VAAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY

TENDER SPECIFICATION                   :        Electrical Lift for Ekurhuleni Campus
TENDER NO                              :        T61/ 2009
TENDER CLOSING DATE                    :        19 May 2009
TENDER CLOSING TIME                    :        09:00
TENDER CLOSING VENUE                   :        TENDER BOX - ROOM E001
                                                Main Campus - Vanderbijlpark

    This tender makes provision for the importing supply and installation of a new lift at the Vaal
    University of Technology building situated at 24 Plane Road, Spartan, Kempton Park. The
    building consists of a six story building provided with three lift shafts. Two of the lift shafts are
    equipped with lifts. This tender makes provision for the installation of a complete new lift in the
    empty lift shaft to service the six floors.

    The tender should make provision for the following:
            All importing cost;
            All transport cost to the premises;
            All installation and assembling costs;
            Commissioning costs;
            Maintenance cost as per the specification;
            Provision for all drawing required’
            Provision of Operational Manuals;
            All labour and supervision required;
            All machinery, equipment and material required to commission the Lift;
            Comply with the stipulations and regulations of the OHS Act;


  Certified copies to be attached to the tender:
  VAT Certificate
  BBBEE Verification Certificate

3.1 General Specification:
    Tenders for the supply, delivery and installation of complete electric lift adhering to the following
        Model                                :        To be specified by tenderer
        Load Capacity                        :        800 kg equal to 10 passengers
        Speed                                :        1.0 metre per second
        Stops & Openings                     :        6 stops and 6 openings in line
        Landings reserved                    :        G, 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 (to be displayed inside the lift
        Travel                               :        18 metres
        Motion Control                       :        Variable Frequency Vector Control

          Operation Control              :   Simplex full collective

          Machine Type                   :   AC Gearless permanent magnet machine with
           patented                                            belt suspension
          Machine Position               :   Inside top of hoist way - Machine Room less
          Headroom and Pit               :   4000 mm and 1664 mm respectively
          Hoist way Size                 :   2268 mm wide x 1965 mm deep LIFT C
          Hoist way Size                 :   2438 mm wide x 1965 mm deep LIFT A
          Hoist way Size                 :   2104 mm wide x 1965 mm deep LIFT B
          Car Dimension                  :   1350 mm wide x 1400 mm x 2300 mm high
          Type of Car                    :   Structural car enclosure of the
          Power Supply                   :   380 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz AC

3.2 Car Design and finishes:
         Number of car entrances         :   One (1)
         Front and doors                 :   Hairline stainless steel
         Rear & side walls               :   Hairline stainless steel
         Ceilings                        :   Decorative – CE43
         Flooring                        :   Slip resistant rubber – Black
         Handrails                       :   On rear panel & both sides
         Lighting                        :   Fluorescent
         Car & landing door sills        :   Aluminium

3.3 Entrances:
         Type of car & landing entrances :   Power operated doors with variables speed and
           digital                                     control
         Type of landing doors           :   Two panel centre opening
         Clear opening                   :   900 mm wide x 2100 mm high
         Type of landing door frames     :   Existing
         Landing entrance finish         :   Hairline stainless steel
         Door protection/Safety          :   Detector providing three dimensional passenger
                                              protections for the doorways of the elevator

3.4 Car Fixtures:
         Car and landing push buttons    :   Micro-movement illuminated
         Car operating panel             :   Standard type combined car operating
                                              panel with digital position indicator and
                                              directional arrows which includes:
                                                  o LED 16 Segment Digital Display
                                                  o Micro-movement push buttons with floor
                                                       number chicklet
                                                  o Door open/door close buttons
                                                  o Overload light & buzzer
                                                  o Alarm button
                                                  o Intercom
                                          :   Service cabinet
                                                  o Light switch
                                                  o Fan switch
                                                  o Independent switch
          No. of COP’s per car           :   One (1)
          Mounting location              :   Side wall
          COP faceplate finish           :   Hairline stainless steel
          Buttons                        :   Braille/Vandal resistant

3.5 Hall Fixture
         Hall Button type                 :       Micro – movement illuminated (Braille/Vandal
          Hall Position Indicator         :       Standard type provided at every floor
                                                   Combined hall position indicator and directional
          Faceplate finish                :       Hairline stainless steel
          No. of Hall Riser per floor     :       One (1)

3.6 Communication:
        Alarm                             :       Located under the Car
        Intercom                          :       Located in the COP
        Voice Synthesizer                 :       Not provided
        Auto Dial Facility                :       Not provided
        Emergency power operation         :       Not provided

3.7 Special Features:
        Overload with buzzer and indicator
        Automatic switch-off of car lift and fan (Energy Saving Feature)
        Emergency Fire Service
        Advanced Self Diagnostic Feature
        Emergency lighting
        Anti-Nuisance Device (Car Call Cancellation)
        Full Load By-pass
        Fire Alarm Homing System
        Lift Shaft Lighting

3.8 Benefits Required of System Offered:
        Flexible design & more usable space
               o Machine and control equipment are to be housed within the lift shaft.
        Quiet machine & drive belts
               o Polyurethane coated steel belts eliminate the metal to metal contact of
                   conventional ropes, minimizing noise levels. The flat belt design reduces
                   vibration compared to conventional “spiral” wound ropes. The machine is isolated
                   from the building by use of rubber mounting pads.
        Smooth & comfortable ride
               o Closed-loop VF vector control produces a smooth speed profile and reduced jerk
                   rate. This provides reduced car vibration, improved ride quality and superior
                   levelling accuracy of typically± 2 mm.
        Safe & reliable
               o Very stringent design ensures safety of passenger and maintenance technicians
                   at all time. Elevator doors reopen immediately if an invisible beam of light is
                   interrupted. If the car is stopped between floors, evacuation deterrents prevent
                   passengers from exiting. Hoist way access detection prevents a car in normal
                   operating condition after the opening of a landing door.
        Consistent performance under all Conditions
               o The system and the coated steel belt have withstood full system testing under all
                   climatic conditions.
        Lower operating costs
               o The robust and durable coated steel belt, the efficient system design and the
                   lubrication-free components contribute to lower operating costs.

3.9 Alternative Design
    If any contractor prefers to submit an alternative design then a full specification has to accompany
    his or her tender and it must be clearly indicated on the front page as an Alternative Design.

   Vaal University of Technology regards the Health and Safety of all those in its employment of
   those who come in contact with its products as its foremost concern. It is the VUT policy to take
   all reasonable steps to prevent personal injury or damage to property; to promote and assist the
   wellbeing of its people and to avoid damage to the environment. The realization of our objectives
   is viewed as a joint responsibility of the company and its employees.

   The successful tenderer will maintain the elevator for a period of 12 months commencing on the
   date that the elevator is accepted for use. All work will be performed between 0800 and 1700
   hours of our regular working days and will consist of programmed examinations and any
   necessary adjustment and lubrication of the equipment by competent employees under the
   successful tenderers supervision. The required supplies and parts will be furnished except such
   parts as may be needed because of negligence, misuse or accidents not caused by the
   contractor. Upon VUT’s request, special examinations will be made should trouble develop
   between programmed examinations.

   One copy of the owner’s handbook is required at the point of equipment handover to VUT. This
   handbook needs to provide information regarding the safe use and upkeep of the lift as well as
   information on the statutory obligations. The handbook should contain information relating to the
   lift installation and should include:
           After sales service and the suppliers telephone number
           Warranty of the lift installed;
           Statutory requirements;
           Description of operation;
           Maintenance that may be undertaken by the owner;
           Declaration of conformity relating to the Lift Regulations and EMC regulations;
           Layout drawings and the location of Electrical diagrams;
           Customer survey.
   Please note that if during installation changes to the design as approved by the client has to be
   indicated in the actual as built drawings that need to be provided within 8 weeks of completion.

   A guarantee for the materials and workmanship of the apparatus supplied under these
   specifications need to be guarantee for a period of 18 months after commissioning and hand
   over of the lift to the Vaal University of Technology.

   The contract with the successful tenderer will consist of the following.
    A letter of appointment from the University;
    This specification;
    The said tender from the contractor including the form of tender.
    A signed agreement form from the contractor adhering to the OHS Act.
    Any other documentation that forms part of the tender received.


    The tenderer has to indicate with his of her tender the time required to supply install and
    commissioning of the lift as from the date that an order is issued to the successful contractor.

    Payment to the contractor will be done 30 (thirty) days after receiving of an original VAT invoice.
    The VAT invoice will be based on the final payment certificate approved by the Director: Projects

    This tender does not make provision for any escalation or any price increase during the period of
    construction. Provision for deviations in the imported component of the work will be provided for
    in the contract. Provision should be made in the tender for a Rand Dollar exchange rate of
    R12-00 per Dollar. You are further required to indicate the imported component of the project
    excluding VAT in your tender. Final payment to the successful contractor will be based on the
    actual exchange rate at the time of import.

    An amount of 10% from the total tender amount will be kept back for interim payments made and
    will be reduced to 5% after a certificate of completion is issued. This retention will be retained for
    a period of 18 months i.e. after the guarantee ends.

    A site inspection can be arranged with Prof. Omara-Ojungu at the Ekurhuleni Campus via the
    following contact details:
             Tel No           011 929 7430
             Cell No.         082 803 5464
             Email            omar@vut.ac.za

    If any further information is required please contact:
            Mr. CP Booysen
            Director: Projects & Services
            Vaal University of Technology
            Private Bag X021
            Vanderbijlpark 1900
            Tel: (016) 950-9223
            Fax: (016) 950 90041
            E-mail chrisb@vut.ac.za

    _______________                                            20 April 2009
    C P BOOYSEN                                                Date
    Director: Projects

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