FACT FINDING MISSION IRELAND -
                                     CDU DELEGATION STUTTGART
                                    DETAILED ITINERARY 3.- 6. JULY 2008

 EMER MAGEE, EVENTS MANAGER, GERMAN-IRISH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, +353 (01) 6424326, +353 (0) 086 8678297
                                             UPDATED 02/07/2008
Day          Time         Action                   Participants          Location        Comments / Contacts
Thursday,   11.15 am      Arrival                                             Dublin Airport
Thursday,   11.15-11.30   Delegates will be met at                            Dublin Airport   Confirmed
3.July                    the steps of the plane                                               Vincent Wall, mobile no.:
                          by Dublin Airport                                                    (+353) 087 6860727
                          Authority VIP service
                          and driven to the                                                    Please note: Please deliver
                          Radisson SAS.                                                        all luggage tags to the DAA
                          Luggage will be                                                      VIP service
                          collected and delivered
                          to the Radisson SAS
Thursday,   11.30-12.15   Meeting with the Dublin    Delegation.              Radisson SAS     Confirmed
3.July                    Airport Authority to       Dr. Wolfgang Häfele.     Hotel,           Vincent Wall, mobile no.:
                          discuss development of     Ralf Lissek, CEO of      Dublin Airport   (+353) 087 6860727
                          the airport and the        GICC.
                          Airport City.              Vincent Wall, Director                    Dr. Häfele and Mr Lissek will
                                                     of Communications,                        join the delegation in the
                          Presentation of Dublin     Dublin Airport                            Radisson SAS.
                          Airport Authority          Authority.
Thursday,   12.15-12.45   Lunch courtesy of the      Delegation.              Radisson SAS     Confirmed
3.July                    Dublin Airport Authority   Ralf Lissek, CEO of      Hotel,           Vincent Wall, mobile no.:
                                                     GICC.                    Dublin Airport   (+353) 087 6860727
                                                     Vincent Wall, Director   Tel: +353 (0)1
                                                     of Communications,       844 6000
                                                     Dublin Airport
Thursday,   12.45–13.30   Meet Mini-Bus and                                   Pick up in       Driver: Jimmy Sommers,
3.July                    travel to Hotel                                     front of the     Mobile 086 6173636
                                                                              Radisson SAS
Thursday,   13.30-14.30   Check in Hotel                                      Hilton Hotel,    Hilton Hotel tel: +353-(01)
3.July                                                                        Charlemont,      4029988
                                                                              Dublin 2
Thursday,   14.30-14.45   Briefing of the            Delegation.              Hilton Hotel,    Emer Magee, tel: +353 (0)86
3.July                    delegation by Ralf         Ralf Lissek, CEO of      Charlemont,      8678297
                          Lissek and Dr Wolfgang     GICC.                    Dublin 2

                          Photo of delegation        Emer Magee, Events
                                                     Manager, GICC
Thursday,   14.45–15.00   Mini-Bus to City Hall                               Pick up in       Driver: Jimmy Sommers,
3. July                                                                       front of the     Mobile 086 6173636
                                                                              Hilton Hotel
Thursday,   15.00-16.15   Meeting with City          Delegation.              Council          Confirmed
3.July                    Manager of Dublin City     Ralf Lissek, CEO of      Chamber, City    John Tierney, tel: +353 (01)
                          Council                    GICC.                    Hall             222 2802
                                                     Lord Mayor of Dublin,    Parliament
                          The Lord Mayor of          Eibhlin Byrne.           Street.
                          Dublin will officially     John Tierney, City       Dublin 8
                          welcome the delegation     Manager
                          to Dublin                  Michael Phillips, City          Enter through
                                                     Engineer and Director           side entrance
                          Presentation of Dublin     of Traffic                      on Castle
                          City Manager               Mat Twomey,                     Street.
                                                     Environment &
                                                     Department, Dublin
                                                     City Council
Thursday,   16.15–16.30   Bus to Government                                          Pick up           Driver: Jimmy Sommers,
3.July                    Buildings                                                  outside City      Mobile 086 6173636
                                                                                     Hall, on
                                                                                     Castle Street
Thursday,   16.30-17.30   Welcome by Enda            Delegation.                     Government        Confirmed
3.July                    Kenny, Fine Gael Party     Enda Kenny, leader of           Buildings,        Enda Kenny, leader of the
                          leader, followed by a      Fine Gael.                      Kildare Street,   Irish political party Fine
                          tour of the Dail.          Ralf Lissek, CEO of             Dublin 2          Gael, the CDU’s partner in
                                                     GICC.                                             Europe will welcome the
                                                                                                       Contact: Sarah, +353 (01)
Thursday,   17.30-18.00   Walk from Government       Delegation.                     St. Stephen’s
3.July                    Buildings to St.           Ralf Lissek, CEO of             Green Club, 9
                          Stephen’s Green Club       GICC.                           St. Stephen’s
                                                                                     Green, Dublin2
                                                                                     The Card
Thursday,   18:00-18.45   Briefing on Transport in   Delegation.                     St. Stephen’s     Confirmed
3.July                    Dublin                     Ralf Lissek, CEO of             Green Club, 9     St Stephen’s Green Club,
                                                     GICC.                           St. Stephen’s     +353 (01) 6774744
                                                     Edgar Morgenroth                Green, Dublin2    Edgar Morgenroth, +353 (0)
                                                     Senior Research                 The Card          86 8393195
                                                     Officer,                        Room
                                                     The Economic and
                                                     Research Institute
Thursday,   18.45-19.30   Briefing on Biofuels       Delegation.                     St. Stephen’s     Confirmed
3.July                                               Ralf Lissek, CEO of             Green Club, 9
                                                     GICC.                           St. Stephen’s
                                                     Mike Goodliffe,                 Green, Dublin2
                                                     PAMBO.                          The Card
Thursday,   19:30-20:00   Drinks Reception at St.    Delegation                      St. Stephen’s
3.July                    Stephen’s Green Club       Invited Guest: see              Green Club, 9
                                                     below                           st. Stephen’s
                                                                                     Green, Dublin2
                                                                                     The Guest
Thursday,   20.00-23.00   Dinner at St. Stephen’s    Delegation.                     St. Stephen’s     Confirmed
3.July                    Green Club / Card Room     Invited Guests:                 Green Club, 9
                                                     Werner Schwanberg,              st. Stephen’s
                                                     President of GICC-
                                                                                     Green, Dublin2
                                                     Ralf Lissek, CEO of German      The Card
                                                     Irish Chamber of Industry and   Room
                                                     Commerce- confirmed
                                                     Liam Ryan, Managing Director
                                                     of SAP Ireland- confirmed.
                                                     Barry O’Leary, CEO of IDA-
                                                     Edgar Morgenroth, ESRI-
                                                     Mike Goodliffe, PAMBO-
                                                     Farid Assouad, Aareal Bank-
Thursday,    After 23:00   Transport home by          Delegation              St. Stephen’s    Take Green Line two stops
3. July                    LUAS (Light Railway                                Green           from St. Stephen’s Green
                           System)                                            Charlemont       to Charlemont. Required
                                                                                               ticket: Centrum-Centrum
                                                                                               Adult (1.50€ p.p.). Operates
                                                                                               every 15mins until 0:30am.

Friday, 4.   8:00-9:30     Mini-Bus to Citywest       Delegation              Pick up in       Driver: Jimmy Sommers,
July                       Business Park, Dublin 24                           front of the     Mobile 086 6173636
                                                                              Hilton Hotel
Friday, 4.   9:30–10:45    Visit SAP                  Delegation.             SAP, Citywest,   Confirmed
July                                                  Liam Ryan, Managing     Dublin 24        Liam Ryan, tel: +353 (01)
                           SAP Presentation           Director, SAP Service                    4674010; mobile: +353 (0)86
                                                      and Support Centre                       8213873
                                                      (Ireland) Ltd
Friday, 4.   10:45–11:00   Mini-Bus from SAP to       Delegation              Pick up in       Driver: Jimmy Sommers,
July                       Lufthansa                                          front of SAP     Mobile 086 6173636
Friday, 4.   11.00-13.30   Visit to Lufthansa         Delegation              Lufthansa        Confirmed
July                       including tour of the      Andreas Kohl,           Technik          Michael McEntee, +353 (01)
                           plant.                     Technical Director,     Airmotive        4011287
                           Lunch complimentary of     LTAI                    Naas Road        Participation of Wolfgang
                           Lufthansa in the staff     Michael McEntee,        Rathcoole        Moerig to be confirmed
                           restaurant.                Human Resources         Co. Dublin
                                                      Manager, LTAI
Friday, 4.   13:30–14:30   Bus to Docklands,          Delegation              Pick up in car   Driver: Jimmy Sommers,
July                       Dublin 2                                           park of          Mobile 086 6173636
Friday, 4.   14.30-15.00   Meeting with Dublin        Delegation.             Dublin           Confirmed
July                       Docklands                  Paul Maloney, CEO of    Docklands        Please ask for Susan
                           Development Authority      Dublin Docklands        Development      Osmond at reception tel:
                                                      Development Authority   Authority,       +353 (01) 818 3301
                                                      accompanied by other    52-55 Sir John
                                                      experts in              Rogerson's       Paul Maloney,; mobile +353
                                                      development from        Quay,            (0) 86 387 7478
                                                      DDDA.                   Docklands,
                                                                              Dublin 2,

Friday, 4.   15.00-16.30   Tour of the Docklands      Delegation,             Dublin           Confirmed
July                       area                       Guides: Chiara          Docklands
                           Tour will end at Aareal    Derenbach & Donal
                           Bank.                      Barron of Dublin
                                                      Development Authority
Friday, 4.   16.30-17.30   Meeting at IFSC with       Delegation              Aareal Bank      Confirmed
July                       Aareal Bank to discuss     Farid Assouad,          Dublin Branch    Farid Assouad, tel: +353
                           the development at the     Managing Director of    4 Custom         (01) 6369220; mob: +353 (0)
                           International Financial    Aareal Bank AG          House Plaza      87 2302188
                           Services Centre.                                   International
                                                                              Centre (IFSC),
                                                                              Dublin 1
Friday, 4.   17:30-18:00   Mini-Bus to hotel          Delegation              Pick up from     Driver: Jimmy Sommers,
July                                                                          Custom House     Mobile 086 6173636
Friday, 4.   19:00-19:30   Mini-Bus to Johnnie        Delegation              Pick up in       Driver: Jimmy Sommers,
July                       Fox’s, Glencullen                                  front of the     Mobile 086 6173636
                                                                              Hilton Hotel
Friday, 4.   19.30-23.00   Dinner and Hooley* at      Delegation              Johnnie Fox’s    Confirmed
July                       Johnnie Fox’s                                      Glencullen,      Johnnie Fox’s, tel: +353
                           *Traditional Irish music                           Co. Dublin       (01) 295 5647
                           and dance
                                                                                               Dinner at Johnnie Fox’s is
Friday, 4.   23:00-23:30   Mini-Bus to Hotel          Delegation              Pick up in       Driver: Jimmy Sommers,
July                                                                          front of         Mobile 086 6173636
                                                                              Johnnie Fox’s

Saturday,    10:30–11:30   Meeting with the Irish     Delegation              Hilton Hotel,    Confirmed
5.July                     Development Authority      Barry O’Leary, CEO of   Charlemont,
                           followed by a briefing     the Irish Development   Dublin 2         The Charlemont Suite
                           on the work of the AHK     Authority
                           Irland                     Ralf Lissek, CEO of
                           AHK Irland Presentation
Saturday,    13:45–        Bus to Guinness            Delegation              Pick up in       OPTIONAL
5 July       14:00         Storehouse                                         front of the
                                                                              Hilton Hotel
Saturday,    14.00-        Tour of the Guinness       Delegation              Guinness         OPTIONAL
5 July       17.00         Storehouse                                         Storehouse,
                                                                              St James's
                                                                              Dublin 8
Saturday,    17:00–        Mini-Bus to hotel          Delegation              Pick up in       OPTIONAL
5 July       17:30                                                            front of
Saturday,    14.00-        Walking tour of Dublin     Delegation                               OPTIONAL
5 July       17.00                                                                             Please confirm interest
                                                                                               with Emer Magee, +353
                                                                                               (01) 6424326
Saturday,    17:30-20:45   Free time                  Delegation
5 July
Saturday,    20.45-21.00   Mini-bus to MV Cill        Delegation              Pick up in       Driver: Jimmy Sommers,
5 July                     Airne, North Wall Quay                             front of the     Mobile 086 6173636
                                                                              Hilton Hotel     Dinner at MV Cill Airne is
Saturday,    21.00-23.00   Dinner at MV Cill Airne,   Delegation              Quay 16,         Confirmed
5 July                     Floating Restaurant and                            Northwall
                           bar on the River Liffey                            Quay, Dublin 1
Saturday,    23.00-        Mini-Bus to hotel          Delegation              Pick up in       Driver: Jimmy Sommers,
5 July       23.15                                                            front of the     Mobile 086 6173636
                                                                              MV Cill Airne
Sunday, 6    TBC           Mini-Bus to Airport        Delegation              Pick up in       Driver: Jimmy Sommers,
July                                                                          front of the     Mobile 086 6173636
                                                                              Hilton Hotel     Please confirm time with

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