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28 May 09

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     a.     AP3342.
     b.     JSATFA dated 4 Apr 09.
     c.     AP3415.
     d.     JSSADR dated 1 Apr 09.

Time Zone used Throughout the Order: LOCAL.


1.     Reference A encourages and gives guidelines for personnel to undertake adventurous
training. Personnel from RAF Halton, RAF High Wycombe, and RAF Lossiemouth will take part in a
minor sub-aqua expedition to Kyle of Lochalsh during the period 12-21 Jun 09 in accordance with
References A-D. RAF Halton is the lead unit for this joint expedition and this Order details the
administrative/logistics arrangements for the event.


2.   The aims of the expedition are:

     a.    To develop and practice the sub-aqua skills of sub-aqua divers on a variety of
     interesting and challenging wreck, scenic and drift dive sites in UK waters around the Kyle

     b.     To gain small boat diving skills and carry out boat handling skills and diver Coxswain

     c.     To gain progressively, experience of using dry-suits.

     d.    Provision of open water lessons in support of the progressive training of divers,
     particularly towards Dive Leader and Advanced Diver grades.

     e.    The personal development of individuals through the adventurous activity of sub-aqua

3.   Materials and Services

     a.     Transport and Movements.

              i.  The Activity Leader is to submit MT Request Forms to reflect the need for one
              LWB LR to tow and launch the RAF Halton sub-aqua club boat and a vehicle to convey
              passengers and a variety of equipment. He is also to secure a fuel card.

              ii.   The OIC is requested to submit a MT Request Form to the RAF High Wycombe
              Transport Manager for provision of one LWB LR to tow and launch the RAF Halton sub-
              aqua club boat and a vehicle to convey passengers and a variety of equipment. He is
              also to secure a fuel card.

            iii. RAF Lossiemouth personnel are to make their own arrangements for transport
            with the RAF Lossiemouth MTO.

            iv. All RAF Halton and RAF High Wycombe expedition personnel are to meet at
            HSAC at 1830 hrs on 10 Jun 09 to prepare equipt.

       b. Catering. The Equipt Offr is to request catering support from Balmacara
       House, Kyle of Lochalsh.

       c. Equipment. The equipment required for the activities is listed at Annex A.
       Individuals are to ensure that they are properly equipped. The activity leader is to
       ensure that other equipment is available and serviceable.

       d. Administration. Unit HR staffs are requested to take all necessary
       administrative action concerning the detachment of the personnel detailed at Annex
       B for the duration of the activity.


4.   The personnel listed at Annex B will take part in the expedition. Individuals are to seek
authority from their respective Line Managers to ensure timely release from primary duties from
cease work 12 Jun 09.


5.    The Equipt Offr is to request accn at Balmacara House for the nights of 13 - 20 Jun 09
inclusive, and the Activity Leader to request accn in relevant Messes at MOD Stafford and RNB
Clyde for the night of Fri 12 Jun 09.

Supervision, Instruction and Itinerary

6.    All diving will be conducted iaw Reference D. Supervision and instruction will be undertaken
by personnel qualified iaw References B to D. All personnel are to comply with safety requirements
detailed at Reference B to D. A qualified and registered SADS will supervise all diving iaw
Reference D. An outline itinerary for the activity is at Annex C; dive sites are weather dependant
and will be planned accordingly.

7.    Documentation. All expedition members are to ensure that their following documentation is
valid and available for inspection at HSAC on 10 Jun 09.

     a.     Valid periodic diving medical certificate signed by a doctor, or self declaration form for

     b.     Valid annual medical check form, Annex 8C.

     c.     F1023A for the expedition.

     d.     BSAC membership.

     e.     Diving qualification and log books.

8.    Anybody unable to produce the items detailed in sub-paras 7a-c will not be permitted to dive.
In addition, all coxswains must hold an appropriate certificate available for inspection.

9.   Dive Records. The Diving Officer (DO) is to ensure that the dive slate is completed fully and
accurately for each dive. A copy of both sides of the slate is to be made and held on Club files for 7
10.   Incidents. All diving-related incidents are to be reported iaw Reference D.

Command and Control

11.   Local command and control is to be exercised as follows:

      a.    OIC Expedition. Sqn Ldr Maskell is appointed OIC Expedition and DO.

      b.    Activity Leader. The DO is the Activity Leader. He is responsible for the planning and
      safe conduct of all diving activities during the expedition. His decision on the conduct of all
      diving activities and safety is absolute.


12.   Communication Instructions.       Activity Leader Mobile number is 07782409100.

13. Codename. The codename for this activity is LOCHALSH LEEP. Both the code name and
its meaning are unclassified.


14. All personnel involved in the activities are encouraged to arrange private insurance cover
against accidents and loss of personal equipment whilst taking part in the activities. The insurance
cover given as a result of BSAC membership meets the requirements against injury to a third party.
However, Service personnel are to note that they are no longer covered for all eventualities simply
by being on duty.

Public Relations

15. All personnel are to be aware of the necessity for exemplary conduct and turn-out to maintain
the good image of the RAF. Furthermore, they are to actively foster good relations on behalf of the

<Original Signed>

Sqn Ldr


A.    Equipment to be Used and Source.
B.    Nominal Roll.
C.    Itinerary.


RAF Halton         OC PSF
                   OIC Sub-Aqua
                   All Expedition Personnel
                   Transport Manager

RAF High Wycombe   OC PSF
                   OIC Sub-Aqua
                   All Expedition Personnel
                   Transport Manager

RAF Lossiemouth    OC PSF
                   OIC Sub-Aqua
                   All Expedition Personnel

MOD Stafford       Offrs’ Mess Mgr
                   Sgts’ Mess Mgr

Balmacara House    Mgr

                                                                             ANNEX A TO
                                                                             ADMIN ORDER 53/09
                                                                             DATED 28 MAY 09


1.   Individual Equipment. Personnel may provide their own dive equipment provided it has
been properly maintained and is fully serviceable. Other items may be borrowed through Sub-Aqua
Club Equipment Officers. Personnel will require the following:

     a.    Diving suit (Dry Suit recommended)
     b.    Fins
     c.    Mask
     d.    Snorkel
     e.    Regulators
     f.    Dive knife
     g.    Dive gloves
     h.    Dive computer
     i.    Reel
     j.    Delayed Surface Marker Buoy
     k.    Buddy line
     l.    3 ltr pony cylinder and regulator
     m.    12/15 ltr cylinder
     n.    Torch and spare
     o.    Warm, water/wind proof clothing – hat, gloves, jacket
     p.    Flask
     q.    Sea sickness tablets
     r.    Military issue laundry bag or similar to take on RIB

RAF High Wycombe/RAF Halton Provided Sub-Aqua Equipment

     a.    Marinox O2 kits (x2)
     b.    Surface Marker Buoys (SMBs)
     c.    Decompression rig and spare cylinders
     d.    Charts, tide tables, BSAC 88 tables, site guides, slate, dive logs, incident report sheets
     e.    Hand held GPS (if available)
     f.    Hand-held VHF (if available)
     g.    Agency fuel card
     h.    One or 2 x Club RIBs.

                                                                                                      ANNEX B TO
                                                                                                      ADMIN ORDER 53/09
                                                                                                      DATED 28 MAY 09


                                       Service                                      Accn Reqts
Serial            Name        Rank                    Quals       Duty
                                       Number                                        12 Jun 09
   1     S Russell       Wg Cdr      8027652L    SD           OIC              Stafford Offrs’ Mess
   2     B Caves         Sqn Ldr     5208807U    SD           Diary            Stafford Offrs’ Mess
                                                              Dive Log
   3     P Maskell*      Sqn Ldr     5207711H    SADS         Diving Officer   NR
                                                 AD           SADS
   4     P Dutton*       FS          S8197497    SD           Equipt Offr      Stafford SNCOs’ Mess
   5     D Ball          Mr          N/A         AI           Trg Offr         NR
   6     P Walton        Mr          N/A         DL           OWI              Stafford SNCOs’ Mess
                                                 OWI          Cox
   7     R Holliman      Mr          N/A         DL           H&S              Stafford SNCOs’ Mess

* denotes instructor

                                                                    ANNEX C TO
                                                                    ADMIN ORDER 53/09
                                                                    DATED 28 MAY 09


Date      Time        Activity
10 Jun    1830-2030   Collect LWBLR from Halton MT.
                      Move RIB to Sub-Aqua Club.
                      Prepare and load equipment onto RIB.
12 Jun    0800        Collect LWBLR from Halton MT.
                      Attach boat.
                      Load personal equipt.
                      Depart for RNB Clyde via Bicester.
                      Load dive and personal equipment into car.
                      High Wycombe pax load dive and personal equipment a/r and travel direct
                      from High Wycombe
12 Jun    1200        Collect LR from High Wycombe MT
                      Collect Minibus from Halton MT
                      Attach boat at Halton MT
                      Depart for MOD Stafford
13 Jun    0700        Depart RNB Clyde/MOD Stafford for Balmacara
13 Jun    1600        Arr Balmacara House, settle in.
14 - 20   Tbc         Dives dependant on weather and other conditions in area of Kyle of
Jun                   Lochalsh
21 Jun    0700        Depart Balmacara
21 Jun    Tbc         Arr Halton/High Wycombe
                      De-kit and stow all dive equipment.

                                          C- 1