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					      Business Solutions
Egyptian National Railways ENR
                     ENR Objective
• ENR main function is to operate trains loading:

   – Passengers
   – Cargo
                              ENR Structure
            Level 1
                                      reports         At the HQ level, a consolidated
                                                      reports from level 2 and 3 can
                                                      be viewed
            Level 2

                                                                                                                             E N T I T I E S
               R1              R2                    R3                     R4                               Warehouses

                       R5             R6
                                                   HR data is recognized/
                                                   recorded on the region level,                             Rolling Stock

                                                                                    Financial data HR data
                                                   consolidated financial reports
                                                   from level 3 and HR reports
                                                   aqt the region level

            Level 3                                                                                          Personnel
                SBU 1         SBU 2            SBU 3               SBU 4

                                                      Financial data is recognized/
                      SBU 5           SBU 6           recorded at the SBU level,
                                                      reporting for financial data at
                                                      the SBU level
                                    ENR Facts
                              Description                                         Size
                                                 Main Stations                    22
                                                Central Stations                  59
                                                Midsize Stations                  60
    Number of Stations                           Small Stations                   267
                                                Suburb Stations                   21
                                                  Halt Stations                   276
                                                      Total                       705
                                             Passenger Locomotives                487
                                              Freight Locomotives                 151
                                              Iron Ore Locomotives                33
                                              Shunting Locomotives                30
       Rolling Stock
                                               Total Locomotives                  701
                                               Passenger Coaches                 3,808
                                                                             12,000 (Total)
                                                Freight Wagons
                                                                           8500 (Operational)
                                              Net Tons (in mn.) p.a.            10,458

Passenger Sales Information                     Net Tons KM p.a.                 3,833
          (2006)                       Number of regular train runs p.a.        16,284
                                             Revenue 2005 (in mn.)                196
        Employees                           Number of ENR Employees             75000
Business Solutions

Rail Sales Management (Passenger / Freight)   ERP
Ticketing                                     Financial Management
Reservation                                   Budgeting & Forecasting
Revenue Management                            Financial / Cost Accounting
Fare, Price & timetable                       Financial Supply Chain
Shift Management & Accounting                 Supply Chain Management
Order Management                              Warehouse Management
                                              Procurement & Supplier Management
Rail Operations Management                    Human Resources Management
Station/Yard Management                       Enterprise Asset Management
Fleet Management                              Corporate Performance Management
Scheduling & Network
Crew Management                               CRM
Maintenance, Repairs & Overhaul               Account and Contact Management
Operations Control                            Campaign & Promotion Management
                                              Complaints Management
                                              Informational Self-Service
                                              Customer Loyalty Program
Business Applications
Freight Transportation
Revenue Accounting
Wagons Inspection                                                               Business Intelligence
Train Performance Simulator                                                     Financial Analytics
Rolling Stock Asset Management                                                  Customer Analytics
Freight Sales                                                                   Sales Analytics
Value Added Services                                                            Operations Analytics
                                    Main Functional Building Blocks
1                                                   2                                                 3                                                4
                              ERP                         Rail Sales Management –                            Rail Sales Management –                                      Rail Operations
                                                                  Passenger                                            Cargo                                               Management

                 Budgeting &         Controlling


                                                                       Strategic Planning                                   Strategic Planning



                 Forecasting                                                                                                                                                Timetable Construction

                   Financial    Consolidation &
                 Accounting     Legal Reporting                        Demand Forecast                                       Demand Forecast
                                                                                                                                                                               Timetable Update
                 Accounting                                                                                             Product & Service Definition
                                                                    Prod- & Service Definition                                                                               Duty & Shift Planning
                  Financial      Corporate


                  Analytics     Performance                                                                              Pricing & Sales Planning
                                   Mgmt                             Pricing & Sales Planning                                                                                    Crew Rostering

                   Inventory   Materials Requ.                                                                            Contract Management
                                                                        Offer Generation                                                                                  Local Work-Order Planning
Supply Chain

               Warehouse Mgmt     Planning
                                                                                                                             Offer Generation

                Procurement & Vendor Catalogue                                                                                                                            Local Workforce Dispatching
                Supplier Mgmt      Mgmt                                   Reservation
                  Inbound &                                                                                                   Capacity Mgmt.
                                                                                                                                                                             Asset & Rolling Stock

                  Outbound                                                    Sales

                                                                                                                                                           Engine & Car
                   Logistics                                                                                                                                                       Planning
                                                                                                                           Transportation, Service,

                   Payroll          Time Clocking                           Payment                                           Empty Car Orders                              Engine & Car Rotation

                                                                                                                          Commercial Information

                   Benefits     Employee Master                           Ticket Issuing                                                                                    Engine & Car Rostering
                  Training       Performance                        Commercial Information                                    Prepare Billing

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Signaling Project
                                                                                                                                                                              Commerc. Operations

                                                                                                          After Sales
                Management       Management

                                                                                                           Billing &

                                                                                                                                                                                                           In scope of
& Eng.

                 Maintenance           Asset                            Ticket Validation

                                                                                                                                                                               Operations Control
                  and Repair          Register                                                                             Claims Management                                      Train Control
                Account and      Campaign and                         Revenue Accounting
                Contact Mgmt    Promotion Mgmt                                                                                                                                  Local Production
                                                                                                                           Revenue Accounting


                 Customer          Customer

                                                                     Revenue Management

                 Database          Analytics                                                                              Revenue Management

                                                                                                                                                                             Information Distribution

               Complaint Mgmt                                          Support Functions                                    Support Functions                                 Operations Analytics

            5                                                                         6                                                                          7
                 End-user Computers and                                                                                                                                    Communication &
                                                                                                 Data Center
                        Devices                                                                                                                                               Network
Enterprise Resource Planning

                      ERP Overview
• The ENR is a huge organization in terms of number of employees
  (75,000 employees), number of transactions and criticality of
  business nature.
• The main operation services that ENR performs are as follows:
    – Passengers
    – Cargo
• Although the ENR has a huge number of transactions and very high
  service demand even bigger than the services supplied by ENR; the
  main objective of implementing the ERP system is to gather and
  analyze data with the objective of increasing profit; the ENR has a
  very big potential to increase profit but we need data and
  information to reach our objective successfully.
• According to the aforementioned facts. The ENR has to have a
  dependable system that can provide, efficient, effective and
  accurate “information” that will serve as a first step to take the right
  decisions to increase profits and provide high quality service to its
            ENR New Structure(1)
• In order to achieve our objectives it was a must to change
  both the organization and financial structure.
• A new organization and financial structures have been
  implemented with the following objectives:
   – Efficient use of human resources.
   – Provide high quality service.
   – Define different processes for each activity performed through
     ENR operations and define the workflow that is involved to ease
     the integration between different processes
   – Efficient and dependable reports which is a must to take
     positive business decisions.
• The automated system(ERP) has to be designed to reflect
  the new structure and help in achieving the new objectives.
          Current Systems Status
• The ENR realized the benefits of having an automated
  system a long time ago.
• ENR financial and payroll “data” are the main output of the
  currently implemented system.
• Current system is based on a legacy system, which lacks
  power, maintenance and very limited when it comes to
  changing business rules also the user interface is a big
• A backup system was implemented with one objective; to
  backup data incase of catastrophic mainframe failure, the
  backup system is based on Oracle technology and was
  configured/implemented internally with TransIT staff.
        Current status (Work Done)

• A high level analysis has been done for each ERP
  module (most of modules).
• Business owners were involved in the aforementioned
  step to get the information from the right person also
  to break the ice between the users and the new
  automated system.
• Draft RFP has been developed with all ERP
• All RFP’s will be available for download from our
  website .
• Other tendering and bidder services will be added to
  the portal as we are moving our business.
                System details
• Specific and complete system details are available in
  the RFP document, however from a high level point of
  view we are looking forward to implement a full
  fledged, fully functioning and integrated ERP system
  with the following main functionality:
                   System details(1)
• Financial management
   – Financial Management refers to all accounting activities determining
      the costs of providing all ENR services and products. Ultimately the
      Financial module should help all ENR'S departments and Strategic
      Business Units improve their financial management, reduce
      paperwork and manual effort, and shorten response times.
   – The financial module structure is expected to include the following
      structure/functionality (at least)
                      System details(2)
•   Human Resources
     – Human resources management automates all related personnel processes
       including recruitment management, personnel profiles and employees master
       data, organizational structure, career development and training, performance
       and reward management, job positions and payroll/wage profiles, Payroll
       processing, business travel and vacation allotments, time and clocking,
       training and performance administration and management, course evaluation,
       government compliance reporting, union information, discipline actions and
       grievances tracking, and employment history/personnel reporting. The
       module structure/functionality is expected to be conform with the following
       high level view:
                       System details(3)
•   Maintenance & Engineering
     – Although ENR is not performing as a manufacturer however, there are several
       manufacturing activities that require control and automation. On the other
       hand there are massive maintenance operations including planning and
       scheduling that extends to almost all railways sectors. Ultimately solution
       should include the following functionalities to cover all different process areas.
                      System details(4)
•   CRM
     – The CRM application is aimed to be used as the central customer/account data
       base used by all ERP and non-ERP modules and across all ENR's different SBU's
       e.g. PLD, PSD, freight, etc..
                       System details(5)
•   Business intelligence
     – The business intelligence module is the end result of all aforementioned
        modules, the main function of the BI module is to gather and analyze “data”
        to get useful “information”, the main objective is to act as a decision support
        system to help high level management take effective decisions and implement
        decision efficiently. A good example of level of details needed for reporting
        would be the passenger revenue model, following is the expected structure
        for the BI module
Ticketing and Reservation

              T&R Project Objectives
1.   Central Management and control of the T&R System .

2.   Reliable supervision, inspection and validation tools to decrease fraud.
3.   Seat optimization to increase revenue.

4.   T&R System should be open , flexible , scalable and has the capability to
     interface with any external functional modules like City transportation card
     management system and future integration to the ERP.

5.   Implement a reporting tool that covers all the needs of the operational and
     management requirements.

6.   Revenue management and optimization.

7.    Comprehensive set of security measures and rules that regulate the access
     privileges and prevent any violations of the system or any unauthorized access
     to any of system component beside the protection from the Fraud attempts by
     passengers or staff.
              T&R Project Objectives
13.   System applications should automate all of the business processes and
      operational procedures related to the ticketing system like (shift management,
      maintenance management, accounting management …etc).

14.   Fare management application should cover the current fare structures and can
      be easily customized to implement any new fare model.

15.   The new ticketing system should be designed to support different ticket media
      especially for single ride.

16.   Smooth migration from old to the new system with minimum risk.

17. Operation and maintenance costs of the new system should be minimum “An
     estimated study for system running cost for 5 year after guarantee period
     should be provided by the contractors.
      Existing T&R Application software
•   No central system for controlling and managing the sales

•   Lack of tools for creating new fare products and controlling revenue

•   Fraud percentage is very high.

•   Customer service is very poor and no system to process their requests.

•   Lack of tools for Validation and controlling the fare media.

•   Low IT penetration within ENR departments

•   Planning and Passenger sales activities are done mostly manual.
List of the required functionality for the ENR reservation and ticketing system

•   Reservation                                                                 •   Data Management, Back office operation responsible to perform and keep track
      –    PNR management                                                           of:
      –    Seats availability                                                          •    market analysis
      –    Seats assignment                                                            •    network management
      –    Train composition, seat layout                                              •    links management
      –    Inventory management                                                 •   Reporting
      –    Allotment management                                                       –      Basic reporting capabilities (access to operational data, using ready-made or
      –    Link to other systems                                                             customizable reporting facilities) including:
      –    Data interchange with Yield Management                                     •      Data collection
                                                                                      •      Data reduction
•   Ticketing                                                                         •      Chart presentation
                                                                                      •      Report management; typical KPIs covered shoud be:
      –    Online Timetable                                                                                   –     Operational efficiency in processing passengers
      –    Any to any Origin/Destination                                                                      –     Passenger operating revenue
      –    Offerings and Services                                                                             –     Cargo operating revenue
                                                                                                              –     Channel effectiveness
      –    Prices and Tariffs
                                                                                •   Integrated Ticketing with Urban Transport
                                                                                      –      Support multiple contact channels
•   Channels                                                                          –      Include built-in work processes
      –    Stations
                                                                                      –      Have robust response management capability
      –    Travel Agency operator
                                                                                      –      Provide knowledge base capability
      –    Kiosk devices
                                                                                      –      Support effective agent collaboration
      –    OnBoard PDA including mobile ticketing
                                                                                      –      Provide Interaction tracking and customer history
      –    Internet
      –    Call centers                                                         •   Functionality to support Freight Transport
      –    Others... (e.g Bank ATMs)                                                  –      Most of the passenger functionality can be used with regards to cargo transport
                                                                                             with minimal modifications
                                                                                      –      Specific functions such as waybill management and order track and trace should be
•   Timetable, Pricing and Fare Management                                                   added
      –    Load data into the system
                                                                                      –    cargo terminal management
      –    Simulation to define best price with focus on revenue optimization
                                                                                •   Yield/Revenue Management
                                                                                      –      Forecasting module
•   Accounting and Shift management
                                                                                      •      study of historical series
      –    Stock management
                                                                                      •      current reservation figures
      –    Shift management
                                                                                      –      Optimization module
      –    Commissions management
                                                                                      –      Info centre module to support
      –    Data transfer to Host
                                                                                      •      Monitoring, Alarms, Tuning
      Project Scope-Ticketing and
        Reservation Application

• The provision of software,

• Customizing and implementation,

• Required hardware & networking,

• Program management and training
            Project Approach
• Phase 1: Design Rail Passenger Sales
  Management System
• Phase 2: Build Rail Passenger Sales
  Management System
• Phase 3: Operate Rail Passenger Sales
  Management System
• Phase 4: Transfer Rail Passenger Sales
  Management System