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May, 2010

RE:      GIS: Introduction To ArcGIS Server
         GIS: Developing Applications With ARCGIS Server Using MS .Net Framework

ODOT has scheduled “Introduction To ArcGIS Server” and “Developing Applications With
ARCGIS Server Using MS .Net Framework” training. A more detailed description of the
courses is on the next page of this letter.
Introduction To ArcGIS Server is scheduled for June 7th through 8th. Developing Applications
With ARCGIS Server Using MS .Net Framework is scheduled for June 9 th through 11th. Both
classes are located at the Human Resource Center in Salem. Class hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00
p.m. each day.
The fee for each class is listed on the registration form at the end of this letter. The fee must be
paid prior to taking the class. VISA, Master Charge Cards, and checks will be accepted for
payment. NO PURCHASE ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED. (See the registration form for
instructions and information.) PLEASE NOTE CANCELLATION POLICY: You must cancel
at least 11 working days prior to the workshop. No refund will be made when cancellation
occurs with 10 working days or less remaining before the workshop.
To register for the training, please complete the enclosed application and return to this office.
If you need more information, please feel free to contact me at the telephone number listed


Lorrie Schaefer
Lorrie Schaefer, Senior Training Consultant
Human Resources
Telephone: 503-378-5224
E-mail: lorrie.l.schaefer@odot.state.or.us
For a listing of other Training Opportunities, visit the Training at ODOT website at:
http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/CS/Training/index.shtml .

GIS: Introduction to ArcGIS Server

In this course, you will acquire the skills needed to share GIS content on the Web or
across the enterprise.

The participant will be able to:
        Author and publish map services and geoprocessing services that are optimized
         for performance.
        Generate a map cache to improve performance and enhance the end-user
        Publish a 3D service for display in ArcGIS Explorer and other globe viewers.
        Publish a geodata service for data replication and extraction to enable access
         and updates to a geodatabase.
        Create a Web mapping application for editing.
        Enable access to GIS services from a variety of clients including ArcMap, ArcGIS
         Explorer, and Web mapping applications.
        Build a Web mapping application that combines ArcGIS Online resources with
         your GIS services.

        ArcGIS Server Overview
        Working with Map and Image Services
        Caching Map Services
        Working with 2D/3D Services and ArcGIS Online
        Geoprocessing with ArcGIS Server
        Accessing Data with Geodata Services
        Editing a Web Mapping Application
        Administering ArcGIS Server
        Customizing ArcGIS Server Web Mapping Applications


This course is designed for those new to ArcGIS Server who want to learn about its
architecture, capabilities, and client applications.

GIS: Developing Applications with ArcGIS Server Using Microsoft .NET

This course teaches how to integrate GIS and mapping capabilities into your Web
applications, enhancing their value to end users and increasing your value as a
developer. You will learn standard guidelines for developing custom ArcGIS Server Web
ADF applications, about the available application programming interfaces (APIs), and
how to work with ADF Web controls and data sources. You will develop custom
applications that incorporate out-of-the-box tasks and learn how to build custom Web
tasks to deliver advanced functionality.

The participant will be able to:
        Use the ArcGIS Server Web ADF to integrate GIS capabilities into your
         ASP.NET-based Web applications.
        Develop custom Web applications using the .NET Web ADF controls.
        Programmatically implement out-of-the box tasks in applications.
        Build and deploy custom tasks.
        Develop custom commands and tools using the task framework.
        Utilize the ASP.NET AJAX framework within the Web ADF.

        Getting Started With Web ADF Applications
        Using The Web ADF Controls
        Programming With The Common Data Source API
        Working With Commands And Tools
        Working With ASP.NET AJAX And Web ADF Callback Results
        Programming With Web ADF Graphics (Server)
        Programming With Web ADF Graphics (Client)
        Programming With ArcGIS Server APIs (SOAP)
        Programming With ArcGIS Server APIs (ArcObjects)
        The Web ADF Task Framework
        Building Custom Tasks

Completion of Introduction to ArcGIS Server (TE010563) or equivalent knowledge is
required. Programming experience with ASP.NET 2.0 and JavaScript is also required.
Familiarity with Internet protocols and Web services is recommended.

Experienced Visual Studio VB.NET or C# programmers who have Internet development
experience using the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.

                                           ArcGIS Server Classes
                                              CLASS INFORMATION
Indicate which training class(es) you would like to attend:
                                                                                Check here to
                                                                                be wait-listed
                                                                                if class is full.
GIS: Introduction to ArcGIS Server ($1,640)
              June 7-8, 2010
GIS: Developing Applications with ArcGIS Server Using Microsoft .NET Framework
              June 9-11, 2010

                                            PERSON INFORMATION

Name:                            _____________________________________________________
Current Position:                _____________________________________________________
Agency/Company:                  _____________________________________________________
Telephone Number:                _____________________________________________________
E-mail Address:                  _____________________________________________________
Mailing Address:                 _____________________________________________________
City/State/Zip Code              _____________________________________________________

                                                   PAYMENT TYPE
Check a box to indicate the type of payment you are submitting for the transaction:
                                         CREDIT CARD
You may either submit your credit card information on this application or by telephone.
If credit card information will be provided over the telephone, please provide us with the
name of the person to contact and their telephone number. They will be called when we
actually enroll the applicant.
     VISA              Master Card                    Credit Card Number:   _____________________
3-digit verification code for Master Card: _________                  Expiration Date: ____________
Name of Card Holder _____________________________________________________
                    (as it appears on the card)
     Please call for credit card information:
Contact Name: ___________________ Telephone number: _____________________

                          See next page for check and return information.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\b7aa2211-4c47-4875-9724-7204534e5b2f.doc                    EA: MB0210-350
                                                    SENDING CHECK
If you are paying by check, please make checks payable to Oregon Department of
Transportation. To ensure your seat in the training class in a timely manner, FAX or E-
mail a copy of the registration form to us before you send the check. Send the check
payment to: Lorrie Schaefer, ODOT, 355 Capitol St. NE Room 102, Salem, Oregon
97301. Include a copy of the completed application form with the payment.
                                            RETURN INFORMATION
Please return this registration form to ODOT:
By mail, send to: Lorrie Schaefer, ODOT, 355 Capitol Street NE, Room 102, Salem,
                    Oregon 97301
By FAX: Attn: Lorrie Schaefer at 503-378-3481
By E-mail: ODOT.HR.Training@odot.state.or.us .

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\b7aa2211-4c47-4875-9724-7204534e5b2f.doc     EA: MB0210-350

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