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                                             Founded in 1924

                                             Paul Baumann
                                             Managing Editor
                                             Patrick Jordan
                                             Associate Editors
                               Grant Gallicho, Matthew Boudway,
                                     Mollie Wilson O’Reilly                             Woodward & the ‘Times’; atheists; charters
                                   Magazine & Web-site Production
                                              Tiina Aleman                              fit to print?                                       And finally, Woodward complains that
                                                Copy Editor                             Kenneth L. Woodward’s wide-ranging              the Times used documents furnished by
                                          Susanne Washburn
                                                                                        “Church of the ‘Times’: A Dissent” (May         a plaintiff’s lawyer who was well paid.
                                            Editorial Assistant
                                        Christopher Cimorelli                           7) strongly implies, without saying it ex-      Again, so what? Those documents were
                                            Business Manager
                                                                                        plicitly, that New York Times reporting on      mostly church records that had to be ex-
                                             James Hannan                               the Catholic Church’s sexual-abuse scan-        tracted by legal subpoena. No one claims
                                               Development                              dals has been misleading or inaccurate. I       they are not authentic.
                                           Christa A. Kerber                            leave it to others to analyze his rambling          The hierarchy was always free to get
                                                   Interns                              essay about the culture of the Times, its       ahead of stories of child sexual abuse by
                                Christine Neulieb, Andy Whinery
                                                                                        controlling family, and how it compares         releasing documents and being forthcom-
                                            Rosemary Deen                               to Newsweek, Time, etc. As a regular            ing. Instead, bishops have cast further
                                                                                        and fairly critical reader of the Times (and    suspicion on themselves by their vigorous
                             Richard Alleva, Rand Richards Cooper                       Commonweal) over many decades, I have           and very expensive resistance to disclo-
                                                Stage/Media                             found its reporting of the crisis thorough,     sure, whether in Boston or Bridgeport,
                                                Celia Wren                              mostly fair, and responsible. There may be      Ireland or Mexico. But for the New York
                                                 Columnists                             unreported relevant facts, but Woodward         Times, the Boston Globe, Der Spiegel, the
                                  E. J. Dionne Jr., John Garvey,
                            Melinda Henneberger, Cathleen Kaveny,                       cites none.                                     Irish Times, and the rest of the secular
                                Jo McGowan, Charles R. Morris,                             His argument seems threefold: First,         press, we Catholics would know little
                                           William Pfaff
                                                                                        Woodward writes that the Times has a            about how our church did and did not
                                         Marketing Coordinator
                                             Colleen Gibson                             predominantly liberal point of view. Big        deal with child sexual abuse over the past
                                          Advertising Manager
                                                                                        news. Of course the Times is, and ought         half-century. The story will go on for quite
                                           Roth Advertising                             to be, a secular paper. Regardless of the       some time, and I will continue to comb
                                                  Publisher                             paper’s overall attitude toward religion,       the Times and other sources for the latest
                                             Thomas Baker                               the issue here is its coverage of child sex-    revelations—positive and negative. Just
                            Commonweal, [ISSN 0010-3330] A Review of
                                                                                        ual abuse committed by Catholic priests         imagine relying for such information on
                            Public Affairs, Religion, Literature, and the Arts,         and the widespread cover-up over many           the Vatican or diocesan press offices!
                            is published biweekly except Christmas/New Year;
                            and monthly July and August, by Commonweal                  decades in this worldwide and hard-to-                                    edward n. wilson
                            Foundation, 475 Riverside Drive, Rm. 405, New
                            York, NY 10115. Telephone: (212) 662-4200.                  fathom organization, the Roman Catholic                                      Brooklyn, N.Y.
                            E-mail: editors@commonwealmagazine.org.
                            Toll-free: 888-495-6755. Fax: (2
Description: [...] Woodward writes that the Times has a predominantly liberal point of view. [...] Woodward asserts that the Times gave more emphasis to the church's story than to the Boy Scouts or Brown University. [...] the church seeks to impose upon its adherents an ancient and rigorous code of sexual morality.
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