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 KME FIRE APPARATUS has been awarded                    Gladiator chassis, Hale Qtwo 1,500-                   PIERCE MANUFACTURING has
 a contract for eight 4,000-gallon water                gpm pump, 500-gallon water tank and                   received an order from the San
 tankers to be used at U.S. Air Force                   Federal Signal LED lighting.                          Antonio, TX, Fire Department for
 bases in the U.S. and Europe. The                                                                            seven Pierce Quantum chassis-
 contract was awarded by Defense Sup-                   TOUGHBOOK DEPOT has introduced the                    based vehicles. The order includes
 ply Center, Philadelphia. Deliveries will              “Toughbook Depot Tough Test,” in                      three aerials, three pumpers and
 begin in early 2011. The tankers will be               which field professionals throw base-                 one heavy rescue.
 built on International WorkStar chas-                  balls as hard as they can to try and                       “The Quantum chassis contin-
 sis and include a 1,250-gpm pump,                      knock out Toughbook Depot’s refur-                    ues to set the industry standard for
 4,000-gallon wetside polypropylene                     bished Panasonic Toughbook laptops.                   overall ergonomics, roomy interior
 water tank and air-actuated dumps at                   Catch the collisions at www.tough-                    and excellent visibility. It’s a truly
 both the sides and rear.                      and receive a free                  versatile custom platform as dem-
      “KME is proud to be selected by                   anti-stress baseball just for viewing the             onstrated by this purchase of seven
 the Air Force for this tanker order. We                test. The test was developed to show                  Quantum vehicles in a wide range
 take great pride in being able to sup-                 that there’s no risk involved when buy-               of configurations” said Wilson
 port the men and women who serve our                   ing its factory-authorized refurbs. The               Jones, Oshkosh Corp. executive
 nation,” said Phil Gerace, director of                 authorized refurbs go through exten-                  vice president and president, Fire
 sales and marketing. “These tankers are                sive testing in which every unit must                 & Emergency. “We’re extremely
 built to perform and provide tremendous                meet full factory standards.                          pleased that Pierce fire apparatus
 value to the fire departments.”                                                                              will continue serving the San Anto-
                                                        W.S. DARLEY & CO. recently delivered                  nio Fire Department for many years
 PELICAN PRODUCTS’ Project Engineer                     four Wildland Attack/Structural Pro-                  to come.”
 Ted Lynds has won the National Insti-                  tection (WASP) pumpers to the Orcas                        San Antonio Fire Chief Charles
 tute of Packaging, Handling & Logistics                Island, WA, Fire and Rescue Depart-                   N. Hood said, “Safety for our uni-
 Engineers (NIPHLE) Long-Life Package                   ment. The units were mounted on Ford                  formed personnel is of the greatest
 award. The winning entry, a project Peli-              F550 chassis and feature PolyBilt’s                   importance. The Side Roll Protec-
 can Products is developing for the U.S.                PolyPak Series bodies, Darley PSMC                    tion system, electronic stability
 Navy, claimed victory in the Shipping                  1250 AutoCAFS foam systems and                        control and visibility provided by
 and Storage Container for Optical Path                 PolyBilt integrated 300/25 water-foam                 the large windshield area are some
 Components category.                                   co-polymer tanks.                                     of the best features of the Quantum
      “We’re proud that Ted’s project                                                                         chassis. The additional cab space
 has been recognized by NIPHLE and                      INFINITY GEAR, previously a division of               and layout permit our firefighters to
 feel that it truly showcases the high                  Infinity Global Technology, has been                  comfortably reach equipment within
 caliber of talent in our Engineering                   acquired by new owners.                               the cab while remaining in seat-
 Department,” said Lyndon Faulkner,                          “The prior ownership became                      belted positions during emergency
 Pelican Products president and CEO.                    overwhelmed when they tried to be                     response. All these features com-
 “It also reinforces Pelican Products’                  everything for everybody,” said Victoria              bined assist us in providing our uni-
 commitment to providing quality prod-                  Westphal, chief operations officer for                formed personnel with a roundtrip
 ucts and services that add value to                    Infinity Gear. “This really hurt delivery             ticket home at the end of a shift.”
 our customers.”                                        times, consistent quality, distribution                    The three pumpers all feature a
                                                        and the end-user relationships. The new               top-mount-pump-panel configura-
 CRIMSON FIRE has delivered nine cus-                   owners are focusing on manufacturing                  tion, as well as Pierce’s Husky foam
 tom pumpers to the City of Chicago, IL,                and delivery, letting the sales force sell            system and Hercules compressed
 as part of a three-year contract. Crim-                the products.”                                        air foam (CAF) system. “Two of
 son also recently signed a three-year                       To focus on supply and quality,                  the engines have been specifically
 contract with Chicago to provide more                  products will be available only through               designed and equipped with addi-
 than 30 custom aerials.                                authorized distributors and the com-                  tional foam capabilities to meet the
     The pumpers are built on a 167-inch                pany said it no longer will sell its prod-            challenges faced with the increased
 wheelbase and each features a Spartan                  ucts directly to end users                            use and transportation of ethanol
                                                                                                              fuel blends within San Antonio,”
                                                                                                              Hood said.
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