                                                                                                                                         M ot orcycle
   Card" block means that $2 5 0 . 00 of your t ravel sett lement w ill be                 (Ow n expense)                   - C          Plane          -   P
   elect ronically sent t o t he charge card company. Any dollars                        Privat ely Ow ned                               Rail           -   R

                                    Travel related issues not
   remaining on this sett lement w ill aut omat ically be sent t o your
   predesignat ed account . Should you elect t o send more dollars
   t han you are ent it led, " all" of t he set t lement w ill be f orw arded t o
                                                                                            Conveyance (POC)
                                                                                    1 5 d. REASON FOR STOP
                                                                                                                            - P          Vessel         -   V

                                   straightforward on form
   t he charge card company. Not if icat ion: you w ill receive your
   regular monthly billing st at ement f rom t he Government Travel
   Charge Card cont ract or; it will st at e: paid by Government ,
                                                                                         Aut horized Delay
                                                                                         Aut horized Ret urn
                                                                                                                                  Leave E Rout e
                                                                                                                                  M ission Complet e
   $ 2 5 0 . 0 0 , 0 due. If you f orw arded less dollars t han you ow e, t he           Aw ait ing Transport at ion   -   AT     Temporary Dut y       -   TD
   st at ement w ill read as: paid by Government , $ 2 50 . 0 0, $ 15 . 0 0              Hospit al Admit t ance        -   HA     Volunt ary Ret urn    -   VR
   now due. Payment by check is made t o t ravelers only w hen EFT                       Hospital Discharge            -   HD
   payment is not direct ed.
                                     Exchange rates for foreign currency           ITEM 1 5 e. LODGING COST
   REQUIRED ATTACHM ENTS                                                                 Ent er t he t otal cost f or lodging.

                                     Indicate leave
   1 . Original and/ or copies of all t ravel orders and amendments, as
   2 . Tw o copies of dependent travel aut horizat ion if issued.
                                                                                    ITEM 1 9 - DEDUCTIBLE M E     ALS
                                                                                            Meals consumed by a member/ employee when f urnished w it h
   3 . Copies of secret arial approval of t ravel if claim concerns                 or w it hout charge incident t o an of ficial assignment by sources
   parent s w ho either did not reside in your household bef ore t heir                                                            ,
                                                                                    ot her t han a government mess (see JFTR par. U41 2 5-A3g and
   t ravel and/or w ill not reside in your household af ter t ravel.                JTR, par. C4 55 4 -B f or definition of deduct ible meals). Meals
   4 . Copy of GTR, M TA or t icket used.                                           f urnished on commercial aircraf t or by privat e individuals are not
   5 . Hotel/ mot el receipt s and any it em of expense claimed in an
                                                                                    considered deduct ible meals.
   amount of $ 7 5. 0 0 or more.
   6 . Ot her att achment s w ill be as direct ed.



DD FORM 135 1-2 (BACK), JUL 2002
           Did You Know??

Requirement for all soldiers;
sign-up at http://www.Us.Army.Mil

   Automatically Sends Email to:
     Notify Traveler When Voucher is Received by

     Servicing DFAS

     Notify Traveler When Payment is Disbursed and
     the Amount

     Provide Contact Information to Traveler for
     Servicing DFAS
              Did You Know??

 Allows customer electronic access to:
         LES View/Print
         Travel Voucher View
         DFAS Vouchers Paid Within Last 6 Months

1-800-332-7366 or DSN: 699-0300
 Allows traveler to check (for past 90 days):
      Receipt of voucher
      Payment of voucher
                         SPLIT                                     Fast
    Late             DISBURSEMENT                                  and
  Payments!                                                      Reliable!

 Department of Army has directed mandatory split payments for all military
 (EFT) payments only--not check payments
 Any portion or all of the travel payment can be sent to Bank of America
   charge card account
 Reviewing Official and Traveler determine Amount to be sent to BOA
 Any Voucher not having a check in Block 1 will not be processed. DFAS will
   attempt to call and resolve within 48 hours.
          REIMBURSABLE                            Must
            EXPENSES                           Authorized!

          ATM Fees: Service members that
     1) do not have a government charge card and
               2) use their personal card
can be reimbursed any fees for making a withdrawal for
 Room Taxes: If travel occurred CONUS, room taxes
should be claimed in Block 18 (separately from lodging
   expense). If OCONUS, do not separate expense.
PA miles: The rate for POC mileage has been changed
              to $.375 cents per mile.
                  (effective 1 Jan. 04)
       Top 10 Reasons For Problem Vouchers

 Missing Traveler/Reviewer/Approving Official Signatures/Dates
 Missing Orders
 Missing Receipts/ Invalid Receipts
 Meals not Identified When Claiming Registration Fees
 Expenses Claimed but not Authorized in Orders
 Block for Mileage not checked/ Owner Operator not Claimed
 Incomplete Itinerary
 Traveler does not submit/Reviewer does not forward voucher within 5
      business days of completion of travel
 ATM Expenses not Separated
 Incorrect SSN on travel vouchers and/or orders