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					Computer Studies Project
Input and Output devices
   What is Smart card and Smart card reader ?.........P.1
   Real Examples and usages ………….………….....P.2
   Type of device and data..........................................P.3
   Features of card and reader....................................P.4
   Advantages and disadvantages …..P.5,P.6 ,P.7 & P.8
   Photographs ...........................................................P.9
   Sources of Information.........................................P.10
    What is Smart card and Smart card reader ?
Smart Card Reader which comprises of a controller board
and an antenna is a electronic device used to read data stored
in the Smart cards. The reader uses inductive Radio
Frequency (RF) coupling to transmit power and data signals
to the processors inside the Smart card. Smart card is a small
electronic device about the size of a credit card that contains
electronic memory and it can store value ,digital data and
record transactions.

   Real Examples and Usages
Real Examples
 Octopus card and Octopus card reader are the real examples of Smart
 card and Smart card reader respectively in our daily life. They are very
 common in Hong Kong and have become parts of our life. We usually use
 them when we take a public transport, buy something or have an
 Users simply "beep" their Octopus cards on Octopus card readers which
 will automatically deduct the correct amount from the cards so there's no
 longer a need for coins. The Octopus can be widely used in over 160
 different Service Provider’s outlets, including public transport, parking,
 fast food shops, supermarkets, vending machines, access control system
 and leisure facilities.
   Type of device and data
Smart card reader is an input device since it accepts digital
data from the Smart card and deducts the numerical value
stored in the card in operation. The numerical value inside
the card deducted by the reader usually represents the
amount of money. In the coming years, it is believed that
the demand for coins and bank notes will decrease
gradually in Hong Kong.

  Features of card and reader
The features are summarized as follows :
1. Fast transactions and wide usages
  Octopus card is applicable in different services like public
  transports and vending machines etc.
2. High stability
  The remote contact-less feature allows the Smart card to
  operate with more stability.
3. Recycle usage
  The card is re-loadable, so there is no need for disposal,
  and the pet material used to fabricate the card is also
  environmentally friendly.

   Advantages and disadvantages(1)
There are six main advantages:
Advantages :
1. High accuracy, stability and efficiency
   The interaction between the card and the reader is contact-less,
    providing a fast and reliable transaction and usually without the
    trouble of removing the card from the purse or wallet.
2. Multiple purposes and Solving the problems on coins
   The card can be commonly used across multiple modes of public
    transport in Hong Kong, allowing passengers to change modes
    without buying separate tickets. There is no need to carry cash or
    worry about exact charge for individual journeys.
   Furthermore, it can be used to buy products and have entertainment.
3. Being environmentally friendly
   The Octopus cards are reusable, thus they don’t make any
    pollutions to the Earth. According to a report published by a local
    University, the Octopus card has no adverse effects on the
    environment and no harmful or toxic chemicals will produce or
    liberate even though it is heated.                                 P.5
    Advantages and disadvantages(2)
Advantages :
4. Lightness
   The card is small in size, thin and easy to be brought. So users may
    take their Octopus cards to everywhere hereafter instead of heavy
    coins and pieces of bank notes.
5. Reducing the demand for currency
   As the invention of Smart card, it leads us to another new manner of
    living, it makes us more convenient and the demand for currency
    has been relatively decreasing. I think the decrease is continuous
    and the (decrease) rate will get faster and faster.
6. Discounts and other preference
   Discounts are applied when using the Octopus card for a number
   of services for some large scale companies in Hong Kong.
 Advantages and disadvantages(3)
Three major disadvantages are concluded as below.
Disadvantages :
1. Dependence of card users on Octopus card and Causing inconvenience
  Most of the shops in Hong Kong have not installed Octopus card
  readers that may cause inconvenience for the consumers who
  usually use their Octopus cards for payments.
2. Lack of capability in avoiding abuse
  The Octopus card is a kind of smart card but it can not avoid
  being used by abusers who may get the cards by illegal means or
  finding it unintentionally from the cards’ holders and abuse it instead
  of returning it to the relevant department.                       P.7
   Advantages and disadvantages(4)
Disadvantages :
3. Easiness of being affected/damaged
  The cards may be damaged and the data inside the cards may lose when
  they contact with or are just near to something magnetic. Besides, they
  may have the same effects if they are placed somewhere with high
  humidity. Users should avoid placing their cards under the above

     Photographs               Special version of Octopus card

Personal Octopus card

                        For car parking       Buying drinks with
                                              Octopus cards

For public transports

                        Adults Octopus card and its cover    P.9
   Sources of Information
Book :       Computer Studies textbook
Websites :


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