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									                                                                    DIffERENT zONES
public transport

                       In Australia, buses, trains and trams
                       carry lots of people around Melbourne        In Melbourne, places are divided into different
                       and its suburbs. they are called public      zones. Zone 1 is yellow & Zone 2 is Blue. We
                       transport.                                   look at maps to work out which zone ticket we
                                                                    need to buy.

                                                                    CONCESSION TRAVEL – CHEAPER
                                                                    You cannot buy a concession ticket if you are an
                   Ticket                                               »    International Student
                   You can use                                          »    Asylum Seeker or
                     the same                                           »    Have come to Australia with Assurance
                     ticket for                                              of Support
                    train, tram                                     To buy a concession ticket you must be:
                      and bus.                                      1. Aged under 15. You don’t need to carry
                                                                        any special cards.
                                                                    2. If you are 15 or older you must
                   V/LINE TRAINS
                                                                         •   Have a Victorian Concession Card and
                   Trains that travel to the countryside look                carry it with you at all times
                   different than the ones that travel around
                                                                         •   You can get one of these cards, if you
                   the city they are called V/Line trains. V/line
                                                                             are a full time student at a
                   trains are painted different colours and are
                   not connected to the power lines above.                                   » Secondary School
                   You need to buy a different ticket for them
                                                                                             » TAFE
                   from people who work at train stations.
                                                                                             » University
                                                                                            You will need to get a
                                                                    form from your education institution , some
                                                                    passport size photos of yourself and take it to
                                                                    the train station and pay $9 to get a concession
                                                       and on trains
                                                 »     Sit near the front of the bus, tram or first
                                                       carriage of the train. It is a good idea to
                                                       sit where there are lots of other people.
                                                 »     Wait until the train, tram or bus has
                                                         stopped before getting off or on.
                                                            »       Try to travel together with
                                                            friends and family or get them to

                                                                                                       public transport
                                                             meet you and walk home from
                                                              the station with you, especially
                                                              at night.

                                                      RIGHTS ON PUBLIC
ORYou                                                TRANSPORT
must have
a Centrelink
Health Care Card. The                           AUTHORISED OffICERS
card must have your name and address            Authorised Officers are people who work on
on the front.                                   public transport – you may see them on a train,
                                                at the station or on a bus or tram. Sometimes
SAfETY                                          they wear a uniform, and sometimes they wear
                                                plain clothes.
 »   Look after yourself while you are
     travelling.                                Their job is to make sure that everyone has
                                                paid for the right ticket, that it is validated, and
 »   Do not hold the doors of the bus, train    that everyone is acting responsibly and safely
     or tram open when they are trying to       while they are on public transport
                                                If you do not have the right ticket, Authorised
 »   Use the correct exits – do not cross the   Officers will ask you for your full name and
     train or tram tracks to get to another     your address. They can also ask for evidence, to
     platform.                                  check that you are telling the truth. They might
 »   Stand behind the yellow line at train      call your family or ask for some identification
     stations and tram stops.                   (cards with your name, photo and address). You
                                                                           must give it to them.
 »   Never cross when the flashing lights are
                                                 authorised that you are telling
                                                                           Until they are sure
     on at a railway crossing.
 »   On the train or train station platform,              officer the truth about who
     if you are in danger – press the red
     emergency button. You will be able to
     speak with someone.
 »   If it’s an emergency, dial 000 on your
 »   There are cameras at some train stations
    you are or if you do not cooperate, Authorised       YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES
    Officers can arrest you until the police get
    there. They can also take your ticket off you to     » Wait for people to get off the bus, tram or
    be used as evidence. If they do this they will            train before getting on.
    give you a slip of paper that lets you finish your   »    No bad behaviour or swear words,
    trip. The Authorised Officer will then send this          fighting, pushing people out of the way to
    information and what they think you did wrong             get on the bus, train or tram
    to the people who give out fines, who will send
    you a fine in the mail.                              »    No drinking alcohol or smoking

    fINES                                                »    No putting your feet on the seats

    If you get a fine in the mail don’t ignore it or     »    No forcing doors open or closed
    throw it away because the problem will get           »    No travel without a correct ticket
    worse. If you don’t do anything you might have
    to pay a higher fine (more money) or go to
    You should speak to your teacher and/or a youth
    worker who can help you explain the letter. They
    can help you understand whether you got the
    right ticket or not. If you don’t have much money,
    they can help you ask for more time for you to
    be able to pay the fine.
    If Authorised Officers talk to you and ask you for
    your ticket, they must show you their badge and
    identification card. Write down their name and       Myki is Victoria’s new ticketing system that
    number if you think that they have treated you       will be introduced in Melbourne by the end of
    unfairly so that you can complain. See a youth       2009. Myki is for use on Melbourne’s trains,
    worker to help you make a complaint.                 trams, buses, V/Line trains and coaches.
                                                         Myki is a reusable electronic card with a
                                                         microchip on it that you use as your ticket to
                                                         It holds information such as: what travelling you
public transport

                                                         have done and the cost, how much money you
                                                         have added and have left on the card.
                                                         If you are travelling on concession or full fare:
                                                         Buy a Myki pass for a specific period of time –
                                                         weekly, monthly or yearly. The Myki pass will be
                                                         active from the time you touch on.
                                                         You can put money on your Myki card when
                                                         you get on and off a bus, train or tram and the
                                                         card will charge you for the trips that you use.
                                                         You can buy a short term ticket (2 hour or
To be eligible for Myki concession, you
have to be;
•   Children (between 4 – 16 years of age)
•    If you are 17 or older you NEED to get a
    secondary or tertiary Student Concession
    Card and carry it with you when you travel. To
    get a Myki Concession, you need to get a form
    from the train station or school, have your
    school stamp it and take two passport photos        SHORT TERM
    of yourself to the train station and pay $9 to
    get a concession card made for you.
•    Health Care Card holders
•    If you are 16 years and under, you can buy a
    child Myki WITHOUT a concession card.
 Remember to ‘touch on’ at the beginning of your
trip and ‘touch off ’ at the end, so that you are not
overcharged for your journey.
                                                         FULL FARE
For more information about Myki go to www.myki.
com.au or call 13 6954 (13 myki).


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