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Identity cards in
the building and
construction industry
The introduction of identity cards is a
measure aimed at achieving more effective
control of employees’ health, safety and
working environment as well as greater
accountability in the construction industry.

New regulations on identity cards (ID cards)
in the building and construction industry
entered into force on 1 January 2008.
                              Who must have an ID card?
                              All enterprises, whether Norwegian or foreign, that
                              perform work on building and construction sites are
                              required to issue ID cards to their employees. ID
                              cards must also be used by one-man enterprises
                              (enterprises that do not have employees).
                              Employees of foreign enterprises that operate in the
                              same industry in Norway must also carry ID cards.
                              If employees are hired through an agency, it is the
                              recruitment agency that must ensure that the hired
                              employees have been issued with ID cards.

The requirement for an ID card also applies to personnel who perform support
functions such as cleaning, catering etc. where such support functions are
permanently established on the site. People who transport goods to the building
and construction site must also be issued with ID cards if such transport takes
place on a regular basis.

Tradesmen who build or carry out alterations to houses or cabins for private
persons are also covered by the obligation to hold ID cards.

What is a building and construction site?
A building or construction site must be of a temporary or transient nature. The
requirement for ID cards does not apply to fixed, permanent undertakings that
perform building and construction work. For example, the requirement will not
apply to a shipyard or to the production of prefabricated houses.

    By building and construction activity is meant:

       the construction of buildings
       fitting out and installation work
       the assembly and dismantling of prefabricated elements
       demolition, alteration and restoration work
       redevelopment and maintenance
       general construction work, for example tunnels and bridges
       digging, blasting and other groundwork
       other work performed in connection with building and construction
       activities, for example in temporary workshops for the maintenance of
       machinery used on a building or construction site.
Condition for the issuing of ID cards
It is a condition for the issuing of ID cards that the enterprise and employee are
registered in the relevant public registers. The relevant registers in this context are:
    The Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities (Enhetsregistret)
    The VAT Register (Merverdiavgiftsmantallet)
    The NAV State Register of Employees and Employers (Arbeidstaker- og
    The Central Office for Foreign Tax Affairs (Sentralskattekontoret for
    utenlandssaker - SFU)
    The National Population Register (Folkeregistret)

Information about which registers the
individual enterprise or employee is
obliged to register with can be obtained
by contacting the individual registers or
the Service Centre for Foreign Workers
in Oslo. Information is also available at

The ID cards are issued by Norsik AS,
which is also charged with the task
of checking submitted information on
behalf of the authorities. An ID card
will only be issued if the applicant is
correctly registered in the relevant
Who can order ID cards?
It is the employer who is responsible for
ensuring that employees who perform work
on building and construction sites hold
ID cards. The enterprise must appoint a
(physical) person and authorise this person
to order ID cards. Departments or similar
may not order ID cards.

The person authorised to order cards must
first apply for an applicant identity.

Once the applicant is registered and
has received his/her applicant identity
(password), this person can order
ID cards for other employees in the
same enterprise. It is the applicant’s
responsibility to ensure that the identity
of these employees is documented by a
passport, Norwegian driving licence or
bank card issued by a Norwegian bank. In
the case of foreign nationals, their identity
must be documented by, for example, a
passport or driving licence with equivalent
security to the same type of Norwegian ID
card. A copy of the above-mentioned ID
document must be enclosed with the order.

In one-man enterprises, the applicant and
the card holder will be one and the same
person. The enterprise is nonetheless
required to first register an applicant
before a card can be ordered.
Ordering applicant identity and ID cards
• A separate web page has been created for ordering cards,
   where the applicant can find and complete an order form. The application
   will be processed by the card issuer, i.e. Norsik AS. If you have any questions,
   please contact the service phone line for ID cards in the building and
   construction industry, tel. 820 77 306.
• The Labour Inspection Authority has also created a facts page There you will find more information about the
   ID card scheme. It also has a link to the web page for ordering cards.

The order forms cannot be printed from the web page. Only pre-printed forms can
therefore be used. The forms can be obtained by contacting:

• The Service Centre for Foreign Workers, Hagegata 28, Oslo
• The Labour Inspection Authority’s information service, tel. 815 48 222
• The Labour Inspection Authority’s Regional and Inspection Offices

Requirements concerning the information on ID cards
ID cards contain the following information:

   Name of the enterprise or one-man enterprise
   Organisation number of the enterprise
   Name of the card holder
   Photograph of the card holder
   The card holder’s date of birth and sex
   The card holder’s signature
   Period of validity
   Card number
   Name and address of the card issuer
Period of validity
ID cards are issued for a maximum period
of two years at a time. If the employee is
employed in the same enterprise, it is not
necessary to apply for a new ID card for
each project on which the card holder works
during the two-year period. If the employment
relationship is terminated, the enterprise has
ceased to exist or the period of validity of the
card expires, the employer must ensure that
the ID card is sent to Norsik AS for destruction.

The card holder’s responsibility
ID cards are personal and must not be
transferred to others. The card may not be
used as an ordinary proof of identity. At the
building or construction site, the card must be
worn visibly on outer clothing at all times.

Loss of ID cards
If an ID card is lost or stolen, the employer
must be informed and Norsik AS must be
notified immediately so that the card can
be rendered invalid and a new card issued.
If a lost ID card is later found and a new ID
card has already been issued, the lost card
must immediately be sent to Norsik AS for

Sanctions for failure to hold an ID card
The Labour Inspection Authority and the
Petroleum Safety Authority Norway are
responsible for supervising the scheme.
An employer or one-man enterprise that
wilfully omits to equip persons working on a
building or construction site with an ID card
can be fined, or, alternatively, sentenced
to imprisonment. Employers and one-man
enterprises may be punished if the ID card is
transferred to others.
Questions concerning the ordering and distribution of ID cards will be answered
by the service phone line for ID cards in the building and construction industry:
                                  820 77 306.

           Questions about the regulations will be answered by the
           Labour Inspection Authority’s answer line: 815 48 222

             Further information about the scheme is available at

               ID cards can be ordered from

                                                                                    E N G 5. 000 - 1. 200 8

                        The Labour Inspection Authority
                        phone 815 48 222

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