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					Maritime Security Identification
  Introduction, Communications and
     Background Checking Process

              June 2006
What is an MSIC?
An MSIC is a nationally recognised security
identity card.

It is essential for maritime and port
transport industry workers and contractors
who work unescorted in maritime security
zones at ports, on ships and on offshore oil
and gas facilities.
       Maritime Security
   Identification Card (MSIC)

Expiry Date                Unique

Kinegram TEF

Normal Name
Why are MSICs being
A MSIC provides a level of assurance that the
holders, have had their operational need, identity
and right to work in Australia confirmed. Holders
have also been subject to police criminal history
checks and security assessments.

The consequence of these checks, reflected in the
issue of an MSIC is that the holder is not deemed a
threat to maritime security.
Where is an MSIC used?
An MSIC is required to gain unescorted access to a
maritime security zone

Maritime security zones include:

- port security zones (within security regulated ports)
- on-board security zones (on Australian regulated ships)
- ship security zones (around any security regulated ship)
- offshore security zones (on and around offshore facilities)
Who needs and MSIC?
If you have an operational need and you require
unescorted or unmonitored access to a maritime
security zone after 1 January 2007, you will need to
display a valid MSIC.

To get your MSIC by this date, you need to apply

This includes truck drivers, train drivers and
operators (i.e. signalman) customs brokers and
Operational Need
An operational need means that your occupation
or business interests require, or will require you to
have unescorted or unmonitored access to a
maritime security zone more than once a year.

Operational need includes those people who have a
connection with the industry either through formal
qualifications or employment history and are either
between jobs or looking to enter or re-enter the
  Applying for an MSIC

How and where do you get an MSIC?
Steps employers and supervisors
need to take
•   Determine who will need unmonitored or unescorted access to a
    maritime security zone
•   Select one of the approved issuing bodies and establish
    arrangements with that organisation
•   Ensure your staff know their obligations for getting an MSIC
•   Provide MSIC information to all staff who need an MSIC;
    provide details of the MSIC issuing body they are to use
•   Ensure staff who need an MSIC have applied before the specified
•   Recognise that processing high volumes of MSIC applications
    takes time
Where to get MSIC

• MSIC Issuing bodies
   • Around 20 approved MSIC
   issuing bodies
  • A further 4 under review
  • Full contact details are listed
   on the DOTARS website:
The MSIC issuing body’s role

 •   provide application forms and guidance to applicants
 •   confirm an applicant’s identity
 •   confirm an applicant’s operational need
 •   confirm an applicant’s right to work in Australia
 •   collect an applicant’s photograph
 •   process applications, direct applicants to forward their
     police check requests and consent forms to AFP
 •   securely produce and issue MSICs to successful applicants
Steps the MSIC applicant needs to

•   Complete and return an application form, with required
•   Prove you need an MSIC – operational need.
•   Provide proof of identity
•   Provide proof of the right to work in Australia
•   Sign a consent form and mail direct to AFP, agreeing to
    Australian Federal Police (AFP) - criminal history check
    and ASIO security assessment
•   Provide a photo or have one taken by your MSIC issuing
How long is the MSIC valid?
A standard MSIC is valid for 5 years from
the date of the last background check.

A provisional MSIC is issued to people
under 18 years of age. This is valid only
until 6 months after the holder’s 18th
birthday. A standard MSIC must be held
after this date.
Informing staff about MSIC

 Communications support from the
 MSIC materials
• MSIC brochures, posters & conditions of use card
• MSIC project plan/timeline to match revised rollout
• MSIC moving message signs
• Merchandise – water bottles
• Editorials – industry media and stakeholder channels
• Notice board text – for newsletters and internal bulletins
• Letters in support of MIPs – apply now
• Letter to rail industry – apply now
• Visual explanation of MSIC application process
• Truckers’ MSIC poster and brochures
• MSIC PowerPoint – explanation of the scheme
MSIC Background
Checking Process
   MSIC Assessment Process

Applicant                             AFP       ASIO

            Issuing Body

      Advice to issue or not issue MSIC       Assessment

            Request for further information
     Maritime Security Relevant
   Offences - MTOFSR Table 6.07C
Disqualifying (no provision for

1. An offence mentioned in Chapter 5 of the
   Criminal Code – these include - treason,
   espionage and harming Australians

2. Supply of goods (such as weapons or
   missiles) for a Weapons of Mass
   Destruction program

3. An offence involving hijacking or
   destruction of an aircraft or vessel
        Maritime Security Relevant Offences -
                    MTOFSR Table 6.07C (2)

Exclusionary (reconsideration possible)

- An offence involving treachery, sabotage,
  sedition, inciting mutiny, unlawful drilling;
  or destroying or damaging Commonwealth

- An offence involving interference with
  aviation, maritime transport infrastructure
  or an offshore facility; including carriage of
  dangerous goods on board an aircraft or
  ship; or endangering the security of an
  aerodrome, port or offshore facility
         Maritime Security Relevant Offences -
                     MTOFSR Table 6.07C (3)
6. An identity offence involving counterfeiting,
   or falsification of identity documents, or
   assuming another individual’s identity

7. Transnational crime involving money
   laundering or another crime associated with
   organised crime or racketeering

8. People smuggling and related offences

9. An offence involving the importing,
   exporting, supply or production of weapons,
   explosives, or a trafficable quantity of drugs
      DOTARS Assessment
Green (no maritime security relevant offences with
  imprisonment) – Approved

Orange (Criminal History) -
• Assess offences to determine if they are maritime-
• If necessary, seek and consider further information
  provided by applicant

MSIC issuing body and applicant advised of DOTARS
 decision to issue or not issue an MSIC
       Review and Appeals
Three means of reconsideration:

  1. Ask DOTARS (Background Checking Unit) to
     review decision not to issue an MSIC

  2. Ask Secretary to review decision not to issue an

  3. Make application to the Administrative Appeals
     Tribunal for review of decision not to issue an
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   A ly
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 D mb
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                            Consequence of Delay

If you have an ASIC, you must still apply for an
MSIC but you do not need to undergo a
background check again.
However, your MSIC will only be valid for the
same period as your existing ASIC. That is, 2 years
from the date of the last background check for the

ASIC      2 YEARS          2 YEARS         2 YEARS

MSIC                    5 YEARS
The MSIC hotline
More information about the MSIC Scheme can be
obtained by contacting the MSIC hotline:

1800 052 002
Hours: 24/7

or send an email to