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    Minutes of Ordinary Meeting held on Sunday, 9 November 2008, at Great Barr Hotel, Birmingham

1            Attendance, Apologies & Member/Delegate changes
         Officers/specific roles                   In attendance               Apologies received                 No contact
President                                  Joyce Stewart
Vice Presidents                                                              Sue Lane, Cedric        Tony Braund, Brian Edwards,
                                                                             Maunder                 Peter Ball, Max Hopkinson
Chairman                                   John Spires
Vice Chairman / Chair Communications       Ian Parsons
Chair Conservation Subcommittee            John Spires
Hon Secretary                              Richard Baxter
Hon Treasurer                              Iain Wright
Minutes Secretary                          Celia Wright
Chairs Judging Subcommittee (outgoing)
(incoming)                                                                   Johan & Clare Hermans
                                                                                                     David Ridgeway
Slide/CD Librarian                                                           Tina Stagg
Website Manager                                                              Graham Smith
Lecturers List Manager                     Betty Barber
        Organisation represented
Birmingham & Midlands Orchid Society       Allan Luckman, Steve Penzer
Bournemouth Orchid Society                                                   Graham Smith, Joy Eng
Bristol & West of England Orchid Society   Ian Parsons                                               Peter Ball
British Orchid Growers' Association        Malcolm Moodie                    Peter White
British Paphiopedilum Society              Brian Walker
Cambridge Orchid Society                                                                             Peter Johnson, Brenda Morley
Central Orchid Society                     John Spires                       Mike Bull
Cheltenham & District Orchid Society                                         Rod Wells, Tom Price
Cheshire & North Wales Orchid Society      Iain Wright, Denys Morten
Chester Zoo                                                                                          Mark Sparrow
Chiltern Orchid Society                    Betty Barber                      Lydia Cobb
Cotswold Orchid Society                                                                              Janet Newson
Cumbria Orchid Society                                                                               Tom Golphin
Darlington & District Orchid Society       Chris Barker, Jean Barker
Devon Orchid Society                                                         Sue Lane
East Anglia Orchid Society                                                   Colin Thorburn
East Midlands Orchid Society                                                                         Melvyn Stephen, Richard
Eric Young Orchid Foundation                                                                         Chris Purver
Glasgow Botanic Garden                                                                               David Menzies
Hardy Orchid Society                       Celia and Iain Wright
Harrogate Orchid Society                                                     Jack Lavin
Hinckley & District Orchid Society         Keith Bates                       Richard Flemming
Lea Valley Orchid Society                  Michael Potter, Neville Dunn
Mid-Sussex Orchid Society                                                    Maria Firth
Mid-Wales Orchid Society                                                                             Fiona Miles, Audrey Houghton
North Bucks Orchid Society                                                                           Roger & Leonie Sewell
North East of England Orchid Society       Chris Barker
North Hampshire Orchid Society                                                                       Graham & Thelma Westmore
North of England Orchid Society                                              Ken Russell
Orchid Society of Great Britain            Betty Barber                      Roy White
Pleurothallid Alliance – UK                Alan Luckman, John Spires
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew                                                                           Chris Ryan, Philip Griffiths
Royal Horticultural Society                                                  Johan & Clare Hermans
Scottish Orchid Society                    Chris Barker                                              Colin Avery
Sheffield & District Orchid Society        Richard Baxter, Silvia Maunder
Solihull & District Orchid Society         Anthony Johnston               Bill Bond
Somerset, Wiltshire & Dorset Orchid                                                                  Peter Hunt, Simon Pugh-Jones
South East Orchid Society                  David Thurtle
South Wales Orchid Society
South West Orchid Society                  Ian Parsons                                               John Saunders
Southern Counties Orchid Society                                                                     Ian & Carol Wybrow
Suffolk Orchid Society                                                                               Val Smith
Sussex Orchid Group                                                                                  Simon Waddilove
Thames Valley Orchid Society               Betty Barber                      Simon Powers
Wessex Orchid Society                                                        Jonathan Watson
West Cornwall Orchid Society                                                 Ron and Kit Lindsay
Worcestershire Orchid Society                                                                        Paul Cooper, Alison Caldwell
Standing Note from Minutes Secretary -
The names of those recorded as being present are taken from an Attendance List circulated during the Meeting. Apologies are also
taken from the Attendance List or can be emailed in advance to the Minutes Secretary

                                           BOC Minutes 9th November 2008                   Page 1
Changes of Delegates/contact details:

a.   Fiona Miles replaces Graham Houghton as Mid Wales delegate: Graham is currently unwell.

b.   Joyce Stewart (BOC President) asks delegates to note that her email address is now, not as in the Golden Guide.

c.   The Orchid Society of East Anglia was welcomed as a new member of BOC.

d.   South Wales Orchid Society has become very small and is unlikely to remain a member of BOC (see
     Treasurer’s Report)

e.   Cheltenham & District Orchid Society has a new website (contact details on the BOC website). Any
     other Society that would like a link to their Society placed on the Cheltenham site should email

f.   Cotswold Orchid Society is known to be struggling and may not remain viable. Members present
     indicated their regret at this news.

g.   The Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Orchid Society, who meet in Barry, South Wales, have
     contacted Ian Parsons about a possible coach trip to EOC at Dresden in September 2009. OSGB
     and Sheffield Orchid Society already have coach trips going to Dresden.

Agreed Action:
   1. Hon Secretary will contact The Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Orchid Society and invite them to join
       BOC if they meet the criteria to do so.
   2. On researching the group behind the orchid event at The Botanical Garden of Wales after the meeting,
       Richard found that this was not the Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Orchid Society, but the Orchid Study
       Group – website – so he will contact them also.

     2. Minutes of Ordinary Meeting held on 9th March 2008
Celia apologised for once again misspelling Johan Hermans’ name. This has been corrected on the file copy of
the Minutes.

The Minutes were agreed without further amendments and signed by John Spires.

     3. Matters Arising not elsewhere on the Agenda

Para 4. Steve Manning’s suggestion that BOC might make an archive of the relatively recent past in
orchid growing in the UK. The Hon Secretary has spoken to Steve about this. He is happy to help with local
collection of information, but doesn't want to do this more widely or organise the project. Richard Baxter has
had no other offers to help. Ian Parsons said that he could make space on the BOC website for any information
collected for this project, if it goes ahead.

Agreed Action:
   1. Members to ask their own Societies whether any of them would be happy to do this for their own patch.
       This will be an item on the March 1 Agenda. Any Society wishing to offer help with this should let the
       Hon Secretary know in advance if they will not be present at that meeting.

     4. Correspondence and Secretary’s Report
     Contact – Richard Baxter      E-mail -

Richard Baxter reported receiving the following correspondence including the following-

     1. Notification of Philip Cribb’s lecture for Orchid Conservation International at Kew Jodrell Lecture Theatre
         on 29 November at 2 pm.
     2. Notification of the 2009 Quito Orchid Expo on 4-8 February 2009, including the Third Scientific
         Conference on Andean Orchids.
     3. BOC has had an email from The Field Studies Council promoting its Natural History courses for 2009.
         Titles include Wild Orchids of SE England to be held at Juniper hall on 12-14 June 2009. For more
         details contact Ben Worth, Field Studies Council 01743 852100 or look on their website - www.field-

                                    BOC Minutes 9th November 2008        Page 2
     4. An email from Winplus Orchids in Taiwan (Phalaenopsis growers) seeking access to UK orchid vendors
         has been passed to David Stead for circulation within BOGA.
     5. The usual letters asking for contacts in the orchid world

5.     Treasurer's Report
     Contact – Iain Wright       E-mail -

Iain Wright reported –

“Since the last meeting, the cost of the EOC three year subscription has been confirmed as £103.59 and I have
paid out the following cheques.

                 £159.00                                   Venue hire for the June meeting
                   £90                                RHS Affiliate membership and Insurance
                 £78.60                            Judging expenses – postage in September 2008
                  £100                                   Judging expenses for event in 2009
                   £50                                    Sustainable Users Network - 2009

The current account contains £2,039.62 and the deposit account contains £25,140.78, giving a total of

As to future expenses, the only cheque I know of which needs signing today is for the venue for this meeting,
which I expect will be lower than the last venue. I do however note that the Treasurer and Minutes Secretary
have unclaimed expenses of approximately £57 and I do expect a bill to cover the mailing of some Golden
Guides. There may also be some web site expenses to come.

On the regulatory front, I have notified the Charity Commission of the changes in our Governing Instrument
approved at the AGM and they have confirmed that these are in order.

I have also made the Annual Return to the Charity Commission in respect of year 2007. This consisted of a
general information document, based on their Trustees Annual Report form, a copy of our annual accounts
together with statements from the (two) auditors that all was in order (on form CC64b), a copy of the draft
minutes of the 2008 AGM which detailed what we had achieved in the preceding year and, as we were
reporting the proceeds of the 2006 Weston-super-Mare Congress, a copy of the final report from that event. I
used the on-line system to file the Return and the main details within it appeared on the Commission website
the next day.

I am concerned that our reserves are rising steadily, year on year. I would like to propose that we start a
discussion within Council about whether there are expenditures we might make that would further our
charitable purpose which, as stated in our Governing Instrument, is to promote for the public benefit all aspects
of the study, cultivation, breeding, and conservation of orchid species and hybrids, by means of exhibitions,
lectures, shows, and instructive literature. I am sure that I am not alone in having a few ideas about this and,
with the Chairman’s permission and if time permits, would like to return to this matter in AOB.”

a.   Iain also reported that BOC needs a new Examiner for the BOC Accounts at the end of 2008. Betty
     Barber suggested emailing all the Society Treasurers to ask if they would be able to undertake this role.

A motion that John Spires, as Chair, has authority to approve any such appointment until it can be formally
ratified at the next meeting was proposed by Betty Barber, seconded Brian Walker, and agreed unanimously.

b.   No subscription has been received this year from South Wales Orchid Society. It is believed that
     they have resigned from BOC.

Actions agreed:
    3. Iain will send the current (Charity Commission approved) version of the Governing Instrument to Ian
        Parsons to place on the BOC website.
    4. A copy of the document submitted to the Charity Commission will be placed on BOC website for
        reference for future BOC Treasurers
    5. Hon. Secretary will write to South Wales Orchid Society to confirm their wish to leave BOC, reassuring
        the Society that it will be welcome to rejoin if circumstances change.

                                   BOC Minutes 9th November 2008       Page 3
6.   CITES
     Contact - John Spires        E-mail -

John Spires reported

“I have attended a combined plant/animal SUN meeting with DEFRA which has unfortunately left me with very
little to report. Implementation of the new fees structure (£79/genus) is now delayed until April 2009, but it still
looks as if it will go ahead. Details are on the DEFRA website under Conservation.

COTES (the enforcement procedure) is to be revised with more emphasis on civil penalties, but no date set.

Preparation is under way for the next COP (conference of parties) relating to CITES, to be held in South
America. The feeling is that the EU will continue to press for deregulation (relaxation in respect of more orchid
hybrids) and Asia will support but the South American countries will continue to oppose.

Further information on any alteration to designated ports of entry will be published Summer 2009 with a view to
regulations coming into force in October 2009 but at this stage little information is forthcoming.

The next meeting will be early 2009. I will go when I can, especially if at Kew, less likely if the meeting is in
Bristol. I do not think it worthwhile to pay expenses.”

The Treasurer said that if John thought it worthwhile attending, he should not hesitate because of expenses.

7.      Congresses and Weekend Events

     Contact - Sue Lane           E-mail -

The following report from Sue Lane was read in her absence.

“23rd BOC Congress, Devon October 2008
The Devon Orchid Society were very happy with the recent Congress. The number of general public through
the door was down on our estimation although well publicized. This was due to various factors including the
general economic situation. Society members and registrants seemed happy with the event and the quality of
plants was extremely high. I hope this will prove that a small congress is viable and will encourage other
societies to have a go - after all the cost of venues is becoming prohibitive.

24th BOC Congress, Peterborough 20l0
Nothing specific to report. Things are well in hand at this early stage.”

Discussion - 23rd BOC Congress, Devon October 2008
a. Malcolm Moodie reported from the BOGA meeting held since the event. BOGA wishes to record a
    collective thank you for an excellent event. The Hotel staff and Congress organisers were very helpful.
    BOGA concerns were that not all traders were in the main room with one isolated in another room that
    some lighting was inadequate and that space was a general concern, particularly with island displays
    which are difficult for traders to man. Traders were also concerned that there were extensive Registrant
    only viewing times when they were expected to man their stands, but that the halls were often empty (or
    nearly so) at these times. This was particularly an issue on the Friday evening, when everyone
    disappeared to the buffet meal. Most traders then went to the meal and not all returned. Malcolm asked if
    the Registrant only times could be shorter at future Congresses and could be arranged not to continue
    across meal times. Iain Wright said that when he returned to the display area after the buffet, he had to
    leave notes for traders from whom he wished to buy plants as they were not available. Several delegates
    commented that they valued the Registrants only times for uncluttered photography.

b.   Malcolm asked whether there is a formal requirement for Congress organisers to have a BOGA
     representative on their organising committee. It was replied that this had not been the case since the late
     1990s. The decision was made by the Society organising the Congress.

Action agreed:
    1.  Malcolm Moodie will speak to Brian Woodward as organiser for Peterborough about his concerns in the
        hope that arrangements satisfactory to everyone could be made for the Peterborough Congress.

c.   Jack Lavin (Harrogate) asked to raise subject of removal of plants for RHS judging so that they were not
     available for people to see. There has been email communications around this. John explained that the

                                    BOC Minutes 9th November 2008           Page 4
     plants did have to be taken from the stands for judging. This was done in stages. John said this was
     probably the easiest way of orchid growers getting their plants to RHS judging, rather than taking them to
     London. It was generally agreed that RHS judging was a good feature of BOC Congresses and Joyce
     Stewart reported that the RHS Orchid Committee were very pleased with the standards of the plants
     presented to them, resulting in a substantial number of awards.

Actions agreed:
1.  Johan has suggested that timing at future Congresses could be discussed between the Congress
    organisers and Johan as chair of RHS orchid committee with the aim of minimising this disruption. This
    was agreed.
2.  Denys Morten suggested that a photograph could replace removed plants. This would be especially helpful
    when the champion flower has been removed to be painted. Chris Barker suggested that owners of plants
    who know in advance that they would be submitting their plant for RHS judging could be asked to bring a
    photograph with them. The idea of a photograph was welcomed. The mechanism for providing it would
    need to rest with the Congress organisers.
3.  Iain Wright suggested that the times of removal and expected return could be added to the “Plant removed
    for RHS Judging” card, to give visitors an idea of when they could return to the display to see them. This
    idea was welcomed.
4.  Joyce Stewart said that some delay might have occurred as the RHS staff available to collect and return
    plants was limited in number. It was agreed that Congress organisers could offer portering help to prevent
    delays for this reason.

8.      Sub-Committee Reports
        a.     Judging Sub-Committee
     Previous Contacts - Clare & Johan Hermans E-mail -
     Future contact - David Ridgeway Email -

Johann and Clare Hermans sent their apologies. This report was read on their behalf by Joyce Stewart.

A very successful training symposium was held at The Peterborough International Orchid Show in June, a
record number of BOC judges and trainee judges attended. We are grateful to the organisers of this show,
especially Brian Woodward, for making this event possible.

The following people qualified as BOC judges:
Richard Baxter: of the Sheffield Orchid Society.
Colin Carter: of the Bournemouth Orchid Society.
Joseph Ford: of the RHS.
Simon Powers: of the Thames Valley Orchid Society.
Melvyn Stephen: of the East Midlands Orchid Society

Retirement: Mary Burt of the North East of England Orchid Society has retired from the judging scheme, we
sent her all our best wishes.

The following new trainees joined the scheme:
Shannan Read of the Wessex Orchid Society, mentored by Jonathan Watson.
Ann Gordon-Cumming of the Thames Valley Orchid Society, mentored by Roy White.
Pat Allwood of CANWOS, mentored by Tina Stagg.

Over 70 Judges took part in judging of plants and displays at the Dawlish Warren BOC Congress. Several
members of the German Orchid Society joined the judging teams.

David Ridgeway
We have now retired as chairmen of the BOC judging scheme and it is proposed that the Rev. David Ridgeway
is elected as the new chairman and member of the judging committee. This has been proposed and accepted
at previous meetings and is possible under the BOC constitution clause 4 f&g.
We would like to thank BOC delegates and members of the judging scheme for their support and best wishes.
We are happy to continue on the sub-committee to support David in his work.

The Judging Sub-Committee will now consist of: David Ridgeway, Joyce Stewart, Cedric & Silvia Maunder, Sue
Lane and Johan & Clare Hermans.

                                   BOC Minutes 9th November 2008       Page 5
Future events
Sunday 22nd March 2009: judging symposium in conjunction with the London Orchid Show, in the RHS
Conference Centre.

Saturday 31st October 2009: provisional booking for the Cavendish Hall at Chatsworth House.”

The meeting was pleased that David Ridgeway had accepted his new responsibility for organising the
BOC Judging Scheme. There was a general wish within the meeting that he should be appointed to the
position of Chair of the Judging Subcommittee, as suggested by Johan and Clare Hermans in their report.
However, John Spires and other members of the Executive raised their concern that such an appointment at
this meeting would be contrary to the BOC Governing Instrument. Two clauses in The Governing Instrument
are relevant:

Clause 4f “No person may be co-opted onto the Council save those who have accepted an assignment(s),
which is specifically associated with and approved by The Council, and it should be correct for him/her/ them to
attend all meetings of the Council in order to express opinions and have a vote. Co-option would be approved
by a simple majority vote at an Ordinary Meeting. Persons so co-opted onto Council shall have the same
status as delegates to Council.”

Clause 4i “While non-delegates can be co-opted onto working committees, the chairman and a majority of
members must be delegates to Council. The Officers of the Council have the right of attendance at working
committee meetings.”

Concern was expressed that David is not at present a delegate for any BOC member organisation. This meant
that, according to the Governing Instrument, he could by simple majority vote be co-opted onto Council, but
could not be Chair of the Judging Subcommittee.

John Spires therefore suggested that David should be elected at this meeting to the role of Acting Chair of the
Judging Subcommittee. His status could be changed as soon he becomes a delegate for a member
organisation. Two offers were immediately made from the floor by delegates of Societies where David
Ridgeway is a member. The first was on behalf of the British Paphiopedilum Society which only has one
delegate to Council at present. The second was on behalf of the Hardy Orchid Society, as Iain Wright indicated
his willingness to stand down as a delegate in order that David could take his place. Iain would remain a
delegate for CANWOS.

David Ridgeway was duly elected to the role of Acting Chair of the Judging Subcommittee in place of
Johan and Clare Hermans.
Formally proposed within the meeting by Chris Barker
Seconded by Keith Bates

Betty Barber suggested that that the Governing Instrument could be amended at the next AGM. Silvia
Maunder said that she thought this had been done previously, but there does not appear to be a record that this
was ever done.

Actions agreed:
1.  Brian Walker will speak to David Ridgeway. If David is willing, his name as the second BOC delegate for
    the British Paphiopedilum Society can be put to its AGM next weekend. Brian will let John Spires know the
    outcome of that meeting. If David has become a delegate, John will change his status to Chairman of the
    Judging Subcommittee.
2.  The Executive will consider whether changes are needed to the Governing Instrument to address this
    difficulty. If so, they will place a paper before Council on this matter at the AGM in March 2009.

David’s contact details are as follows.
Rev. David Ridgeway
St. Stephen's Vicarage,
14 Watling Street
St. Albans

The BOC website will be altered to reflect the changes.

                                    BOC Minutes 9th November 2008      Page 6
               Chairman's addendum to the Minutes, added by John Spires on 24/11/08
                 (Note: this does not form part of the formal Minutes of this meeting)

Since the meeting, there has been considerable discussion within the Executive Committee concerning the
   exact meaning of the current version of the Governing Instrument. The majority (but not unanimous)
 conclusion is that it would have been in order to appoint David Ridgeway directly to the role of Chair of the
Judging Subcommittee. The Executive Committee will propose changes to the Governing Instrument at the
  next AGM to clarify this matter. At the next Ordinary Meeting, I (as Chairman) will propose that David's
                        appointment is changed to Chair of the Judging Subcommittee.

          b.     Congress Sub-Committee
     Contact - Sue Lane          E-mail -
Sue Lane’s report had already been read under the heading of “Congresses”.

        c.       Communications Sub-Committee
     Contact - Ian Parsons   E-mail -

     a.   BOC Database

Ian Parsons demonstrated the BOC database and spoke of the need for members to update their data

On behalf of Maria Firth (Mid-Sussex OS delegate) who was unable to be present, Celia asked whether the
Public Contact details on the database had to include their telephone number. Maria felt that, while Contacts
would generally be glad for BOC Officers to have their telephone number, they might be unwilling for this to be
posted publicly.

Actions agreed:
    1. All delegates will remind their Web Contact of the need to keep their Society’s details up to date. Ian
        Parsons can offer help and advice on how to do this if member societies are unsure. Ian Parsons can
        also reprovide passwords on request (email address above).
    2. Via the Minutes of this meeting, Members will be advised when someone wishes to withhold their
        telephone number from the Public Contact information but is willing for it to be used internally in BOC,
        they should make two separate entries for the person concerned in the database. One of these entries
        would contain the person’s telephone number and the other would not. The version without the
        telephone number could then be linked to the Role of Public Contact and the version with the telephone
        number to any other Role, such as Delegate. The only Role whose telephone number appears on the
        website and in the Golden Guide is that of the Public Contact. All others are internal to BOC. Such
        changes can be made by the Web Contact for each member organisation.

     b.   Website

1.       The Executive discussed this at Dawlish and decided that, in future, responsibility for the website
     should be more of a corporate one, rather than resting with a single webmaster. Responsibility will be
     vested in the Communications Working Committee. Ian Parsons is taking this forward at present, but
     Graham Smith, Iain Wright and Richard Baxter (as Executive members with IT/web site experience) will
     also work on this. By sharing this work, the Executive hopes that necessary changes to the web site will be
     carried out speedily in the future. BOC will pay for commercial hosting of the web site as well as the
     domain name, rather than relying on the goodwill of a private individual, as it has done in the past.

2.      Malcolm said that if any BOC member will puts links to individual BOGA members on their Society's
     website, the individual traders will reciprocate.

     c.   Growers and Buyers Guide (The Golden Guide)

The current publication date for the Golden Guide of September each year causes problems, as it tends to be
out of date rapidly as Members have their AGMs in the autumn, so contact details change. Also, it was thought
preferable to be able to list all the Shows for one calendar year in a single edition. Malcolm Moodie (for BOGA)
and Ian Parson (for BOC) therefore suggested a change of publication date from September to January. The
only disadvantage was that the current September 2008 version would need to last until the end of December
2009, and it does not contain dates for Shows for the last quarter of 2009; these dates are, however, on the
web site.

                                   BOC Minutes 9th November 2008       Page 7
Action agreed:
    1. The publication date change was agreed. Delegates were asked to let their Societies know of this
        seeming gap in production.
    2. If it is difficult to distribute the Golden Guides by hand (BOGA did most of that this time) the Treasurer
        will pay any necessary postage charges.

       d.     Lecturers’ Panel
    Contact – Betty Barber  E-mail -

Betty Barber reported that there are currently 45 speakers on the List. She has written to everyone on the list
asking for an update on their position for 2009. So far, 19 have replied; she awaits replies from the other 26.
Six speakers have been removed from the list, two of whom have sadly died this year and the other four of
whom have chosen not to continue. Two new speakers have joined the list. Betty will next update the list in
early December when the updated version will appear on the web site.

       e.      Slide Collection
    Contact - Tina Stagg       E-mail -

Tina Stagg sent the following report that was read in her absence –

“There has been one borrowing during the period, with no donations.

An offer was received to digitalise the library but, after considerable research and discussion with the secretary,
this, in the form offered, was declined.”

Richard Baxter explained this further. An offer was received from Rod Wells (Cheltenham Orchid Society) to
purchase equipment on behalf of BOC then digitise the BOC slide library. After consultation with Tina Stagg
and considering all the surrounding circumstances it was decided not to progress the scheme as it would have
taken a long time and might not have been of use to Members.
Mike Ball said the he has a slide scanner that could be borrowed. He would be willing to do a few slides that
might be used. Tina has previously said that there is one set of about 50 slides that is used regularly. Celia
Wright suggested that digitalizing this set as a trial might be an option.

        f.     Conservation
    Contact - John Spires   E-mail -

John Spires Reported “I have had two enquiries on conservation matters (both in connection with student
projects), otherwise nothing to report.”

Action agreed:
    1. Due to lack of time at this meeting, the planned discussion on how BOC might become involved in
       supporting conservation projects was deferred to the next Ordinary Meeting.

    9.    Any Other Business

No other business was discussed.

    10.        Dates and venue for future meetings
Sunday 1 March 2009 at 1.45pm – AGM, to be followed by an Ordinary Meeting
It was agreed that the Great Barr Hotel offered much better facilities than Strawberry Bank and that bookings
should be made there for the 2009 dates.
Ian Parsons suggested that the March meeting could take place at the London Orchid Show on 22 March
instead. While the combining of BOC Council meetings with other events was generally agreed to be an
option, this would require careful thought and planning to avoid clashes of activity (judging show, judging

                                   BOC Minutes 9th November 2008        Page 8
symposia, organisational roles) for Delegates attending shows.

Action agreed:
    1. This item will be placed on the Agenda for the March 2009 Ordinary Meeting.

Other dates for 2009

Sunday 5th July 2009 – Ordinary Meeting
Sunday 1st November 2009 – Ordinary Meeting

There being no further business, the Meeting was declared closed at 4.15pm.

Minutes Secretary:     Celia Wright
                       The Windmill, Vennington, Westbury, Shrewsbury SY5 9RG
                       Tel:     01743 884576

                                  BOC Minutes 9th November 2008     Page 9

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