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					                                  Muse No. 9
         Japanese Network of Museums for Peace
                        Newsletterÿ September, 2003

               The Editorial Office: Kyoto Museum for World Peace,
                                 Ritsumeikan University
               56-1 Kita-machi, Toji-in, Kita-ku, Kyoto City 603-8577 Japan
                   Director: Ikuro Anzai.        Curator: Masahiko Yamabe
                    Editor: Kazuyo Yamane.           Ilustrator: Erico Tosaki
        Tel: +81-075-465-8151. Fax: +81-075-465-7899. 

Eight    Japanese     attended    the    4th                                         From
                                                     The theme of the conference was “
International     Conference     of   Peace          War Remembrance to Peace Education”
Museums                                              and it is great that the website of the
                                                     International     Network         of    Peace
The 4th International Conference of                  Museums was opened as follows:
Peace Museums was held from May 5 to       
9 in Ostend, Belgium.          About sixty           The details of the conference including
people from 17 countries participated                papers and photos are available in this
including eight people from Japan.                   website.
(Pacific War History Museum, the 5th
Lucky      Dragon      Display        House,         It   was    proposed       that   the    next
Grassroots House and three peace                     conference would be held at Gernika
researchers.)         The     number        of       Museum in 2005 or 2006.           It is hoped
participants was less than it was                    that more Japanese will participate in
expected because of the war on Iraq and              the next International Conference.
SARS.     For example, Professor Ikuro
Anzai, the director of Kyoto Museum
for World Peace, was not allowed to go
abroad    by    Ritsumeikan      University
because it might be dangerous to travel
because of the war on Iraq.

The following is Ms. Keiko Nishimoto’                   Grassroots        House     Kochi      (Japan)
impressions.                                                                     lightning for
                                                        introduced its activity: “
                                                        the victims in Iraq€35 accordance with
In Flanders                                             the attack in Iraq and peace appeal to
                             Keiko Nishimoto            the Kochi City. Another peace museum
                                                        makes an attempt to offer a “     for
I attended the Fourth International                     accommodation and reconciliation. It
Conference     of    Peace     Museums         in       might   be    possible      to   have        more
Ostende, Belgium. I have been taking                    museums       with        such     interactive
an    MA in       Peace      Studies     at   the       programmes, free from a conventional
University of Bradford, UK. I decided to                notion about museums where artifacts
send an application as I planned to                     are just exhibited.
write my dissertation about peace
education and peace studies.                            As a field trip, we visited some
                                                        cemeteries, two peace museums for
It was a pity that some people had                      remembrance of the first World War,
cancelled because of SARS, however,                     and the former concentration camp,
the    participants        made        powerful         each of which was quite impressive. I
presentations about their museums and                   would like to write about how two world
their activities. On the third day, in a                wars are conveyed in Belgium.
divided    group     (into     three),    many
enthusiastic activities were reported by                Both museums, In Flanders Fields
people who were involved in peace                       Museum (Ieper) and the Ijzertoren
museums. Each museum adopts a                           Museum       (Diksmuide),        convey       the
variety of approaches and methods to                    reality of the first World War. As I was
create a more peaceful world, which                     born and brought up in Japan, I regard
made me recognise that it was a time to                 the first World War from a certain
modify     a      particular      image        of       distance as a historical fact. But, these
museums”in general. This is a new
“                                                       two museums appeal to the visitors
kind of museum that tries to provide                    with an impressive means of exhibition
visitors   with     more     concrete     ideas:        in Ieper and with a huge amount of
visitors leave the museums with a
“                                                       artefacts    in     Diksmuide.         In     the
feeling of empowerment.”The curator                     Ijzertoren     Museum,           the        ethnic
of the Guernika Peace Museum (Spain)                    problems in the army were introduced,
told me that she offered educational                    which could be seen in Japan as well.
programmes          for       schools.        The

 € 3 4 reminds me, who was born and            Pacific War History Museum: Iwate
brought up in Japan, of “ 15 years’
                 however, Europe has
war (1931-1945),€35                            Japanese people go to Yasukuni Shrine
a different viewpoint, that is, a legacy       in    Tokyo    and    local   shrines   to
of the first World War as well as the          commemorate dead soldiers, but it
second World War. Especially, the first        should not be forgotten that bones of
World War inflicted serious damage on          Japanese soldiers still remain and have
Belgium, a legacy of which still exists.       been left out in the open in other Asian
In the former concentration camp, the          nations.
exhibition, building, and atmosphere
convey the cruel fact of oppression.           We went to Biak in New Guinea last
                                               fall and discovered some bones of dead
I am wondering how we can create a             soldiers.   We submitted the photos to
world, where we can live with dignity          Japanese      government      and   asked
(positive peace) without war (negative         officials to investigate the situation.
peace). How should we confront the             But we found in January that nothing
past, understand ongoing facts, and            was done. It is very important not to
construct our world? To what extent do                                            t
                                               forget dead soldiers so that we won’
peace museums contribute to “    ?             take part in new war in the future.
These are some of the thoughts I was           (Newsletter of Pacific War History
left with after the conference.                Museum No. 39 issued in March, 2003)
                                               A novel of Record of the War in
                                               Paradise Island (Paradise-tou Senki)
                                               was    favorably     reviewed.      Please
                                               contact us because it is not available at
                                               a bookstore if you’ like to get one.

                                               Fax: +81-197-52-4575

                                               Sendai History Falk Museum: Sendai
                                               City: Iwate

(With thanks to Dr. Ursula Maria               A Collection of Materials No. 1 was
Ruser)                                         published on March 31st and what is
                                                                       materials on
                                               recorded is as follows: “

soldiers who trained children at school               was also played by flute in a story
and the military of the      2nd   Division of               Poor Elephants”that suffered
                                                      called “
            War and People’ Life”
the army”in “             s     ,                     from starvation during World War II.
“           related     to    citizens’ life          (Newsletter of Saitama Peace Museum
during the war: public meetings, groups               Vol. 10 No. 3 published on March 15)
in a community that were made to            
control people easily, the control of a
ration, selling rice to the government,               The Maruki Gallery: Saitama
Sendai City     burnt    down        by    U.S.
bombers in eight grader’diaries.”                     An art exhibition by five anti-war
                                                      artists such as Izuru Mizutani was
Fax: +81-22-257-6401                                  exhibited from October 1 to December
                                                      21, 2002.    The symposium was held on
Saitama Peace Museum: Saitama                         October 6 by the five artists and the
                                                      director, Ichiro Hariu.
                     Letters from
An exhibition called “
battlefields”was held from February 12                The second floor that was used by Mr. &
to March 9. Letters written by soldiers               Mrs. Maruki as a studio was opened as
and civilians abroad were exhibited.                  a library and a lounge in April, 2003.
                                                      Their paintings on the scenery of the
Materials   collected    in       2002    were        waterside were exhibited from April 1
exhibited from April 22 to June 22.                   to July 5.

                 An Angry Stone
Two films called “                                    There was a slide show on Iraqi
                        Five Scouts
Statue (Okori Jizo)”and “                             children who suffered from depleted
(Gonin no Sekkou-hei)”were shown on                   uranium.      Mr. Naomi Toyota, the
Dec. 8, 2002.                 Tower of
                A film called “                       photographer,    gave      a    lecture    and
Himoyuri    (Himeyuri        no          on
                                   Tou)€35            showed the slides at a café of Shinjuku
Okinawa was shown on March 21.                        Word Office and it was organized by
                                                      Friends Association of Maruki Gallery.
                      On a Paper
Other films including “
Crane” were      shown        in     January,         A lecture on war against Iraq, a concert
February, April, May and June.                        in the open air and a party were held on
                                                      May 5, the anniversary of the opening
Stories for peace were read on January                of Maruki Gallery.
19 by a group called Nonohana.            Music       (Newsletter     No.   75       published    on

December 25 and No. 76 published on               The first general meeting was held on
April 22)                                         November 23, 2002. Professor Masuo                   Omura of Waseda University gave a
                                                  lecture on Yin Tungchu and his poems.
National History Folk Museum: Sakura              The       poet    is     a   lyricist        and     a
City, Chiba Pref.                                 revolutionary poet.

A report on war memorials in modern               Professor        Li    Jingyuan        of    Risshou
time and today was published on March             University gave a lecture on December
31.   Investigation was done in some              7, 2002, the first anniversary of the
prefectures, but it was not done in other         opening of the museum.                  He talked
prefectures.    Therefore, the report is          about a historical reconciliation and a
not complete yet.                                 civil society.        The details are available
Fax: +81-43-486-4209                              in its newsletter in Japanese.
                                                  Fax: +81-3-5272-3510
Toshima History Museum: Tokyo                     E-mail:

There     was   an   exhibition    on   the       The     Fifth     Lucky       Dragon         Display
                                s life
air-raids on Toshima, and people€31               House: Tokyo
during World War II was shown from
January 24 to March 30.           Exhibited       There      is    a      project   of        the    50th
were citizens’record on the air-raids,            anniversary of the hydrogen bomb test
articles related to the air-raids, photos         on the Bikini Atoll of the Marshall
of the ruins of the air-raids, a map that         Island.          The      nuclear       test       was
              address and where and
showed victims’                                   conducted by the United States in 1954.
when they escaped.        An illustrated
book was also published.                          About 100,000 people visit the House
Fax: +81-45-896-2299                              every year and approximately 40,000
                                                  visitors are children of elementary
Korai     Museum     (Korean      Museum):        school, junior high school and high
Tokyo                                             school.      They think of the present
                                                  world relating to the Bikini incident.
The opening hour was changed in April:
noon to 5:00 pm from Wednesday to                                             Conveying
                                                  The theme of the project is “
Sunday.                                           the Bikini Incident to the Future
                                                  Generation”             There is a plan of

renewing    the     permanent     exhibits,        for study or for cultural festival.
holding a special exhibition on the                There are various purposes of their
Bikini incident and making traveling               visit, but they are all eager to learn the
exhibits, a special exhibition on the              U.S. air-raids on Tokyo.
victims of the Marshall Island, an art
exhibition by modern artists in Japan              About    1000    visitors    wrote      their
and the USA, holding a symposium and               impression in notebooks.       Those who
publishing books.                                  had the experience of the air-raids
                                                   wrote their feelings while the post-war
Website:                            generation wrote the importance of
                                                   knowing the air-raids.        Pupils and
Tokyo Document Center on Air Raids                 students of secondary school wrote
and War Damages: Tokyo                             their strong wishes for peace, which
                                                   made me feel that it was really nice to
The following is a greeting by Mr.                 make this museum.
Katsumoto Saotome, the director, at the
first anniversary of the opening of the            However, it seems that Japan will
museum.                                            make new war again.         I believe that
                                                   conveying how people suffered from
This is our first experience of opening a          World War II would prevent the next
museum and we’ been working very                   war and lead to making efforts for
hard as if we were off our heads. The              peace.   I hope this small peace center
number of the visitors was over 10300                                              d
                                                   will develop in the future and I’ like to
and we are all surprised because it is             ask for your cooperation.
more than we expected since the                    (Newsletter     No.   2     published     on
building is so small.                              February 1)
People   come     not     only   from    the
community but also from various places             Association of Preserving Underground
from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa              Shelter in Asakwa: Tokyo
in the south.
                                                   The history of Asawaka underground
About 10 % of the visitors are children            shelter is introduced using photos in
of elementary school and junior high                                 Peace Asakawa”
                                                   the newsletter of “             No.
school, and high school students.       They       32.   The shelter is in Hachiouji City.
visit the museum as a school excursion,            29 members visited Saitama Peace

Museum,       Maruki     Gallery      and        War has been spreading globally and
Yoshimatu Underground Shelter in                 there are regional conflicts in various
Saitama Prefecture in February. The              places in the world.       We are planning
shelter was made to produce engines of           to record facts on women who suffered
airplanes, but a single engine was not           from war and convey them to the next
produced because Japan was defeated.             generation in order to realize the
Http://           peaceful world without violence.

Tokyo Holocaust Education Resource               We have five ideas for our activities.
Center: Tokyo
                                                 1. The emphasis is put on violence in
The center moved to the following                     war from a perspective of gender in
address on April 1.                                   justice.
                                                 2. Not only the victim side of Japan in
5   Suga-cho,     Shinjuku-ku,      Tokyo             war but also the aggressive side
160-8565                                              will be made clear.
Fax: +81-3-5363-4809                             3. We will not only preserve materials                      on the past and the present and                           exhibit them but also make the
                                                      museum as a center of creating
It became possible to borrow panels                   peace in the future.
through the Internet.     We also lend           4. We will make the museum as
books, teach holocaust at school and                        s
                                                      people€31 movement         which    is
introduce teaching materials.      A free             irrelevant to national authority.
mail magazine is available.                      5. We will inform non-Japanese of our
                                                      activities and promote activities of
Women’ War and Peace Museum:                          solidarity beyond national borders.
                                                 There are three kinds of activities.
Women’ War and Peace Museum will
be created by women’ groups and                  1.   The first activity is to record the
individuals     who    protest     against                               t
                                                      past so that it won’ be forgotten.
violence, protect women’human rights                  This       includes    materials    on
and work for peace with people of other                    s
                                                      Women’          International      War
countries.                                            Criminal       Tribunal     held    in
                                                      December, 2000, materials on civil

     suit by women who were forced to
     work as sex slaves and the result of
     the investigation of those women in
     other Asian countries.          We will
     make it possible for people to see
     videos on the testimony by the
     women and films that recorded oral
     history through the Internet.                  Association of Preserving Underground
2.   Secondly    we      will   investigate         Shelter in Hiyoshidai: Kanagawa
     violence against women in war and
     regional conflicts.    We will inform          The shelter is on Hiyoshi campus of
     people of women’ anti-military                 Keiou Gijuku University in Yokohama
     bases,   anti-war      activities   and        City.        There    used     to     be   the
     promote creating peace.                        headquarter of the Navy Fleets. There
3.   Thirdly the museum will be a                   is    also   the     shelter    where      the
     center of studying, educating and              headquarter of the Air Force existed.
     creating peace.       There will be a          A plan to build an apartment above the
     mini-theater, small meetings and               shelter was made clear.        The members
     exhibitions so that people can get             of the association asked Yokohama
     together and create peace. It will             municipality and the developer of the
     be possible to read books and                  apartment not to allow the building of
     articles by Yayori Matsui who                  the     apartment    because     Agency     of
     worked     very   hard     to    realize       Culture has been investigating the
     Women’        International         War        shelter to see if it is worth preserving
     Criminal Tribunal.                             as a historic site related to modern war.
Now we made a committee to build the                mizuki/2402
museum with many people and discuss
the plans of concrete activities.                   Kanagawa           Plaza       for     Global
                                                    Citizenship: Kanagawa
We are having a campaign to raise
funds about 100 million yen.                        There was a photo exhibition from
                                                    January 25 to February 16.           Exhibited
Tel & Fax: +81-3-3369-6866                          were 100 photos that were awarded in
Email:                               the photo contest in Asia and Pacific
                                                    Oceans held by UNESCO in 2001.

(Global   Citizens’ Report       No.   15        planning to build a peace museum.
published on March 1)                            About 130 people attended it including           Japanese high school students, Korean
aza                                              college students, co-op members and so
Yuki no Shita Peace Culture Museum:
Fukui                                            About fifty people gathered on April 29,
                                                 the 7th anniversary of opening the
                           War and
There was an exhibition of “                     Constitution Forest which was named
Children” on May 10-11.          Exhibited       after Article 9 that renounces war in
were    about   100   articles   including       Japanese Constitution.         They weeded
photos of Iraqi children who suffered            the site where they are planning to
from the US air-raids.     An emphasis           build a peace museum.
was put on misery of children who                               Hozon Undou”No. 149
                                                 (Newsletter of “
suffered much in war.        The photos          published on May 10.)
were taken by Yoshimi Sato in Saitama
Prefecture and Taku Morizumi in Tokyo. 
Visitors wrote their impressions and   
there was donation for the exhibition.
(Kanpou newsletter No. 135 published             Shizuoka Peace Museum: Shizuoka
on May 15)
Tel/fax: +81-776-52-2169                         Forty photos taken in Afghanistan and                      Iraq     taken     by     five    Japanese
                                                 photographers      were      exhibited from
Peace Museum Project in Matsushiro:              April 25 to June 8.          Cluster bombs
Nagano                                           were used in war on Iraq and many
                                                 duds are very dangerous just like land
On November 11, 2002 there was the               mines.
anniversary to commemorate Korean
and Japanese workers who were killed             There    has     been   an    exhibition   of
in accident during World War II when             pictures on experiences of US air-raids
they were digging an underground                 from June 19 to September 28. Over
shelter for the Headquarter of the               2000 people were burnt to death
Japanese Army in Matsushiro.                     because of the air-raids from June 19 to
                                                 20, 1945.
It was held at the site where they are

Tel & fax: +81-54-247-9641

Kyoto Museum for World Peace: Kyoto

There was a special exhibition on
activities of Association of Peshawar
(which is in Pakistan) from May 15 to
June 15. The members are active not
only in medical care but also digging a
well and building flumes in Pakistan
and Afghanistan.      There was also a
lecture by Mitsuharu Fukumoto of the
Association of Peshawar on medical
cooperation for 19 years and reality in           A Peace Statue of Children of the World
Afghanistan on May 21.
                                                  Children Center for Peace & Human
A photo exhibition on beautiful scenery           Rights: Sakai City of Osaka
in Japan was held from May 15 to June
17.    The   photos    were     taken   by        Many panels on school textbooks were
Michihiro    Kawamura      of     Yomiuri         produced and exhibited at various
Newspaper and he gave a lecture of                places in Japan.       New panels on
The Field of Creating photos for
“                                                 sociology, music and morality were
Newspaper” May 15.                                newly made.     Mrs. Kazuko Yoshioka
                                                  criticizes a new textbook for morality
A Peace Statue of Children of the World           because it is similar to the one used
was temporarily exhibited in front of             during World War II.       She has more
the entrance of Kyoto Museum for                  than   4000    textbooks    of   morality
World Peace on May 5, Children’Day.               because they were donated by people
It was made by efforts of children                who supported Ienaga textbook trial.
including high school students.    There          Loyalty to the emperor and obedience
is already one in Hiroshima and Tokyo.            was emphasized during WWII and
                                                  critical thinking was prohibited.

Fax: +81-72-227-1453                  

Osaka International Peace Center                Peace Memorial: Suita City of Osaka

There was a special exhibition on               A peace film is shown every month as
cultural heritage that was lost in Osaka        follows.    Siberia Story” a Russian
                                                            “            ,
during WWII from March 25 to May 18.            movie (1948), on a young man who got
                                                injured in war, but tries to be a
A special exhibition on the effects of                                  There is no
                                                composer (in December), “
land mines was held from May 27 to              abnormality    in    West   Front” (in
July 13.        Exhibited were photos of                  Morocco” foreign soldiers
                                                January), “       on
people in Cambodia who suffered from                                      Goodbye to
                                                in Morocco (in February), “
land mines, and pictures painted by             Hippopotamus”that is about exchanges
children in Bosnia and Herzegovina              of children and a hippopotamus during
                                                the US air-raids on Tokyo, and also
There were seminars on “
                       Asia and                 Angry Stone Statue” on the atomic
NGO”       in      January,   “
                              Historical        bombing on Hiroshima (in March),
reconciliation” March, “
                       Resistance to            Wild Rose”on Vienna Boys Choir (in
War in Okinawa” June. Tadao Sato,               April),    Tomorrow” on
                                                           “                the   atomic
a film critic, gave a lecture on “
                                 How war        bombing on Nagasaki (in May) and
was shown in Japanese films” on                 Mata Hari” a woman spy in World
                                                “         on
December 7, 2001.      Five films on war        War I (in June).
and peace were shown in December.               Tel: +81-6-6387-2593

There were a lecture, a drama, and              Peace and Human Rights Museum:
music related to the US air-raids on            Sakai City of Osaka
Osaka on March 13.
                                                There was a photo exhibition from April
War and Peace No. 12, the bulletin of           6 to June 29.       Exhibited were 100
Osaka International Peace Institute             photos that were awarded in the photo
was published on March 31, 2002.                contest in Asia and Pacific Oceans held
                                                by UNESCO in 2001.
There was a fieldwork of visiting war
related sites on May 18.                        Fax: +81-072-270-8159

Fax: +81-6-6943-6080

Himeji Peace Museum: Hyogo               

There was an exhibition of “
                           Children and            Hiroshima National Peace Memorial
War”using original materials, photos and            Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims
films from April 5 to July 13.
Fax: +81-792-91-2526                               Memoir by people who lost their
                                                   beloved by the atomic bomb, victims’
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum                    photos and articles left by the victims
                                                   have been exhibited since April 1 and
Paintings drawn by the atomic bomb                 will end on March 31, 2004.
victims were exhibited from March 5 to
July 6.    They were collected by the              Address: 1-6 Nakajima-cho, Naka-ku,
museum, NHK Broadcasting Company,                  Hiroshima City 730-0811
Chugoku Newspaper and so forth in                  Tel: +81-82-543-6271
2002.                                              Fax: +81-82-543-6273

Materials kept by the late Mr. Kiyoshi             (Peace Culture No. 149 published on
Yoshikawa, the atomic bomb victim and              June 1)
a peace activist, were donated to the
museum.     514 books, 248 films and               Takamatsu Civic Culture Center
2102 photos were listed.         There are         Peace Memorial Museum: Kagawa
5000 more original materials such as
letters, diary and postcards.          They                                       s
                                                   About thirty panels on children’ life
have been listed for classification.               during World War II and seventy
                                                   original articles such as toys and school
Institute was created in Hiroshima                 supplies were exhibited from November
Peace     Memorial Museum and the                  19 to 24.
Journal No. 1 was published on March
31 to report the research.                         Posters and panels on the atomic
(Peace Culture No. 148 published on                bombing were exhibited from May 20 to
March 1 and No. 149 published on June              25.
                                                   A film of “      s       was shown
Fax: +81-82-542-7941                               on November 23, 2002.        It is about a           girl named Mucchan who starved to
te/                                                death at an air-raid shelter on Ouita

City.                                              There are about 100 people in Citizens’
                                                   Association for Making Peace Museum
An animated cartoon of “ Blue-eyed                 in Matsuyama City. The first meeting
Doll”was shown on May 24.                          was held at Ehime Univeristy in
(Peace Memorial Newsletter No. 9                   Matsuyama city on December 8, 2002.
published in January and No. 10                    About        forty    people    gathered    and
published in April)                                listened to a lecture by Kensaku
Fax: +81-87-861-7981                               Umebara, the head of Association of              Recording War Damages and Air-raids
oiku/bunkabu/sbsenter/heiwa.htm                    in      Kochi.        He    talked    how   the
                                                   Grassroots House was created in Kochi
German Museum: Tokushima                           city.    He insisted that it was important
                                                   to collect materials and preserve them
There     were   twelve   places    where          cooperating          with   local    government
German prisoners of war were put in                officials.
after World War II such as Tokyo,
Nagoya,    Osaka,     Tokushima,   Ouita,          The members of the association in
Fukuoka, Kumamoto and so forth.                    Matsuyama City are planning to collect
There is a plan to publish a journal on            signatures to make a peace museum
these camps and there is an appeal for             and ask Matsuyama city assembly to
cooperation in its newsletter, Ruhe                create a peace museum in September.
                                                   Tel & fax: +81-89-927-9260
There has been a lecture on German       
culture since March 1.    It is possible to
learn German customs, environmental                Grassroots House: Kochi
issues, how to deal with rubbish,
education, daily life as a student,                Ms. Kathleen Sullivan, an expert of
student’life, proverbs and so forth.               disarmament education, gave a lecture
                                                   on nuclear issues on November 30,
Fax: +81-88-689-0909                               2002.      Not only young people but also                  citizens enjoyed learning them.

Peace Museum Project in Matsuyama                  When energy is changed, the world can
City: Ehime                                        be changed.          Solar system was set on
                                                   the roof of the Grassroots House and it

became       possible    to   use   electricity                                           s
                                                       on Iraq at Kochi Liberty and People’
without depending on a power company.                  Rights Museum.       The width of the
It cost about $13,500.                                 paper is 70cm and the length is 30m.
                                                       There are already 13 rolled papers.
          Power and Terror”on Noam
A film of “
Chomsky was shown on March 7 and                       Pupils, teenagers and young people in
about 400 people saw it.                               their twenties were especially eager to
                                                       write their messages such as “ war!
Peace Wave in Kochi started on June 15                                    Nothing would be
                                                       Peace is the best!”“
and there were various activities such                                    Life is precious
                                                       created from war!” “
as Peace Star festival where one million                       “
                                                       equally” Love & Peace”and so forth.
paper cranes were folded by 100,000
people, the exhibition to think of war                 All the messages were taken in photos
and peace such as a photo exhibition on                and sent to President Bush and Prime
war on Iraq, anti-nuclear peace concert,               Minister Koizumi.    So far nine small
peace theater, peace march, high school                albums with forty photos were sent to
students’ peace         festival,   peace   art        them.
exhibition, peace film festival and
children’meeting for peace.                            Candles were put so that it made words
                                                          No War” and people who pass
                                                       of “
Action against War on Iraq                             downtown lit the candles.     Musicians
Keiko Tamaki: Vise director of the                     sometimes played music and people
Grassroots House                                       stopped walking and listened to music.

On March 19 citizens, college students                 Such action continues though time was
and musicians got together and decided                 changed.   From April 16 to June 14,
to protest against the war on Iraq.                    peace messages were taken from 13:00
                                                       to 17:00 on Sunday and also 18:00 to
They started to collect messages for                   19:00 on Friday.    Since June 15, it is
peace from 12:00 to 13:00 and have a                   held from 14:00 to 16:00 on Sunday.
vigil from 18:00 to 19:00 every day. It
was held downtown, so many people                      Three young people went to Tokyo to
wrote messages for peace and attended                  protest against the passage of the
the vigil.    Messages were written in a               National Emergency Law which make
rolled paper.     One of the rolled papers             is possible for Japan to get involved
became a part of an exhibition on War                  with war started by the USA.       They

took one roll of papers full of anti-war                                Tomio Taketomi Talks
                                                        A video tape of “
messages.                                               about War and Materials on War”was
                                                        produced by Seishi Haranaka. It was
A peace concert was held on June 15 at                  recorded in November, 1992.       There
the Central Park. Twenty-one groups                     are two tapes and each tape costs 5000
attended it and gave a message for                      yen.
peace through music.
                                                        Mrs. Tomoko Taketomi: 415-13 Otoku,
It was decided that Self-Defense Forces                 Kotake-cho,     Kurate-gun,    Fukuoka
would be sent to Iraq and peace seems                   820-1101
far    away.         However,   if            s
wishes for peace continue, the world                    Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum
should be changed in the future.            We
want to plant seeds of peace and raise                  Materials on the atomic bombing kept
them for the peaceful future.                           by the museum were exhibited from
                                                        February 4 to March 27.
War Museum for Soldiers and People:
Fukuoka                                                 A photo exhibition of Shigeo Hayashi
                                                        was held from May 9 to August 31.
Mr. Tomio Taketomi who opened Heishi                    Hayashi went to Nagasaki in October,
Shominno Sensou Shiryoukan (War                         1945 and took photos of the atomic
Museum         for   Soldiers   and    People)          bomb victims.
passed away on November 24, 2002.
He was eighty-four.          I would like to            (Heiwa       Peace   Wing     Nagasaki
express my sincerest condolences.                       Newsletter     No.   97   published   on
                                                        January 20)
Mrs.    Tomoko        Taketomi,      his   wife,        Fax: 095-846-5170
became the director and reopened the
museum on January 22.                                   Nagasaki Peace Museum Opened

There was an exhibition on “                            A new peace museum was opened in
Saburo Endou and Pacifism”from May                      Nagasaki City on April 19.     Masashi
6 to June 3.         Endou   tried to protect           Sada, a singer-song writer, who is from
the     Japanese        Constitution       that         Nagasaki, made efforts to create the
renounces war and Mr. Taketomi was                      new peace museum.
greatly influenced by Endo.

The purpose of the museum is to show                     Citizens of Nanjing and Nagasaki
                                                   said, “
now only conflicts in the world but also           can deeply think of the importance of
the preciousness of peace introducing              peace together.       s
                                                                      Let’ not repeat the
smiling children of the world, beautiful           same mistake in the past.       s
nature and music.                                  lessons from the history.”

It cost forty million yen to build the             After his lecture, a Japanese woman
museum and it was covered by people’               who listened to the massacre from one
donation.   The entrance fee is free.              of   her     relatives   during    WWII
(Kochi Newspaper dated on April 20)                apologized to him for not thinking of
Address:     7-15    Matsugaeda-machi,             the victims of the massacre.      Both of
Nagasaki City 850-0921                             them shook hands firmly, which made
Tel: +81-95-818-4247                               us think of the importance of citizens’
Fax: +81-95-818-4208                               exchanges.
                                                   (Nishisaka Dayori Newsletter No. 33
Oka     Masaharu          Memorial   Peace         dated March 1)
Museum: Nagasaki
                                                   Tomohiro Shinkai wrote an article on
The third meeting to listen to Chinese             Chinese people who were forced to work
victims of Japan’aggression was held               in Nagasaki during World War II.
on December 14, 2002. Hsia Shuchin                 Some of them visited Nagasaki in
was eight years old when Japanese                  summer, 2002.
army occupied Nanjing.       Seven out of 9
members of her family were killed.                 Fax: +81-95-820-5600
Her parents and grandparents were
killed in front of her and two elder               Nagasaki National Peace Memorial
sisters aged 15 and 13 were also killed.           Hall for Atomic Bomb Victims
She was severely injured because she
had her back stabbed by a bayonet and              A new peace memorial was opened in
she still has the scar.                            Nagasaki on July 5th.        About 120
                                                   people including atomic bomb victims
Mr. Chao Wei who was in charge of the              attended the opening ceremony.        The
exhibition on Nanjing Massacre talked              entrance fee of the museum is free.
about the reality of the massacre and

Mr. Senji Yamaguchi, the atomic bomb                          lives.
victim, said that it is important for the
atomic     bomb        victims          and     their         It will be constructed by the central
bereaved families not to let the same                         government by the end of March, 2004,
tragedy happen again.               The museum                but will be run privately.
was built to convey the hardship of the                       1-7-1    Kume,   Naha     City,   Okinawa
atomic bomb victims to the future                             Prefecture 900-0033
generation and pray for peace. It cost                        Tel: +81-98-941-3515
4.4 billion yen.                                              Fax:+81-98-863-3683
(Kochi Newspaper dated on July 6)                   
Address:           i     o      N
             7- 8 Hran - mac i,h agasaki City (The above information is based on the
  8 - 8 21    1    7                                          brochure of the museum. With thanks
         8 8 1
  Tel: + - 9 -15 - 0 40         5       5                     to Ms. Yuki Yoshikawa of the museum)
         8 8 1
  Fax: + - 9 -15 - 0 40         5       6
  info@peac - e agasaki.go.j        p

Tsushima Maru Memorial Museum will
Open: Okinawa

Tsushima Maru, an evacuation ship,
was torpedoed and sank by the U.S.
submarine Bowfin off the coast of
Akuseki    Island,      situated            north   of        This is a card in which you can see
Amami      Island,      while       transporting              people    against   war      on   Iraq   in
school children and teachers from                             Bainbridge Island, Washington.           It
Okinawa to mainland Japan.                    Of the          was taken Joel Sackett.       It would be
1661 passengers, 1,484 lives were lost                        nice to make such a card and sell them
including 767 children.                                       at a museum shop.
                                                              (With thanks to Mr. Gerald Elfendahl)
The purpose of the museum is not to
forget the tragedy and create a base for                      News in Asia and Australia
the education of peace where the
children of the next generation can                           Peace Museum Project in Korea
learn the preciousness of peace and life                                              Kim Yeong Hwan
and realize the importance of their own                       There is War Memorial in Yongsan in

South Korea.    Should we proud of this?          make a peace museum in the cease-fire
                                                  zone between North Korea and South
A workshop for creating          a   peace        Korea.
museum was held by Center for Human
Rights and Peace of Sung Kong Hoe
University and Committee for Truth in
Viet    Nam    War    and    International
Democratic Solidarity on June 15.

The background of the peace museum
project is as follows.     Korean citizens
started to demand Korean official
apology to Vietnamese people for killing
during Viet Nam War in 1999.         They           Han-Viet    Peace   Park       in          u
                                                                                           Ph ye n
also demanded the search for truth in                       ,c e
                                                    Provin Vietnam
Viet Nam war and have been looking      
for reconciliation between Korea people           0/2003/01/021024000200301300445007.
and Vietnamese people.                            html “              ,
                                                       THE HANKYOREH21” No.445,
They started collecting donations from
Korean citizens to make a peace park              Efforts for Disarmament Education in
and a peace museum in Vietnam from                Cambodia: WGWR
October in 1999 to January, 2003.
This    was   done    in   Hankyoreh    21        The   Working    Group     for        Weapons
(newspaper).    They held Peace Music             Reuction (WGWR) is the first NGO in
Festival, sold T-shirts and CDs and               South East Asia, which is working on
held a symposium.          Han-Viet Peace         Small Arms Light Weapons (SALW)
Park was constructed on January 21,               reduction.
2003. Korean citizens started to think
of creating a peace museum in Korea               1. Goal of the Public Education Project
also.                                                (PE)
                                                  WGWR works to address the culture of
Citizens’donation was requested by                violence that is a legacy of Cambodia's
Hankyoreh            Newspaper         and        decades of internal conflict. Public
Preparatory Committee for a peace                 education and awareness raizing can
museum project.       There is a plan to          provide Cambodians with an

opportunity to deal with their own fears        commitment to nonviolent problem
and find common solutions to                    solving and conflict resolution.
improving the security in their own
communities. There is a great need for          3 Project activities
on-going commitment, experience, and            The Public Education Project will
resources to identify, stop, and reverse        implement the Cambodian Peace and
the culture of violence commonly                Disarmament Education Project,
witnessed in Cambodia.                          achieving its objectives, by carrying out
                                                the following major outputs and
PE will develop public education                activities:
materials such as posters and leaflets,          Establish Peace Education Partners
using them to educate and train                  A variety of educational materials on
persons from NGOs and institutions              small arms reduction and peace
working in both rural and urban areas.          building for children and youth will be
Trained participants will then be able          created.
to incorporate weapons issues into their         Small Arms & Peace Education
on-going programming. Efforts will              Seminars and Training-of-Trainers
focus on the general public, youth and          (ToT) for Teachers and
students, the armed forces, and NGOs.           Teachers-in-Training will be
The Public Education team will also             implemented.
produce and broadcast a media                    Community small arms and peace
campaign through television and radio           building awareness events will be
spots. WGWR will provide follow-up              organized
support for NGOs and institutions                Non-formal peace education program
participating in public education               will be provided for youth and students.
activities.                                      Peace and small arms media
                                                Campaign developed.
In 2003 and 2004 the Public Education
Project will implement the Cambodian            There is a plan to make a peace
Peace and Disarmament Education                 corner/room at school and also a peace
Project.                                        museum in the future in Cambodia.

2 Project Purpose                               Address: Sothearos Blvd House No.55
The project purpose is to enable target         PO BOX 116 Phnom Penh, Cambodia
groups to consider the negative effects         E-mail(1):
of small arms-light weapons (SALW)              Website:
possession and use and indicate a               Telephone: +855-23-222462

Fax: +855-23-213447                                   displayed to give you an understanding
Founding Date: August, 1998                           of the struggle for freedom.
Representative: Neb Sinthay
 (Executive Director)                                           s
                                                      The museum’six galleries are well lit

Officer     Responsible       for     Conflict        with friendly guides to answer your

Prevention: Neb Sinthay, Executive                    queries. As you end your tour of the

Director/ Hout Thavory, Project Officer               Museum, you may relax in our outdoor

Public Education                                      Café and reflect upon your thoughts.

Number of Regular Staff: 13                           Our kiosk stocks books, photo-albums

(Information is from the website)                     and souvenirs. The Library is filled

A New Museum for Peace in Thailand                    with books and documents on the
                                                      Liberation War. Last but not least, is

Freedom for Thailand”Museum will                      our video room, where one can see a 20

open in fall.    There was an anti-Japan              minute video documentary from the

group called “
             Freedom for Thailand”in                  events of 1971, collected from authentic

World War II.                                         media clippings.

                                                      The Liberation War Museum wants the
Thai government allowed Japanese
                                                      future generation to know our rich
army to use Thailand and invade Malay
                                                      heritage and draw from the spirit of the
and Burma during the war.                 But
                                                      Liberation War the inspiration and
students    and       intellectuals   secretly
                                                      pride to build a better future and make
     Freedom for Thailand” with
made “
                                                      the dream of Golden Bengal become a
British and US cooperation.             There
were about 3000 members who resisted
                                                      (This is from the following website.

Exhibited       are    photos,      anti-Japan
handouts, radio and so forth.
(Asahi Newspaper dated September 18)                  With thanks to Emma Leslie and Soth
                                                      Plai Ngarm)
The Liberation Museum in Dhaka,
Bangladesh                                            The Sydney Jewish Museum

On display are many rare documents                    The Sydney Jewish Museum provides
and objects, carefully preserved and                  visitors   with     experiences        and
                                                      understanding of the events of the

Holocaust by allowing them to meet, in             Studies     of Peace            Culture        No.   25
a dignified and moving environment,                published by Nagasaki Institute for
those who were involved. The Museum                Peace      Culture         in     the     Nagasaki
combines the voices of those who have              Institute of Applied Science on March
lived through the Shoah with concise                                              s
                                                   31: One Year After Sadao Kamada’
text,   audiovisual    displays,    primary        Death – Tasks Left - by Yoshikazu
source materials, and authentic images,            Shibano etc.
offering a unique educational excursion.
                                                                   ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ
The museum also deals with Jewish life
from    the   first   days   of    European        Muse 10 in Japanese was published in
settlement in Australia.                           July.     It has information on the 4th
(This is from the following website.               International        Conference           of    Peace                 Museums in May and also information
au/                                                on      activities    of        Japanese         peace
With thanks to Emma Leslie and Soth                museums.
Plai Ngarm)
                                                   News on big peace museums was
Traces of the wartime past mostly                  originally written in Japanese by Mr.
overlooked but not forgotten”in The                Masahiko Yamabe, the curator of Kyoto
Asahi     Shimbun     and    International         Museum         for     World            Peace        of
Herald Tribune dated August 2-3.        For        Ritsumeikan University.                 Other news
some, war sites are important historical           was written and edited by Kazuyo
records to be restored and preserved,              Yamane.
while for others, they are nuisances and
painful reminders.                                 I hope the list of museums for peace in
(With thanks to Prof. Shumbu Jubishi)              Japan will be useful.

Journal of Kyoto Museum for World                  WE WELCOME YOUR COMMENTS
Peace, Ritsumeikan University No. 4                ON THIS NEWSLETTER.
published on March 31:       Report of the         With best wishes,
2nd   conference of Japanese Network of            Kazuyo Yamaneÿ
Museum for Peace and so forth.

                                                                 Museums for Peace in Japan

The following are the names and addresses of museums for peace in Japan.

              e c          ee        u
   Okinawa Pref tural Peac M morial M se                     u    m            1 4        It                            0
                                                                             6 - 1mabu i, n oman City, Okinawa, Japan 9 - 0 13                       3
            a    e        u
  Tsushima M ru M morial M se            u       m                                                              0
                                                                             1- 7- 1 Kume, Naha City, Okinawa 9 - 0 00       3       3

   i           eu
  Hmeyuri Peac M se          u   m                                           6 - 1 Ihara, Itoman City, Okinawa, Japan 9 - 0 13
                                                                               7 1                                      0                        4       4

       eu    u   c h
  Peac M se m(Nu idou Takarano Ie                    )                       2    3 H0ashi Emae, Iemura, Kokuto - uu , Okinawa, Japan 9 - 0 55
                                                                                     ig 4                         g    n                0                                        0   2
          t u
  Sakima rAM se      u       m                                               3    5 e 8 ra, Ginowan City, Okinawa, Japan 9 - 2 12
                                                                                  U ah                                     0                         0       4
  Nagasaki Atomic Bomb M se          u       m                               7- 8 Hran - mac i,h agasaki City 8 - 8 21
                                                                                   i     o     N                5            1       7
                         ee        a lf     e
  Nagasaki National Peac M morial H l or th Atomic Bomb
                                                                                   i     o ,                 5
                                                                             7- 8 Hran - c ohNagasaki City 8 - 8 21      1       7
  Vic tim   s

  Nagasaki Peac M s ue m                                                   7-15 Matsugaeda-machi, Nagasaki City 850-0921

       a        e                     eu
  Oka M saharu M morial Nagasaki Peac M se                       u    m                      a ,                        5
                                                                             9- 4 Nishisak - c ohNagasaki City, Japan 8 - 0 00               5           1

  Shoukokumin M se       u   m                                               3- 1 - 4 Tagami, Nagasaki City, Japan 8 - 0 12
                                                                                    7 7                              5                   5       1
   e                   n
  H ishi Shomin no Se sou Shiryouka              n                             1 O
                                                                             4 - 1 53to u, Kotak - c ohKurat - gu , Japan 8 - 1 01
                                                                                         k         e ,         e    n       2                                0   1
        s o o
  Gras ro ts H us e                                                               1a              C              8
                                                                             9- 1 M sugata, Koc i h ity, Japan 7 - 0 08       6          1
        L                            u
  Koc i hiberty and People's Rights M se                 u   m               4- 1 - 3 Sanbashi, Koc i h ity, Japan 7 - 8 00
                                                                                    4                 C              8               1       0
  German M se    u   m                                                           5 i
                                                                             5 - 2 Hgashi Yamada, Hnokiaza, Oas - c ohNaruto Cit , Japan 7 - 0 92
                                                                                                   i              a ,              y       7                                             2   5
                              n        eu
  Takamatsu Civic Culture Ce ter: Peac M se                      u    m      1- 1 - 1, M tsushim - c ohTakamatsu City, Japan 7 - 0 00
                                                                                    5 a            a ,                         6                                 6       8
   i            ee        u
  Hroshima Peac M morial M se                u   m                           1- 2 Nakajim - c ohNak - ku, Hroshima City, Japan 7 - 0 08
                                                                                            a ,       a i                        3                                   1       1

Hiroshima National Peac Memorial Hal or th Atomic Bomb
                        e            lf    e                       1-6 Nakajima-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City 730-0811
Vic tim   s
     n                 u
Oku oshima Poison Gas M se         u       m                        Oku - jima, Tadanoum - ci ohTake ara City, Japan 7 - 2 93
                                                                        n o                    ,      h                2                         1       1
       a       u                  eu
Fukuy ma City H man Rights & Peac M se                     u   m    1- 1- 1 M ru ou i, Fukuy ma City, Japan 7 - 0 00
                                                                             a    n c h       a               2              6     1
 o o            c        n
H l c aust Edu ation Ce te r                                        8    6 akatsu ara, Myuk - ci ohFukuy ma City, Japan 7 - 0 00
                                                                         N 6       h i            ,       a               2                          0       4
 i          i         e   n
Hstoric al Hmeji Peac Ce te r                                       4    7 is5i Nobesu , Hmeji City, Japan 6 - 0 09
                                                                         N h             ei                  7           7   1
                         e   n
Osaka International Peac Ce te r                                    2- 1 Osak - ja, Ch o u uu, Osaka City, Japan 5 - 0 00
                                                                                 o        -k                       4             0       2
Liberty sak a                                                               6                     a                       5
                                                                    3- 6- 3 Naniwa Nishi, Naniw - ku, Osaka City, Japan 5 - 0 60                 2           6
                                                                                n     n
                                                                    Kyouiku Bu ka Ce ter 4      F 6             u ,         i
                                                                                                2 ukai Shimiz - c ohSaka - City, Japan
                e    u            u
Sakai City Peac and H man Rights M se                  u   m
                                                                    5 - 8 92     7   3
           e   n
Suita Peac Ce te r                                                                           1
                                                                    6F Suita Shimin Kaikan - 4 Degu      c c hhSiuita City, Japan 65- 0 0
                                                                                                         - o,                         4                          7   2
   e      H                       l n n
Th Peac , e uman Rights and Chi dre Ce te r                         1- 9- 3 Kouryou Nish - mac i,h akai City, Japan 5 - 0 00
                                                                                            i    S                    9              2       6
       u    u f o            R
Kyoto M se m or W rld Peac , e itsumeikan Univ                 .    5 - 1 Kit - mac i,h ouji n, i it - ku, Kyoto, Japan 6 - 8 33
                                                                        6       a     T         K a                       0            4         6
Ishigaki M moria   l                                                2    9- 7 0 Taiji,Joudo, Ti j -a i ohHgasi mur - gu , Japan 6 - 5 91
                                                                                92                  c , i            o n          4                      7       1
Teranaka Art M se      u   m                                        4- 2- 5 Fukiage, W ka ma, a apan 6 - 8 01
                                                                            4         a   y J          4             3   7
                 e        u
Yukinoshita Peac Culture M se          u       m                         3
                                                                    1- 2 Sato M ruoka, M ruok - c ohSaka - gi , Japan 9 - 0 03
                                                                               a        a       a ,         u n         1                            0       2
              e   n
Shizuoka Peac Ce te r                                                      u
                                                                    2F Ch ou Bi      l- 6 l Aio - ci ohShizuoka ity, Japan 4 - 0 08
                                                                                        2 0           ,          C           2               3           8
                                                                    1         K 7                    ,          a
                                                                         9- 1 5 izuki Sumiyosh - ci ohNakahar - ku, Kawasaki City, Japan
Kawasaki Peac M se         u   m
                                                                    2 - 0 10     2   1
                f                n
Kanagawa Plaza or Global Citize shi            p                     1- 8- 1 Okubo, Kou a n ku, Yokohama City Japan 2 - 0 30
                                                                             0             -n                         3                      0       7
Peac M se     u    m                                                1- 4- 9 Shiba, Mnat - ku, Tokyo Jap na - 0 50
                                                                                    i     o              1 0             1   4
            T         ee        a
Soka Gak aik oda Peac M morial H l                 l                 7- 1 Yamashit - c ohNak - ku, Yokohama City Japan 2 - 0 10
                                                                                     a ,       a                         3                       2           3
                                                                          s      a      2       s              k
                                                                    Yume onhim - Park - 3 Yume onhima, Kouto - uu, Tokyo, Japan
       yo           e        c
Displa H use of th Fifth Lu ky Drago n
                                                                    1 - 0 60     8   1

                      c            e   n
Tokyo Holoc aust Edu ation Resourc Ce te r                           1
                                                                  2 -8    0 aiky - o oh Shinjuk - ku, Tokyo, Japan 1
                                                                           D 5     c ,            u                       -
                                                                                                                          60 00          1       5
     e     u
Peac Muse m of Saitam           a                                 2    41 11 wadono, Higashi Matsuy ma City, Japan 3
                                                                       -    I 3                      a                        -
                                                                                                                              50 50          6       5
Maruki Gal erl y                                                  1       0 1
                                                                       4 Shimokarako, Higashi Matsuy ma City, Japan 3
                                                                                                      a                          -
                                                                                                                                 50 50           7       6
                                                                  Of icf Hanaoka 1       K 1                n              a n
                                                                                        4 oromogawamura Ju bashita, Isaw - gu Japan
Pac ific W r History Muse       u   m
                                                                  0    -
                                                                       24 94   2   7
             A      ia
Ou Kou icn i h nt - W r Art Muse        u   m                     1    2 Shimo Kawasaki, Hanyu City, Japan 3
                                                                          7 2                                      -
                                                                                                                   40 80     3       4
No More Hibakusha Hal       l                                         6           a
                                                                  1 - 7- 7 Heiw - dori, Shiraish - ku, Sap oro City, Japan 0
                                                                                                    i       p                        -
                                                                                                                                     00 30           2       9
           u   C n                       a
Tokyo Doc me t n e ter on Air Raids and W r Damage      s         1- 5- 4 kitasu a, Kouto - uu, Tokyo Japan 1
                                                                                  n         k                     -
                                                                                                                  30 60      7       3
Kourai Muse   u    m                                                                                1
                                                                  9F of dai 2 Kankoku Hiroba, - 1 - 2 Okubo, Shinjuk - ku Japan 1
                                                                                                                       u                                 -
                                                                                                                                                         60 90   7   2
Gifu Peac Muse     u   m                                          Gofu JR Station, - 1 Hashimot - o oh Gifu City 5
                                                                                       0          c ,                        -      5
                                                                                                                             08 08 Japa 6 n
Chiu   S e
       n ugihara Memorial: Gif      u                             1    0 Yaozu, Yaoz - u oh Kam - gu , Gifu 5
                                                                          7 1          c ,        o    n          -      0
                                                                                                                  00 53 Japa 1 n
      u f     n n                H
Muse m or Su ke Ship and Seame : n yog o                          3- 1- 6 Kaiga - dori, Ch o u- uu, Kobe City Japan 6
                                                                                  n             k                           -
                                                                                                                            50 00        2       4
                                                                         2 5       a a       S       a           i n
                                                                  4- 1 - 6 Shiroy m - mac i,h hiroy ma, Tsuku - gu , Kanagawa, Japan
            c                         e          S
Asakawa As os iation of Preserving th Undergrou dn h lte    r
                                                                  2    -
                                                                       20 01   1   6
               c                          m              q
Matsushiro As os iation of Preserving th Ie perial Head uarter           n o
                                                                 s Kihou - ie 5    64 W kasato, Nagano Japan 3
                                                                                   - 9a                              -
                                                                                                                     80 09       2       3
    c               r           r
As os iation of Re ocding Ai - raids on Yokoham   a               2 Miy zak - ci oh Nish - ku, Yokohama City Japan 2
                                                                    5             ,         i                                -
                                                                                                                             20 00           6       3
            e   n
Harima Peac Ce ter, Hyog o                                                u          2
                                                                  Shie - ji taku 2 - 4, 1   0 u7 igaoha, Shikito - u oh Himeji, Japan 6
                                                                                             Y   u k               c ,                                   -
                                                                                                                                                         70 12   1   5
Art Muse m of Pic ture Bo ko s                                         0        a
                                                                  2- 1 Minamiy mat - e oh Nagasaki City Japan 8
                                                                                     c ,                                -
                                                                                                                        50 09            3   1
                   u f
Mugonkan Art Muse m or Peac             e                         3    4 Koa o sSan ouy ma, Ueda City Japan 3
                                                                          6 2        n a                            -
                                                                                                                    81 92        1       3
Yawaragi: Peac Memorial in Saek i                                         2        a ,
                                                                  3- 3- 1 Tsuruy - c oh Saeki City, Oita 8      J 6
                                                                                                               7 apa    n
Okinawa Peac Networ         k                                     Kyouiku Fukushi Kaikan 1       11 Furushima, Naha, Japan 9
                                                                                                 - 9                                     -
                                                                                                                                         00 10           6   1
    a       k
Se dni Huk ou Memoria       l                                            1
                                                                  2- 1 - 2 Oumac i,h ob - ku, S ne ai City 9
                                                                                    A     a      d               -      0
                                                                                                                 80 08 Japa 4 n


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