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					Freelance Projects - Why Freelance?

Freelancing allows you to be your own boss. This means you make your own hours.

Wear what you want. Does your current work have a dress code? How does sitting in your
pajamas all day time sound; what about just spending the day time wearing your favorite
pair of worn out jeans and that T-shirt from that unforgettable 1980’s rock concert. If you're
an independent agent, like a freelancer, then you decide the dress code.

Making your personal several hours does not mean loafing around all day. It means having
the self discipline to set aside a certain quantity of hours that you work each day. But, as the
boss, you get to choose what those hours are. That way you are able to pick up the kids
from school, have lunch with the spouse, go to the gym during the day time when it’s not so
crowded, and in no way need to make that horrible rush-hour commute.

Being a freelancer working on freelance projects means that you get to set your personal
prices for what your time is worth. No more waiting years for a raise that may in no way
come. As you become much more proficient and widen your client base you are able to
double and triple your earnings as you see fit.

As far as the rule “if it sounds too great to become true it probably is,” here is something to
think about. You should not quit your day time work immediately and hope to create $10,000
next month. Instead, begin slow and work your way to making the cash you want. If you are
creating the equivalent of your complete time job and you have too much freelance function
to do, then decide to freelance complete time and quit your day time work. Should you work
hard this process can happen rather quickly, so don’t be discouraged. The jobs are real.
The money is real. The only investment is the amount of time you are willing to invest.

The market for freelancers working for freelance projects is growing in leaps and bounds.
The future markets are projected to continue to grow at the same rapid rate. This signifies
more fantastic freelance opportunities and greater potential income.