Introducing the Zebra P640i

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					Introducing the Zebra P640i
Revolutionary Design & Reliability, Superior Print Quality,
Multiple Security Features

       Sales Presentation Contents

    • P640i Product Overview
    • P640i Target Markets & Customer Requirements
    • Product Specifications
    • Unique Security Options
    • Product Features & Benefits
    • Competitive Printer Comparisons
    • Consumables Comparisons
    • Selling the Zebra P640i

       New “Secure Printing Solution”

      • Full color dual-sided printing and dual-sided lamination
      • Micro card positioning for excellent color registration
        and superior print quality
      • Numerous security features (covert printing, Secure
        ID/Key, ID/Log, customizable hologram laminates)

       When Security Counts,
       Count on Zebra P640i

               • Revolutionary Concept
                  – Next generation P640i printer laminator backed by
                    10 years experience of field proven reliability
               • Many “Best in Class” Features
                  – Lowest cost per card
                  – Highest production output
                    120 cards per hour
                  – Superior print quality
               • Reliable and Easy to Use

       The Best Choice In the Marketplace

               • The next generation of Zebra’s industrial-strength
                 printing solution for long lasting, secure cards, the
                 P640i delivers mission-critical reliability and superior
                   Fastest
                   Smallest
                   Lightest
                   Lowest cost per card
                  = Best In Class

       Designed for Customers Requiring
       Secure Card Protection

               • Medium to large size businesses
                 and government agencies
                  – For Agency Licenses, High Security
                    Access Control ID Cards, Law
                    Enforcement and Correctional Facility
                    ID Cards, Airport ID Cards
                  – Any card application requiring secure
                    issuance of tamper-resistant ID’s
                  – Any card application requiring longer
                    lasting cards (5 plus years)

       What These Customers Are Looking For

               • Printer Reliability & Ease of Use
                  – Fewer printer failures equals less time & money spent to
                    keep printer operational, fewer field calls, fast repair times
                  – Concise user documentation & easy to identify customer
                    touch points
               • Low Cost Per Card
                  – Low total cost of ownership for
                    printers, ribbons, laminates & cards
                      • MSRP of P640i ribbons & laminates
                        combined, lowest in industry

       What These Customers Are Looking For

               • Cards with Unique Security Features
                  – A strong solution to protect the printed
                    images & text from counterfeiting
                      • Examples: hologram laminates, security
                        images embedded in cards, Uv printing,
                        covert printing, microtext printing

               • Longer Lasting Cards (greater than
                 5 years)
                  – Application of 1.0 mil laminate to printed
                    cards helps increase life expectancy of card

       The P640i Meets
       These Customers’ Needs
               • Printer Reliability & Easy to Use
                   – Next Generation Card Transport Mechanism
                   – Patent Pending Card Flip Mechanism
                   – Lightweight System Design
                       • Weight 35 lbs (15.8kg)
                       • Easier to carry & lower shipping costs
                       • Less than USA Health & Safety weight guidelines 50 lbs (22.6kg)
               • Numerous Security Features & Options
                   – For cards, print ribbons, laminates, and printer
               • Low Cost Per Card & Long Lasting Cards
                   – P640i offers the lowest MSRP for printer & consumables
                   – PVC composite cards with 1.0 mil laminate on both sides

       P640i Specifications
               •   Speed: 120 cards per hour
               •   Input hopper: 150 cards (30 mil)
               •   Windows drivers: 2000 & XP
               •   ID/Print Lite (Card Sample Print Utility)
               •   Various Encoding Options
                    – Magnetic stripe encoding
                    – Smart Card Contact Station
                    – Smart Card Contact Encoding
                    – Smart Card Contactless Encoding
               •   Expanded Interface Connectivity
                    – USB Standard with Optional Parallel or Built-In Ethernet
               •   Designed for Worldwide Presence
                    – Agency Approvals for 23 Countries

       P640i Electronics

               •   Bi-directional driver

               •   8 MB image memory
                   standard for full automatic
                   error recovery

               •   Flash-based firmware for
                   easy download and upgrades

               •   110V & 220V versions

       P640i Interface & Network Connectivity
               • USB (standard configuration)
               • Options:
                  – Parallel w/ECP support (printer minimum order applies)
                  – Built In Ethernet
                      • 10/100BT Ethernet (TCP/IP)
                      • Share a printer with
                        everyone on your network
                      • Remotely administer your
                        printer through your network
                      • Increase reliability by easily
                        replacing printers with no
                        down time
                      • Increase output by adding
                        printers as needed
                      • Ability for distributed printing
                        across sites

       P640i Other Options

        • Magnetic stripe encoder
        • Smart card contact station
        • Smart card contact & contactless
        • ID/Key to prevent unauthorized
          printer use
        • Customizable laminates
               –   OVI (optically variable ink)
               –   Various Type of Holograms

  Adding Security To Card Printing
  Just Got Easier!

                              “Secure Printing

                                 – Cards

                                 – Print ribbons

                                 – Laminate

                                 – Printer

       P640i Unique Security
       Features & Options
               •   Customizable hologram laminates
               •   Gray-on-gray printing
               •   Micro text printing effects
               •   Secure UV Printing capability
               •   ID/Code (driver & host computer communication control)
               •   Password protection for changing printer’s default settings
               •   ID/Log
                    – A driver utility that builds a customizable
                      record of card transactions in the printer’s
                      host computer for added security
               •   Optional ID/Key
                    – Disables the printer when removed
                    – Prevents unauthorized printer use

       Customizable Security Hologram

               • Laminate Ribbons (600 cards)
                  – 1.0 mil thick protective material
                      • Linerless & wastefree (no carrier)
                  – Clear laminate
                  – Customizable holographic laminate
                    for added security
                      • Near edge protection (full size)
                      • Mag stripe & signature panel cards
                      • Smart cards (full size with window
               • Hologram laminate makes cards more tamper-
                 resistant and deters fraudulent reproduction

       Types of Customizable Security
       Hologram Laminates
               •   OVI
                    – Optically variable inks make up image or text, shows
                      various color effects as the image is rotated
               •   Pixel-Grafx hologram
                    – State-of-the-art computer graphics with traditional
                      holography to produce “pixilated” imagery (series of
                      pixels or dots), which are exposed to laser light at
                      multiple angles to achieve maximum brightness even
                      in ordinary (fluorescent) lighting conditions
               •   2D Hologram
                    – Two-dimensional images, images are assigned
                      different colors and position in one layer.
               •   2D/3D Hologram
                    – Multiple two dimensional layers with hologram
                      images visually placed one behind another with
                      visual depth to produce an effect of three-
                      dimensional hologram structure

       Gray on Gray Text

               • Accurate color registration
                  – P640i is capable of micro-
                    printing text that’s unreadable
                    without magnification, in gray
                    tones produced from Y, M, and
                    C color passes
                  – You can use this capability to
                    print "gray-on-gray" encrypted
                    data, plus date and time of
                  – You can also make
                    counterfeiting even more
                    difficult using a program of
                    intentional errors and random
                    font changes.

       Special Printing Effects - Micro Text

               • Capable of micro
                 printing text less than
                 15 mil high
               • Accurate positioning of
                 card during printing
                 process allows the
                 printer the ability to
                 produce special printing

       Security UV Printing

                                Uv panel
                                                           • YMCUvK Ribbon
                                                           • Fourth panel of ribbon that is
                                                             transparent in normal light, but
                                                             fluorescent under UV
      YMCUvK ribbon for P640i
      Printer                                              • Prints invisible data that can only be
                                                             seen under a black light
                                                           • Full-size UV panel
                                                               – Allows the placement of UV-visible
                                                                 features anywhere on the card face –
                                                                 anything from complex graphics to
                                           Uv image is           messages such as date of expiration
                                           a duplication         or other permit restrictions
                                             of photo

       ID/Code and Password Protection

           • Programmable pass-code that ties the card printer
             to the host computer and disables the printer when
             connected to an unauthorized host
           • Password protection – driver feature
             that can be set
               – Prevents operator changes to default
                 settings allow technicians to change

       ID/Log Software (standard feature)

                     • Printer Driver Software Utility
                        – Builds a customizable record of card
                          transactions in the printer’s host
                          computer for added security
                        – Records a user-selectable list of data
                          including printer serial number, date,
                          time and location. The data set can be
                          uploaded to a central archive, thus
                          providing a means for security offices
                          to validate the card by comparing it
                          with tamper-proof “real data”
                        – EIN (embedded inventory number)
       ID/Key (Optional hardware device)
               •   Security device intended to
                   prevent unauthorized use of the
               •   Rugged semiconductor contained
                   by metal and covered in plastic
               •   Metal key is a spoon shaped fob
                   which is inserted into frame of
               •   Each semiconductor has a factory
                   etched, unique and permanent
                   identification number
               •   ID/Key is electronically read by
                   printer, if code is correct, printer is
               •   When printer is not in use, simply
                   remove it and store it in a secure

       Industrial Design – Smaller and Lighter

               • Enclosure with transparent viewing windows
                  – Dual door system for easy access to two separate areas of
                    the printer
                      • Card Feeder (150 – 30mil cards)
                      • Printer and laminator station
                  – Viewing windows allows
                    monitoring of printing process
                  – Removable card exit hopper
                  – Lightweight design
                  – Small footprint for dual
                    process (print & laminate) printer

       Next Generation Card Transport

               • High efficiency, micro-positioning card transport
                  – Advantages
                     • Micro-printing capability
                     • Better edge definition for crisper fine details
                     • Precision card registration for best color printing during
                       Y-M-C printing process
                     • Consistent high quality graphics
                     • Increased card printing speed
                     • Zero card slippage
                     • No cleaning required of card
                       transport mechanism
                     • No user intervention

       Advanced Printing Station

                          • Ribbons with i Series
                          • Auto ribbon detection for
                            easier printer driver set up
                          • Active printhead lift for
                            easier ribbon loading
                          • Ribbon button on control
                            panel for automatic ribbon

       Ribbon Specifications

               • Print Ribbons
                  – YMCK - 600 images per roll
                    (matches laminate count)
                  – YMCKK - 500 images per roll
                  – YMCUvK - 500 images per roll
               • Security custom codes available
                  – For large projects ribbons can be
                    RFID encoded with unique
                    security customer codes

       Reliable Dual-Sided “One-Pass”

               • Upper & Lower Heated Rollers Simultaneously
                 Laminate Front and Back of Cards
               • Two Laminate Cassettes
                  – Houses front & back laminate rolls
                  – 600 capacity 1.0mil laminate
                  – Color coded (blue touch point)
                  – Cassettes removable and refillable
                  – Quick tabs locks cassettes in place

       Patent Pending Card Cleaning

      • Easy to Load Cleaning
               – Cleans both sides of the card
                 before printing
                  • Removes lint & debris from
                    card that could hamper color
                  • Color coded (blue touch point)
                  • Disposable
                  • Cleans up to 3,000 cards per

       Printer Ship Kit

               • Reusable easy-to-load laminate cassettes
               • Convenient printer driver, User
                 documentation, IDPrint Lite
                  – Windows® 2000 & XP Printer Drivers
                  – Quick Start & Operator’s Guide (hard copy & electronic)
                  – IDPrint Lite – simple utility designed for functional testing of printer
               • Power Cord
               • USB Cable
               • Card feeder weight & card exit hopper
               • Sample Test Cards

       Key Features & Benefits Summary

      • Superior Print Quality
               – Micro-positioning card transport system
                 provides optimal color fidelity and high
                 quality color printing
      • Multiple Security Features
               – Security features for all components required to
                 create a highly secure and durable ID card from the
                 card, print ribbons, laminates, printer, and software
                 printer driver
      • Low Cost, Dual-Sided, Wastefree Lamination
               – Laminates both sides of card simultaneously
               – Extra durable 1.0 mil laminate available in clear
                 or with security holograms
               – Lowest MSRP per card in industry
  Lowest Price In The Industry
  for a Security Printer!

   • Options
          – Built-In Ethernet
          – Magnetic encoder
          – Smart Card Contact Station
          – Smart Card Contact Encoder
          – Smart Card Contactless
          – ID/Key

       P640i Compared to the Competition

Mfg.             Zebra       Datacard         Fargo          Nisca           VDS            Zebra’s
                                                                           Edisecure      Advantages
                 P640i      IC IV w/Lam    HDP600-LC       P5200-3x
Technology        D2T2         D2T2        Re-transfer       D2T2         Re-transfer     Field proven
                                                                                        reliability = Less

Dual sided      120 CPH      116 CPH         55 CPH         45 CPH          55 CPH           Fastest
printing &
                                                                                          Best in class
Dual sided      One Pass    Two Passes     Two Passes     Two Passes      Two Passes    Simpler integrated
lamination                                                                              one-step process

Laminate Roll   600 cards    250 cards      125 cards      125 cards       250 cards       Lowest user

MSRP             € 6,495     € 7,995*        € 9,595*       € 8,050*       € 8,095*     Best price lowest
                                                                                          capital cost

                            *Source: Competitor's Published Suggested List Pricing

       Consumables Cost Per Card

   Printer           Zebra            DataCard                      Fargo
                      P640i             IC IV-LC                  HDP600-LC
                     List Price          List Price                 List Price

   YMCK Ribbon       € 0.26              € 0.20                     € 0.36

   Retransfer Film     NA                  NA                  € 0.13 Side 1
                                                               € 0.13 Side 2
   Front Card        € 0.12              € 0.19                     € 0.22
   Back Card         € 0.12              € 0.19                     € 0.22
   Cost Per Card     € 0.50             € 0.58*                    € 1.06*
                                  *Source: Competitor's Published Suggested List Pricing
       How the P640i Beats the Competition
               •   Up to 50% savings on consumable costs over retransfer printing
                    – Retransfer film & laminate list prices = $0.73 to $1.31 per card
               •   Less expensive than carrier based laminates
                    – Carrier based laminates list prices = $0.40 to $0.92 per card
                    – No carrier waste with the linerless P640 laminate
                    – Higher capacity laminate – less user intervention
               •   Best print quality (direct to card)
                    – Micro positioning card transport mechanism
               •   Lightest, Fastest, Smallest
               •   Field Proven Reliability
               •   Added Security Features for Entire System

               •   The Zebra Brand Advantage – Make the Right Choice!

        Where P640i Fits

                                  Print Volume
                       P640       Card Security
                                  Card Durability
                    Market Size

       Zebra’s Laminating Printers
                                                          P520                           P720                  P640i

           Speed*                            60 cards/hour                       120 cards/hour        120 cards/hour

           Edge-to-edge                      Yes                                 Yes                   No
           Card Input Hopper                 100 cards input                     200 cards input       150 cards input

           Card Thickness                    30 mil                              30-50 mil             27-39 mil
           Ribbon Capacity                   400 images/roll                     400 images/roll       600 images/roll
           YMCK ribbon
           Laminate Capacity                 50 cards                            800 cards             600 cards
           (Dual Sided)

           Type of Laminate                  1.0 mil (carrier-based)             1.0 mil carrierless   1.0 mil carrierless

           Laminate List Price $0.80                                             $0.36                 $0.32
           (Dual sided)

           Laminates Dual                    Two passes                          One pass              One pass
           Sided Cards
           Price                             $ 6,995                              $ 9,995              $ 7,995

               * Full color front & black back with 1.0 mil laminate on both sides.
       How to Sell the P640i

                                 Are you looking for tamper-resistant
                                    security measures to minimize
          •High Image Quality       counterfeiting, alteration or duplication
                                    of your cards?
          •Dual-Sided Printing
                                 Does the customer require security
                                   features on the printer?
                                 Do you need long-lasting card protection?

          •Reliable              Will you be doing dual-sided printing and

          •Low Maintenance       Are you regularly outsourcing high volume
                                    card printing?

                                 Do you need enhanced quality printing for
                                    color images and fine print detail?
Introducing the Zebra P640i
Revolutionary Design & Reliability, Superior Print Quality,
Multiple Security Features


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