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									Cash Management - Banking Tools to
     Maximize Your Earnings

    Ohio Association of Public Treasurers, October 9, 2008

                  Susie Todaro, Vice President, Sr. Treasury Manager, KeyBank

 A measure of both an organization’s efficiency and
  its short-term financial health. The working capital
  ratio is calculated as:

    Working Capital         =   Current Assets   -   Current Liabilities

 Positive working capital means that the organization
  is able to pay off its short-term
  liabilities. Negative working capital means that an
  organization is currently unable to meet its short-
  term liabilities with its current assets (cash,
  accounts receivable and inventory).


Could your working capital be working
 more productively?
   Optimize Receivables
   Maximize Liquidity
   Control the Payments Process

Optimize Receivables

Lockbox Services for Larger Volumes
 Turns tax payments or utility payments into
  productive, available cash faster.
 Checks are cleared electronically as images.
 Reduces need for costly courier services.
 Increases speed and accuracy of deposits.
 Provides enhanced information to support cash
  flow forecasting.
 Provides extensive remittance and deposit
  information, while minimizing employee
  processing requirements.

Optimize Receivables

Remote Deposit Services for
 Moderate to Smaller Volumes
 Remote deposit technology helps expedite check
 Remote deposit solutions allow organization to make
  check deposits electronically, without having to transport
  paper checks to bank locations.
 Remote deposit capture also effectively extends deposit
  window hours, maximizing funds availability.
 Remote deposit technology also allows organizations to
  collect payments and make deposits from anywhere.

Optimize Receivables

Begin to eliminate paper from your
 processing workflows.
 In 2006, over two-thirds of all non-cash
  payments were made via electronic methods.
 Accepting deposits electronically via the
  Automated Clearing House (ACH) network can
  provide significantly faster funds availability
  than paper checks.
 ACH also helps reduce risk by accelerating the
  receipt of return item information.
 ACH also helps to simplify statement
  reconciliation and improve cash forecasting.
 Have a return items process in place to receive
  the cash faster.
Maximize Liquidity

It’s all about cash.
 Invest and maintain liquidity with
   sweep accounts.
 Consider longer-term investment
 Work with a professional advisor.
 Safeguard your accounts with
   positive pay and other fraud
   prevention solutions.

Fraud: A Problem That Won’t Go Away

      Fraud targets any individual or organization, and
       particularly those that demonstrate weaknesses.

      AFP survey states that 72% of organizations have
       been victims of attempted or actual payment

      The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
       (ACFE) calculates annual losses due to fraud at
       $652 billion, or approximately five percent of the
       nation’s GNP.

      Hidden costs of fraud include operational
       exposure, opportunity cost, reputation risk and
       employee satisfaction.

Control the Payments Process

Is there a better way to pay.
 Optimize funding of payment accounts
    Controlled Disbursements accounts (CDAs).
    When coupled with Positive Pay, CDAs help
      provide both increased control over funding
      and a higher level of protection against
 Eliminate Paper with electronic payment
 Incorporate Purchase Card Solutions.

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Susie Todaro
Vice President
KeyBank Global Treasury Management


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