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                    Target Group                      Entry requirements         Application deadline &
                    - Students of natural and         - language proficiency:    - specific information available
IAESTE              technical sciences, agriculture   requirements vary          from Prof. Dr. Ahmed El
Program             and forestry                      depending on the firm      Sheikh/Faculty of Engineering,
                                                                                 Cairo University, Email:
                                                                                 ( - training
                                                                                 placements recruited in
                                                                                 Germany are offered
                                                                                 exclusively by the National
                                                                                 IAESTE Committee abroad

                    - students from the 3rd           - application by           - 15th February (1st June), 15th
Group Travels       semester onwards who want to      university staff member    May (1st September), 15th
and study-          deepen their knowledge in         - group size: 10-15        November (1st March);
related             their subject, meet German        students                   in brackets: earliest start of the
internships         students and scientists and                                  travel
                    gain cultural knowledge on                                   - duration: 7-12 days
                    details are available in our
University          office
summer courses

Please note:
    - Information sheets with further details concerning the application process and requirements are available in
        our office.
    - Application is possible at the DAAD Office, 11, Saleh Ayoub Sh., Zamalek, Cairo only (Tel. 02-7352726).
    - Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.
    - Sufficient language skills in English and/or German are always required.