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					 Smart Card Technology in Transit                 to specify interoperable standards based
and Advanced Public Transportation                systems and equipment. Giving the
         Systems (APTS)                           agencies the flexibility in the
                                                  management of expansion, upgrades and
The October 16, 2003 Technology                   replacement of Smart Card systems they
Sharing Forum presented by the                    need to move forward. Mr. Swanson
Vehicular Technology Society of the               pointed out the absolute need for a broad
IEEE New York Section covered Smart               information campaign to educate
Card Technology and Advanced Public               customers as a requirement for
Transportation Technology. The Forum              successful     smart      card     system
was hosted by Cisco Systems, at their             implementation. As technology drives
Penn Plaza offices in Manhattan.                  the costs of smart cards standards reduce
                                                  risks and as public and private
John Swanson of LTK Engineering                   connectivity increase the future looks
Services     discussed      smart   card          bright for smart cards. For additional
technology and the current movement in            information on John and LTK
transit to development regional and               Engineering please go to
standalone smart card systems and their
integration of into other systems. David          Mr. Tran kicked off his presentation
Tran of Siemens Transportation Systems            with a detailed overview of Siemens
discussed how GPS technology and data             Integrated Local Government systems.
and voice communication networks                  The basic architecture of the Siemens
allow for precise and automatic vehicle           APTS was reviewed for the dozen
location, dispatching, routing and                systems installed and the dozen in
schedule management.                              planning across the country.          The
                                                  architecture includes fixed base stations
Mr. Swanson began by delivering a                 for Data and Voice Communications to
valuable     smart     card    technology         and from vehicles, on-board GPS and
overview.      The differences between            communications controllers, connected
smart cards and legacy ticketing and fare         agency operations and dispatching
collection medium were discussed. As              centers, back office report, storage and
well as the differences between                   analysis work centers.       The system
microprocessor and memory-logic smart             provides dispatching and real time
cards systems.       The growth of the            monitoring of fleet vehicle locations and
application of smart cards in transit were        route progress. The majority of the
discussed and examples of upcoming                discussions centered on how the real
programs such as those in Houston and             time data and the collection of this data
other new programs were pointed to as             can be used to improve system
signs of greater acceptance and                   performance. The system allows transit
willingness to invest in the technology.          agencies to implement fully computer
Mr. Swanson also pointed out the                  aided dispatching, active route updating
benefits of accepted published technical          for waiting passengers, passenger route
standards such as ISO-14443. Standards            transfer assistance.      The two-way
significantly reduce the risk and costs for       communications and real time mapping
agencies implementing smart card                  provided by the APTS allows operation
systems. The standards allow agencies             agencies drive system improvements and

improve customer satisfaction.       For        Vehicular Technology Chapter Holds
additional details on this system please                 Annual Elections
go to
                                                The officers for the VTS Chapter were
For their efforts in fostering Technology       selected on October 16, 2003 and are as
Sharing the NY Section of the VTS               follows:
presented John Swanson of LTK
Engineering and David Tran of Siemens           Chairman:            Brad Craig
with Technology Sharing awards.                 Vice-Chairman:       Dave Horn
                                                Vice-Chair Programs: Ramdane Benferhat
                                                Secretary:           Joern Fellenberg
                                                Treasurer:           Chris Pacher

John E. Swanson, LTK Eng., Center
Robert Pellegrino, Section Chair, Right
Brad Craig, VTS Chair, Left
                                                Left to right: Brad Craig, Dave Horn,
                                                Joern Fellenberg, Ramdane Benferhat,
                                                Chris Pacher.

                                                Congratulations Are in Order! On
                                                behalf of the IEEE Executive Director,
                                                Dan Senese, it is a pleasure to inform
                                                the NY Section that the requirements
                                                of the IEEE Bylaws have been met,
                                                the Engineering Management Joint
                                                Society Chapter has been approved.
                                                The Joint Chapter has split into two
                                                units. The separate Chapters will now
                                                be: IEEE North Jersey Section –
                                                Engineering Management Society
                                                Chapter,     Chaired by Mr. Wayne
David Tran, Siemens, Left                       Owens and the IEEE New York
Dave Horn, VTS Vice-Chair, Right                Section – Engineering Management
                                                Society Chapter, Chaired by Mr.
By:                                             Stanley Karoly. The effective date of
Christopher Pacher                              this Chapter change is 16 October
LTK Engineering Services                        2003. We extend our best wishes for
Secretary NY-Section                            the successful operation of this
Vehicular Technology Society                    Chapter. Sincerely, C. Jankowski