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Benchmarking: BLESSING OR BANE by ProQuest


Darry Stuart, president and CEO of DWS Fleet Management Services, says, fleet equipment managers should be constantly watching minutes and pennies. As the minutes go by, they should be counting the pennies. But counting your own pennies, unfortunately, isn't enough. You need to know where you stand relative to other similar operations, and benchmarking studies can help you do exactly that. According to the National Private Truck Council, which does an annual study of and for its members, Benchmarking is the process of defining and searching for best practices that will lead to superior performance and recognition as an industry leader. The use of a common language to describe maintenance and repair procedures goes a long way in ensuring that data for benchmarking, whether it was sourced internally or externally, is applicable for your purposes. Participating in local maintenance organizations also offers the possibility of generating some numbers that can be used in a benchmarking study.

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