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									Abbreviations used in Transport Statistics
Great Britain: 2009 Edition
AAIB:     Air Accident Investigation Branch   EEC:        European Economic
ABI:      Association of British Insurers                 Community
          Also: Annual Business Inquiry       EPS:        European Passenger Services
          for the employment data tables      Ltd         ex-BR subsidiary)
          1.17 and 1.18                       EST:        Energy Saving Trust
ABP:      Associated British Ports            ETC:        European Transport Council
AES:      Annual Earning Survey               ETS:        Emissions Trading Scheme
APEG:     Airborne Particles Expert           EU:         European Union
          Group                               EuroNCAP:   EU New Car Assessment
APTIS:    All Purpose Ticket Issuing                      Programme
          System                              EUTC:       European Union Transport
BAA:      British Airports Authority                      Council
BEA:      (French) Bureau Enquetes            EWS:        English, Welsh and Scottish
          Accidents                                       Railway
BERR:     Department for Business,            FDR:        Fuel Duty Rebate
          Enterprise and Regulatory           FFG:        Freight Facilities Grant
          Reform                              FTA:        Freight Transport Association
BIS:      Department for Business,            GDP:        Gross Domestic Product
          Innovation and Skills               GLA:        Greater London Authority
BR:       British Rail                        GMDSS:      Global Maritime Distress and
BRB:      British Railways Board                          Safety System
BRF:      British Road Federation             GMPTE:      Greater Manchester Passenger
BSOG:     Bus Service Operators Grant                     Transport Executive
BW:       British Waterways                   GOL:        Government Office for London
CAA:      Civil Aviation Authority            Grt:        Gross registered tonnage
CfIT:     Commission for Integrated           GT:         Gross Tonnage
          Transport                           gvw:        gross vehicle weight
CLG:      Communities and Local               HA:         Highways Agency
          Government                          HERL:       Heathrow Express Rail Link
CPI:      Consumer Prices Index               HGV:        Heavy Goods Vehicle
CSRGT:    Continuing Survey of Road           HMRC:       Her Majesty’s Revenue and
Goods     Transport                                       Customs
CTRL:     Channel Tunnel Rail Link            HSC:        Health and Safety Commission
CVTF:     Cleaner Vehicles Task Force         HSE:        Health and Safety Executive
DB:       Deutsche Bahn                       ICAO:       International Civil Aviation
DBFO:     Design, Build, Finance and                      Organisation
          Operate (contracts)                 ICC:        International Climate Change
DDA:      Disability Discrimination Act       IEA:        International Energy Agency
DECC      Department for Energy and           Int:        International
          Climate Change                      IPCC        Intergovernmental Panel on
DEFRA:    Department for Environment,                     Climate Change
          Food and Rural Affairs              IPS:        International Passenger Survey
DfT:      Department for Transport            IRF:        International Road Federation
DLR:      Docklands Light Railway             IRFT:       International Rail Freight
DOE:      Department of the Environment                   Terminal
DPM:      Deputy Prime Minister               KSI:        Killed or seriously injured
DiPTAC:   Disabled Person Transport           LA(s):      Local Authority(s)
          Advisory Committee                  LCA:        London City Airport
DRS:      Direct Rail Services                LCR:        ondon and Continental
DSA:      Driving Standards Agency                        Railways
DVLA:     Driver and Vehicle Licensing        LDDC:       London Docklands
          Agency                                          Development Corporation
EA:       Environmental Accounts              LEQ:        Equivalent Continuous Noise
EC:       European Community                              Level

Transport Statistics Great Britain 2009

LFS:         Labour Force Survey               RPI:      Retail Prices Index
LGV:         Light Goods Vehicle               RTFO:     Renewable Transport Fuel
LoLo:        Lift-on Lift-off                            Obligation
LRT:         London Regional Transport         RTRA:     Road Traffic Reduction Act
LT:          London Transport                  RVAR:     Rail Vehicle Accessibility
LTP:         Local Transport Plan                        Regulations
LU:          London Underground                SACTRA:   Standing Advisory Committee
MAIB:        Marine Accident Investigation     on        Trunk Road Assessment
             Branch                            SBG:      Scottish Bus Group
MCA:         Maritime and Coastguard           SIC:      Standard Industrial
             Agency                                      Classification (of Economic
MMC:         Monopolies and Mergers                      Activity)
             Commission.                       SMMT:     Society of Motor Manufacturers
MML:         Midland Mainline (rail)                     and Traders
MOT:         vehicle testing scheme            SOC:      Standard Occupational
MPV:         Multi-purpose vehicle                       Classification
NAEI:        National Atmospheric              SPAD:     (train) Signal Passed at Danger
             Emissions Inventory               SPTE:     Strathclyde Passenger
NATS:        National Air Traffic Services               Transport Executive
NBC:         National Bus Company              SRA:      Strategic Rail Authority
NDLS:        National Dock Labour Scheme       STAG:     School Travel Advisory Group
NEG:         National Express Group            STES:     Short Term Employment
NET:         Nottingham Express Transit                  Surveys
NEXUS:       Tyne and Wear Passenger           SYPTE:    South Yorkshire Passenger
             Transport Executive                         Transport Executive
NTKm:        Net tonne kilometres              TAG:      Track Access Grant
NTO:         National Training Organisation    TCF:      Transport Card Forum
NTS:         National Travel Survey            TEN:      Trans European Network
OCJR:        Office for Criminal Justice       TfL:      Transport for London
             Reform                            TGWU:     Transport and General Workers
OECD:        Organisation for Economic                   Union
             Co-operation and Development      TMC:      Traffic Message Channel
ONS:         Office for National Statistics    TRL:      Transport Research Laboratory
OPEC:        Organisation of Petroleum         TSO:      The Stationery Office
             Exporting Countries               TWA:      Transport and Works Act
ORR:         Office of Rail Regulation         TWPTE:    Tyne and Wear Passenger
OTIF:        International Railway Transport             Transport Executive
             Organisation                      UA:       Unitary Authority
PAYE:        Pay (tax) as You Earn             UNECE     United Nations Economic
PCO:         Public Carriage Office                      Commission for Europe
PFI:         Public Finance Initiative         UNFCCC    United Nations Framework
PHV:         Private Hire Vehicle                        Convention on Climate Change
PLG:         Private Light Goods (vehicle)     VAT:      Value Added Tax
PPM:         Public Performance Measure        VCA:      Vehicle Certification Agency
PPP:         Public-Private Partnership        VED:      Vehicle Excise Duty
PSV:         Public Service Vehicle            VI:       Vehicle Inspectorate
PTA:         Passenger Transport Area          VOSA:     Vehicle and Operator Services
PTE:         Passenger Transport Executive               Agency
RBSG:        Rural Bus Subsidy Grant           WHR:      Welsh Highland Railway
RDS-TMC:     Radio Data System - Traffic       WYPTE:    West Yorkshire Passenger
             Message Channel                             Transport Executive
RID:         Regulations concerning the
             International Carriage of
             Dangerous Goods by Rail
RIDDOR:      Reporting of Injuries, Diseases
             and Dangerous Occurrences
RITC:        Rail Industry Training Council
Ro-Ro:       Roll-on Roll-off

Symbols and conventions
Unless otherwise stated, all tables refer to Great Britain.
Metric units are generally used.
Conversion factors:          1 kilometre = 0.6214 mile
    1 tonne                  = 0.9842 ton
    1 tonne-km               = 0.6116 ton-mile
    1 billion                = 1,000 million
    1 Gallon                 = 4.546 litres
    1 litre                  = 0.220 gallons

Rounding of figures. In tables where figures have been rounded to the nearest final digit, there may be
an apparent slight discrepancy between the sum of the constituent items and the total as shown.
Symbols. The symbols to the right have been used throughout.
       ..       = not available
        .       = not applicable
        -       = Negligible (less than half the final digit shown)
       0        = Nil
        *       = Sample size too small for reliable estimates
     ow         = of which
        {       = subsequent data is disaggregated
        }       = subsequent data is aggregated
        |       = break in the series
       P        = provisional data
       F        = forecast expenditure
       e        = estimated outturn
  n.e.s.        = not elsewhere specified
       R        = Revised data


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