EFI Wins On Demand Award for Pace System by ProQuest


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                                                          INDUSTRY NEWS
                                                            EFI Wins On Demand                        Agfa Recognizes Printers Promoting Green Printing
                                                           Award for Pace System
                                                                                                      Agfa’s GreenWorks Environmental                 accomplished in an efficient and eco-
                                                          EFI was recognized at this year’s On        Recognition Award Program has honored           friendly manner.”
                                                          Demand Conference & Exposition with a       its 150th printer. Launched in 2007 as a
                                                          Best of Show Honorable Mention award        part of Agfa’s global environmental initia-     To become part of Agfa’s GreenWorks
                                                          in the Print MIS/ERP category for EFI       tives, GreenWorks recognizes printers that      program, companies must be current
                                                          Pace. Pace, EFI’s fully-integrated, scal-   integrate, support and promote environ-         users of Agfa’s ThermoFuse plate-mak-
                                                          able, browser-based print shop manage-      mentally sound practices in their facilities.   ing technology which includes award-
                                                          ment program, won for enhancements                                                          winning, chemistry-free :Azura TS plates
                                                          to its upcoming release, which includes     Recent recipients of the GreenWorks             and the low-chemistry :Amigo plates.
                                                          a more comprehensive iPhone applica-        award include:                                  Printers can also be users of Agfa’s
                                                          tion and improvements to wide-format                                                        :Energy Elite no-bake thermal plates,
                                                          capabilities.                               • Allegra Print and Imaging                     which are perfect for long runs and the
                                                                                                      (Abbotsford, B.C., Canada)                      most challenging of production environ-
                                                                                                                                                      ments. :Energy Elite allows printers to
                                                                                                      • Coastal Printing & Graphics (Shallotte,       eliminate ovens, substantially reducing
                                                                                                      N.C.)                                           energy consumption and costs. :Azura
                                                                                                                                                      TS, :Amigo and :Energy Elite plates have
                                                                                                      • Curtis Packaging (Sandy Hook, Conn.)          helped commercial printers significantly
                                                          “This recognition from InfoTrends and                                                       reduce their impact on the environment
                                                          On Demand reiterates that EFI Pace          • Rose Printing (Oriccia, ON, Canada)           when compared to conventional digital
                                                          is a leading Print MIS solution aimed                                                       or analog plates.
                                                          at meeting the evolving needs of mid-       • Worth Higgins and Associates Inc.
                                                          sized commercial and specialty print-       (Manassas, Va.)                                 To be considered for GreenWorks
                                                          ers,” said Jay Farr, the general manager                                                    recognition, companies must also
                                                          of EFI Pace. “Now in version 23, Pace       “The demand for greener technologies            actively promote cleaner and more
                                                          has gained many loyal customers over        within the marketplace continues to grow.       efficient printing practices, use other
                                                          the years.”                                 Agfa is proud to be at the forefront in the     environmentally-friendly products and
                                                                                                      development of green printing technolo-         be involved in additional eco-friendly
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